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Just a regular university student, majoring in hospitality and tourism. Also a history and trivial knowledge nerd, aircraft aficionado, occasional trekker and a D&D player.

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I'd also be interested.
@Jbcool I agree that we've been making little progress, and I was thinking of starting my own RP in near future. I have no qualms if this RP gets reset or abandoned.
Kovacs had his lascarbine primed. He kept the safety on, but he was ready to shoot at half a second's notice, as they walked through the woods. He was near Hasenkamp, who sounded a bit nervous. Kovacs examined the grounds. He feared that there might be booby traps left behind. Grenades without pins, claymores ready to explode and mines just below the ground, all primed to explode with simple tripwires or pronged beneath equipment. If he had destroyed an unit in a remote location and had time to prepare, he would have left "surprises" behind. The enemy clearly had had time - they had clearly taken the corpses of the fallen.

"Be careful what you touch. Anything can be booby trapped", he reminded the squad. "Evacuation from here would be a bitch."
@Jbcool When are we charging to the woods?
Kovacs felt excited, and he had whistled some old folk tunes during the march. As the march had progressed, though, he had stopped whistling around the halfway, as they had approached the area. He was used to trekking and long walks with weighty backpacks, but the march felt to last forever. 21 kilometres was a long way to trek without many stops. As they stopped for a bit longer pause, Kovacs took off his boots and checked quickly for blisters. He had developed a few during training, and one had infected during the first weeks, but it had been nothing serious. Painful to walk with, but tolerable.

Kovacs didn't have much in the way of explosives, which was nice. Of course, he only had a couple claymores and lots of wire, but carrying more by yourself was a pain in the ass. Beside his carbine, Cadian uniform and gear, bedroll and food, he didn't have much else. Kovacs had bought a few civilian wool socks from the locals, as they were much better than the Guard issued "socks". Wool was the king of materials when it came to socks.

He put his boots back and went to find a couple long, thick and sturdy branches. It had been a good few hours since he had relieved himself. Kovacs tied the branches between two trees with the wire and dug a hole beneath the "toilet". He went to the squad and said to them "I've made a lath over there. Use it when you can."
@Jbcool Sorry for being absent! I had a few tasks for the university studies and I was in reservist training for the weekend. The topic, interestingly, was reconnaissance.
Well, I like oak trees, and my initials spell the word OAK. The 7 resembles a T, and looked, to my eye, cool.
I was awarded the "Trivial Knowledge Expert" award by my university friends because (according to them) I knew a lot of things they hadn't even heard of.
@Jbcool I guess we have an Edelweiss as an regimental insignia, as we are based on the Gebirgsj├Ągers?
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