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5 mos ago
I'm having way too much fun with my Legend of Zelda Encylopedia. This is the game that got me into roleplaying so have a lot invested in it's lore and stories. Too bad can't have all the games too.
5 mos ago
It's begining to look a lot like Christmas...too bad it was already looking this way back in October...
6 mos ago
Whew, looks like only 5 days, stupid thing showed me six just to try and scare my pants off...
6 mos ago
Ugh blasted California fires pushing all their stuff up north, going to have to work freaken six days this week. Thanks environmental nut jobs who won't clear the dead brush in their forests...


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Well I'll add another post soon, see if anyone else is around and allow for some interaction, then I'll head right to the first monster and see if anyone else is awake.
@Duthguy Thanks for posting, now where the heck is everyone else?

First IC post is up, do what you want with your characters for the first part of the morning to get started. Just a normal school day right now until the Monster Hour starts. Good chance to show off how your character is dealing with their new situation, or not as may be the case with some. Feel free to make your own teacher and student NPCs to help with your writing cause I sure as heck am not gonna make them all!
Location - Seraphim High
September 9 - Monday Morning

Weather - Sunny
Event - Normal School Day


THE ENTITY gazed down at Seraphim High from high in the sky. Students and teachers milled around as school started for the day. Humans were an interesting lot for sure, making up institutions to try and advance the knowledge of the species, of course not all were interested in that particular aspect of school. All the individuals had different wants and needs that often clashed with others. Some wanted to learn as much as possible, some wanted to play games, some made others lives miserable, all these different individuals were quite different and it made for a rather chaotic environment.

Despite all there differences there was one thing that made them all the same, they were unaware of other dimensions. Normally of course this wouldn't be a problem except that creatures from another dimension had figured out a way to temporarily rip open the veil between dimension and step into the human world. Unexplained accidents, memory loss, and strange property destruction had started to appear the longer the extra-dimensional creatures were allowed to roam free, this could not be allowed so THE ENTITY had chosen more individuals to step into its own world.

THE ENTITY looked around, there was no concrete signals yet but the signs were apparent, there would be a major incident today which would test the new warrior's mettle. Until that time however, life would go on as normal, they were students before they were warriors after all.
I'll try to get this up and running this week, had quite the full weekend so put this to the side until things could settle down.
Alright so looks like we'll go with the second option then so we'll more quickly get into the meat of the story. So everyone will be near the start of their new careers so they'll still be getting used to it. Maybe a monster or two under your belt at this point that you were able to handle yourself. Now the monsters though will get to be unfair so cooperation will soon be needed.
@Lord Wraith Well this should be interesting, I see nothing wrong or anything that would get in the way of my character so shouldn't be a problem. Should make for some interesting dynamics.

Well been really busy and distracted with a lot so haven't gotten around to finishing up my first little plot yet. Got a little in trouble at work so was a bit stressed along with trying to set up another role play. Hopefully I'll find the time and energy soon.
HAHA, whoops can't believe I posted it in the character tab, was using it for the mentions and forgot to switch over.

So mentioned everyone who has been accepted because I have a question for you. There are two 'starts' we can do: One, where powers have not yet been bestowed on the characters, or Two, where everyone has already gone through Entity orientation. In version one this lets you establish in your initial posts what your character was like before everything went topsy-turvy, while version 2 has everyone already sealed the deal and neck deep in the monsterness already.

Just wanted your guys opinions. Either option works though of course the start will drastically change along with the pacing. Option one let's you fully flesh out your character's development and growth, while option two let's you drop right into the action immediately, course even in option 1 I plan to get the first encounter off very quickly after the initial posts.

N ♥ M E

B A C K G R ✿ U N D
Oh, hold on a second, she just has to post something real quick. Yeah, wait a minute - she's touching up a photo. Do you mind?! Gosh. Clover's phone is a window through which she lives her life and actually she'd rather be inside anyway. With ten thousand followers she feels like she's on the right path. Do you think she should post this? Hey, take a pic. Anyway, Clover is an active student otherwise she wouldn't have anything to blog about. The baseball uniform looks great in photos, the dance hall has the best lighting on campus and she's fluent in Mandarin... but the club doesn't know that.

Clover is caught in a bubble, her character hasn't been sculpted by the struggle and harsh reality of life. She's naive, a bit conceited and her priorities are out of order. It's unfortunate because the truth is she has a lot of potential, she has a bright spark and it's not from her phone. She isn't a bad person, not in the least - she just needs a new perspective to blossom. Clover doesn't have many friends but if she did, maybe they'd see she can be kind and reliable.

A B I L I ☂ I E S
Clover can materialise thousands of emojis like a colourful avalanche of small stones. The individual emojis are weak but the sheer number she can accumulate create something powerful.

Clover summons a single emoji and can scale its size to suit its purpose. The emoji will retain the characteristics of the thing it represents, for example, the bomb emoji will explode.

Clover snaps a selfie and uploads it to social media, an incredible beam of light bursts from her phone - its power depends on how many likes her photo got but it usually incinerates everything in its path.

I'm having flashbacks to my time in Korea. A very unique power set and interesting profile that really shows off her character. So I'll say accepted.

Ok, so I should be able to get this started soon enough, I'll wait just a bit for the current people still working on character sheets.
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