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Blenda Eldberg

Blenda stares into Berserker's eyes for a moment, only a small quirk of her lips hiding her amusement at just how short the pharaoh was. Truly, there was quite an irony in someone who spend her youth breaking into tombs and sealed places throughout her youth summoning someone most famous nowadays for the curse which plagued archaeologists who broke into his tomb, no matter how whether there was a magecraft at work or not.

"You know, for a pharaoh, I have expected someone far more..." pausing to think about the word to use, she rests her head on her fist before continuing "... forceful." Sighing, she stands up before fishing a coin from her pocket. "We both can see merits of both approaches and neither of us prefers one over the other, which means we will leave that to a random chance. Heads, we scout, tails, we socialize then." Flipping the coin high in the air, Blenda's eyes track its movement before she catches it deftly and slaps it on her arm before checking. "Hmmm~. Tails it is."

Pocketing the coin again, she moves towards the door.

"Come then, let's learn more about who we will be working with."


Archer of Blue - William

If there was a word she would have to use to describe Çanakkale, it would be 'mundane'. There was little indicating the city's proximity to the site of the legendary Trojan War, and likewise, from what knowledge the grail saw fit to give her, William would be excused for not realizing she was not in Europe. Still, she slowly familiarized herself with the streets, eyes drifting towards rooftops of the surrounding buildings, taking note of the layout of the streets, the distance between promising locations. She could probably fortify the entire approach to Hector's mansion down to the smallest, most run down building and sever entrance, true, but that would be the waste of resources and time.

No, it was better to make the positions spread evenly.
Blenda Eldberg

Reclining in the chair in her room, Blenda studied the map of Çanakkale hung on the wall surrounded by the photographs of various landmarks and buildings of interest across the city with further notes attached to them giving a short description of the locales as well as the location of their base circles in bright blue marker. Sighing, she grabbed a pair of dice and rolled them on the table in front of her before closing her eyes for a moment. The ritual Hector Bahadir has devised was quite an interesting puzzle, she had to admit, up to and including accounting for, no, active inclusion of, enemy forces. So many moving parts and so many variables, some of which were so incredibly hard to predict the path of, and that was before one included Servants. Truly, a chaotic mess that would either blow up in the man's face spectacularly or succeed beyond anyone's wildest imagination.

Chuckling, she opened her eyes and leaned forward, looking at the dice. Three and nine. Still, of all Servants, she did not expect to summon Berserker, even one as apparently lucid as hers have so far been. Reckless as she may sometimes have appeared, she wondered what it said about her to draw the wielder of madness? Clicking her tongue, she dismisses her thoughts, irrelevant as they were to the situation.

"Berserker" she calls "would you prefer to familiarize yourself with the city or perhaps interact with our allies?"


Archer of Blue - William

Standing at the top of the mansion, William surveys the land before her, brows furrowed in concentration even though she sees with little clarity even things at the bottom of the building, directly underneath her. An interesting situation, to find herself in. She knew her way with a bow of course, what warrior would she be had she not after all, but to be summoned as the hero of the bow simply on the account of the way The Usurper have died... Snorting, she lets her mind wander. Being on the defensive is unusual enough for her as it is, but to know next to nothing of enemy's capabilities... Infuriating and worrying in equal measure. There are so many ways things can go wrong on a campaign caused by lack of information.

Shaking her head, she makes her decision. No time to dwindle, better be proactive and secure some additional ground beyond just main fort. One castle is all well and good, but it cannot hold entire country, no matter how well placed. No, she will need a lot more before she feels secure about letting the enemy approach.

First, the city. Then, the war. And after that... who knows, the world will be ripe for picking anew.

Master, I am venturing into the city to secure forward positions. She adds as an afterthought. It's hard to remember that she had a partner in this, with how quiet they were. But, perhaps, it was for the better that they left the war for those whose trade it was.

Smiling, William jumps down, ready to appropriate one of this era's steeds, motorbikes they were called if she recalls correctly. She was in a hurry, but not so much as to not enjoy a ride and survey of what would be hers.

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