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"You did perfectly fine today, with some more practice you'll definitely get there. Trails such as these build..."

She thought for a moment,

"...character for the future. I'll be there to make sure you shine at your best, even if you fall down. "

Gwyn said with a smile, looking at Muu as she gave a comforting pat on the girl's head while locked within the hug before glancing at everyone else, not seeing any other issues that were obvious or needed immediate handling. She took the time for herself, casting another prayer of healing for herself to mend the injuries she sustained against the frog. The task of performing these spells were starting to take some effort as within the short span of time, she had already released a series of them.

But after healing herself though, she moved herself once more to check the others even if they had no apparent injuries, for that was the job as a healer and it wasn't something that's done easily.
A question about our setting, is the universe we are partaking in: Is it within Fate, Tsukihime, or something that is a blending of both ?


Aeris de' Medici

- - -

- - -

Summoning Ritual

" Through our consciousness as humanity, I call upon this contract... "

" For your essence, it shall be made from wisdom and reason... "
" For your anchor, it shall be made from faith and virtue... "
" For your ritual, it shall be made from wisdom and knowledge... "
" For your honor, it shall be made from respect and good-will... "

" Seal the contract that is the Consciousness of Human Order. "
" Come from the Truth, and follow the obscured pathways to the world. "
" Open. Open. Open. Open. Open. Open."
" With each path open, close them again. "
" Come forth. "

" And Listen. "

" Your body, is created through my desire... "
" My contract, is realized through your judgement... "
" Our oath, is completed from our work together... "

" Together this oath shall be sworn between two who seek to protect humanity! "
" I shall realize all the virtues which make up the Heavens. "
" I shall accomplish dominion over all evils that constitutes Hell. "

" If you seek to fulfill this agreement then answer my call! "

" Come forth from the veil and out of your bindings, "
" Guardian of Balance!

- - -

The execution of the ritual was certainly an impressive one as it began collecting magical energy, pulling from the ground as it pulsed underneath her feet, collecting from the air as it became coalesced into a dense mist, and flaring within her own circuits as she continued.

The magic circle that served as the foundation of the ritual glowed a pale blue as it steadily grew brighter and brighter upon speaking the words. Surging with energy as each phrase was said and each meaning was conveyed, it hummed with potential near the end of her chant before it was releasing like a flood gate. Being a wave of energy that came forth from the ritual as it completed itself and calling a figure from the Throne of Heroes like originally planned, but with a modification...

With the completion of ritual, it resulted in Aeris catching her breath despite the reserves she originally had in place to mitigate the costs, having fell to knees momentarily for the effort she exerted. Her eyes wandered around the room for the sight of the individual that she called from the ritual, having no sight of them despite confirming the existence of the magic symbols on her hand and the contract she could feel bound to her.

But is seemed her investigation into the whereabouts her summoned Hero was thankfully cut short, listening to the disembodied voice as it spoke to her. She gave a small smile after listening to its words, finding their reaction interesting before speaking.

" I appreciate the concern you have over my being, while I did not think the stories to be true, you already act like someone who is considered to be a hero of humanity... "

She said, nodding to herself as if thinking the words over and agreeing with them. Being quite comedic of a response given, but it was hiding an underlying sense wariness. Offering her own diplomatic response in return to the individual.

" While I cannot offer any reconciliation for your past experiences, the only recourse that I can afford to give you is my good will. With your voice to reveal any displeasure or disagreement you have in the actions or ideas that I have, I believe we should be fine. "

Making a request after attempting to smooth over the other's concerns, recognizing the name that it was claiming to be. She bolstered her magical circuits as she fluctuated the magical energy within her body to prevent any malign effects that could be placed on herself. Unsure of the capabilities of the spirit, it was best to be safe after denying it's request of free itself.

" May I ask you to reveal yourself? I wish to know who I shall be working with for the duration this contract. "


Current Status: Currently taking a Breather

She gave a smile towards the warrior, a presence that was greatly appreciated even if they did smell a bit like toad, before steadying herself on her feet as she looked around the field. Quickly accessing each individual in their party as she gauged who needed her assistance the most, already having a good idea beforehand who needed it but now confirmed.

