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Hello everyone. I'm Dutch, a mother of a 6-year old boy and I love both rp-ing and writing. Since May 2020 I'm one of the contests mods.

I started with writing Dutch stories in 2002, I was already 19 at that time. I joined a writing competition and that got me started. Soon I started to write down all the stories my over-active imagination came up with. I had my first forum rp experience in 2003 on a Dutch fantasy forum. While I continued to write, I stopped rp-ing when the particular rp and forum slowly died. In 2011 my love for rp's rekindled when I joined a site with a forum and I started to RP solely in English since that is the language of the site. This is also when I wrote my first story in English.

I've got a few 1x1 rp's going on this site and a couple more an another site. I've always been a fan of writing competitions and I joined a lot several of the ones that were hosted on this website. Now I get to host them myself and really enjoy that too.

I have a bachelor degree in nutrition and dietetics and I have worked as a dietitian / kitchen administrator in a nursing home until I decided to quit to become a full-time mother + writer.

When you come here to check if I'm online, know that even when I show as online I might not be able to respond to RP's. I open this site so that when I have time I can spend some time here, but I don't always end up with the time to do so.

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Michael turned to look at the Pokémon hiding behind his legs. "Did you sneak into the party then?" he asked him, an amused sound in his voice. He wasn't sure why Arceus wouldn't want him to meet others, but sometimes parents had strict rules for their children. And just like human teenagers, sometimes those strict rules were just ignored to do as they pleased. This Pokémon seemed young in mind, compared to all the other legendaries he had met so far.

Lytse seemed more at ease now. "I don't have any preferences," he said. "Just, you know, not intimidating."
It was okay being here and he started to look forward to mingle, especially with Bia doing the introductions. That was much easier than walk up to someone and strike up a conversation.

A chubby man wearing an oceanblue suit with a white shirt underneath chuckled a bit, scratching his blue hair with red streaks.
Land boy," Sea muttered, glancing to Groudon. He was unsure how Volcano would react to the nickname. And it made him wonder if his nickname was sea boy. But that was just his name with a boy behind, not really a nickname.
He mused about it for a bit as he looked at the hopping Primeape, who seemed ready for the fight.
"Yeah, land boy," Bear agreed. "We need a battle area!"

Nethan glanced from Gavin to the human girl and back to Gavin. "Are you sure it's love and not a crush? Or just nerves for being around a legendary Pokémon? For as long as she's here, I saw her talk to the Musical Diva's, Chifferi and Xapher. I don't really see the typical human flirting behaviour from her." He moved his eyes and settled them on Michael. "And look at him, he has not strayed from Niccia's side."
After frowning at the strange Pokémon hiding behind Michael, he turned to Gavin. "Is it possible you misinterpreted her emotions? It's an easy thing to do, humans are complex and I've made wrong assumptions about their more subtle emotions several times."

"The first one I met was Meloetta," Mindy said and then quickly added "Penalopy" when she recalled Penalopy had a sister who was also Meloetta. "well, after Niccia and Gavin, who had travelled with humans for a while. But Penalopy was super comfortable around humans and seems to know us well. But maybe she's the odd one out then."

"Netherlu does have a good taste in fashion," Ilios agreed, rubbing his chin. "We should nominate him to handle organizing Star Fall next time." He glanced in the same direction his sister did and noticed the odd Pokémon, but soon turned his attention to Andy and Frosiien, who seemed happy to be together.

"Another drink is a good idea," Andy said. "And I was planning of following you around. Catch up with everyone you want to catch up and I reckon eventually I'll have met most legendary and mythical Pokémon."
While Ho-Oh was definitely on the list of Pokémon he wanted to have a talk with, he wasn't in a hurry.

Benjamin turned to Sara and nodded. "Of course. It wouldn't be fair to not let you eat first." He sat down again to keep her company. While he was worried about Ari, there was very little he could do about a spirit being in trouble. "If you're worried about her and want to go look for her, you can," he said as he turned to Dia. "We'll catch up with you."
If there was one person here who understood spirits tied to Ray, it was Dia.
The nurse rushed away to get a stretcher, but with things like this happening more often there were usually stretchers kept nearby. When she found one she rushed back to Ray so they could get her into solitary confinement, where she belonged.

