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Desktop profile login won't work. Coincidence that Windows 7 is no longer supported on same day? Consider me doubtful.
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I wonder why I have no notifications, then I realize I forgot to sub to my own threads. Whoops!
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I'm having way too much fun with my Legend of Zelda Encylopedia. This is the game that got me into roleplaying so have a lot invested in it's lore and stories. Too bad can't have all the games too.
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It's begining to look a lot like Christmas...too bad it was already looking this way back in October...
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Whew, looks like only 5 days, stupid thing showed me six just to try and scare my pants off...


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Well it had been an eventful first meeting. Most of their universes had been obliterated by some unknown force except for the one saiyan's. Unfortunately this meant that his own universe had probably met the same fate and all his efforts to stop the machine mutant takeover were in vain, as everything was gone now. There was still a chance though his universe had survived, he had not seen conclusive evidence of its destruction yet but he was unsure if he should ask the Supreme Kai or not. His universe was quite resilient after all, between Dr. Myuu, the machine mutants, and other species there was a chance not all was lost, though small it was.

As everyone dispersed for the night for scavenging purposes and sleep preparations Titanius's mind was of course preoccupied with other data he had collected. Apparently the blindfold was 'cultural', quite interesting that a society would come up with blinding oneself and would require further study. The pink one had awoken and was quite the interesting alien, especially when the steam poofed out of the various holes in her body. Was the steam a way for her species to expel excess heat? Or perhaps an intimidation tactic of some kind? He would be certain to find out later.

While he had never seen a super saiyan before as one of the primary enemies in the machine mutant war he had extensive data on the race. A super saiyan had indeed appeared in his universe though he had never met them since he had been on the run for so long from Dr. Myuu; so unlike a lot of the other people present he was hardly surprised by her transformation. The thing that intrigued him the most was the flashing horn on the pink haired alien that seemed to respond to the Saiyan transformation. Was it some kind of warning signal? Did it have a purpose other than a glow? Titanius made sure to make a note of this oddity and to ask about it later.

For now he was content to let everyone do their own thing.

As there was no reason not to he decided to explore the ruins more thoroughly. Things such as food, and equipment were primary objectives with research being secondary. While he did not actually need food for survival he was still partly organic and could therefore process the nutrients and enjoy the taste of food, and as he had observed from many species, food tended to be quite a cultural thing and a bonding experience. As for equipment and technology, while they were mostly useless for him, most being incompatible with his systems, he could still deconstruct and extract useful materials and components.

After consuming some canned fruit and packaged nuts he had found in one of the ruined buildings, he made his way over to what appeared to be a plaza with a few smashed buildings around the circle, perhaps a gathering area of some sort. He proceeded to inspect the surroundings and found capsules, quite a few of them were still intact. Checking the contents he found various clothing, weapons, and some scouters. The clothing was of course useless to him, most of the armor was too weak to even serve as material replenishment, the scouters were a mixed bag. Most were incompatible and so he merely extracted any useful materials and discarded the rest, but one was actually compatible with his own machinery.

Wasting no time with this useful find he assimilated the scouter into his own body. His nanites quickly mapped out blueprints of the yellow tinted scouter as the device was absorbed into his body. While his sensors were quite advanced power level readings were not something Dr. Myuu had bothered to add, since power level readings were often faulty anyway as highly intelligent species often knew how to manipulate the results. While Titanius knew this he still added the option anyway in case for some reason an opponent could only be tracked by their power level and no other senses.

Titanius spent the rest of the night exploring the area, even the mountainous areas for anything of interest. While there were a few things of note, not too much especially peeked his interest, expect for what appeared to the ruins of a temple on one of the nearby mountains. But as there was no one to explain he did not have enough information to draw any conclusions for its use.

Eventually day came and ready to receive his next info dump rocketed toward their meeting place, the Academy. As he had gone father out than most others, he ended up being one of the last to arrive. Apparently quite a bit of repair work had been done to the area while he had been investigating the far out areas. The pink one appeared to be quite excited and seemed to indicate the repairs had been part of her work.

He alighted on top of the Academy with hardly a sound as he surveyed the repair work and noted who had already arrived. "Quite the impressive quantity of repair work. I assume this was your handiwork considering the rather large grin on your face?" While the repair work was a bit shoddy, the amount of work done by itself was quite impressive, he kind of wanted to make it not look like a mad doctor had patched everything back up together but that was not a high priority right now, information was first and foremost the most important commodity.

