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The news are very recent, that's why. And those articles were from when the news first broke. The last one doesn't contradict the others. It's just the oldest one, from before they officially cancelled it. I posted it just to be thorough.

And for the record, I am not happy to see it fail. I am amused that it failed just like everyone that isn't a Trump supporter expected, because for the past several weeks I've been told Trump would bring world peace and I'm a librul cuck for not accepting it.

From Israel. Because, you know, they're trustworthy on this issue. /s

Furthermore, the information Israel presented is old. Like, really old. From 2003 to 2004 when Iran was building a spherical weapon of some sort. Development of the weapon ended in 2004 and there is no evidence that they have continued development.

It might be a hint to how useless and outdated the information is, that none of what Israel presented is relevant passed 2004.…

The accurate part is that Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu presented a trove of Iranian documents.

What’s less accurate is that those documents added much to what the international community had known for some time.

In 2008, notes of a Vienna briefing on Iran by the chief inspector of the International Atomic Energy Agency leaked out. In a summary posted online, the briefing provided diagrams and documents on the development of a "spherical device," high-explosives testing and missile launch sequences, including an explosion at 600 meters. The notes said that "elements available to the Agency are not consistent with any application other than the development of a nuclear weapon."

However, the briefing notes said the activities continued only into January 2004.

Netanyahu’s presentation, based on documents taken from a warehouse in Tehran by Israeli spies, also exhibited a spherical device and work done on high power explosives. He did not describe activities after 2003. So, much of what Netanyahu offered was already known.

You can't knock an article from a few months ago by presenting evidence of a project from 2003. C'mon, bruh. Even the article you posted mentions that the documents are useless and outdated.


I think it was a good deal, but regardless of what you think, a deal is a deal. When you break deals you hurt our credibility and our standing. It is not the least bit surprising that North Korea is having second thoughts. Not to mention we had a deal before. Now we have nothing.
Back in June, Politifact did a breakdown that I thought was pretty fair. It highlights some small infractions by Iran, but shows that for the most part Iran has been compliant. Bear in mind this article is old.…

"While the IAEA has certified Iran’s compliance in its quarterly reports, Iran’s record is not without blemishes. The Handel campaign zeroed in on those.

Handel’s campaign aide pointed us to news reports and congressional testimony that highlighted instances where Iran committed two small infractions of a highly technical nature.

The deal says Iran can keep 130 metric tons of "heavy water," a modified liquid used in some nuclear reactors. However, Iran has twice crept over its limit, according to the IAEA, each time by a fraction of one ton.

These breaches formed the core basis of Handel’s claim that Iran violated the nuclear deal. Some experts we spoke to said Iran has tried to create wiggle room by interpreting portions of the agreement to favor their own interests. But the clear consensus is that it overstates the case to say Iran has violated the deal."

"Daryl Kimball, the executive director Arms Control Association, downplayed the heavy water issue as a "minor infraction," and noted that Iran currently does not have a functioning heavy water reactor. In other words, from a practical standpoint, the issue is essentially moot because excessive heavy water wouldn’t move Iran closer to building a nuclear weapon."

"Several experts also noted Iran quickly rectified its breach to come back into compliance."

In short, the infractions Iran has committed are so small and technical, that it would be a reach to say they violated the deal.
Not according to foreign and US groups who were monitoring the sites. As I recall, Israel and Trump's administration were the only ones claiming that Iran broke the deal. The White House itself certified twice that Iran was in compliance. The issue, I think, is the US wants to extend inspections into military sites, which Iran doesn't want. They've already surrendered much of their sovereignty to the inspections, so I understand them not wanting to surrender all of it. Over the months, everyone from Mattis and US intelligence, to the UN monitor (IAEA) said Iran was in compliance.…………

I can't say that I'm surprised, but I am amused.

Who would have thunk that when you shit on nuclear deals, other countries that you want deals with might tell you to fuck off? This administration acts without consideration or regard for the consequences their actions might have on a greater scale. That goes without saying, since we have a fuckin' circus act running the country -- I just want to highlight how incompetent these people are. Our word doesn't mean shit, and having people like Bolton in the administration does not help our credibility or trustworthiness.…

Remember all the Trump supporters who said NK's change of attitude was due to how tough Trump was being? Turns out NK didn't appreciate his chest-pounding, after all. Who woulda fuckin' thunk.

Man, I really want peace to happen. But I would be lying if I said it didn't amuse me to see Donny's supporters be wrong about basically everything they said.
I do not appreciate talk of farming walruses and lumping the mass slaughter of my kind into the victim-less crime category. I also resent being called a sea-cow.
Random thought: Wouldn't it make sense for the Vacare to have been kept on a very tight leash by the Empire? Kind of how like in The Witcher (odd example, but still) the mages of Nilfgaard were considered valuable but very disposal assets. I was hoping Vacare would be less prevalent, but that's just me personally. It just kind of makes sense to me that the Empire would consider these super-human people to be a potential threat, and actively suppress them. Using their potential, but never allowing it to grow out of their control. Now that the Emperor is dead, many Vacare could be using the opportunity to break away or push reform. Some of the loyalist, obedient Vacare would try to preserve the status quo to keep their cushy positions in the court.
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Fucking gross.
Trump supporters: "No, you don't understand. The military budget is not bloated. It needs more money because we do so many things, like defend pretty much all of Europe. We cannot afford to cut back on the military budget while also continuing to defend the world. Europe needs to pick up its slack so we don't have to protect them. Until then we cannot cut back funding because the military needs all the money they can get."

Also Trump supporters: "Trump is a genius. Using the military's money to build the wall is a great idea."
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