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9 mos ago
Current still have every single yugioh card I've ever owned, safely tucked away in my darth Vader binder
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1 yr ago
s-status. god i'm so lewd
1 yr ago
For the past 5 years my psn account hasn't had a single friend. For some reason I get really proud whenever I think that
1 yr ago
Can you inflict bodily harm with a spoon? I didn't think so, ergo forks best utensil


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Tie-her Night, the Drag man
Banished to the shadow realm for daring to suggest any aspect of our overlord Clem is heretical
Banned for politeness. Treat all those you ban like the subhuman filth that they truly are.
Banned for banning in my territory. That's what ya get for messing with the great me, legendary 'ban'dito of spam, wanted in 50 subforums for my famous robbery of the 'ban'k of Rpguild. So don't even be thinking about retaliating with a ban of your own. Hell, I've banned more people then you've had hot meals; but I'll tell ya what rook, if you really think you got what it takes, then mosie on over to the center of town at break of noon, and yous n I can have ourselves a regular Mexican banoff.
john carpenter's movie was great and all but I don't think you'd want to have sex with it
Someone detain this subversive radical.
No. You're banned. No. Don't come back. No.

funfact: not dead! you can bet your sweet ass i'm working on my cs

might be shooting a pm at you Odds to cover some details later, but you seem well accustomed to being shot so I don't feel so bad
Banned for berating someone for sleeping while having the word sleeping in your name. There's audacity, and then there's hypocrisy.

i'm not outdated
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