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Finals season for me, so I'll be barely present, sorry for the late notice.
Levy Leighton

Levy poked his phone absentmindedly as the bus murmured along. Its engine made a soothing noise for him, and he was blessed with the ability to not care much about the outdoors one way or another, so he found himself nodding off as the trees and underbrush passed by. He should have felt fine by now, given the several months it had been since his family practically disowned him, but a part of him deliberately kept its distance from the emotions surrounding the rejection. It felt too uncomfortable to think about, so he pulled open another up-and-coming designer's catalog in a new tab and perused, the process of screenshotting favorite outfits automatic by now.

He almost missed the announcement of the ride's approaching end, looking up briefly before the phone consumed his attention again. 20% battery. People he had only encountered briefly around the school. A plethora of unusual powers. And an overwhelming sense of being lost.

He didn't know a thing outside the circle of his ex-friends and family, where vapid chatter about the latest TV show episodes and someone's new hair salon was the peak of excitement. Superficiality was enough for him--well, should have been. Cultivating a sense of belonging in an environment he had always considered as exotic as Antarctica was beyond him and his limited experiences. There was no information in his past to use, nothing to help him figure this out, and he hated--for a moment--that complacent Levy who never bothered learning anything.

"Have you seen the new Greta and Hanse line?" he texted, firing off the message to one of his old friends. But ever since they had heard of his effective exile from their society, no one had responded to anything he said.

@Raptra Here's my CS! Let me know if it's missing something or needs to be tweaked!

Is it too late to join?
All right, thanks for letting me know.
I was wondering how viable a literal living stuffed animal is?

Initially, I had planned to make a CS for a prototype of the fictional Lively Bear line of teddy bear products. This prototype is a Lively Bear whose stem cells expressed the wrong genes: patches of fur of the wrong variety, scales on some parts of its body, teeth and claws where a cute mouth and stubby appendages were supposed to be, etc.. While he was supposed to be an actual living teddy bear, the only part of his description that's correct is the "living" part.

A mixture of technology and organic matter makes up the inside of his rotund appearance and so forth.

Let me know if this is something that won't work in the context of this story.
No problem, have a great RPG.
@Ryver: I've played SB, but didn't like it very much. Decor is from a random Google search

All right, here's the CS attempt for Lust.

I'm planning on making a CS to compete for Lust's slot.

Will have it up later today.

Let me know if there's anything wrong with this and I'll step down.
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