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"I'm going to bed early tonight." *5 hours later* "What the fUCK."
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Nice to know I'm still a "typical teenager" at 21. I am immortal.
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Me: *listens to sad music in order to get into the mindset for writing a sad scene* Also me: *gets sad and doesn't wanna write anymore*


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He heard it before he saw them. He's been preparing to round the corner up ahead when there was the screech of tires, the stench of burnt rubber filling his nostrils. Then driver's side of his vehicle was suddenly caving in on him.

Tacitus had known something bad was going to happen the moment they turned off the public streets and into the shadows of dimly lit neighborhood roads. The hairs along the back of his neck stood up. He knew -he knew!- he should have stopped right then and there. Turned the car around and gone with another plan. But it had taken him goddamned months to be able to get this close to Asimov's men, and he feared he'd lose all traces and be back to square one if he lost sight of them now. So he curled his fingers tighter onto the steering wheel and stubbornly pressed on. Look where that got him.

Hacking up a wet cough, Tacitus assessed the situation. He was still in his seat, a good sign, but the pressure building in the front of his face and the acrid taste of blood in his mouth suggested he may have broken his nose. Seemed the airbags had failed him. He groaned and tried moving his head to look around. Crazy what sort of things an automobile accident can cause the human body. All that metal, all that leather. Tempered glass, reinforced seat belts. And for what? One would think that in this day and age, vehicles would be sturdy enough to protect their passengers but alas, it seemed mankind was evolving much too slowly to keep up with the advancement of their technology. Still moved around like beads in a tin can if jarred too much. More specifically he'd been t-boned and Tacitus only knew this because the impact hadn't knocked him out. Yet. He felt he was on the verge of losing consciousness but stubbornly refused to go lax. Still slouched forward over the steering wheel, Tacitus grunted and sat up. The obnoxious blaring finally stopped when he lifted his chest off the horn but there was still that aggravating bright light to his side. Squinting, he put his hand up to shield his eyes from the high-beams. The Hummer that had charged him backed up a few feet before it stopped once more. Doors on both sides opened up and out stepped three dark-clad figures. Tacitus undid the seat belt and dove to floor space beneath the passenger seat, ducking just in time to avoid the rain of bullets piercing the thin metal barrier between him and them.

Tacitus opened his door and fell out with a thud, clawing at the frost-hardened ground to put the car between himself and his assailants. Usually he enjoyed the cold but now the snow falling from the darkened sky above made it hard for him to see what he was doing. It make his breath form white puffs and his fingers tremble just a little too much. 'Shit.' He pulled out the Glock from his belt and peeked under the vehicle; one to his right and the other two on his left. Okay, this was doable. He decided to file out the single first and crawled closer, practically getting under his car. Tacitus pointed the gun. 'One. Two. Three...' He squeezed the trigger and the second his quarry dropped, aimed the finishing shot at the man's head. The other two backed away from the car and attempted to split up. Tacitus rolled out from beneath his car and got up into a crouch before moving closer to the front end. He popped up and quickly fired two more rounds, downing a second man. The third fired back but in that moment exposed himself, allowing Tacitus to take his last shot.

He hadn't realized he'd been holding his breath until he was forced to cough. Tacitus rose and sheathed his gun.

A forth figure approached from behind and pulled him into a headlock.

He threw his head back and was granted a satisfying crack as bone met bone but that did little to loosen the grip around his neck. Tacitus tucked his chin in, leaned back, braced his hands, and dropped his weight to throw the other off-balance. His opponent countered with a kick to the bend of his leg and a tightened choke. Tacitus gave a cry and was forced to kneel. His vision began to go black. Becoming more desperate with each passing second he risked grabbing for the knife sheathed at his ankle and slashed backwards. That momentarily won him his freedom before his head was promptly smashed into the car's headlight. Stunned, he slumped to the ground. Tacitus could feel himself being hauled up and tossed over a shoulder but could do nothing about it. A few steps later and he was unceremoniously dropped into the boot of the Hummer before being tied up and locked in there.


