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Current Things were busy last week, but tomorrow I should have time to reply to RPs again. Hear that, life? No unexpected events, I want to write tomorrow.
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There is a voting round going on, just 2 days left to get your vote in!
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I'm in the mood for something new...
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It is now officially the 10th (where I live) so we have 10 hours before the 10th MicroFiction and Poetry contest ends!
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To everyone who likes to write: the current writing contest will close in 2 days. Get your entries in before the 10th!


Hello everyone. I'm Dutch, a mother of a 8-year old boy and I love both rp-ing and writing. Since May 2020 I'm one of the contests mods.

I started with writing Dutch stories in 2002, I was already 19 at that time. I joined a writing competition and that got me started. Soon I started to write down all the stories my over-active imagination came up with. I had my first forum rp experience in 2003 on a Dutch fantasy forum. While I continued to write, I stopped rp-ing when the particular rp and forum slowly died. In 2011 my love for rp's rekindled when I joined a site with a forum and I started to RP solely in English since that is the language of the site. This is also when I wrote my first story in English.

I've got a few 1x1 rp's going on this site and a couple more on another site. I've always been a fan of writing competitions and I joined a lot several of the ones that were hosted on this website. Now I get to host them myself and really enjoy that too.

When you come here to check if I'm online, know that even when I show as online I might not be able to respond to RP's. I open this site so that when I have time I can spend some time here, but I don't always end up with the time to do so.

If I haven't replied in a while, feel free to poke me. I don't ghost on purpose, sometimes I just forgetful and if I read your reply and accidentally closed the tab I might forget I was supposed to reply T_T

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Fenna watched Zell trying to teleport as they walked and it was amusing, but it also made her think... it seemed the man had as surprised to learn about his own ability as Fenna had been when she heard he could do that. It made her wonder, did she have any hidden abilities that were obvious to others, but not to her? She glanced up to see her feathered companion soar through the sky, staying close to them. It was reassuring to see her in the air, she felt closer to the bird since the last battle. The falcon had fought bravely and had understood what to do with the cube.

The Bazaar was busy, but it was a sight to be seen. All the wares, all the different people. Her eyes caught a group that was inspecting some swords; their attire gave the impression of travellers. Some shops caught her attention and she decided to have a look at them later. She'd be able to enjoy this area better if she wasn't constantly looking over her shoulder to see if there wasn't any ninja following them to steal the cube.

Once they cleared the busy area and they were heading for the bridge, she turned to MacKensie when she spoke to her. "I felt that, yes. I didn't pay much attention to it at the time, but yes, that was odd."
She watched MacKensie display some of her new magic, her jaw dropping at the sight of magic in her hand.
"That's impressive," she said and fell silent for a moment. "I can't show you anything. I do feel something changed, but it's not something I can summon here and now."
Maybe like Zell's teleportation, it would come when needed. She glanced over her shoulder once again, luckily no-one was following them.

"I think so," Michael said as he took his device and started up the database. Many regions had their own design of the device, and his was no exception. He flipped the device open and accessed the database of Pokémon he had encountered. The upside of living in a city frequented by trainers and tourists was that he had seen a variety of Pokémon, although most hadn't been wild.
"Here we have a Gogoat," he said as he let Eros watch the screen.
As he let the Pokémon watched, he looked around to see that Niccia was right: the others were starting to leave.

"Don't worry," Netherlu said. "I won't leave before you do." He turned to Nygari. "If you want to, you can. I know where to find you." He glanced towards Frosiien. "Although I don't think your daughter is in a hurry to leave."

"I have no doubt the item will do exactly as we hope," Andy said, before turning to Gavin as he joined them. He put an arm around his shoulders. "You can intrude as much as you want, I enjoy your company, even when you frown and are all serious. But I'll allow you to catch up with the lovely Puth first."

"Of course!" Kim said, stepping back. "Thank you for letting me stay with him, this was a very special experience for me."
She smiled to Belle and excused herself, before returning to Andy.

"Slept like a baby," Benjamin said, shaking April's hand.
"You woke up a few times, crying because you were hungry?" Mike asked, trying his best not to grin and only partly succeeding.
Benjamin chuckled. "I slept like a rock," he answered the question again. "I hope you had a good night as well."

