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Sorry for absence. Have't had reliable internet. Will be back when i do. Am on phone. #sucks

Most RP's have their histories partly determined by the players, just like in this one. But alrighty.
I'm talking about in the sense of us just deciding what happens on our own.

This is a literary roleplay. It says it right on the OP. Here, I'll do some more of the work for you:

This is for Deregulated, a space colonization roleplay set approximately 200-350 years in the future on the exoplanet SEVI-T3 - Ember. Deregulated is an advanced, literary RP with some stat elements included. While I intend to have dice rolls and stats play a part in this roleplay, the primary purpose of this roleplay is to build an intriguing collaborative story while building and exploring an entire alien planet

I'll even break it down:

This is a literary RP, meaning it's focused on detailed writing. Stats are secondary. There are rolls involved, but the idea is and has always been that this is first and foremost a collaborative story. Nothing has changed. No-one pulled a wool over your eyes. You simply misunderstood, to put it simply and nicely.

You are still expected to help build the world. The stat elements are the only part Googer is going to have full, direct control of, and he's going well out of his way to keep track of them so you don't have to. The world-building is up to you and everyone else.

Plenty of information was provided, and the parts that weren't elaborated on are meant to be built on by the players. Look at Aaron's posts. He has thus far almost singlehandedly built the lore for the Federation's coup, dropping names of important individuals and everything. He took the basic idea of a coup on Earth and turned it into a story. In just two posts from him, he has established a pretty solid story using the essentials provided to him by the OP. That's what you do in literary RPs. In all literary RPs.

This is an exotic planet and we're supposed to just make animals and plants up? I am expected to know how this mining worke? I'm expected to assume ore is even found?

Yep. That's what creative writing is. If you want to take part in a story where everything is already there for you, down to what the plants look like, you can always boot up a gaming platform of your choice and press some buttons for a few hours. This is literary RP, not a straight-up game. The essentials have been laid out for you, the stats are being tracked. Googer has done plenty as GM. Unfortunately, he can't do the writing for you.

Deciding to let us determine if bad things happen. Not assuming direct control of NPCs. The role of GM is vastly different from player. And a player is definitely what he appears to be from what I can tell.

This is actually something that is on the table, and you were told it was when you asked. The idea of throwing hazards at players will likely be explored. He and I spoke yesterday about the storms on Ember, which would likely be so powerful that when announced, would force players to relocate. The RP just started, though. People are still settling down and some haven't even posted their introductory posts.

Are there some things that in hindsight the RP could be doing better? Of course. But there is still time to improve them. We literally just started.

And the essentials are there, as I said. Everything you need to build a story, and to build the world, is there. You have the basics you need to help create this world. And that is exactly what Googer intended. He didn't leave blanks because he couldn't be bothered to fill them. He's filled plenty of those blanks, actually. And the ones that haven't been filled, are there to be filled by the players. He is giving you the opportunity to contribute to the lore of the RP, the way that Aaron and others are doing. The fact that you're not interested in doing that is your issue and not really the RP's.

Ehh, the GM has done a pretty solid job. The RP has a solid OP with all the information you need, including two versions of a map. The IC was started promptly, which from experience I can say is always a plus. Both Googer and I have been answering all the questions you've had. The stat and roll system has been explained in-depth by Googer and you were told that it would expand as the RP progressed. Right now, the catalogue is small because we're meant to start from the bottom, but the plan is to reach a point where there are mechs, aircraft, and all kinds of goodies to play around with. So no offense, but I'm not really buying the "disorganization" excuse.

And in what way are the mechanics "suspect"? I will grant that Googer's model will probably evolve with the RP as he figures out how to best handle stats and whatnot, but considering the RP literally just started and not even a single turn has passed, you really can't know whether or not the system is flawed. And I hope you're not alluding to unfairness or whatever, because that concern has even less of a foundation.

People drop out of RPs, and that's fine. No hard feelings. It's disappointing to see people come and go without giving the RP a chance, but ultimately that is your choice and it's whatever. But these claims of "disorganization" aren't fair and I don't really appreciate it given the work that Googer put into the RP and into answering your questions, and rolling your stats, and all that shit he certainly would not have bothered doing if the RP was "disorganized." So, yeah, nah. If you're leaving because you're disappointed the RP didn't start off with a dramatic freefall into an active volcano, just say that upfront instead of conjuring up problems with "disorganization" and "suspect" mechanics.

mrw people drop out
I'm guessing this RP is more self-driven as opposed to GM-driven? And do we send in days worked or something?

It's self-driven, but it's not out of the question for Googer to step in at some point and include some kind of map-wide or regional event (maybe natural disasters?).

As for your second question: you don't have to send in how many days your group worked. You just post and your income and whatnot will be somewhat based on that. Creative posts will probably help more than "Joe mined the ground." but you just basically have to be active.

Okay, I'm going to admit I am having a hard time with my next post. Not sure how to really motivate this character and just unsure of how to procede. Suggestions would be welcome.

When in doubt, make shit go badly? That's usually my thought process. If I feel stuck I think of having something bad happen to my character so I can make a post focusing on that and the aftermath of whatever it is that happened. Something bad happens > handles it > finds himself in tough spot > is forced to play dirty to bounce back from tough spot > in doing so, establishes contact/business with other characters.
That's unfortunate.

The start of RPs is always the toughest part. I get writer's block too and can't really figure out what to do, but when the ball gets rolling posts get easier to make. Gotta get that ball rolling first, though.
I'll get started on another post once some of the others have made their introductory posts.

@Dark Light

You don't have to, but since your guy needs work, I'd be happy to provide some. Right now Carver is the ideal person for Matias to get reconnaissance reports from and such. PM me if you're ever interested in getting Carver involved in that kind of stuff and we can say Carver had contact with Argus over the radio or something.
Great posts, my dudes.
I maek post

First thing I've written in a long time, so I'm rusty.

EDIT: Oh, I mentioned having a radio in the post. I don't know if that is the kind of equipment that needs to be bought. If it does need to be bought, then I'll spend my remaining credits on it.
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