The rest of the hour -at least that's how long it felt- passed in a blur. Tacitus floated between in and out of consciousness. The black pit swallowing him whole made it difficult to discern between the two but the occasional bump in the road (his driver seemed to specifically be swerving for those, the bastard) helped him differentiate. Finally it seemed they'd come to a stop. The trunk was popped open and a sack pulled over his head before he was yanked out and dragged along. He was moved indoors, somewhere below ground level past a labyrinth of doors and corridors. He knew they'd reached their destination when they eventually arrived at a room that stank of moldy air and death. Literally. Whether their were decomposing bodies or a waste bucket in here somewhere he was unsure but the stench was enough to make him gag. It was revolting. Tacitus was pushed ahead and forced into a chair before being tied down. The sack was removed. He looked around and counted five angry strangers. Oh shit, when did she get here? Tacitus quickly looked away, not wanting his captors to start jumping to conclusions. If they decided to try using her against him then things would get really ugly really fast.

Tacitus cleared his throat before speaking in the mother tongue. "Thank you. Now I can look you in the eye before I spit." He did just that, blood and phlegm staining the front of his attire. He missed terribly and was rewarded with a strike to the gut but that was worth it, in his opinion. Another hit, this time from a figure to his side, before the one who'd brought him here spoke up.

"What is your name?"
"Some say I look like a 'Dorian'. I don't see it."
Another hit. He stifled a pained groan.
"Who sent you?"
"I don't know what you're talking about." That earned him a meaty hand covering his nose and mouth. He struggled feebly but they didn't let up until tears started streaming down his cheeks.

Oh this was going to be fun.
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Je'Nai bowed her head in respect to the prince. "Of course. I look forward to being able to serve you, your Highness. Until next time." She stood to leave but not before politely curtsying to General T'vor and General Azurael as well despite the former's obvious distaste towards her (he gave the pretense of seeing her career as practically useless but a teeny tiny part of her wondered if it was some inborn distaste to her bloodline). However just as Je'Nai was on her way her path was blocked by Asmod. She tried to side-step him when suddenly the demon began shouting and she twitched in start. It took a second for her to realize he wasn't yelling at her. Je'Nai followed Asmod's gaze to Azurael.

"No, they can't" Ma'ai confirmed. "At least not without the assistance of their technology. But it doesn't seem to bother them. They have other means of transportation and appear to be well off. Guess you can't miss what you never had." He had to shrug then. Before Ma'ai was sent off to spy on mankind, he wondered the same thing as Chrissa and even felt a little bad for the humans too. But not, seeing what they were capable of and how they survived, he didn't pity them so much anymore.
Cleyo was a no-nonsense kind of guy and he liked to keep it that way. Keep it simple. Made things a lot easier that way.

The hybrid prowled to the door with the liquid grace of a snake maneuvering though the water. A predator stalking after prey. He had one job and one job only; protect the Khyrsopos. Everything else came after, whether that be Auium's comfort or her happiness (unfortunate as that was). So when Cleyobanthal had opened the door it was with full intent on chasing off whoever it was standing behind the door at such an hour. Be it someone looking for trouble or someone looking for shelter, he couldn't care less -deal with them and send them on their way. Perhaps years ago he would have had the heart to consider taking in lost wanderers, stragglers, travelers who needed someplace to hold out for the night, that sort, but not anymore. He couldn't, wasn't permitted so. The sword at his belt was a heavy reminder of that.

Cleyo was a no-nonsense kind of guy and he liked to keep it that way. Tonight would not be one of those nights.

"Prince Alastor?" Eyes widened, the shock in his voice was evident. Otàe may be a land without rulership but that didn't mean its residents did not know king from peasant. Well, in this case, prince. Auium was Cleyo's ward and although her care was his primary concern, by law he was not permitted to harm any royalty on her behalf unless there was absolutely no other choice. As of this very second that was not the case. Turning a the visitor away suddenly no longer felt like an option; if Alastor froze to death or succumbed to some other fate on the land then part of the responsibility would be on him. Cleyo looked from the prince to the white-haired stranger standing behind him, and eyed her warily. "What are you doing here?" He'd barely finished the question when a familiar voice piped up from behind.

