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Current @Little Italy: Depends on if it's a doge, doggo, pupper, or pupperino. Somtimes they think in boofs.
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I'm gonna resort to shitposting so I can finally catch up on the ones I owe.
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*walks into gentlemen's club* "Hi yes, where are the gentle men?"
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My dog doesn't understand why all the ice cubes he's hiding keep disappearing.
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I like how whenever I take my blankets out of the dryer, my dogs get excited because they know I'm going to burrito them with it.


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I'm honestly down for anything at this point, so long as the plot keeps moving and we can make it work.
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His True Sight made his suffering all the worse.

Poor dude. @SashaWindrider
Mira accepted the tin and started grabbing her coins by the handful to stuff them all in. "What's wrong with getting them mixed?" she curiously inquired. If they had both worked hard to earn this, didn't it therefore mean that it belonged to the both of them? By that logic it seemed to Mira that there was no point in wasting time by fussing over separating it.
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"Cookies..." Je'Nai deadpanned. If anyone tried convincing her that these apex predators liked baked pastries then she would have laughed in their face. Yet here she was, watching the most dangerous and intelligent creature known in history, munching on cookies. What made this whole thing more amusing was that the dragon eggs were apparently mistaken for rocks and that was the only reason they were here now. Je'Nai huffed in amusement and redirected her gaze to Prince Seph. "So, when do we begin our work? As much as I'd like to continue our discussion, it can wait a bit."

"Don't fret, I'll be fine. I've interacted with a few during my stay here and it seems that our kind is nonexistent, according to them. Those who would accuse me of being an outsider would be brushed off. So although it is entirely possible someone may suspect there is something different about me, they don't believe I do not belong because otherwise they would have no other explanation." Ma'ai had heard whispers of ancient texts which spoke of something akin to angels and demons but since he had yet to get a hold of one of these books, he couldn't make anything of this information.
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"Hm, yes but where did they come from? Dragon eggs don't just poof onto a ship out of nowhere." At this point Je'Nai was not deliberately attempting to avoid awkward silence, instead now she was actually curious. She'd heard the rumors; stones cold as death suddenly cracking open to reveal little hatchlings. A peculiar story but rumors were not to be trusted. "Illegal traders? A gift? I sincerely doubt their mother just handed them over to you. Angry mothers are quite scary."

"Dogs and cats, as they've been called. Perhaps the next time I must go back outside the barrier I'll bring one back for you so you can see what I mean. Although I personally prefer the rabbits, those are incredible soft and so small."
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Je'Nai accepted and gracefully lowered herself on the rock beside Prince Seph, crossing her ankles and letting her hands rest in her lap. She may have never personally met a royal before but that didn't mean she had forgotten her etiquette lessons. "I'll be sure to keep my mouth shut. Can't have your pretty face skewered on a pike after I've worked so hard on it." However, not all the rules needed to be followed. The Prince's looks were no secret so Je'Nai could only hope her somewhat dark sense of humor wouldn't annoy him too much. It would be a shame if he fired her before she even got to start. Je'Nai tried not to smile and chewed on her lower lip as she turned her face away from him. "Where'd you get the dragons from?"

The angel looked up at the sky and took a moment to ponder his answer. "They are very odd" he chuckled. "We have some parallels with mankind but it can be hard to see. None don wings nor seem to wield any special abilities so they're all kind of defenseless beings. They have an established hierarchy, like us, but many of their kingdoms are not actually lead by royal blood. Instead they are selected from the general populace and picked out according to who's the most preferred. They use strange weapons. And their pets... They decided to collect and own some of the wildlife but then removed the animals' more dangerous hunting instincts through generations of selective breeding programs and created cute but weak little versions of them so they are safe to keep within households."
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Haaaaaaa lazy post is lazy.
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Je'Nai turned to the Prince. "I think it is I should be asking that." Whoops. That was too rude- Je'Nai pressed her lips together and paused a moment before 'restarting'. "Your Majesty" she tried again, this time adding a modest bow in respect. The hybrid had never been in the presence of a royal before and she wasn't entirely sure what the protocol was. So she left it at that and continued. "Je'Nai Obscurokht, at your service. This is likely poor timing on my part but I've come to accept your offer. It would be my honor to work for you."

The angel shrugged his shoulders but continued strolling. "Nowhere. I wanted a walked, so we're walking. Unless you'd rather we stop?"
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If the Prince was occupied with training then perhaps now would not be the best time to accost him. But if not now, when? Je'Nai wasn't entirely sure she could count on herself to try again later instead of continuously procrastinating until he came to her (that wouldn't do). So she decided to follow the guard's direction until she found the training grounds. Je'Nai paused and watched, waiting. Now that she was here a few more minutes couldn't hurt. Besides she was curious and wanted to see what training with dragons would be like.

"If you become successful enough, sure. Why not? You'd be able to hire extra hands where they're needed. Everyone's happy." Ma'ai hadn't exactly noticed Chrissa's struggle to keep up with him but he did begin to slow once they left the clearing and there were less eavesdroppers around. "When you open another flower shop" he spoke once more, deliberately avoiding using the word 'if', "I'll be sure to stop by every week. Just like before" he promised. Bouquets would be pointless here on Earth, with no family nor lover to take them to. But the small habit itself would be a nice way for Ma'ai hold on to the past, like a tiny his old life back on Genesis. And flowers are pretty so he was sure he'd be able to find somewhere to put them.
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(@SashaWindrider It's fine, the interruption let's us skim over anyway so perhaps we can come up with something before Je'Nai has a chance to confront Asmod again lol)

"I- hey, wait a second!" But it was too late. Her protests were futile and Je'Nai didn't think it wise to put up a fuss with the doctor. After being pushed out of the medical tent, the hybrid let out a frustrated huff. She was so close... She'd barely heard anything Asmod said before Ariadel kicked her out. Je'Nai likely would have continued sulking if T'vor hadn't interrupted her train of thought. "I am" she confirmed when he asked her name. Je'Nai pressed her lips together as the man began to share his 'unfiltered' opinions about her profession. He wasn't wrong but it was seeming distaste for it that got under her skin.

"Thank you for your input." Although her tone wasn't exactly kind she wasn't being sarcastic. T'vor was right and if she wanted to be able to make a living now then this was her chance. Actually this was better than before. The Prince himself requesting her services? Practically a dream come true. Je'Nai strode off to go find him, or at the very least an underling she could speak with.

Ma'ai chuckled with her. The struggle was awfully relateable and considering he'd had even less time than the others to get acquainted with their new accomplices... Well, it was uncomfortable to say the least. Ma'ai stuck his hand in his pockets and shook his head. "No, I came on an earlier flight so I could have a look around first. My job was to observe the humans and scout the area first before any others arrived. Had to make sure it was safe and all, usual precautions. Come." Ma'ai gestured with his head and began walking away.
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