"Yes I am, thank you for the concern! What an impressive display you gave everyone, I would love to talk about it some more but..."

She said warmly before requesting,

"Can you bring me to our Blade Dancer?"

Taking a sharp breath as she motioned her hand over to Muu and then everyone else in general. Nodding towards the hunter as she acknowledge and took her observation before verifying it with her own, for having the same findings didn't hurt.

"I will give everyone a look over but I believe she deserves our concerns the most right now. "

Taking a deep breath and exhaling it out, she thought over the fight as she felt that a good serving of motivation and congratulations was deserved for everyone. Even if they did not feel like they deserved it, the situation currently right now was more like they needed it, being something that would rally them up for the road ahead.

For the method of polishing the three greenhorns didn't matter, as whether they took on the easier ones bounties first and helped refine their skills or overcoming a trial like this one, it all would keep them ready for the next few bounties on their list and so long as they grew properly, it was all good.

If you are fine with it and @Plank Sinatra doesn't take the spot, I'll take the opportunity to make a servant. Whenever someone gives me the green light and I'll get cooking on that

Are you down with having the summoning done in character? It could be our first post into the roleplay to establish everything and see how our characters mesh.
Count Alexander Gallagher

Standing there among the many guests that were invited to this meeting, he was part of the group of individuals who were unassuming and quite dull, having that common face typical for a noble as they talked among themselves. Listening to the voice and wisdom of the people in the room as they discussed their opinions on the matter, trading banter with each other as they took in the information given to them. A front that made Alexander as unassuming one could be to the other knights, but in truth his ears and eyes were focused on much more than just the surface.

Feeling the mood of the room as it shifted its with the slightest disturbance, with intricate pieces working behind the scenes and others that were blatantly obvious. For the whispering of the Isparians was something he understood, while annoying to crack open the dictionary, he was well versed in a variety of languages. Taking note of their conversation as he kept his own personal thoughts hidden, he wondered if the knights were attempting to be disrespectful, for the contents of their discussion was another matter. Mentally shaking his head as their assumption that the individuals around them wouldn't speak the same tongue was quite a brazen one, leaving him with the thought if the two knights knew each other from somewhere else...

But his own thoughts were proven correct, their assumptions were indeed a careless one as the young prince spoke his mind, Alexander himself noted his and demeanor as he refrained from entering the conversation until the right moment... Finding his opportunity to voice his support for the young prince, being a sound plan that he put onto the table, being quite ideal in his mind for being flexible should the need arise.

Announcing his presence when he spoke, "I agree with the young prince, to even think about trying to defeat the dragon with the strength that we currently possess or could try to muster would be an unfeasible task."

Nodding in agreement as if thinking over his own words before continuing...

"The plan for gathering more information is ideal for our current situation, as for where we current stand is quite disappointing for the lack of knowledge we currently have on the situation. Even if the opportunity for us to do diplomacy are few in number, to have more options for us to take is preferable."
Am I able to post my character into the other tab? Just want to confirm before doing so~
Thank you for taking the time to read it! I like to tumble around with the universe of Fate despite how messy it can get, for that is part of the fun~

But in a sense, yes. I am planning to have her be an outside party that has gotten the approval of the Church to participate and assist the with situation, being a bonus if she is able to raise the status of her family or standing with the Mage's Association.

But her true goal for joining this is looking into the counter force, a mysterious force that only brings itself to the forefront once it deems humanity is in danger. It is a topic that she and her family would be interested in looking into. As if anything, you could summarize their path towards the root as a Magi family being 'understanding how the universe works' that will eventually lead them towards the truth of all things.

Hopefully that is acceptable! And if so, can I jump the gun and try to pair with a servant? Would be interested in seeing if @Indra would like to pair up.
Just here to announce my interest, curious to see where this goes! Can you check and see if my individual is fine for acceptance @Iceheart? Thanks in advance~

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