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Just need to finish this sheet up.

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Curious? Yeah, I think that's the right word.
Got my eyes on this.
@Calle Just curious regarding Mega-Evolutions. Are they a thing here or we'll just do without it?

And how many moves can each Pokemon have?
Despite his feminine features and frail appearance, with the magical abilities he had shown them, Toppo now knew that Aloe was strong; he could benefit a lot from him. It was wise to remain on his good side.

While making his way through the portal, Toppo chose to stay at the back of the group since he wanted a better angle to observe the others. However, he was caught off guard and was surprised by the small green-haired female, who was almost half his height.

“Say...Toppo, wouldn’t mind if I touched your fur, wouldja? Curious as to what it feels n all.”

Looking down, Toppo laughed as he offered his right arm for the young girl to caress as while continued to walk forward.

“Of course, little miss-jika! I hope my pelt does not disappoint you-ojika.”

It was a strange request that made him wonder, but since it came from a child with curious eyes, Toppo had no reason to decline.

“By the way, may I ask for the little miss' name-ojika?”

As they continued to converse, a loud voice came booming from in front of their group causing Toppo's ears to twitch. For now, he just needed to remain perceptive; he had to watch, listen, and let the others do the work for him.

The first to approach Toppo was a small, blonde, fair-skinned female. Despite her size, she was booming with confidence; you could that it was overflowing.


"Pointed ears, a petite frame, fairy-like features. Probably some sort of elf?" Toppo thought to himself before fully turning his head towards the approaching Yuudai.

By the mountain gods you’re big… SO - YOU WORK FOR HER?! I’m gonna need you to pen her a message, courtesy of Yuudai, tell her she screwed our deal and to expect a chewing out from The Emperor when I see her again!”

Her mannerisms were excessive, but it made her expressive nature more prominent. She was straightforward and frank. Although possible, chances of her feigning such a character was slim. Despite her candidness, Toppo found her amusing and chuckled heavily in response.

"Lady Yuudai, on behalf of Goddess Alaela, my apologies-jika." He uttered smiling while kneeling on one knee before bowing.

"I shall do what I can to confer your thoughts to the Goddess-jika. But as a mere follower, the means and knowledge I've been granted are embarrassingly, limited-jika." He jokingly said to the young elvish girl.

“Oh and also thanks for not letting me die to that one prick, uh Ulro – or something – don’t really remember because he was spooky and trying to kill me and her and generally wasn’t paying attention during. SO EXPRESS TO HER, WHENEVER YOU CONTACT HER THAT THE EMPEROR IS BOTH PLEASED AND DISPLEASED!”

"I will definitely relay your words to the Goddess-jika." Behind Toppo's calm reply was genuine curiosity. Aside from the other protectors and the pantheon, the goddess did not mention anyone by the name of Ulro; someone who attempted to kill a Goddess. Apparently, they weren't immortal.

While Yuudai proclaimed her presence to the rest of those who had gathered, a burly-voiced man approached Toppo from behind, slapping him by the shoulder.

"Shut yer' trap boy. Ain't you never been in a forest before? Them trees is alive ya' know. All sorta little critters you just put out of a home. Didn't even catch none of 'em fer dinner."

Even though he cared little for the comments meant for him, Toppo wasn't the type to simply ignore others. At least that's what he was going for. "My apologies-jika. This body is just too large-ojika." Toppo chuckled as he got back on to his feet, but maintained a squat-like position to keep himself within eye level with the disapproving blue-eyed man.

“If ya' really was in kahoots with that purdy gal from before, I reckon y'all would have a bit more respect for nature. And have you got any idea how hard it’s gon’ be to find somethin’ to cook up out here now you went and scared off everythin’ within five miles?”

With his eyes squinted, Toppo simply smiled before responding. "I do not-jika."

However, before they could continue their conversation any further, the pepper-haired man's attention shifted to the elven girl.

"William Jones, huh? Authoritative, candid, and direct." Toppo continued to observe the rest of those around him as he stepped to the side waiting for whatever was suppose to happen next.
I'm assuming applications are still welcomed, but not sure if the ones for villains is still closed?
Although doubting whether it was a wise choice, Toppo continued to make his way toward the pillar of light that shot across the sky.

His massive frame and significant increase in weight made it difficult for him to move around. Fortunately, what he lacked in finesse and agility, he made up in stride length and speed. He rushed through the forest with relative ease, breaking apart all branches, bark, and tree trunks that collided with his large and heavy body. With each stride he took, a loud thud was made and the ground would momentarily quiver under his weight.

Given how everything seemed so straightforward and simple, Toppo couldn't help but heartily chuckle. He believed that challenges that started out relatively easy, tend to be the hardest. That was exactly what he was looking for.

Unhampered, Toppo found himself bursting out from a field of bushes into a clearing where several others began to gather.

Overjoyed with the sight of actual people, Toppo took in a deep breath before letting out loud boisterous laughter. Seeing a loud massive creature like Toppo, who was barefooted and barely dressed in tattered remnants of clothing, would definitely cause some sort of commission or at least confusion.

Recalling the information the Goddess gave him, Toppo wanted to test the waters and find out who the individuals infront of him were. He needed to be cautious and keep his guard up, unfortunately, he also wanted to enjoy himself.

"Greetings Children of Earth-jika! I am Toppo, an ally of Aleala the South Wind Goddess-jika. It is a pleasure to meet you all-jika!"

Whether they were true allies or not, Toppo didn't want to offer everything he knew right away.

@Prosecco Oh, if that's the case. I'll probably hold of joining. Based on this post, Kumo and Iwa don't have anyone aside from the GM lol. Wouldn't be fun just hanging with NPCs. o3o

EDITS: Oooh. Totes mistaken. Sweet. o3o
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