"Cleyo, let them in!"
He could hear her little hooves scraping against the castle's marble flooring. He didn't turn around and instead put am arm up against the frame of the threshold, effectively blocking any possibly entry or exit without his interference. "Auium, go back to bed" he warned, tail twitching in agitation. But the echoes of her footfalls continued on closer.
"I had another vision!"
The hairs along the back of his neck stood on end and Cleyo went rigid, but still refused to turn around. Auium came along and peeked out at their two new guests from under Cleyo's arm. He spared her a precursory glance, then resumed staring down the strangers.
"Well don't just keep them standing there! Quickly, before someone sees."
Cleyo didn't bother pointing out that aside from the occasional traveler, there wasn't supposed to be anybody on the island but them. He flicked an ear.
"Are you sure about this?" Her visions' uncanniness still unnerved him to this very day. They were rare, far and apart, but whenever they did make themselves known they were never wrong.
"Yes, now move aside before they both melt in the rain." If you didn't count her horns, Auium only came up to Cleyo's chest, yet she was trying to push him out of the way with all her small might. Cleyo relented and pulled the door open.

As much as he didn't like this, Cleyo knew he had to trust her judgement. Auium was no child and understood the importance of her duty, of her roll in the universe. He would go along with this for now but if either of the two threatened her in an way then he would halt this immediately and suffer the consequences of his own actions later. Auium moved out of the way with him, granting their guests entry, and Cleyo bowed at the hip in welcome. "Your highness."
First things first; Mira needed coin. Or at the very least some valuable goods they could barter along their journey. Since Sparhawk would be taking care of transportation and Sorren the supplies, Mira figured her contribution would be more useful later on in the long run once their inventory ran low and their horses (she shuddered at the thought) grew weary. Mira might be able to steal some stuff they'd be needing during the adventure but things like a place to stay or a bathhouse to get cleaned up at required actual payment. With Ludwig cozily draped across her neck, Mira strolled towards the marketplace in confidence. Some of the town's locals gave her funny looks -was it the weasel or her newfound fame from today's chase?- but she paid them no mind. She snatched an apple and began perusing from a distance.

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Hours later, Mira had managed to red-paperclip her way up until she found herself in the possession of a pair of gold bangles. It wasn't easy but completely worthwhile. However, saying she had accomplished such a feat through pure skill and persistence alone would be a lie for the pirate woman had tipped the scales in her favor by 'borrowing' some items along the way. A silk scarf here, an earring there... Thank the gods at least some wealthier-than-average folks lived in this town or Mira would have never been able to get this far. If this had been Lorebeaux, that last port she and her crew visited, at best she'd have ended up with a fancy cow. The sky was getting dark by the time Mira was done, and Ludwig had gone to sleep in one of her pockets. Hoping Sparhawk and Sorren hadn't left (in her defense, Sparhawk said that they would be leaving 'tonight' but he had not gotten anymore specific than that), she headed for the rendezvous point where the trio was supposed to be meeting up. The Grand Vale tavern stood unassuming in the distance and Mira quietly entered it. Mira spared a perfunctory glance around and took a seat.

Shortly after, Sparhawk appeared and, approaching Mira's table, one could see that he was holding the hand of a little girl.
"So we're just waiting on the elf, then," he commented, taking a seat. The little girl climbed up into his lap and unabashedly stared at Mira with a stern expression.

Mira couldn't consider herself the type of person who was great with kids, nor did she actually have an interest in them. Except... this was Sparhawk's kid. Or was it? But more importantly, she wanted to know why he'd brought the little girl here and why did this kid look so damn displeased with her? Mira waved awkwardly at the child and reached into her pocket to wake her furry translator.

