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Deadline for the current writing contest is in about a week.
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New writing contest \o/
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Please take a moment to read the entries of the latest contest and vote for your favourite. The writers will appreciate it <3
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I am alive \o/ and I brought a new contest with me ^_^


Hello everyone. I'm Dutch, a mother of a 7-year old boy and I love both rp-ing and writing. Since May 2020 I'm one of the contests mods.

I started with writing Dutch stories in 2002, I was already 19 at that time. I joined a writing competition and that got me started. Soon I started to write down all the stories my over-active imagination came up with. I had my first forum rp experience in 2003 on a Dutch fantasy forum. While I continued to write, I stopped rp-ing when the particular rp and forum slowly died. In 2011 my love for rp's rekindled when I joined a site with a forum and I started to RP solely in English since that is the language of the site. This is also when I wrote my first story in English.

I've got a few 1x1 rp's going on this site and a couple more an another site. I've always been a fan of writing competitions and I joined a lot several of the ones that were hosted on this website. Now I get to host them myself and really enjoy that too.

I have a bachelor degree in nutrition and dietetics and I have worked as a dietitian / kitchen administrator in a nursing home until I decided to quit to become a full-time mother + writer.

When you come here to check if I'm online, know that even when I show as online I might not be able to respond to RP's. I open this site so that when I have time I can spend some time here, but I don't always end up with the time to do so.

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Ethan listened to Harriet. It was true, Steph had looked human at first and had revealed her true self later. But Gaia had never looked like a human and seeing someone like her had surprised him.
"Yeah, sure," he replied to her question. He considered the other two agents mentors and trustworthy, but he knew some things were better said without them hearing it. He couldn't imagine getting enough privacy here to discuss things between the two of them, but he didn't doubt an opportunity would arise soon enough.

MF&P #9 - Stone

I drum my fingers on the table, eyeing the elf in front of me carefully. She looks back with that casually, neutrally beautiful face, her head tilted to one side, long black hair refusing despite all reason to get in her eyes.
“I’m ready to stop playing this game now.”
Venne-ei et venne-du, wicke. I will follow your lead, witch.”
I lean back in my chair, gather my words.
“Okay,” I sigh. “You know what I want to talk about.”
“I do not.”
Guess for me.”
“You have never encountered a tame elf, and you have suspicions about me.”
Wrong… half-right… no, completely right, but not how she’s trying to imply.
“You’re an Akashic Librarian.”
She raises a thin, delicate eyebrow. “I am willing to entertain this as a hypothetical.”
“You said we weren’t playing any more games. Let me be clear here: you are an Akashic Librarian. You keep the Record of All Truths. Your aura makes no sense otherwise. This is not a question. ”
She crosses her arms. She has an intensely annoying way of faking bemusement, as if I’m some machine acting out of order. At least she stays quiet.
“I bring this up because you’ve been playing me. You know all this shit about the Philosopher’s Stone that you’re pretending not to. If you’re tired of helping me with experiments that get nowhere, all you have to do is talk. Why haven’t you?”
She looks off to the side, her movements slow, her hair seeming to float after her.
Wicke… supposing you are right. The Akashic Record does not only catalogue secrets. It keeps them as well.”
“But you’re helping me with my experiments. Look at me. If you’re trying to keep a secret, why are you helping me dig it up?
“I would be helping you play at digging it up.” She re-establishes eye contact, that coldly crimson gaze again looking at me like a puzzle. “Secrets kept in the Akashic Record can be learned nowhere else. There are bindings. The knowledge is not replicable. Even the keepers would not know it.”
I stare at her. She stares back, unaffected by my face, which could be showing any combination of shock and anger right now.
“So you’re saying – hypothetically – that the quest for the Stone is fucking hopeless. You’ve just been playing with me for weeks and that’s it.”
“Hypothetically, wicke.
“No, let’s drop the hypothetical. You’re saying it’s hopeless.”
“While the secrets of the Philosopher’s Stone are bound, they cannot be learned.”
“And you, who knows this, have been pretending to help me discover it.”
“That is the scenario that is-“
“True. Or. False.”
Pause. Her eyes start to brighten. She looks at me with a steadily growing grin. “You know I wouldn’t lie to you, wicke.
She turns away, hiding her smile just as it begins to show teeth, and goes for the door.
She opens it.
“True,” she says.
She closes it behind her.
…You know I wouldn’t lie to you?

by @Sniblet
@deadleopard I try to run these once a month. Sometimes it takes a bit longer if I'm busy.