Benjamin glanced at Sara for a moment and waited until the nurses had moved away a little. "First things first," he said, looking from Dia to Sara. "Let's see if we can find Ari. Ray freaked out because she thought something had happened to her. If she knows Ari is safe, she may calm down again and stop endangering herself or attack Dia."

That might not leave room for the RPGC's then, I don't think we'll have many people joining 2 contests at the same time.

But you can do this first one and we'll see how it goes. I'll pm you to see how we can fit in this contest with the other contests of the guild.
Winner of RPGC #31: Amnesia

What the Heart Remembers by @Salenea

She entered a dimly lit room, filled with smoke and the smell of spilled alcohol. There were lots of people talking and laughing, arguing and boasting. It was almost too hot and way too loud. At one of the tables was her team, sitting, chatting and drinking. Living their last carefree evening they would have for a while. The time to act crept near, they had to be ready.

Cassie placed herself on an empty chair. With a gesture to a nearby waitress, she ordered a round for the table. “Somehow you guys managed to find the loudest, smelliest bar in all of Port Freedom.”

“We picked it especially for you, we knew you’d love it here.” the man beside her replied as he lifted his nearly empty glass as a greeting.

Cassie rolled her eyes and stomped his arm playfully. “Geesh, thanks Vince, you’re too kind.”

Phillip took Vince's head in a headlock and rubbed Vince’s head with his knuckles. “Squirt here has quite a taste.”

Vince wrestled free with an annoyed “hey!” and glared at Phillip.

When the waitress brought them their drinks, the two males instantly started squabbling about at whom the waitress smiled the longest.

The other female of the group shook her head. “It’s been ten years and I don’t think Vince and Phillip grew up at all. Cassie, we’ll have our hands full with them.” she sighed, “But let's give him a break, there isn’t exactly much open. Most establishments have closed since the battlefield is nearing this port. The SpellSphere is inching closer every day.”

Cassie nodded. “Quite right Erin, I think we had pretty much the same conversation back then. Including having a last drink before we set off to do our job.”

Erin smiled, ”At least Thomas was there to smash their heads together when needed. Remember…” Erin stopped mid-sentence when she noticed Cassie's face grew gloomy. She reached and took Cassie’s hand. “I’m sorry, I was reminiscing. Don’t worry, we’ll get him back safe and sound too.”

“Yeah, don’t worry about that,” Vince chimed in, “The love you two share goes so deep, he couldn’t possibly have forgotten that too. Even if he doesn’t know you, or us, I’m sure he’ll still feel it deep down.”

Cassie managed to squeeze out a small smile. “Thanks guys,” she said with a tremble in her voice.

“So about Horacio”, Phillip started after he downed his drink and put down his empty glass. “Can we defeat him for good this time? Not that I mind another break that lasts a decade but it’d be more fun if we could get rid of them once and for all.”

“We just go for it like last time,” Vince said enthusiastically. “It worked, I mean, sure we broke his power and sent him to the Third Dimension but that was only because the spells hadn’t been completed at that point but waiting would have been disastrous. They are ready to use now.”

Cassie shook her head. “we’d be foolish if we assume he hasn’t learned anything new. I doubt it very much Horacio just twiddled his thumbs for the past ten years,” she paused and continued in a softer voice. ”And let’s not forget, he managed to capture one of the team so we are down a man.” her voice broke as and she had to swallow a lump in her throat away. She clenched her hands to try and stop them from shaking. She still didn’t exactly know how it happened and what Horacio had done to her husband. She could guess the reason, but she would do anything she could to not let it cripple the team. They could still beat him. For good this time. She was sure of it.


The morning fog hid everything under a cold, wet blanket. Footsteps were dimmed and shadows could be seen scurrying around, disappearing as quickly as they would be spotted.
Sounds of hammers hitting nails from people who nailed up their windows to try and protect their houses from the impending fighting.
Hardly any other sounds could be heard as most people had fled, finding shelter deeper inland. Only the foolish and the brave remained. It was time.

Cassie waited in the town square. One by one the members of her team joined her.
In silence they stood together, no words were needed, they all knew what they were up against, what was at stake and what needed to be done.
“Let’s go,” she said and they ran off in the direction of the harbour.

They didn’t try to be quiet, there was no need for it. The enemy hadn’t left the safety of their bubble yet and Horacio knew they arrived at Port Freedom the minute they passed the first house. The charm had been obvious but Phillip had tracked who picked up the charm’s activation and knew where Horacio was, he wasn’t going to be here today, he was too far off.


