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Desktop profile login won't work. Coincidence that Windows 7 is no longer supported on same day? Consider me doubtful.
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I wonder why I have no notifications, then I realize I forgot to sub to my own threads. Whoops!
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I'm having way too much fun with my Legend of Zelda Encylopedia. This is the game that got me into roleplaying so have a lot invested in it's lore and stories. Too bad can't have all the games too.
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It's begining to look a lot like Christmas...too bad it was already looking this way back in October...
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Well...way past the time when I said I would start this. Unfortunately, I've realized that my interests don't really line up with this kind of roleplay anymore. I thought I still had it but after trying to get myself to write...it just wasn't coming so I think it is better for me to just not start rather than give a half-hearted effort. Sorry for those of you interested in this but good luck with your other role plays!
Well I know it was Fourth of July so understandable nothing has happened yet. Application time is over though so just checking in to see what the timetable is.
Well I do have enough with 3 people to start this roleplay, but probably won't be able to start until sometime next week.
Hmm, well I thought I had more interest than this. If I don't get anymore takers I won't bother to start the roleplay.
@Dragonfly 9 While I said no 'set' character sheet, I do think I need more information than just a name. Either some kind of character sheet or a sample post so I can check your writing level.
I have some interest.
@Searat Yes, that would be fine.
Here will be Monsters...and maybe a few important NPCs as they come along.

Alien Spacecraft

A strange feminine figure stood in front of the viewing screen, decked out it what appeared to be a light blue flight suit with silver plates on its chest, shoulders, and shins. Its eyes were slanted at a 45 degree angle and its irises were the color of blood. Her features were sharp and the body was thin and long by human standards, her height reaching a good 6'5". Her hair was feathery like a moth's antennae and the long 'stalks' reached down to her waist, which moved despite there being no air flow on the command deck.

"So this is the so called unconquerable planet. Such a delightful blue gem, if I am able to capture it for the patriarch I am sure I will generously rewarded and he will look at me with those strong eyes of his..."

The alien shivered in delight for a moment, before giving a small cough to gain hold of herself.

"Thankfully we have been preparing our forces for a long time despite the barrier it will only be a matter of time before we can crush any resistance!"

She put a hand out and made the motion of grabbing the visual of the planet in front of her, her fist clenched with great strength. There were two main reasons the planet was such a hard location to conquer: One, there were a lot of strange individuals with unique powers on that planet, ranging from the mundane to the fantastical who could put up a proper fight. Two, there was an annoying dimensional barrier around the planet that was specifically designed to keep out alien forces, while not affecting the inhabitants in the least. Because of the barrier they would have to expend a great deal of power every time they sent something down, which limited the amount that could be sent.

As the barrier prevented any large invasion forces, that meant they would have to send down quality instead of quantity. To help facilitate her plans to capture the Earth and shut down the field protecting it, the alien had gone into the business of Monsternacy, a scientific and magical fusion technique to create powerful, and often very unique, fighting machines. Aside from that she had also placed a bounty on the barrier maker to try and entice some of the galaxy's most fearsome mercenaries. She could get the best of all worlds with her schemes.

Soon it would be time to start the conquest of the Earth. Buzzing a little tune she skipped along off the command deck to head down to the Monsternacy department to see what dastardly monster she would send down first.


1. Joining is very easy, no set character sheet required.

2. When joining, give a rough estimate of how long you plan to stick around with your character. Could be for just one monster or several.

3. While joining is easy, I do expect at least casual level of role playing, meaning written paragraphs, grammar, spelling, etc.

4. While in the roleplay, I expect at the very least once a week posts, hopefully more.

5. A character will be considered inactive and may be killed off 10 days after the last post.

6. Each time a character joins, put that character in the character tab. All I actually need is the character's name and how long you plan to use that character. Anything else is up to you.

7. Try not to make your character too powerful, I don't want a bunch of Supermen and Goku's flying around beating everything in sight. That said, be free to make some very interesting creations.

8. Posting order is as follows. Monster > Players > Monster. That said I will sometimes go forward with a monster turn before everyone else has posted to keep things running.

9. After the battle has gone on for a bit, I'll open up a 'dramatic battle mode' in this mode you are able to control the monster as well so you can create more dramatic battle scenes, but of course you can't destroy the monster until I give the go ahead.


This will be kind of like those old monster of the week shows where kids were dazzled with stock footage and crazy costumes. The monsters will arrive usually one at a time, hop in and try to take em down. Come in when you want to and leave after any monster-of-the-week has been taken down.

Earth is pretty typical modern day setting, except with super humans and the like doing their merry business. Magical barrier McGuffin-kun must be protected or the barrier will fall and the monsters will have their hay day on Earth. Don't stay away too long or the Earth is doomed!

I'll be keeping to the original setting of Coral City, a city on the ocean with all the tourist traps that one would expect for such a place. It is a fairly big city with typical urban, suburban, and even rural parts to it farther inland. Pretty much anything you would expect from a city with some tourist destinations is there.
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