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Hello everyone. I'm Dutch, a mother of a 6-year old boy and I love both rp-ing and writing. Since May 2020 I'm one of the contests mods.

I started with writing Dutch stories in 2002, I was already 19 at that time. I joined a writing competition and that got me started. Soon I started to write down all the stories my over-active imagination came up with. I had my first forum rp experience in 2003 on a Dutch fantasy forum. While I continued to write, I stopped rp-ing when the particular rp and forum slowly died. In 2011 my love for rp's rekindled when I joined a site with a forum and I started to RP solely in English since that is the language of the site. This is also when I wrote my first story in English.

I've got a few 1x1 rp's going on this site and a couple more an another site. I've always been a fan of writing competitions and I joined a lot several of the ones that were hosted on this website. Now I get to host them myself and really enjoy that too.

I have a bachelor degree in nutrition and dietetics and I have worked as a dietitian / kitchen administrator in a nursing home until I decided to quit to become a full-time mother + writer.

When you come here to check if I'm online, know that even when I show as online I might not be able to respond to RP's. I open this site so that when I have time I can spend some time here, but I don't always end up with the time to do so.

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Benjamin listened to Ari and glanced over his shoulder before replying. "You should ask Dia what she did, but from what I noticed: you were most tangible when you didn't pay attention to it and you were relaxed. Maybe it will happen, but it will definitely feel like it takes a long time if you actively try to get there. Or it might frustrate you that you can't make it happen."

A nurse joined Ray and quickly did some last checks: temperature, Oxygen saturation, heart rate. When everything seemed to be within normal range she nodded. "The doctor ordered us to release you if you were psychically better again." She smiled and gestured to the door. "You can go to your room to wash up, change your clothes, and then it's time for breakfast."
How bad is it?" Mike asked. There was nothing good about the way Duncan was reacting, and adding that to how Harriet had looked it didn't bode well. It didn't seem like a matter whether the situation was bad or not anymore, but how bad the situation was.

Mitch listened to Lydral gave and what the two siblings were saying to each other. Half of what he heard was information he could't place - what the hell were 'Nurics' anyway? - but he had heard enough to assess their strenghts. At the end of it he turned to Benjamin. "You would just get in their way. Let them handle it; you are out of your league."

While Benjamin wanted to protest, he knew Mitch was telling the truth, so he nodded. There was nothing he could contribute in this mission and it was best to let people who could handle it do it.

"I can go in your place if you don't trust them to have the right priorities," Mitch continued, pleased to see Benjamin was smart about it. "I can use the challenge; none of the jobs from my agency have been particular challenging and I'm getting bored." He turned to Lydral. "When will that new gun be ready." A gun eating organic matter was an interesting concept. Probably the most interesting thing he had heard all day.

"Wait," Benjamin said. "You're not going to kill people, are you?"

"If you want your girlfriend back, people will die. That is the trade-off," Mitch stated coldly.

The assistant supported Rose as she started to walk away with her. "4C will be your new room," she said. "Dr Waters has given the order to prepare it for you. I'm sure you'll find it to your liking."
She made her way to an elevator with two guards following them, so they could get to the fourth floor.

As the assistant left, Lily turned to Steph. "This way dear, we're taking the elevator on the other side. 4P is the number of your room and I decorated it myself. I hope you will like it. Rose and Gaia will stay on the fourth floor too, so you will be close to your friends."
She started going towards the elevator and two gaurds walked behind them. "What kind of food do you like? I will instruct the kitchen to make something special for you."

Agents walked towards Daz with guns pointed at him. "Sir? What is your name, sir?" They asked. Others kept an eye on the sky to be ready from any threats from the sky.
"It's a good team," Andy said. "I know Bear and Merlin bicker sometimes, but all in all, a very good team." He looked around to see where his newest addition to the team was. Soul had carried her last time he had seen her. He noticed the keystone in the grass; Varina was probably nervous about getting out considering who she had guarded before. "Excuse me," he said to Frosiien as he unhooked and went to take the keystone.
"Varina?" he said gently. "Would you like to come out and meet everyone?"

"Frosiien isn't Andy's first," Benny said. "But... it is the first time he goes with a legendary Pokémon, so in a way this is very new. And I don't think he is as confident about it as he shows."

"Of course," Michael said as he shook Lecrero's hand. Shaking hands with Arceus... one thing he never thought would ever happen. He was at a loss of what he should say or do now, he hoped either Lecrero or Niccia would ask something or say something. This, being in the presence of so many powerful being, was not easy. Even though they all looked human, he knew they weren't.

Anthony looked up at the taller bird. "I know how to Peck, Tackle and do a Quick Attack," he said. "That's it. You must know a lot more moves. Is it true our species can attack with fire too?" He had heard about it, but he hadn't seen it yet. It could have been his brother telling a tall tale of course; his brother had claimed a lot of things and not all of them had been true.