They stopped near the warehouse closest to the harbour. A bit more careful they went in through the back door. The two males walked to the front and peeked through a window, the females made a round of the warehouse. It was a mess, broken stuff everywhere and even holes in the walls, floor and ceiling. Some real fighting had happened here.

“Why us?” Erin asked when they went up the stairs to check the attic. “I didn’t understand ten years ago and I still don’t understand now. The Mages are so much more powerful than us. They can use real, dangerous magic. Or the Fighters, or the Stealths. They are so much better trained to deal with threats than us.”

Cassie Glanced at the other female. “Because we aren’t the best in a specific field but we are the best for this task. We are Resonators. We are a half-full barrel so to say, we have room for resonation and make a spell stronger by letting it resonate. The same empty space makes us have more room to absorb spells, which makes us kind of spell resistant or at least spell retardant. Let’s not forget our advantage that we can do all of the three Major Skills to some extent instead of excelling at one so we are quite versatile.”

Erin didn’t look convinced, in her opinion, three who were the best in their fields could do a better job than a group with mediocre skills and abilities at best. Their failure a decade ago didn’t prove they were the best for the job. “Two of my children are Resonators too,” she stated stoically, before giving in to her frustration by kicking over a box, scattering its content over the floor.

Cassie held Erin’s shoulder sympathetically, “We’ll make sure they won’t be needing them anytime soon.” she assured her. Cassie started picking some stuff up to put it back in the box, it belonged to someone and that someone might return here one day. The warehouse looked like a warzone as it was already, even before the actual fighting would be taking place here. Her eyes drifted to an item still in the box. With a gasp, she pulled it out. Her husband’s jacket. Astonished, with eyes full of questions but frozen on her lips she looked up to Erin, Erin shook her head in response to the unasked question. She had no clue how it got here either. Cassie slowly put on the jacket, she could even feel some personal items still in the pockets.
Erin watched silently and Cassie squared her shoulders, “Maybe he’ll recognise this jacket or some of the items if he doesn’t remember me.” she said softly. She couldn’t stop some tears from rolling down her cheeks. Erin helped Cassie down the stairs. she could feel the team leader trembling as she tried to keep it together, and couldn’t help wondering if this was where Thomas had been captured or if the jacket was planted here purposely.

Vince and Phillip were astonished as they noticed the jacket on Cassie and started firing a lot of questions and remarks, only to be silenced by a deathly glare from Erin.
“You ok?” Phillip asked, getting a nod from Cassie.

“This is not going to break me or get my focus off our task,” she said, although she could feel it nagging in a corner of her mind. “Whether or not this jacket was put here on purpose this won’t get us down.”

The others nodded but were all glad she hadn’t found it during a more crucial moment.

“Let’s move on, what is looking like in the harbour.” Cassie said decisively.

“Not good,” Vince said, Hybrid, henchmen and supplies have gathered on the water behind their pretty protective bubble.

“On the water?” asked Erin worriedly.

Phillip nodded, “Yep even Vince can walk on water now, <evilguy> seems to have reached the stage of power that the water gets solid where it touches the air. A lot quicker than last time too.”

Vince stomped Phillip, he didn’t always like it that the majority of the team could even walk on water when the water wasn’t under the influence of magic. He had other abilities, of course, but the running on the water always seemed so cool to him.
“So, we go by the plan?”

Cassie looked through the window, over the harbour, over the water, to the cliff on the headland on the far side of the bay. There, up the fort, they would have to perform the spell so carefully made by the Mages. It was a given it wouldn’t go down the same way as the first time. The place was the same but all similarities ended there. “We go by the plan. To the dike to meet up with our guys, we’ll have to hold the dike as long as we can and keep them on their side. Once the signal gets given we march up to the headland. You all know what to do.”

None of them was worried about the SpellSphere, they could pass through as if it wasn’t there. They were glad it was still up, although it gave the enemy time to prepare it also gave them equal time to prepare. Port Freedom would once again be the centre of attention, and if the name Port Freedom would stay or that it would become Port Downfall would be decided in only a few days.


