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I'm still around and waiting patiently.
I've got a rough idea for a character, though I have some questions. Though, I am guessing ,with the multiverse sort of thing, anything is permissible under that umbrella.

I assume AI and similar are pretty well advanced in this setting? So androids or the like can go up to very human-like in overall ability. That's the big one, really.
I'm honestly not sure what to recommend there.
Sounds good. I'd probably make an android, just because I like that sort of thing.
This seems pretty interesting. Though, I am curious as to the sort of thing the characters would be doing. There's not much there to go on, though the setting's pretty neat.
Currently holding back a bit on posting further, mostly just so I don't feel like it's a couple of us taking over the whole IC.
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Runa Yggdrasil

Age: 16

Appearance, supplemental:
Runa is a teenage girl, standing about average in height and with a lean, athletic build. She has dark skin, and hair that is a dark red, almost as if it's trying very hard to be black or brown, but can't quite manage, particularly when the light catches it. Her eyes are almost reptilian, with golden irises and vertical slit pupils. While she is asleep or otherwise unconscious, one can occasionally see bones and muscles move beneath her skin in unusual manners. Her hair sometimes moves on its own, particularly the long ahoge, which seems to move around involuntarily in response to her emotional state.

The tentacles and tendrils of flesh she usually creates tend to be a pale pink rather than sharing any of her usual pigmentation. She also often extends any additional limbs from her back, or from her hair, which tends to function as a prehensile limb as-is, often enough. Her armored form, which she often prefers in heavy combat although it likely isn't really much tougher than she otherwise is, tends to look similar to a knight's armor, if it were constructed of flesh and bone, rather than segmented metal. Usually, her living armor is white and red in color.

Runa grew up in a lab, and as a result is fairly naive and childlike. She simply doesn’t understand too much about how the real world works, and definitely doesn’t understand that everyday citizens may find her abilities disturbing. To her, growing a tentacle or two if you need an extra set of hands, or walking around covered in blood from what would appear to be grievous wounds are perfectly acceptable behaviors. She’s curious about things she doesn’t understand, and has a sort of youthful bravado when it comes to the same, often at least pretending she knows what others are talking about. She is friendly, energetic, and outgoing, and feels that it’s her responsibility to help and protect others. She insists she’s an adult, and tries to do adult-like things. It's pretty easy to bribe or distract her with food, particularly sweets.

Runa is the result of a black project to create an ultimate living weapon, using advanced biological engineering applications. A number of old, (and possibly now rare) samples of alien genetic material left over from the Alien Wars were used to create her, and are likely responsible for most of her abilities. Her creator is something of a mad scientist who, in the aftermath of the recent events, believes that humanity must adapt itself and take control of its own biological destiny, as a species. While his transhuman intentions are, in a way, good, they are extreme enough to make him a threat. The Final Five eventually had to take him down, only to discover his rather innocent creation. They’ve kept an eye on her ever since, and while her residence has moved, she’s still been rather sheltered.

She tended to get along well with Citadel and particularly Lotte, because they were closest to the same age. Although she interacted more with the FV’s own scientists, in an effort to figure out what makes her tick, Runa did train on occasion with anyone who’d be willing to let her. Her own abilities didin’t quite map to anyone’s, so she had to figure out her own ways to practice, most of the time.

Runa eventually begged her way into active duty, and her abilities have rapidly evolved in response to the pressures of combat. She’s fairly handy in a fight, even if she’s...not as useful elsewhere. She seems to naturally draw in and expend the supernatural “aether” that continues to leak up from below, and which also powers most of her (and other creatures’) monstrous abilities. She also emits some sort of radiation to which Abyssals and her other inhuman relatives are sensitive, which often will draw them towards her, and thus, to Shanhu. While she can be a useful member of the team, it goes without saying that her overtly inhuman nature is likely to make others uneasy, particularly if they have bad memories from the past upheavals.

Her role in the current team is something of a skirmisher. She’s not necessarily the strongest or toughest, but her versatility allows her to take on a variety of opponents or tasks, and she can outlast just about anyone. There are ongoing betting pools within the Final Five’s support network as to whether she or Tian return with the worst injuries after a mission. She goes to a local high school, where she at least pretends to be normal, although she never really established a secret identity, either.


Shapeshifting Horror:
Runa has direct (and usually conscious) control over the tissue that makes up her own body. While she does have a rough organization of organs, and some sort of “core” that’s important to keep safe from harm, arguably she’s more just made up of the same bizarre, multi-functional tissue throughout. She can alter her form more or less at will, although she usually does lean more toward the combat applications. Runa’s abilities clearly violate conservation of mass, suggesting a full-on supernatural origin.

Gravity Manipulation:
Runa’s ability to manipulate and alter gravity developed some time after she started her active hero duty. Some of the scientists working with (or on) her suspect it’s a further evolution or awakening of her abilities. While used primarily for flight, Runa also uses her powers to generate blasts of gravitons as a ranged attack. Most uses of her powers tend to be accompanied by bursts of multicolored light.

Mana R. Septima
The Messenger of the Void
Balamrian Mage | 18 | Female/Balmarian

A mage created to infiltrate another civilization as part of an invasion rose to great power, but could not escape her fate, and fell to servitude of the emperor of darkness. Now she can follow the path she missed in another life, and fight as an agent of balance within the multiverse.

Abyssal Theme
Redeemed Theme
Insert Song
Homura nodded to Karine and returned her greeting. "Evening." At least she wasn't also greeted with the familiar shiver down her spine that sometimes accompanied her half-yokai friend. "I usually use my phone for things, but I do still wear a watch." She fiddled a bit with her left sleeve to reveal a sporty little digital watch that's definitely seen better days from some of the wear on it. "You want me to start training with you or something?"

She does eventually decide on a drink, at least. "Can you make a Shirley Temple," Homura asked Gotou. "I don't really know about many non-alcoholic things, but I might as well get fancier than cola."

She nodded to Sakura. "Oh, it's not really a matter of trying to hide her or anything, it's just what else should I do? Just put the sword on the bar counter? I don't want her getting in the way."

"That does sound like a nice mission," Homura answered the offer from Sakura, leaning forward a bit to get a better look at the posting. "I'm sure we're up to the task to giving an oni and any cronies a good spanking. They particularly dangerous, or just the usual sort of troublemakers?"

She turned to Karine. "What do you think? Sound like a fun girls' night out?"
I also need to get used to posting on a decent schedule again. Should have something up soon, though.
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