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Desktop profile login won't work. Coincidence that Windows 7 is no longer supported on same day? Consider me doubtful.
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I wonder why I have no notifications, then I realize I forgot to sub to my own threads. Whoops!
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I'm having way too much fun with my Legend of Zelda Encylopedia. This is the game that got me into roleplaying so have a lot invested in it's lore and stories. Too bad can't have all the games too.
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It's begining to look a lot like Christmas...too bad it was already looking this way back in October...
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Whew, looks like only 5 days, stupid thing showed me six just to try and scare my pants off...


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So I'll have to move across country next week, then get slammed with pre-work prep workshops/meetings for like two weeks in a row then work will start shortly after so...frankly I doubt I'll have the mind to continue this roleplay.

Thank everyone for joining, sorry to those that just recently joined but I just doubt I'll have the time or brainpower to roleplay for quite a while. This is gonna be a big turning point in my life and career so gotta keep my eye on the prize.

Have fun out there but unfortunately I won't be able to provide it for now. Later!
A potential job opportunity showed up this week so gonna have to concentrate on that for now. Might be still a while before I can get back to this.
My grandfather has recently taken a dive in health so I'm afraid my head really isn't in the game right now to post. Might be last big family gathering all together this weekend so probably won't be able to get anything out until next week.
Hmmm, well seems to annoying to change it after the fact. In any case such a discrepancy doesn't really change anything that has happened so we'll just march forward without worry.


Taking the device carefully, Titanius began his analysis of the device. Suitably advanced, he had no problem interfacing with the device, his liquid metal quickly hardening into the correct connections to plug in. As he quickly scanned the machine he was careful to make sure none of his assimilation protocols activated or he risked damaging the scanner. It didn't take long for his machine mind to understand how the machine worked, though truly understanding the data itself would take time; thankfully, all he really needed to do was find a way to get the data to be holographically projected so then the expert on the theories could get to work.

The machine part of his mind quickly scanned through the applications of the device until it found the holographic processing unit. The unit was different than others he had seen before but it was no problem for his processes to adapt to the alien tech and then modify it for easier access. With a simple binary code change, the holographic projects turned on and lit up the space in front of him with a very strange map. He knew what it was supposed to be but without some baseline knowledge he was unable to determine what exactly the map showed so he scanned for any keys of ledgers that might shine some light on the subject while he waited for the others to find what they were looking for.

"Now, whenever you need it, it should be as easy as flipping a switch, this switch to be precise." Titanius pointed to a small switch to the side of the scanner.
Bad Gateway tricked me into double posting
We'll be reaching fight climax soon where you are free to go ham to your hearts content. Maybe one more monster post before we get there.

I can't speak for the players, but as a GM I knew I was going to have to address this issue eventually. We are only on our second monster so I was still feeling things out but knew I would have to do something eventually. The power set and level of Yuri was proving to be a little problematic for the monsters to effectively counter without me just going completely crazy with their powers. In general it should be the players figuring out strategies to counter the monster and not the other way around.

Yuri can still work but you just need to keep some of his 'original' power in check for the role play to proceed smoothly. My worst fear was that I might have to go overboard with a monster to counter Yuri's magic but have to make them too powerful in the process for other characters to feel like they could really contribute.
Coral City - SeaShell Bakery

"Such destructive creatures aren't they. Tell you what, patch me through to your creators and I won't completely decimate you, and might even try your disgusting confections."

The Duchess was about to retort, especially against the disgusting part, when another person appeared nearby and proceeded to douse the entire area with water. The water splashed over a few muffin men and the duchess which really put a downer on things and made her dress all soggy. One of her eyes twitched in annoyance at the annoying splashing.

"I'd listen to my friend, shortcake, unless you want to end up like the gingerbread man. Your stuff's actually not half bad, you'd make a killer confectionary if you'd just chill out."

"Humph, at least you have the faintest inkling about the greatest of my creations, unlike bug boy, even if you do know how to ruin a good cake. Ugh, I'll never be able to wring all this water out! That being said I don't need to."

At her proclamation her internal temperature suddenly rose violently as she essentially 'baked' herself. Steam rose from her dress as the water was removed through heat and her frosting like hair boiled like mad. Once she felt dry enough her temperature settled back down and she looked back at the partially destroyed Bakery, noticing that all the captives had been evacuated by a rather large insectoid creature.

"I see you seem intent on rescuing those who would undoubtedly be much happier in my hands. How could you try and deny them of the ultimate pleasure of life? Sweet delectables to stimulate the tongue to the greatest heights imaginable! Well you'll have another chance soon, as my greatest masterpiece to date is ready for its first reveal. Behold the Cake of Delights!"

Spreading her arms out in triumph she watched with glee as the largest cake imaginable suddenly exploded out of the roof of the SeaShell Bakery, pretty much flattening what was left of the place. The cake was gigantic, reaching over three stories tall and tiered much like a fancy wedding cake. The cake was armed to the nines with candy weaponry, candy cane ballista, bubbling hot chocolate sauce cannons, lollipop javelins, and frosting men manning the various stations. The frosting men, unlike the muffin men from before, where not separate entities but rather just extensions of the cake, which like the muffin men were connected to Duchess Confectionary.

As the cake started to roll out in the street the Duchess turned back to the party poopers at her doorstep.

"Oh such a wonderful thing is it not? You can continue to resist and miss out on partaking of my wonderful confections, or you can willing choose to become one with the cake and live in perpetual candy land! I can assure you the taste is to die for! Unfortunately I can sense that you will resist to the end, such a pity."

The Duchess drove a hand into her own chest and dug out from it a long, very long nerd candy rope. Once it was all out it was over two meters long. She gave it a quick flick of the wrist and the rope became a whip in her hands, when it cracked on the ground, dozens of large nerds scattered in all directions like little missiles, though any that reach the Duchess were quickly absorbed back into her flesh and clothing. The rest of the nerds from the crack of the whip were like little stones from a sling, or like the shrapnel from a grenade.

"OhOHOHO! Welcome to my banquet everyone! Don't worry, I'll let you live if you'll let me! After all, I want people to enjoy my deserts as much as I do!"

With a maniacal grin, she commanded the Cake of delights to go forward into the street and suddenly a sort of candy paste spread over her entire body, which hardened into some kind of hard candy plate armor of different varieties, giving the armor a smudged rainbow like appearance. She stepped forward toward Yuri and Luna with the cake rolling in behind her. While she should have been more annoyed with Luna for dousing her in water, she was more furious at Yuri for calling her creations 'DISGUSTING'.

She flicked the nerd rope whip with blinding speed at the monarch user, hoping to catch him in her clutches, but if not the exploding nerds would still be getting work done. Meanwhile the moving cake made sure to go around the Duchess so as not to get in her way while the frosting men manned their stations and started to rain down destructive candy on Luna and anyone else nearby. Candy cane ballista bolts, streams of hot chocolate cannons searing enough to leave 3rd degree burns and lollipop shurikens rained down from the ridiculously large cake and its frosting men. Essentially it was like a mountain of heart-stopping sugar had descended on the city.

Thankfully at this point, despite the upgrades, the numbers of the muffin men were dwindling at a very great rate. Any remains of the muffin men were quickly absorbed by the cake as it moved over the battlefield like an unstoppable colossus.
@Nyxira Looks good to me
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