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Sorry its so messy its been a while since I've made one of these

@Coltshan definitely interested pm me, we could brainstorm some ideas for a story or even try to get into a public one together
interested also, how do you feel about more sinister races like devils or Yōkai do they even exist in this universe? I want to make a human like character without being forced to have Cliché behaviors/backstory
I'm interested! if you're still looking for someone.
Thanks!! Avatar Aang will learn respect, and suffering will be his teacher!
Hello everyone! Old member here I use to frequent this website in 08-09 but had to give up everything related to role-playing, Japanese entertainment, video games pretty much anything that took my attention away from school work and my social life. Even though my literature skills are extremely rusty I'm excited about getting back into writing as it use to be a big hobby of mine and if the guild is anything like it use to be then i'm sure everyone will be seeing me around the forums frequently,
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