They made their way out of the warehouse, this time under their own cloaking bubble so they wouldn’t get spotted right away. They needed to join their forces first now and riling up the enemies by showing their faces wasn’t going to work to their advantage. They silently watched the people walking over the water as if it was land. Stacking up boxes and organising their supplies. It was eerie quiet, not one of the sounds that the ones on the inside of the bubble were making could be heard on their side.

Cassie stopped dead in her track as she recognised one of the henchmen working picking up boxes. Frozen she stared at her husband’s face. Unable to speak she watched him talking to his peers. She turned to her team. “Go ahead,” she whispered, “I have to do this.”

The team looked at each other in various degrees of worry and conflict. The Mages, the Fighters and the Stealths all had their concerns about how the fifth team member would be used against them, how it could throw them off the objective. It was a calculated risk to let the remaining four go on with the mission. They wanted the team to ignore the missing fifth if they would come across him and stick to the original plan.

Erin reached out to Cassie “Honey, please…”

Cassie looked down and shook her head, “Don’t, please. I have to try, you know I have to. Any one of you would try to at least talk to him if you’d come across him. We talked about the possibilities.”

Phillip shrugged, “plan B it is, be careful.” he said and he walked on, the other two had no choice but to follow if they wanted to stay under his protection.

Vince turned around and locked eyes with Cassie “Make the most of it, try to get as close as you can.” he said quickly but urgently.

Cassie nodded and walked to the barrier. She pressed her hand against it and phased through it. On the other side, a cacophony of sounds bombarded her. Shouting, gnarling, clashing of metal on metal. She walked over the water to the group where her husband was standing.
“Thomas!” she cried out.

He stopped and turned around, looked at her and frowned. He gestured to the others, who had picked up weapons and were ready to strike, to stay put.
“Yes?” he asked coldly.

Cassie felt her heart drop as she took that blow. “Thomas you may not recognise me, but I know you have lost your memory. I know there are a lot of blanks that you crave to be filled, hear me out.”

Thomas crossed his arms but stayed silent, not encouraging but not discouraging either.

She swallowed before she rambled about some shared history, frantically looking in his face for any sign of recognition. Starting to feel more and more hopeless she paused.
“I’m your wife, I love you,” she concluded, not knowing what else she could say right now, hoping that statement would at least give a glimmer of some emotion other than this cold, distant look.

His lips curled in a humourless smile and shook his head. “They said you were going to say that,” and he turned around, the others laughing at her agony.

Her legs trembled and she sank to the ground, clutching her stomach, trying to breathe normally instead of gasping in bits of painfully sharp air.
“Thomas," she whispered.

Loud steps behind her made her snap out of her grief. She turned and stood face to face with a Hybrid. A massive buffed one, some were built for speed, others for strength. This one was definitely built for strength. The bull-like head had a massive pair of horns. She stood up and faced him. She knew one thing, the moment he would be able to get a grip on her she was finished.

With a battle cry that made the solid water under them move he charged towards her. She jumped out of the way and rolled to safety. From the corner of her eye, she could see her husband watching silently as the others were having a great time watching the spectacle.

She avoided his hits as good as she could. He was surprisingly fast and agile considering his size. She tapped into her abilities so she could jump higher and further. She had to get away.

The Hybrid clearly enjoyed hunting his prey. “I’ll crush your bones and deliver you as a carpet to our master.” he sneered. “You’re an insignificant bug.”

Cassie plotted her way towards the dike, towards the edge of the SpellSphere. They had specific weapons against Hybrids but she had to reach them first. Dodging and jumping she brought her fight closer and closer to the edge, movement at the group her husband was part of broke her concentration and a hit landed, making her soar through the air and slam into the dike. Dazed and in pain she tried to get up, she noticed the bubble had burst and it didn’t take long before she felt the massive hands of the bull-like creature around her throat.

What felt like an explosion sent both of them hurling back to the water. In a corner of her mind, she registered that it had been a sonic blast from Vince. She tried to scramble on her feet as soon as she could to create some distance between herself and her attacker. She looked around as she readied herself to sprint away. Horns were blowing, battle cries uttered and shouting told her the battle started.
Almost instantly she felt as if two iron bars were wrapped around her. The arms of the Hybrid were like a steel grip around her and she could hardly move. She tried with all her might to get some wriggle room. She fought against the pressure on her ribs. She could hardly breathe as the Hybrid tightened his grip with a sardonic grin on his face. She saw her husband coming closer with a sword in his hand.

