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Current History won't remember the critic, but rather those whom inspired the criticism.
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Male. New Jersey. Alive. Healthy. Something Something I like roleplay.

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Pretty awesome stuff, gonna def start working on an app.
Damn. Well I'll write stuff anywayd
@Palamon Might be a bit of a wait, sorry. Still working on my sheet. But I'm almost done :)

Hey no worries. I'm still on vacation. Just give me a heads up whenever.
@Palamon I may have humans among my people, but the Republic does have a very large alien population if you're interested.

I'm down. I can get started working on a little intro post tonight if you like? Or you can if you want.
Anyone who is not human wanna have a first contact? Since my nation is extremely racist I think it would be interesting.

Apologies for the lack of a reply. Work's been busier than usual, so I've been putting in a few extra hours than I normally would and I've just been really tired at the end of the day. I'll try to get a reply to you by tomorrow.

No worries mate. Just wonderin`. Goin' on a cruise for a week with my SO, so I'll be not be likely to be writing so much in that time.
Ditto @Dragonruby
It seems pretty good to me, however I too am weary of the sixth sense. Because if your humans have it, then most humans in the RP would because so far most of the human races in this RP spent a lot of time in space before becoming the civilizations they are.
@Dragonruby No worries homie.

Also, since I just read your post, do you think our two human factions would speak similar languages? Or at least one understandable by each other? In all honesty, they probably wouldn't, but I figured it'd be easier if we could skip past the whole 'lost in translation' bit and move a bit more quickly into actual diplomacy, unless that was something you'd rather do.

I mean, I've been working under the assumption that most of the human factions speak a common-ish language (them all having a probably similiar heritage an all) so maybe it's just that we all have sort of foreign dialects? Sort of like the difference between the various forms of English such as American English, British English, Piggin, Cajun, ect. Used this a lot in my Anthropology undergrad studies (
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