There are 2 contests I alternate. This one is for short stories and poems between 5 and 500 words, the other is for stories between 500 and 5000 words. The next contest will be another RPGC, and after that will be a new MF&P

And a general announcement: there will be no voting thread this time because out of the 2 entries I unfortunately had to disqualify one.
The winning entry will be added to the Hall of Fame shortly.
The deadline has been reached and there are 2 entries. The thread with the entries will be made soon.
Thanks for joining!
"Of course," Benjamin agreed. "We need to get Ray out as well." That went without saying, Ray was part of their group and he wouldn't leave her behind. She was a friend after all, the first he had made.
He turned to Ari. "How long has she been in isolation before? When I was here for a few days, she had just gotten out. But she had been there for a while, hadn't she?"

He didn't want to think about being locked up in such a cel for a long period of time. That was something he'd have to avoid at all costs.
"I wonder," Netherlu said as he gazed in the direction of Andy and Frosiien. "We know we can make offspring with another Pokémon. I don't recall any of us ever with a human. Would offspring even be possible?" His gaze shifted to Michael and Niccia and grinned. "I suppose we'll find out in due time." He picked up Lytse. "Keep me informed."
"Ehh, sure?" Lytse commented, unsure if he could keep that promise, but Ho-oh seemed to want to hear that. He was lowered on Netherlu's in red leather covered lap and sat down. Ho-oh was kinder than he had imagined.
"Hey," Netherlu suddenly commented. "I was a late arrival, but I still wasn't the last to show up." He grinned. "I don't know how I feel about that."

Michael wrote everything down. "Aether Foundation..." he repeated. "I have heard that name before, but I don't know anything about them."
Living on a remote island group, he knew he wasn't up to date with lots of what happened in the bigger regions. If he wouldn't have a researcher who travelled the known regions as uncle he probably wouldn't even have known the name. "I think my uncle mentioned them once, but I don't know anything about them. He didn't seem overly enthusiastic about them."

Andy watched them for a moment as Kim moved her tail for the new Mew to grab it. A unique experience to see a newly hatched legend like this. Not that he had ever seen a real Mew in their actual form to compare it with, but this was cute. How long would it take for this one to develop to a full-grown Mew? Although, he thought to himself with a grin, that wouldn't require a lot of growing.
"Cresselia," he suddenly said. "Maybe you can introduce me to Cresselia?"

Harcu chuckled. "I can do that," he said and after a final glance at their father he walked away to mingle, as Watcher had suggested. He noticed Gavin stood by himself and he walked over to him.
"Are you enjoying yourself a bit?" he asked him.

"Oh, no, I'm fine," Mindy said, finally able to answer one question that was asked her. "Everyone here is so kind. One of the firs I met was Penalopy." She smiled as she thought back to the first encounter. "I did travel with Niccia for a bit, but not that long. She spent a lot more time with Michael," she added, gesturing with her head to where they were standing.

Banner created by Celxstiial

Microfiction and poetry contest #9 – stone

This sturdy building material is hard and unforgiving, but not indestructible. Hitting two together may result in a spark. Maybe this spark will be the spark of inspiration leading to a story or poem?
Let's see what you'll write about stones.

Core rules:

  • At all times follow the Fundamental Rules of the Guild and the Moderation Policy for Forum Contests.
  • After reading the above this should be obvious: No plagiarism and respect copyright laws.
  • Your submission must be written by you and specifically for this contest.
  • This is a place for original fiction, no fanfiction allowed.
  • No explicit sex, but you may fade to black.
  • No excessive violence or gore.
  • Don’t forget to subscribe to this thread. You will receive updates on the contest and on the number of entries, and reminders about the deadline here. I will not PM them.
  • The winner of this contest will be honoured in our Hall of Fame.