The Hybrid chuckled. “Don’t worry dude, I got her. We’ll present her dead rather than alive to our master.”

“So I see,” replied Thomas as he calmly watched. “Don’t get over-confident and give her that potion.”

The little interaction made the grip a little looser and she felt she slipped down a bit. Relief instantly washed away as she felt him reposition his grip around her throat instead. Gasping for air she struggled.

“When they get purple they are ready to harvest,” The hybrid chuckled as he cut her with a blade covered in a substance. “There, happy now? She’ll be dead before it’ll work though, I’ll promise you that.”

Her vision started getting blurry and her ears rang. She heard a metal sound, a ripping sound and a loud cry just before she dropped on the water.
Filling her lungs with the much-needed oxygen she watched astonished as the Hybrid was gripping his cut arm and her husband plunging his sword in the neck of the Hybrid.
The creature dropped dead and Thomas towered over her with the sword, looking down on her accusingly. Her head began to feel like it filled up with cotton.

“I still don’t know you,” he said angrily, “but somehow, I couldn't stand by and watch, I don’t know what it was but I couldn’t let it kill you yet. I'm bringing you in alive,” He turned and watched the stronghold in the distance. “I have to get you to the stronghold before anyone will notice I killed one of us,” he added, his voice without remorse.

His voice sounded further and further away. She could feel that she got lifted up but soon she lost her consciousness. A few episodes of partial gained consciousness made her a bit aware of them still being on the way, and even though they were on the way to epicentre of enemy activity and she was being brought into the lion’s den, she felt safe being so close to the love of her life. At this point, she didn’t think about his amnesia, about the battle going on and the danger she was in. She only felt his arms supporting her, she felt the jacket she had been wearing earlier on him. Her voice of reason was nagging in the back of her head that she should snap out of it, get a grip and escape. But she couldn’t, her mind was too fuzzy, her eyes too heavy to lift and her body too weak.


“...good... hordes…Horacio...threat...kill…”

She tried to focus, someone was speaking. Her husband's voice was murmuring a reply. The cold of the stone floor underneath her crept up. Cassie slowly became more aware of her surroundings. She was in the stronghold and she recognised the voice talking. Brody was speaking to Thomas; he praised him for catching her while at the same time he tried to make sure Thomas was still under their control.

Pleased by the answers Brody grinned and administered some more of the potion. “Bring her to the dungeon, this will keep her calm and sedated till Horacio returns and dispose of her as he pleases.”

Thomas bowed slightly “It will be done,” he said.

Cassie felt herself drifting off again, she tried to fight it but all awareness of her surroundings slipped away.

Something cold tickled the inside of her mouth and instinctively she swallowed the liquid.
Confused, she tried to grasp where she was. She didn’t feel the stone floor in her back but soft fabric. Her head ached but it didn’t feel like it was filled to the brim with cotton balls.
Slowly the past events bubbled to the surface. Dungeon? wasn’t she supposed to be brought to the dungeon? Dungeons usually didn’t have warm, soft beds.
Cassie opened her eyes and sat up straight, dizzy she reached to support herself and found her hand resting on an arm in a familiar jacket. She looked up and looked straight into Thomas's face.
“Thomas, what happened?”

He looked away before she could read his eyes and stood up. “I don’t know, something doesn’t add up. I don’t know you, you are a stranger to me. I’ve been warned about you and some of your friends. For some reason, one or more of you would come to me and tell me some wild stories about me belonging on your side. Horacio was genuinely worried about me as it would be part of a hex to get a wedge in.” He paced up and down the room. “But for some reason when I saw you getting strangled something I can’t define roared inside me. Something flared up. It confuses me.” At the window, he stopped and let his gaze go down the cliff, over the water to the harbour in the distance. The battle was coming closer towards the stronghold. He glanced at Cassie, “I gave you something to counter the potion. Go. Join your friends and do whatever little plan you have. Whatever you have planned it won’t work Horacio will win, he has a surprise planned for you and your team. He’ll be ready in three days”

Cassie stood up and walked over to Thomas. She rested her hand on his arm. While his words had serious consequences for their mission, she could only worry about his safety right now, everything else seemed so far away. “Will you be safe? What will happen when they find out you helped me?”

