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Hello! My name is penny. I am looking to be involved in lots of roleplay and can play a variety of characters. I enjoy typically playing female characters that are somewhat submissive or even rebellious. I enjoy movies, musicals, reading, and writing. Can't wait to meet everyone!

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Celine was already grabbing the door on the other side of the vehicle, climbing into the backseat and buckling herself in. She knew time was of the essence and that they needed to leave immediately. "The conversations can wait! We need to go before they catch us," she spat out, unable to help any more with their escape as she waited for the car to start driving. Her breathing began to slow as she listened to the rapid heart beats around her- everyone was running on adrenaline and she knew that it could cause mistakes. She tapped the driver's shoulder briefly. "Go!" she said firmly as she felt the other seats being filled and the other doors closing. She was ready- their escape needed to happen now.
The car alarm had startled Celine, but she was ready to move quickly. She shifted forward, moving to another car that was not too far away and motioned for the group to follow. She didn't want to be the leader but knew that the agents would be moving quickly towards them. It was already far too late for another plan to take place. She hoped they could get into the car soon. Her head perked up for a minute- listening to all the sounds around them. There was the car alarm, other traffic from the highway- but more... something closer. Footsteps towards the outer doors. "We gotta move.... like now!" she said, her eyes getting wide as she realized they only had minutes left for their escape.
Celine understood the signal and instantly covered her ears, even though they were shielded by the headphones. She watched as she disappeared through the opening and followed suit. They had to move quickly- while most of the agents were distracted, Celine was sure that the loud bang would have drawn some of their attention. She glanced around, looking for more agents. Her ears were perked, having already gotten used to the outside noises. Now, she was determined to make sure they stayed one step ahead and got out of there.
Name: Phoebe Evans
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Traits: Flirty and friendly, loves to go out at night (clubs), secretly loves romance.
Appearance: Long blonde hair with red ends, green eyes, typically wears jeans and form fitting tshirts with boots/cute sneakers
Fears: heights, spiders, death
Extra Info(anything you would like to add?):
Celine pointed down the side of the air duct. "There, I can hear the outside. It's gotta be our way out," she directed, surprised at how strong her voice sounded for the amount of fear she was feeling. She began to listen again, her headphones buzzing slightly with the white noise. They had to find a way out- if they didn't- who knew what would happen to them. Glancing towards Lucas and Ashley, she nodded again. "Are you guys with me?"
@Kenshi My bad! I meant Ashley! I'll correct. Thanks!
Celine crawled after Ashley, keeping and hearing Lucas was directly behind her. She could hear the rumblings beneath them but was too concerned about the heartbeats around her and maintaining the speed of her own. She knew they all needed to be level-headed in order to get out of here. They continued through the maze of the ceiling, twisting and turning as they followed Alex. She stopped for a brief moment as she heard the sounds of the outside growing louder- cars passing by on the nearby freeway, birds chirping and the hiss of school bus brakes. She held her hand up, palm facing the group as she continued to listen.
Celine grabbed her ears, the vibrations causing her eardrums to feel like they had ruptured. Her mouth opened to scream before she tucked her head down towards her chin for a moment until the pain passed. Slipping her headphones back on and nodding to the rest of the group. It appeared that Alex could handle the two Agents and she thought they should continue moving.
"What do you guys want to do? Which way do we go?" she knew they needed to act fast and her headphones would allow her to keep up with everyone. She couldn't handle any type of noise interfering with her sensitive ears and prayed that they could get out quickly.

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