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Current Was sick, RP's were delayed. Better now, I'll catch up a.s.a.p.
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3 mos ago
Vacation is over, son is back to school. More time for writing and RP-ing \o/ Although I have to admit the house is rather silent right now.
3 mos ago
Internet is still erratic, but at least I'm connected for now. Let's hope it will stay up for a while.
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3 mos ago
Internet is not working as it should, I will try to reply today if I can actually load this website on my laptop >_<
4 mos ago
One writing competition done, one more week before the deadline of the second. Challenge accepted!
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Hello everyone. I'm Dutch, a mother of a 5-year old boy and I love both rp-ing and writing.

I started with writing Dutch stories in 2002, I was already 19 at that time. I joined a writing competition and that got me started. Soon I started to write down all the stories my over-active imagination came up with. I had my first forum rp experience in 2003 on a Dutch fantasy forum. While I continued to write, I stopped rp-ing when the particular rp and forum slowly died. In 2011 my love for rp's rekindled when I joined a site with a forum and I started to RP solely in English since that is the language of the site. This is also when I wrote my first story in English.

I've got a few 1x1 rp's going on this site and a couple more an another site. And I love the writing competitions here, I try to join them whenever I can.

I have a bachelor degree in nutrition and dietetics and I have worked as a dietitian / kitchen administrator in a nursing home until I decided to quit to become a full-time mother + writer.

When you come here to check if I'm online, know that even when I show as online I might not be able to respond to PM's or RP's. I open this site so that when I have time I can spend some time here, but I don't always end up with the time to do so.

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Benjamin nodded. "I noticed," he said. "I saw how he was looking at you, following you to this table with his eyes." He looked at the empty paper for a moment as he decided what he would draw, and then began with the first line. "We could talk to him," he said with his eyes on the paper as more lines were added, "find out if he sees you like I do, or percieves you in a different way." He glanced at Josh. "But let's keep an eye on him for now."
Personally I had no desires to buy any new consoles to play new Pokémon games after the GameBoy SP and FireRed/LeafGreen, but I try to keep up with what is happening in the Pokémon world.
Since there were no games for me to spoil I've been keeping up with all releases and discussions about the new games.

Bulbepedia isn't updated with information about the new Pokémon yet, they only have a list of what is available in Galar, so I might watch some of the new anime.
After Mindy had paid she waited at the other side of the cash registers, keeping her hands behind her back and looking to see if Gavin was approaching. She was a bit nervous, she wasn't sure if Gavin would like it, but she hoped he would. At least it was practical.

Penalopy brushed passed Gavin to let him know she was there, but flew ahead to the exit and joined Mindy. "He's on his way," she whispered to her. "Ooohhh, whatyagot there?"
"Shht," Mindy whispered back. "It's a surprise for Gavin."
"Ah, that's so sweet~"

Mindy glanced around, while she could hear the Meloetta, she couldn't see her anywhere. She was probably still invisible, which was for the best.

"It's...not working?" Whitney said when she saw the glint in Li's eye. The Pokémon didn't seem captivated at all. Instead it looked angry.
Then the Hurricane hit the Miltank. Just as the Thunder Fang, how did a Poochyena know that, hit her Tauros.
"Miltank, Rollout!" Whitney quickly called.
The panting Miltank rolled up in a ball and went straight for Li, but it didn't seem to be as energetic as before.

The Tauras was also getting tired.
"Quick," Michael said when he noticed Whitney choose to give her Miltank an order first. "Finish it with a Tackle!" It seemed they actually had a chance to win this and defeat the larget Tauros.

"Come on, you can do it!" Bear shouted from the sideline, jumping from one foot to the other. "Show them what a strong Poochyena you are!"

"Your sister left," Saruya growled. "And you can't defeat us both."
Right now standing was hard enough, but she refused to show any signs of weakness to this defeated Mightyena. Embers etched around her mouth. "Scram!" she barked.