"Are you being serious right now, Sparky?"

"Well, we are waiting on the elf, aren't we?"

"No, I meant the kid. What did you tell her? She looks mad at me."

"Who, Vella? Oh, she's probably just looking into your soul. It's her new favorite pastime."

Mira blinked at that and turned her attention to Vella. Magic was uncommon yet not unheard of; although she wasn't sure if Sparhawk was joking or not. "See anything interesting?"

Vella tilted her head. "They're going to make you ride the horse," she replied decidedly.

Mira had to laugh there. An odd, breathy, wheezing noise escaping her tongue-less mouth but a laugh nonetheless. "No." Mira didn't even need to sign that response out, just vigorously shake her head as she attempted to compose herself. She would walk or sail all the way if that's what it took to get to the bloody dragon but she would rather stab herself in the leg than go horseback.

Vella shrugged. "It's what the image shows." She looked up at her father.
"You were friends when you were my age?"
"Something like that."
"You braided her hair like you braid mine."
"I suppose I did."
"So you had lots of practice. You must make the best braids," she decided.

Years after Sparhawk had left, when Mira reached the conclusion that he was never coming back, she had let go of those memories in order to be free to move on. She'd still missed her friend, yes, but she didn't think back much on it. Vella was bringing many of those fond memories back and the mute pirate couldn't help but smile warmly. Sparhawk being a noble knight was going to make him a royal pain in the butt of course but now she was realizing that she was looking forward to catching up with him. Speaking of which, that brought Mira back to the matter at hand. "As cute as your daughter is, why did you bring her?" Annoyed with having been rudely awakened for this conversation, Ludwig freed himself from Mira and sat atop the table to groom himself.

"You can see for yourself, she's got this uncanny knack for reading people. The chapterhouse where I trained for knighthood is on the way, so we'll be dropping her off to get evaluated by my mentor in the arcane arts," Sparhawk explained.
"Can I learn magic too, father?"
"I wouldn't mind, but your mother wouldn't have it."
A small sigh. "I should like to learn magic. Then I could go with you!"
"You're far too young to be going on adventures, little lady."
"I think I could be useful. I'm already seeing so much! I'd more than make up for your eyes, father. Can't I go?"
"Not this time, Vella."
She wore a slight pout.

"Don't be such a spoilsport, Sparky. You and I were younger than her when were were off doing our own crazy things. She can tag with us for a little ways, can't she?"

"A little ways, Mira? And drop her off where, in some town with no means for her to get back home? Absolutely not. At least she's safe at the chapterhouse and one of the knights can take her back."

It had started as a joke but now she was going to finish this. "Then you can bring her back while Sorren and I collect our bounty." Mira grinned like she'd just told the greatest joke. But really though, what was wrong with Vella coming? If it was the dragon part then the solution was simple -leave her somewhere safe until they can get the damn crown. Then everybody can go home all happily ever after. How long was that supposed to take? Assuming there was even a dragon. Probably dead by now. Or maybe just some scary legend people passed around to make things more interesting. She wouldn't be surprised if that was the case.

Sparhawk either didn't hear her, or was purposefully ignoring Mira as his attention veered back to Vella, who was climbing down from his lap.
"Where are you going?"
"I'm hungry."
Without waiting for a reply, the little girl ran up to the tavernmaster to acquire some food.
Kerebos, it was eventually concluded, would not be returning that evening. Perhaps tomorrow or maybe even the day after next... There was no telling for sure but they had no reason to worry as of yet. Cleyo mentioned that Kerebos was likely out to check whether their supplies had been dropped off yet; they were supposed to be here last week but the political issues overseas had been causing delays recently. (It wasn't as much a problem as it was an inconvenience since both Cleyobanthan and Kerebos knew how to live off the land if push came to shove.) So, Auium and Cleyo settled on having a quiet chat for the rest of their night. The crackling fireplace and rumbling thunder provided a sort of charming background ambiance and soon enough the pair dozed off. Eventually Cleyo roused and padded off to bed with a sleepy 'goodnight' and Auium promised she'd follow shortly. Alone with only her thoughts to keep her company, the Khrysopos decided she wanted to delay sleep and simply enjoy the quiet for now.