Contest rules:

  • The prompt for this contest is stone.
  • There will be a minimum word count of 5 and a maximum of 500
  • Every literary or poetry style is permitted.
  • Please PM @Calle the entries and give it as title MFP#9 - (Your Title).
  • Your entry can be anonymous or carry your name. Let me know what you want in the PM. If you don't specify, your entry will be posted anonymously, but you may always claim your story during or at the end of the voting round.
  • The deadline is August 24th, 9:00 CET, which is 8:00 server time (both times are in a.m.)

Number of entries so far:
"No shit," Ethan muttered with a side-eyed glance when Harriet said something was happening to her. Puberty ofmemopaths? He'd take her word for it. He too followed the others and he shrugged at her question.

"Dunno," he whispered. "Maybe one of them being a demon and the other a dragon has something to do with it." He checked his equipment as he walked before looking at Harriet again. "Don't know if you noticed, but most people in this agency are human and we tend to capture or kill things that aren't human. I was surprised the three of you were agents in the first place. Not saying I agree with what happened, but, you know, not exactly surprised about it either."

There was a growl, but when Ethan looked up Barrow had already shot something. Another of those lesser demons.
"I... feel fine," Benjamin said as Ari asked if he was okay. Dia ruling out the fever was kind, but unnecessary as he could feel he didn't have a fever. He decided not to think about it at the time.

"Anyway," he said. "I'm down for escaping this place. I haven't been here for a long time, but this place is evil. The fact there are no visiting hours is a major red flag. The group sessions I visited have nothing to do with getting better and everything with admitting we're ill, that's all they want. And people disappearing is another major red flag. We need to get out before one of us will "disappear"."
Netherlu had a serious expression on his face as he looked back at Nygari when she leaned her head on his shoulder, but a smile broke through and he gave a small pat on her head to show it was okay.
He listened to Harry's question and followed his glance. "I hope she's nothing like Entei," he joked. "My son would be pleased with something warm or cozy, but how much of that passed to my grandchild... I don't know. Truth to be told, I didn't even know there was offspring." He laughed a bit and turned to Nygari. "Do you think you'll be getting any grandchildren?"

Michael nodded when Niccia spoke. "It's true," he chimed in when she mentioned humans didn't know about the offspring of legendary Pokémon. He hadn't known anything about it, and neither had his uncle, who moved around in scientific circles.
At Vatier's question Michael nodded and took his Pokédex. He didn't use it often, but it did have some interesting features like a notepad function, which could be used to write down rumours about Pokémon one wanted to investigate. "I can write it down," he said.

"Yes, let's go check out the new Mew," he said as he took Frosiiens hand so she could lead him to Mew and Kim. "That's the sad truth," he agreed. "I'd lose any respect I have as researcher if I'd write about this, because I have no evidence and no-one will believe this. Their loss, really. They'll never know how awesome you legendary Pokémon really are."

Harcu nodded. "Of course, we'll wait until after Star Fall," he said. "I don't foresee any trouble now and we're with enough to stop it if something does happen." He glanced to the other two to see if they agreed as well, but he expected they would.

The brothers didn't have a chance to say anything else, and they just shrugged at each other when she stormed off. Stormiar let Chifferi go, who chuckled as he floated around.
"Didn't change at all," he commented with a grin.

"Wha..." Mindy began as she was picked up by the unknown lady who had entered through the portal. "I-eh, sorry, what?" she stammered. She noticed Jirachi joined them.
"You're asking too many questions at once," Chifferi laughed. "Give her a moment. Mindy, this is Belle, one of my oldest friends! Belle, this is Mindy, a kind human who was invited. I don't know the full details, but I believe that human boy and Niccia are the reason we have these guests."

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