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Current New writing contest and I have a great idea!
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Happy New Year to all my Friends and RP Partners, and to everyone reading this Status!
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2 days before New Year and I got the flu >_< what a way to end the year and start a new one.
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Why is procrastinating so much easier then writing?
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Vacation is over, son is back to school. More time for writing and RP-ing \o/ Although I have to admit the house is rather silent right now.


Hello everyone. I'm Dutch, a mother of a 5-year old boy and I love both rp-ing and writing.

I started with writing Dutch stories in 2002, I was already 19 at that time. I joined a writing competition and that got me started. Soon I started to write down all the stories my over-active imagination came up with. I had my first forum rp experience in 2003 on a Dutch fantasy forum. While I continued to write, I stopped rp-ing when the particular rp and forum slowly died. In 2011 my love for rp's rekindled when I joined a site with a forum and I started to RP solely in English since that is the language of the site. This is also when I wrote my first story in English.

I've got a few 1x1 rp's going on this site and a couple more an another site. And I love the writing competitions here, I try to join them whenever I can.

I have a bachelor degree in nutrition and dietetics and I have worked as a dietitian / kitchen administrator in a nursing home until I decided to quit to become a full-time mother + writer.

When you come here to check if I'm online, know that even when I show as online I might not be able to respond to PM's or RP's. I open this site so that when I have time I can spend some time here, but I don't always end up with the time to do so.

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"I would love to learn more about your life," Benjamin said. "If it's... not painful to talk about it." His hand moved an inch, he had wanted to touch Dia, her arm or shoulder, just something to let her know he was there for her. But when he realized he couldn't he stopped himself and relaxed his arm again.

Marc walked to the reception desk, but before he was there Vivian stepped in front of him.
"Going out with Sara now?" she asked, a sweet smile on her face.
"Uhm, yeah."
"Keep an eye on her, she may look stable, but I do keep her here with a reason."
Marc nodded. "I will."
"I trust you. It's the only reason why I agreed with it."
Marc stood proudly and nodded. "Thank you, I won't disappoint you."
Vivian smiled broadly. "Thank you, Marc. Have a great day."
As Vivian walked away, Marc continued to the reception desk. He hoped Sara wasn't waiting for him, he hadn't anticipated to be stopped on his way out, but to think the head psychiatrist trusted him like that made him feel good.
Faint sounds penetrated his sleep, Andy turned to his side, to his other side, and opened his eyes. It sounded like... someone was in his house. Burglar? Then he recalled he had a guest. He was so used to living alone that the sound of someone else opening doors and walking around had broken his morning slumber.

Should he go back to sleep? Or see what his guest was up to?

Curiosity won and he got up, aided by a complaining bladder, and he grabbed a morning robe as he left his room. Scratching his head, his messy hair falling around his face almost reached his shoulders. He'd grab a band to bind his hair if he would decide to stay up.

First he went to the kitchen where he heard some sounds coming from. He poked his head in and looked at Alastor, rummaging through the fridge. "That's mustard," he said when he saw the jar in Alastor's hand. "It's really spicy. It's good with cheese but only in small amounts, for a bit extra flavour."
"Yay~" Penalopy squeaked softly, holding on to Gavin. "Gav, you're the best~"

Mindy stepped outside, looking around. Such a normal day for everyone, but for her it was strange to see all those people just living their normal lives while she had dived straight into a world she had barely known existed. "We should go to the Pokémon Center, Michael texted they are done on the gym so I bet they will be going there."

Mabel took the little ones in her arms, Charcoal wasn't as little as before, but still small enough to easily carry in one arm. She spread her wings and took off.

Michael nodded agreeing, they had done well. He picked up the Dunsparce and let her rest on his shoulder. Then he scooped up his Cyndaquil to carry him in his arms, with Lytse's back against his stomach.
"No sneezing," he warmed him.
"I will jump down when I feel it come," Lytse promised him.