Mike also moved in to shake April's hand and then turned to the figure in the hoodie standing close to them, unsure if he was with April or not, but the buzzing of his cellphone caught his attention and he muttered an apology before taking it to have a look at it.
Fenna jumped up and unsheathed her dagger when she heard the mage cast a spell. As the hospital staff explained she was fine, Fenna let out a sigh and put her dagger away again. For a moment she had thought that ninja had returned. She was as relieved as the others to see Lilliana up and walking again but stayed behind a little as first Adam and then James spoke to her, she didn't want to crowd the poor girl.

It wasn't until James mentioned the cube that Fenna added she had it with her. She didn't offer it back to Lilliana, as she wasn't sure if the mage would want the item back which had almost led to her demise, but she would return it if Lilliana asked for it.

James seemed eager to change the subject and brought up the crystals. She recalled the light from the crystal in her hand and it definitely had done something, although she hadn't taken a moment of self-reflection yet to pinpoint what exactly had changed. She could have, but her mind had lingered on the battle and the two they had lost during most of the journey to the city, and she had kept herself busy by making sure there were no further surprises before reaching the city.

She mostly just listened to James questioning Zell about his teleportation - a neat feat, but she hadn't seen Zell do it as her attention had been on the other opponent at the time.

When first MacKensie and later Joji entered she flashed a smile and nodded a greeting to both. It looked like their group was complete - it stung knowing their complete had gone down by two - and thankfully MacKensie knew where they could get rid of their Cube of Doom as James had named it.
"When everyone is ready we'll check it out," she said to her fellow Ranger. "I don't think we have any more business here, unless either of you needs healing."
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Fenna kept her spear ready and her eyes on the Centaur as it backed away when it suddenly grabbed the Ninja. She held her spear up, but didn't try to attack a second time. First she wanted to see how this would play out, and then maybe she could take advantage of a weak point. Watching their enemies battle each other made her realise one thing: the chances of them winning this fight against these formidable foes were slim, close to not-existing.

The ninja finished off the centaur with an explosion that made her cover her ears. When she looked up, she couldn't see the ninja any more. It was a relief to see the ninja kill the centaur, and a freighting sight at the same time. Their enemy had single-handedly slain those big wolfs and a centaur? Where was he know? She couldn't worry about it too long, as the Centaur staggered around and she had to make sure to stay out of its reach as long as it was alive. Then the ground rumbled as green energy collected into a ball.

Arthur came to their rescue and Fenna wanted to rejoice, but the cheer got stuck in her throat when she saw Arthur impaled. No... was all she could think when she saw the anchor clatter and their companion disappear in the gorge with their enemy.

First Clive, now Arthur... She stared at the place where Arthur had disappeared. It was Zell who pulled her back when he shook her hand and complimented her performance. She smiled and uttered a similar sentiment, but in her mind she doubted how awesome she had been. Two of their group had died already. This place was dangerous.

She watched James pick up the fallen anchor and turned to walk with the group to Valheim.

Halfway there the falcon returned and dropped the cube in her hand. It was a burden and she'd like nothing better to get rid of it in Valheim, but she'd carry this burden for now and put it in her bag. Lilliana had guarded it and almost died because of it, the ninja who was after it had killed Clive, who was now being carried by Joji for a proper burial. And Arthur... if it hadn't been for that Ninja, they could have all fought against the centaur togehter and maybe Arthur would have still been with them - they weren't even able to bury him. These thoughts occupied her mind as she walked in silence with the others towards the city.

At the gate Fenna paused for a moment, deciding with whom to go. Knowing she had the cube with her, she didn't want to linger outside the city too long, not with that ninja still alive, somewhere. Fenna entered the city with Adam, James and Zell, and Lilliana who was being carried. At first she barely registered anything of the city, she just followed the others as they went to the hospital. Her wounds were minimal. Sure, she was aching, but overall not in a bad condition.

Her falcon flew to the top of the hospital and preened her feathers as Fenna went inside with the others.

She looked up when James spoke and nodded in agreement. "We were so unprepared for this..." she muttered. "We lost two..." She choked on her words and needed a moment before she could continue. "It's best that we wait for everyone to be here and we'll get rid of the damned cube together."

I'll see about making my post to summarize Fenna's part of the journey to Valheim soon, either tonight or tomorrow morning.

Looking forward to exploring Valheim as well.
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