Thomas looked at the hand on his arm, tentatively he reached for her hand but he only let his hand hover above hers before he pulled his arm back and put his hands in the pockets of his jacket. “They won’t know I helped you. Hardly anyone is here, they are all outside or with Horacio. As far as they will know Brody gave you either too little or the wrong one. You knocked me out with your signature ‘Goodnight spell' and there was nothing I could do. You brought me here so you wouldn’t get detected too soon.” He looked like he was already enjoying the moment where he could yell at Brody for messing up.

They locked eyes for a few moments before he broke eye contact. “Go, before I’m going to regret this decision. Next time we meet you won’t confuse me again and I will have my priorities straight. You will not hex me and make me believe I belong on your side. I am where I belong.”

She opened the window and looked down, so he wouldn’t see the flash of pain that went through her eyes. She assessed her situation and plotted her escape route. She could make some jumps and get down safely. After that, she could go from one camp to the next. When she figured out the best route to join her friends she turned to Thomas, “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised they told you about my signature spell.” she said with a small smile.

He shook his head. “They didn’t.” he frowned, looked at Cassie pensively and shook his head. “They must have told me.” he turned around, he needed to leave. Now.

Cassie grabbed his hand before he walked away, “Thomas...” the words choked in her throat and watery eyes she pressed a kiss on his hand. She released his hand and with one hand she formed an orb. The other she lifted to him. Cassie released the orb outside. It spun, grew bigger and exploded in a thousand smaller orbs that went in all kinds of directions. “I gave the signal,” she said smiling, “Good night,” she whispered as she used her signature spell on him with her raised hand. He sank on the floor.

Cassie went through his hair and brought her lips to his cheek. “I love you, Thomas," she whispered in his ear before she jumped out of the window and made her way through the enemy lines stealthily so she could regroup with her team to march up together and storm the stronghold like they planned, although a small adaptation was needed. In three days, at most, this would all be over.
She looked over her shoulder once more, as she thought she felt his eyes on her, even though she had just knocked him out. It hurt he didn't know who she was but there was a glimmer of hope. Next time they would meet, she would be ready.

In three days she promised herself, in three days everything would be as it should once again.
@BangoSkankI didn't know you were planning this. I'm okay with people holding their own contests, but if possible I would like a heads-up so I can plan accordingly and make sure we don't have too many contests running at the same time.
Will this be held every month?

This contest is now closed for entries.

With 1 entry a voting thread is not needed, because that is an automatic win.

I would like to ask the people subscribed to this thread and others reading this to read this entry and maybe give a little feedback. I'm sure the writer will appreciate that.

Here is the winning entry of this round, which will also be added to our hall of fame:

The last 24 hours have begun.
Benjamin wanted to reply and defend Dia, but one of the nurses tranquillized her.
"We'll have to put her in solitary again," a second nurse said when she joined the one with the syringe. "Do you need help to get her there?"
She already wrote down what had occurred and what had been said, to report it to the psychiatrist later on.

Benjamin wanted to protest, but his words would mean nothing to the staff. And to be fair, Ray seemed a bit scary now, and hostile. And this was so unlike the Ray he had met.
He leaned to Dia. "What happened? Why did she think you did something to Ari?" he whispered to her.
Mitch took the hand and shook it. "Then you are at an advantage, I still have to get to know you. But my first impression of someone is usually good and you seem competent."
He glanced at Freya, but didn't greet her. She was of no concern.
"Forgive me for not reciprocating that immediately," Mitch answered the final comment, "but I'll wait to see how you do on this mission before offering my services when you need them."

Lily put some plates on the table and put a slice of cake on them. "There you go, darlings," she told them as she pushed it to them.
When she heard someone approach she looked up and smiled broadly when she recognised Gaia. "Darling, I'm so glad you came. Do you want some cake too?"

Her three darling were with her, how wonderful. And when they were all settled in and comfortable, that's when the real testing could begin. She held back a grin when she thought about all the fun things they would do together.

Benjamin felt his phone vibrate and as he talked with Mike he took it from his pocket and checked it.
'9 a.m., I'll be there' he texted back.
"Do you sometimes miss a normal life?" he asked when he put his phone away again.
"I do," Mike admitted. "Attending college is something I always wanted, but with this I didn't get around to do so. I tried to combine it for a while, but that didn't work."

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