He walked in the direction of the Pokémon Center, Bear walking behind him with his fists behind his head. Benny circled above them and then flew ahead.

Saruya kept her nose to the ground to find the gym, sometimes looking up to see if she could see a building that looked like a gym, or if she could recognise Michael and Niccia. She noticed something in the air and soon recognised a Butterfree. "Is that Benny?" she asked Harry.

The waiter joined them at the table and Andy looked at him. "Two coffee, a tea, water with a straw, waffles, berry pastry and some of your mixed treats." He looked at the Spiritomb. "Are you thirsty?"
Again he realized he didn't know much about Ghost types, he couldn't recall if professor Maple's Haunter ever ate or drank, but if he did he had never done it around him.
"Well I'm not going to read them with you sitting here," Benjamin said. "That wouldn't be polite. "But I'm not going to send you away for them either. None of them are urgent, I was handed them in the same way... a parent can give a kid a toy, it's to keep them occupied." He blew out some air as he thought about it and he turned to face Steph. "If I were to leave and go back to hunting ghosts, would you come with me? Thieving skills are certainly useful in that line of work."

"Thank you," the leader said. "Moving out!" he ordered the others. A few agents gently lifted the webbed agent and carried her away, the others stayed in a circle around them and kept an eye on the spiders. The leader of the group nodded to the Spider-male and retreated with the other agents.
"We have her," he reported. "She's still in web, but unwrapping her is dangerous. We're on our way back."
"Very well. I will send the coordinates where a helicopted will pick you up."
"Affirmative." The leader checked his phone and directed the group to the right coordinates, walking in front of the group again.

Morrison nodded. "Let's go, I want to get this scouting over with because I have more important things to do later today." He walked to the car and looked back to the other two. "Which one of you will drive? I wasn't given any exact coordinates, just the assignment I had to scout with you."
That's always good ^_^
"School, hobbies," Benjamin began. "I was studying to be a Creative Arts Therapist. I paint and play the sax in my spare time. I practised long-distance ice-skating." He frowned thinking about it. "I guess I miss that the most. I was really active, I was on skates three times a week and did cycling for my condition almost every day. I can't do a decent training here and the inactivity is driving me insane. Not just the not exercising, but the skating, the speed, it was liberating." He sighed. "I will bet staff won't appreciate it if I start running up and down the corridor," he continued with a bitter tone in his voice, "and to be fair, I'd get bored of it real fast."

Marc quickly changed into his normal clothes, a pair of jeans, a plain t-shirt and a fleece jacket over it. If he had know he'd go out he would have picked something else to wear, but this would have to do.
When he was done changing he went to the reception desk and waited for Sara there.
James looked at Dausiin. "With all due respect," he began politely, "but even if you can't get caught, do you really want a manhunt? People might still try to capture you and if it's not in a Pokéball, they might try a cage. I think it's still important to be cautious. This person you refer to is not here to protect you. The only protection you have is not being bound to a trainer in case a Pokéball is thrown."

Penalopy head what James said, but she wrapped her arms around Gavin's neck, staying invisible, and let him carry her like that. "Mew~" she said in human tongue so Mindy could understand her too. "I want to see Mew~"
"I suppose," Mindy said with a smile, "we can join the others first and then see about eating later."
"Yes, listen to Mindy," Penalopy said.

Mindy pushed the button on her pendant and on the rooftop the necklace of the Dragonite started blinking. Mable turned to Charcoal and Ixia.
"My trainer calls, it's time to go." She held out her arms to take the small Pokémon and she smiled at Charcoal. "Your trainer will be very surprised with your evolution."

"Yes." Michael walked to the door and stepped outside. It felt good to have won this battle, but it was obvious he wouldn't have won this battle alone. None of his Pokémon were very strong yet, Saruya was the only evolved Pokémon he had.
He held the door open for all the small Pokémon that followed him, Lytse and Marie, who was rather slowly crawling forward. Bear jumped in and pushed Michael aside, he, the strong Pokémon, would hold the door open for everyone. Benny flew outside, cheerfully greeting the sun. He didn't mind being inside, but he was much rather outside and in the sun.