Then came the banging on the door.

At first Auium thought maybe she was imagining it. Maybe that was the thunder or the wind knocking something over. Surely that wasn't Kerebos, was it? No. Her ward knew there would be no need to knock and could enter or leave as she pleased. The Khrysopos considered ignoring it but the chill running up her spine, which in turn caused the hairs along her back to raise on end, prompted further action. Cautiously, Auium rose. "Cleyo" she hissed. Why was she whispering? There would be no way anyone outside would be able to hear her but for some reason the idea of a stranger wanting to come in frightened the little cervitaur. Auium tip-toed back to the bedroom and shook her companion awake. Cleyo slurred something along the lines of "I'm awake" and yawned but didn't stir much.

"There's someone here" Auium told him. The hybrid opened his eyes but did not stir.
"What do you mean?" he slurred.
"At the door."
"Are you sure?"
"Alright, alright. I'm up."

Auium had never once been afraid her companions. Sure the both of them were there to watch over her, keep her safe and make sure she was properly cared for. But she'd only ever really seen them as family. Feeling ashamed during a proper scolding wasn't the same as shying from an intimidating stranger screaming at you. It hadn't ever quite sunk in that Cleyo was here to protect her until this moment. Cleyo's sphinx half granted him his lithe build and graceful movements, while his elf half added height and sharpened features. He wasn't particularly frightening at first glance. However now Auium could really see the bulk, the sinuous cords of muscle forming his frame as he rose with purpose to investigate the issue at hand. "Stay here" he told her, then stalked off. Auium didn't need to be told twice and sank to the mattress much like a doe awaiting its mother's return.
The Khrysopos' day started like any other.

Her guardian and companion, Cleyobanthal, (she liked to call him Cleyo for short) had woken before her and could be seen already reading in his usual spot by the bedroom's main window seat. The cervitaur groaned and stretched, noting how the empty spot beside her on the bed was now cold. "Good morning" Cleyo called out whilst turning a page in his old book. He didn't turn around to look at her but he did flick an ear back in her direction, causing an earring to jingle lightly. "Is it really?" Auium inquired playfully. Cleyo paused and straightened his posture, then looked out the window. "I think yes. Today's going to be the first rain of the year." That caught her attention. Auium sat up.

"Really?" That earned her a confirming hum in response.
"What makes you say that?"
"There's a breeze. Plus the birds have stopped singing."
"Where's Kery?" Another nickname, for her other guardian although this one's intended secondary purpose revolved more around keeping her contained than happy.
"Your dog is sniffing about. She suspect's today was going to be unlucky and couldn't sit still. I am under the impression she will not be returning soon."
"You know she doesn't like being called that." The other guardian had made her complaints quite clear but Cleyo never seemed to care. He didn't respond.

So that was how her morning began; waiting in anticipation for both her friend and the storms.

Auium dined on a light breakfast and then went to read alongside Cleyo in the garden. Later on they romped a bit, played some chess, she taught herself a lesson in the art of penmanship, they filled there bellies with a warm lunch, another reading session, and then she went to go lie down for a quick nap. Boring couldn't even begin to describe her daily struggle. Some days were better than others but there were only so many things one could do when prohibited from leaving the property. She would have asked to go for a walk but knew she would be denied as long as Kerebos was out. But by nightfall when the rains finally arrived it certainly lifted her spirits. Auium loved the rain.

The structure's thick walls did well to protect against the cold outside but Cleyobanthal had decided to light the fireplace anyway and laid on the fur rug before it. Kerebos still hadn't returned and although neither Cleyo nor his ward were particularly worried they waited up anyway. Khysopos curled around her companion and settled down comfortably to watch the fire. The crackling logs and rumbling thunder made for a very nice background.
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