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I used to roleplay on some other sites including GaiaOnline mainly. I roleplayed regularly for about 5 years while I was a student but then I guess I went on a hiatus or something like that. My work schedule was busier until recently but I work from home now and my job is more flexible, so I decided to return to roleplaying, which I really enjoyed.

That's why I decided to go by off the clock because I'll be on here when I'm not working lol

Anyways, I'm just a hardworking corporate lackey by day. Hardworking roleplay denizen by night.

Uhhh I guess in terms of rp preferences, I like fantasy/adventure, maybe supernatural, but also modern/slice of life, anything with some action and character development together. I don't really know many fandoms, so I prefer original universes/themes. I find it hard to keep up with large groups (15+ characters) or really high fantasy with a lot of specific lore to keep track of.

Currently looking for an rp to join and trying to build my "resume" on this forum. Let me know if you need a character for a smaller rp or a 1x1. I think I can play a pretty versatile range of personalities so I'm open to hearing about any opportunities. I prefer playing lighthearted or comedic characters, sidekicks and supporting roles that help move plots along but I like the challenge of playing a more serious character, too.

Thanks for reading, the end.

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