Saruya looked at Harry and nodded. "We should go there," she agreed. She didn't know where the gym was, but scent didn't lie. She lowered her nose and sniffed for Niccia's and Michael's scent, quickly locating the most recent trace and she started walking."[/i]
Soul's words hadn't made her feel better about all this at all, she worried for Missy mostly, the small Poochyena could very well be attacked as well. Harry and Soul, they could take care of themselves, Harry had proven to be a strong fighter and she was certain Soul was too, but Missy was such a young and small thing.

Andy examined the menu briefly. "Warm waffles for me," he decided and he looked up to Frosiien when she talked about gym battled. "Yes, the whole Pokémon Trainer battles is a bit of a grey area when it comes to ethics, but when done with consent from all involved parties I have no objections to a good Pokémon battle. As long as I don't have to fight myself, as hypocritical as it may sound, but when it comes to strength I'm definitely the weakest of my entire team. Even Kim is stronger than me and would easily defeat me."
"I wouldn't dream of fighting him," the Furret whispered.
Andy wasn't sure what his Furret had said, but he smiled at her. "I did notice that Pokémon can be stronger when coached by a human, as if tactical insight is not something that comes naturally to most Pokémon. It's just a working theory of course, and I mean no offence, but my observations led me to believe that where most Pokémon excel in strength and survival, knowing very well how to attack and how to plan ahead for the winter for instance, but lack a certain insight that humans have. I'm not saying they're not intelligent of course, but it's different. Humans lack strength in all area's, but make it up with technological innovations and tactical insight."
I sometimes use Google Docs, but my main writing software is still Microsoft Word.
For RP's I usually type directly into the browser though, chrome often keeps what I wrote if I accidentally close it and with the Grammarly extension I have a spell checker for the browser too. I have none of that on my phone though XD I try to avoid doing RP's on my phone.
Benjamin smiled when she complimented him with his relaxing presence, he felt it was a nice thing to say about someone. When she asked her question she frowned. "Well, I can't say. They give Harriet and Gaia missions and they are clearly not human either. I think, like me, your specific skillset is not needed as often as they need the others. I mean, what I can do is not useful in most of the missions that go out, I'll be reading old reports in the hopes I can be useful there. I actually did more important things when I was still with the ghost hunters and there are days I think about returning to them."

The leader of the snipers stepped forward as the Spider-male spoke to him in English. "We do not wish to trespass, but you have one of ours and we want her back," he said, keeping the nuzzle of his gun down to show he didn't want to attack. The agents behind him still held their rifles, ready to take aim and shoot when needed. "Release the female you have and we will leave."

Morrison checked his watch. "I have another mission," he said to Ethan. "Make sure to rest, at sundown we leave to hunt vampires."
"Yeah, sure," Ethan said. "Thanks."
Morisson gave him a pat on the back. "You're a fine agent, Ethan. You will get far within our organisation."
Ethan beamed with pride and nodded, before returning to target practice.

Morrison went to the cafetaria for a cup of coffee from the vending machine and when he finished that, he went outside and send a text to Jase and Carl to let them know he was ready to leave.

"I think you're right," Benjamin said. "We should tell Ray about him. Or, maybe you. I think it's best to avoid being with Ray for at least a day." He didn't like it, but he feared what the staff might do if they would worry about them being together. And to be fair, he had plenty of friends he only saw once a week or even less, so a day wouldn't hurt. He just wished there was more to do than walk in circles through the building. He wished he could go into that garden behind the locked door.
While he had been glad to be there earlier, he now realized it had been a cruel thing to let him know it was there, beyond his reach.

Marc smiled at Sara. "Okay. I'll see you at the reception desk." He turned around and left for the dressing room, where he could change in his daily clothes. He found himself whistling as he walked, but he couldn't help it. He was looking forward to the rest of the day.
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