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I'm posting this heavily WIP app/sheet here just to show tangible interest, since I have been very indecisive. Gorgenmast/Googer has agreed to let me be his character's hero, or at least one of them, so I'll be playing as this character, who is technically under the sphere of the Borians and Exarch Vadigar.

I'm still around. I'll probably end up signing up as an Exarch after all, likely in the northwest bordering the territories of Boria (Gorgenmast). Just been debating what to do.
Actually, just your character and the Archon of Shadow, now that I read more carefully. It felt like more people because a lot of the sheets mention deception, and the Archon of Change's powers sound a little like illusions, but I guess they technically aren't.
Lots of illusion mages, it seems.

Alright then. I already have ideas for how my character could become more involved in the story, so while I may start as a totally unaligned character, that may not be the case in later stages. Or maybe it will be, but either way I have rough plans for how such a character could become an important part of the RP, if I did decide to commit. It would help to see other sheets before I make mine, so I get a better sense for the world, but I'll do what I can until then.
I would be interested in playing as a minor character, if possible. Not an Exarch, or an Archon, or even a hero tied to them. Just a lone hero of sorts unaffiliated with the empire. Maybe on his own or perhaps under the employ of some other faction. My interest in RPs fluctuates unreliably, but I still want to give this a shot in a way that wouldn't negatively affect the story if I were to suddenly drop out. So yeah, a minor character with potential for growth if I decide to fully commit. If that is possible/allowed, I'll see about making a sheet using the hero template.

@gorgenmast Where have you been? I thought you were dead and I wept for thee. Get on Steam more often so I can bother you.
What a bunch of fuckin' morons.

Confirmed foreign shill.

@Dinh AaronMk Pictures like that are exactly why people don't think Communism can work. You don't even have enough for jpegs.

@mdk I hadn't considered that this may be an ongoing thing. That does change things. Although, I don't think anything Assad's opposition says is trustworthy. But if there are other sources claiming the same, I guess it may be true.
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