That was definitely weird. Mindy blinked a few times; being kissed by a Pokémon was super weird, but it was a small gesture of appreciation, she supposed. What did she mean by helpful though?
"So..." she began. "What is going to happen at Star Fall? Is it like an informal get-together for the entire family, with a buffet? Or is there a more serious part to it also?"

Hyachu looked at the male carrying Dausiin, until Yalgai mentioned she couldn't get a read on him. "Okay Dausiin, who did you bring this time?" Hyachu grumbled. Another human. He supposed Pokémon and humans did live together, so paths crossed and occasionally strong bonds were formed.

"I suppose we'll wait then," Tater said. "Thanks Nygari." He started walking around when he noticed Dausiin had arrived, with a human companion. He wandered in that direction; there was little else to do and he met with his siblings often enough.

17 days left to send in your art.
We have our first entry and still 18 days left in the contest.
"That does sound like a book they would put on their forbidden list," Benjamin commented with a chuckle. "It's not a theme I usually read, but I'm willing to give it a try. I'd like to read something well-written instead of this garbage." He showed the book about the dancer he was reading. "I like to read drama's, but better-written ones. This could have been a good story if it was written by someone else." He checked the back cover. "But this person is a journalist for a few good newspapers and it probably got published because of that. It just shows that fiction and journalism are two very different things and I'm sure there are people who are good at both, but that isn't true for everyone."

He glanced at a nurse that walked to another patient, talk with her for a moment and then the two of them left. Therapy probably. Or the weekly overview of their progress. He still needed to get his first; he was in his first week here and already hated the place. This didn't bode well.
"If she shows she is dangerous," Mike said, "if it can be proven she was dangerous to humans, the agency will have a valid reason to go after her. They are there to protect humans against dangers humans can't protect themselves against. We saw her before going through that gate; she looked nothing like her old self. If they..." Mike paused as he thought about it. "What if this wasn't about Steph and Gaia? What if the plan that was set in motion is to push Harriet in becoming a danger to the agency, so they have a reason to take her down?"

"We haven't planned a whole lot yet," Benjamin said. "We just had the idea to break into a high-security facility to free some people."

Mitch made a derogatory sound. "As if you could pull that off," he said, glaring at Benjamin. "If this Gaia is as strong as you guys told me, she'll have more chances of breaking out by herself than you have of breaking in. And Steph is probably also more capable of saving herself. She is a fucking Succubus with wings. All she needs to do is bide her time, charm a man or lesbian, whatever she prefers. And if they will only let straight women guard her, she's still stronger than you'll ever be. All they need is a bit of patience, waiting for the right time, and they are out. Going into that building is a foolish idea." He turned to Dante and Lydral. "Unless either of you has some special abilities that could come in useful. Now would be a perfect moment to share, or this plan of storming the high-security facility will end here and now."

"Oh honey," Lily said as she walked to Rose's cage. "What would you like to eat? Do you still eat human food, or do I need to bring in some bugs for you? Tell my assistant please, she will bring you whatever you desire and show you to your new room as well." She gestured to a guard to open the cage of Rose.
The guard opened the door and the assistant waited for Rose to join her; she didn't seem overly happy with the appointed task, but she did as she was told without complaint.

Only Gaia's cage remained closed for now.

Lily joined Steph, watching Gaia for a moment with a sly smile. This lovely creature would have to have a little more patience. "You still need to wake up, dear. I will come to get you after I showed Steph where she can stay. You will be able to cocoon as much as you like in your new room."

She turned to Steph, now closer to her than ever before. Within arms reach. The guards around them looked worried, but Lily ignored them and reached out to stroke Steph's horn. "I love your horns," she commented, "they are so beautiful."

The agents that remained outside watched in horror as the figure crawled out and looked like he was about to die, but didn't. In fact, he seemed to heal...
"Careful now," the leader spoke. "We don't shoot unless attacked," he reminded everyone.
He searched the sky; the other that had thrown this one down must be around somewhere too. Where was she?
At the enthusiastic greeting, Benjamin felt his spirit lift. When she went through him he turned around to look at her and had a smile on his face. "I did, thank you."
"Don't forget to take your medication today," a voice sounded and Benjamin cringed. He had forgotten to check if they were alone before replying to her.
"Damn it," he muttered to himself as he glared at the nurse who had emerged from the room next to his. Without a word he turned around and walked away, although he did lock eyes with Ari first and made the smallest of gestures with his head to ask her to come along.
"I'm sure you'll get there," Benjamin said. "Isn't that the whole reason we have to therapy here?"

He showed the book as she asked about the book he was reading. "It's not that good, actually. It's a rather boring story about a young man who wants to be dancer and then breaks his leg. I like the theme, but the execution is terrible. But since I don't have much else to do I slog through it, in the hopes it will get more exciting later on."

