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Yasmin walked away from the window. The rest of the Cullen's were still discussing something in a hushed tone. She didn't question them, and walked straight past them and out the door. She sat down on the porch for a while, looking around at her surroundings. The Cullen's home was without a doubt, breathtaking. It was hidden away in the forest, so she rarely saw anyone passing by, maybe a couple of forest animals here and there.

Suddenly, she heard a howl echoing deep in the forest. She didn't know that there were wolves. At least the Cullen's never told her. She squinted deep into the forest, getting up from the porch immediately. She walked towards the forest but she didn't see anything, but she could hear the sound of paws against the damp ground.

She pondered on whether to go and check to see if there actually were wolves about. After much consideration, she started to walk deeper into the forest. The Cullen's home was get further and further away from her. She stopped by the treaty line, and was pretty sure she saw something run past. Something big... Like a dog? More than one. But they definitely couldn't have been dogs.
Yasmin continued to stare out of the glass window, curious of what was out there. She was rarely aloud outside, for her 'safety'. She was especially not allowed past the treaty line, but she couldn't help being curious of what was actually behind that mysterious line.

The Cullen's only told her one thing about the treaty line, that she was not to cross it because they couldn't protect her. She had so many unanswered questions bubbling in her mind since then, but every time they were avoided and left unanswered.

(Sorry for the slightly short post).
"I don't see her future anymore" The pixie-like vampire uttered to herself. Her facial expression suddenly free troubled, confused and anxious. All six pairs of topaz colored eyes, which belonged to each of the Cullens now rested on her. They all mirrored the same confused expression.

"Alice, what's wrong?" Jasper, the honey blonde asked in a comforting tone, almost instantly by her side.

"I don't see her future anymore" Alice repeated, her expression hadn't vanished and she looked even more troubled. "Yasmin's" She added, and all eyes were now focused on the girl who was standing by one of the large, glass windows - completely oblivious to what was going on.

There was silence, a long silence as the rest of the Cullen's tried to come up with some kind of conclusion. Then, the silence was broken by Carlise - the doctor of the family. "Maybe one of the wolves is involved... You know you can't see past them" He pointed in a low tone.

"They're going to find out sooner or later, and their not going to like the fact we're keeping a human here" Edward added.

"Well, it's not their decision" Rosalie snapped. Nothing else was said on the situation, and the silence begun again.

The girl standing by the glass - Yasmin was tracing her finger gently over the cool glass. It was raining - which wasn't ever a surprise in Forks. She actually liked the rain, and was used to it by now. Dark red hair, caressed her gentle looking face. She had big, brown eyes which were darting around curiously. Her nose was decorated with feckles, and she was a small, looking person.
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Hi all! ^-^ I'm PandaBear! I'm new to this community but not new to roleplaying! I'd love to start up some roleplays with you guys! :)
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