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Here she is. 👉👈
Hi! This sounds cute and fun, I might fill out a CS later.
Ah, that's alright.
Yeah, androids are essentially human-like but with specific technological abilities.
LOCATION: Center Square, a shared bazaar between Colonies Alpha and Beta.

It was hot. A dry heat, but unpleasant still. The twin suns above Azalea 9 beat harshly on the yellow sands of the desert landscape. The sands which, mind you, had a habit of being blown or kicked into ones eyes.

A young freckled chameleon girl hopped along, eager to have somewhere to go. Her two companions, Juniper Lee, a biochemist and amateur spaceship captain; and RIPLEY, Juniper's robotic cohort, walked beside her.

The marketplace was bustling, as it usually was.

"Cami!" Juniper called, perking the chameleon girl's ears up. "Don't get lost."

Juniper knew the girl could always sniff her way back to base, she was mostly concerned about her potentially bugging the stand owners.

She sighed and turned to RIPLEY. "We have stuff to get, come on."

The robot obliged, but knew there was something else bothering his cohort. He wasn't sure exactly what, but he felt it as well.

Pencilz's Characters:

Juniper Lee (around early 30s in earth years)
Born and raised into Colony Alpha. With a hard outer shell, it takes some time for her to warm up to anyone. Treats Cami like a daughter even though she's insistent she isn't. Has a background in biochemistry and aviation, with an amateur interest in entomology. Named her spaceship the Junebug.

P.rogrammed to
Juniper's level-headed robot helper and cohort. Loyal and trustworthy, he's programmed that way.

Cami Leon (around 10 earth years)
Subterranean lizard-girl, unofficially adopted by the space duo after her grandfather got eaten by one of the cosmic monsters passed away. Sticks her tongue on everything.

Made the OOC, also some minor edits:…

Project: DITRAV


SETTING: A decimated universe, torn apart by the birth of parasitic monsters. Fighting off these creatures has been a norm for over half a century, as humanity moved from planet to moon to asteroid looking for a safe place to call home.

Following the success of Project DICOM (dimensional communication), Project DITRAV (dimensional travel) went off without a hitch. For decades the colonies have relied solely on radio and video transmissions with outside allies, clinging onto a thread of hope that we may meet and aid each other in growth.

When interdimensional travel was brought into being, we thought our prayers were finally answered. And by all accounts they had been. We traded with, learned from, befriended, and fought beside countless other colonies, teachers, civilians, and soldiers. This new tech helped pave the way into an era of interdimensional peace.

But when our guard was down, the wolves among the sheep shed their wool. Some who had been entrusted with secrets and resources betrayed us, leaving others to perish. Colonies divided, but trade and travel continued to expand. New enemies were made, but so were new allies. All the while, the cosmic parasites were expanding their territory as well, thriving amidst the shadows.

The allies who had stood true never abandoned our side, but those who charmed their way into power took off to hoard for themselves.

What are you fighting for? Power or prosperity?


Side notes/rules:

  • You are by no means required to have characters related to the listed species and you're free to play as whatever you wish. This is a story about traversing the multiverse!
  • Cosmic Parasites are basically NPCs/plot devices.
  • You can play as many characters as you want.
  • PG-13 max so no NSFW, explicit gore, constant cursing.
Oh this sounds ✨neat✨
I already have a starter idea so I might create the OOC/IC thread tomorrow and we'll see if anyone else wants to jump in later.
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