He bent forward to pick up the Petals of the Rose, a book he hadn't read yet, but the title had caught his eye. He examined the blurb on the back. "I don't think this is much better. The Petals Of The Rose looks like a romantic horror story with vampires, probably not the most original book in the pile, but people who like the genre will probably enjoy it." He put it down again. "Most of the books seem to have come from library sales, and I think the libraries had a reason to take them out of their collection."
"Let him go first," Andy said as he put an arm around Frosiien. "I'm sure Arceus is smart enough to see what is going on here anyway. What I want to know is if this party involves food and drink, maybe even alcohol? And if we have to wait until everyone gets here."
Priories, life was full of priorities. And there would be plenty of time to catch up with the creator of all Pokémon later in the day.

"It's hard to explain, really," Benny said as Mitch asked what it was like to be captured. "Merlin is the only one of us who was captured without prior consent. Bear, Kim and me were all asked and we wanted to come along. The Pokéball is weird, but it's not bad. You go in a kind of resting state, somewhere between being awake and sleeping. But you hear what's going on in the outside world and you can leave the Pokéball when you want to. If you're not claustrofobic the Pokéball isn't a bad place to rest. It's warm, dry, dark."

Then Merlin took over. "Wild Pokémon, like me, know about humans and their desire to catch Pokémon, who then want prove who is the best by letting us fight for them. I guess we are competitive in nature, as some of us like that and even come out of hiding when a human comes. Antony, Michaels Fletchling, said he wanted to be caught, as he saw it as a way to get stronger, so he always made sure to be in sight when a human showed up." Merlin ruffled his feather and tilted his head as he looked where the small Fletchling was, but he seemed to be in company of the Talonflame.
"I assure you," Merlin continued as he returned his attention to Mitch. "A Pokémon that doesn't want to be captured, won't be captured. All we need to do is target the human instead of the Pokémon they send out - humans are so weak. And if a Pokémon is rendered unconsious, it really isn't difficult to escape. Once let out of our Pokéball we can run away, - Pokeballs have a range and if you are out of range before the human can attempt to pull you back in the ball, you are free to go where-ever you want. If one were to injure or kill the captor they won't be able to catch us again. And because the Pokémon was captured once, it can't be caught in another Pokéball, so they would be free from humans for ever. Merlin glanced to Andy. "I did not care to fight for a human, but I was curious about humans. When Andy tried to capture me, I decided to play along and fight Benny for a bit, to see how he was as a human." He sighed. "I wasn't impressed."
Benny giggled.
"Benny did manage to distract me enough for a Pokéball to hit me - his second attempt at doing so I might add."
Benny was really laughing now. "He hit the tree the first time he threw a Pokéball at Merlin!" He managed to say between his laughs.
"And so I was captured," Merlin continued. "Later he called me to the field for a battle, but I had no desire to fight for him, so I flew away to observe the battle and how he handled it. Then he showed he wasn't as bad as I had first assessed, so I did help him win the fight in the end."

"Boyfriend," Michael confirmed. "It's an honour to meet you. I'm Michael Bansing, from the Rorie Islands." While he wanted to ask what was going on - Gavin had confronted Arceus about being responsible for making Niccia how she was now - he decided it would probably give a bad impression if he would impose now, as it was something between them.

"I read about that," Mindy said. "The comet only comes every 1000 years. That is a long time to be sleeping. And he looks so sad too... I wish he wouldn't have to sleep if he doesn't want to..."
"A wish..." Penalopy said. "A Wish!" She floated to Chifferi and yanked on one of his tags.
"Ouch, ouch, ouch, carefull, they are attached to me!" Chifferi complained.
"Write it down! Maybe it will come through! Chifferi can grant wishes after all, just not for himself. And StarFall is powerful energy, more powerful than the comet. I'm sure his wishing capabilities are much stronger now! Just make sure to word it right. If you'd wish he won't sleep anymore he may die of exhaustion!"
Mindy looked from Penalopy, to the Jirachi and then quickly opened her yellow handbag and rummaged through it until she found her pencil. "Can I?" she asked.
Chifferi nodded with a hopeful look in his eyes. He wasn't sure if it could work, but if it did, how amazing would it be? No-one had ever whished something for him. "People usually don't ask for permission. One time I was just pushed down and scribbled on which forced me to grant the wish..."
"He says it's okay," Penalopy translated very losely.
Mindy wrote down the wish 'let Jirachi choose his sleep-cycle', giving Jirachi the freedom to decide for himself what he considered the best sleepcycle.
A white light engulfed Jirachi and then it faded. "It is done," he said and then wrapped his stubby arms around Mindy's neck. "Thank you~"

Hyachu nodded to Yalgai and when he heard Illias he nodded to her too. "I see you made it too," he stated as he glanced at Yalgai, before looking around to see who was here. "Who are the humans?"
Humans at starfall again, he grumbled a bit to himself. Why some of his fellow legendary and mythical Pokémon insisted on bringing human companions was something he still didn't understand.

Tanter shook his head. "The last time we spoke he said he'd be waiting for us here, which implied he'd be here before us. I don't know where he is." He walked to mother of the birds. "Nygari, did Netherlu say anything about when he would come to StarFall?"

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