@NacNak@King Kindred@Chev@PPQ Purple@vancexentan
For the life of me I just can't stick with any MMO for long. I just get so bored of them so fast. The last one I remember playing for a long time was the original Guild Wars, which I did like until I got to the point I had to grind for better armor and weapons just to continue the main content. I played Elder Scrolls a bit too but frankly it just felt like the poor man's version of an actual Elder Scrolls game.

Well in the end I suppose it's mostly my own fault since I'm not a very social person anyway and never really became active in any guilds.

Well enough of stuff I don't like, here is something I am really enjoying these days! With the sales going on I decided to give Nexomon: Extinction a go and I've been loving it! I used to be a pokemon fan but got tired with how bloated the series feels these days and the old games are just too slow to enjoy anymore. Thankfully Nexomon really has hit all the right buttons for me and I've been really enjoying it!

A good amount of monsters to collect, quite a bit of humor, a story that actually feels like something is at stake, hard boss battles you really have to prepare for, and fairly quick leveling up. I think the biggest thing I like though is the fact the monsters don't differ in base stats and there is no breeding system you have to deal with to make that 'perfect' monster. I never bothered to get into multiplayer battles in pokemon precisely because I knew I would never have the patience to max stat a 'perfect' team that would actually be viable in matches.

It just managed to scratch that itch I wanted that the original pokemon gave me back when I was a kid and I've been loving most of what it has to offer. I also generally like almost all the monster designs unlike a lot of pokemon I could mention.

So Extinction is actually a sequel to the original Nexomon game, which I also got mostly just for the back story and it was really cheap. It's also pretty good but you can definitely tell it was a mobile game first when you play it and is generally not as polished. Also a lot more unbalanced and status effects are seriously overpowered in that game. It has come a long way from its cash grab roots.
Well...after thinking about some more I've come to the conclusion that things really haven't turned out like I envisioned. Quickly I've realized I've been putting too much thought into this role play and that is just not my style. If I'm going to put this much effort into it, I might as well scrap it and just make my own novel instead.

While I was excited at first I've come to realize it has become more of a chore than something I actually enjoy. I might continue with my story but on my own terms only, which means a solo effort. I truly want to thank each and every one of you for you ideas and interest but it will better to stop myself before I make an OOC then to make it and quickly burn out.

@pugbutter@Aerandir@Melkor@AEC Armored Car

Basically I come here to de-stress, not to create more stress lol. Sorry for bailing but I know myself too well to try and start this up only for it to crash and burn within a month. Happy hunting!
And does the lack of a map free us up to invent our own countries, towns, and landmarks for the purposes of our stories?

Well actually I am in the process of making a very rough map...though it won't have much to it which would leave you plenty of options for your own inserts.

While I appreciate all the effort you put in I'm just not sure how well it will fit in, especially after my rough map is done. The story will be fairly contained within Ainedal's borders as well, mostly for my own sake so I don't have to think too hard about other things. I suppose it might work out if I expand it was Ainedal being their second expansion...but just don't get too attached yet. Frankly would probably be easier to just make an Ainedal lord instead.
Hoping I'll get it ready sometime next week.
@Chev On the bright side when you recover you won't need to get a vaccination if it is Corona-chan. As long as you've got no underlying issues you've got an over 99% recovery rate to look forward too so hoping for a speedy and quick recovery!
I don't like using discord for roleplays so no there won't be one.

Well I'm a bit busy with things right now so I am probably going to have to postpone an official thread until sometime after New Years.
@IceHeart you have a spy system in place? Thinking someone who works closely with the princess and prince.

Or a personal body guard... one of the two/both together.

Also do you have a map? I’m not the greatest at making them but I dabble. Willing to help there if you like.

Yes there is an intelligence network in place, still plenty of sympathizers as well.

As for a I don't have one. I don't have any experience so I was just going to have an expanding list of nearby locations as the story progressed, though a map would make that easier. I might try my hand at making one before I begin but we'll see.
Cool thread. Are you looking for a straightforwardly good and heroic cast, or do you have room in the game for characters of dubious motivations and questionable methods? For example will you accept assassins, warlords, Machiavellian schemers, that kind of thing?

They don't have to all be heroic and whatnot. Things can get a bit messy and while you can make a outlier type character there are some limits. If you think it's a worthy idea you want to try just spring a pm on me and I'll check it out.
First post now has the basic character sheets for you to mess with and think about.
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