"Tea is always the safe choice," Andy agreed. "You can't boil water the wrong way and they just give costumers a tea bag to drop in. But Mitch is definitely my kind of Pokémon. Will you believe that none of my Pokémon care for coffee? Not one. Well, maybe Bear, but he gets all hyperactive from caffeine and he already is an energetic Primeape, so that's not a good idea."

"It takes two to flirt," Kim sighed. "If this will escalate it will also be Andy's fault." At least he would stop with flirting. Or at least Frosiien wouldn't let it get any further than that. Right? Suddenly worry that it might get further hit her. "Ehm, Mitch..." she whispered, making sure the humans walking in the front wouldn't hear her, but they seemed to be focussed on each other so the chances of that were low. Frosiien... only likes to flirt with humans, right? I mean, noting else, right?"

Let's talk about Galar Pokémon.

Sword and Shield are officially released, so now I want to see what Pokémon will fit in my region. I don't have the games, so I'll be relying on the internet to help me decide.

Before I start adding Pokémon, are there people who do not want to have the new games spoiled? Because I can wait a bit longer before adding any new Pokémon.
If Gavin will have one Mindy would cuddle the heck out of it XD
I love you too <3 I'm slow with replies again, but I had an assignment I needed to complete first.

But yeah, let's add the newest generation of Pokémon. I've been following the new releases as they were announced and I just need to figure out how they work, but Gigantamax Charizard and Butterfree! Benny will look so cool if he goes Gigantamax!
Since I don't play the game and the anime is just starting to show I don't know how the whole Gigantamax things works.

And I have a soft spot for Wooloo, but no good character to get one. It doesn't really fit in any of the teams. If I wanted one to have sheep they'd have Mareep already.

I may have listed it as casual, but I like it when people post 2+ paragraphs. The casual is not a hard rule, if you're inspired you may post as much as you like.
"Then we should find you one," Benjamin stated. "It really helps if you have a hobby of some sorts to fall back on, any craft or creative hobby will do. Knitting, model building, music, art." He looked at Steph with the saxophone on his lap. "Is there anything you always wanted to try? We have plenty of free time between the assignments, there is room to explore such things."

"Okay," mr. Johnsson said. "At least that's something." He tapped on the file. "I assume an image is in here? I will spread it through the organisation so that everyone, not just our department, will know who to look for." He locked eyes with Duncan. "This mental manipulation, are you talking about a silver tongue, or altering brainwaves?" In his line of work it could mean both, so it was best to ask and be sure instead of assuming one or the other.

The snipers sneaked through the forest, getting directions from the supervisor to reach the webbier part. The video had shown a webbed scenery and a spider-like limb, so that is where they had to be. They walked as silent and fast as they could, staying hidden between the trees and using hand symbols to indicate who would do what.
It wasn't long before they reached the outskirts of the webby area and they cautiously moved forward.
Benjamin smiled as he took the pencil. "Yes, thank you. I'll return it to you when I'm done." He turned around and went to an empty table, glancing at Dia as he did to see if she would join him, where in the middle were some sheet of paper of a previous paper folding event. While he had known it was planned he had decided not to join.

While his head faced to the paper, he eyed Josh. There was something different about this nurse, but he couldn't quite tell what it was. Maybe the way he had locked eyes with someone, as if he had recognized someone or something that surprised him. But nothing in the common room was strange, he had seen what everyone was doing. Maybe Josh would go to the patient that had caught his attention now, and Benjamin was curious to see who it was.
Behind the desk was a woman, her dark-blonde hair in a ponytail and bright red lipstick on her lips. "Artemis," she said with a sweet smile. "Have a seat, I want to talk about your progress here." She gestured to the chair opposite of her own and turned to the computer. "Let me check your file real quick, see if anyone made any additions to it." She faced Artemis again. "But let's start with the most important thing: are you happy here?"

Benjamin watched Artemis go in and walked to the main area, where he searched the books for something interesting to read.
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