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24 days ago
Current I'm having way too much fun with my Legend of Zelda Encylopedia. This is the game that got me into roleplaying so have a lot invested in it's lore and stories. Too bad can't have all the games too.
1 mo ago
It's begining to look a lot like Christmas...too bad it was already looking this way back in October...
2 mos ago
Whew, looks like only 5 days, stupid thing showed me six just to try and scare my pants off...
2 mos ago
Ugh blasted California fires pushing all their stuff up north, going to have to work freaken six days this week. Thanks environmental nut jobs who won't clear the dead brush in their forests...


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The problem is, everyone currently is just writing their own stories for the most part. With Master Bruce gone there isn't as much drive behind the collaborative events which are needed to bring people together, otherwise people just need to start collaborating with each other. I for one, have gotten through the story I wanted to tell, the origin story, and while I have ideas down the road frankly I don't want to write Ms. Marvel anymore for now.

While I would be interested in writing I am basically dead in the water at this point in time, at least with this character.

Also I am certainly not going to be writing in 1st person anymore, that makes everything much more complicated even if I did like the results for the most part.
Should I be concerned?
Am I in danger?

All good, logical questions to ask yourself, but I don't think you need to worry.

Nope, not at all.
Poor Laddie.

I almost feel sorry for him. Ol Megs here will be completely fine and safe, hah.

Haha, I hope.

Wasn't going to have the girls do anything else that night so just went ahead with their story for now. After you guys wrap up that bit then we can start thinking about ways to bring some of the characters together, could be a threat but doesn't have to be.

Heads up @Lmpkio. When Blossom first meets Hayata she just might develop a little bit of a crush on him, he looks like the ideal sempai after all. Of course feel free to ignore her, she's just at that age. :)
The Powerpuff Girls!

Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup

School Day - Their New High School

It certainly was hard to get used to their new high school. At least Professor Utonium had been able to afford sending the girls to a fairly high-end and non-urban school. They had pretty much everything there you could ever need for a complete education: science labs, swimming pools, ball courts, football fields, huge auditorium and gymnasium, professional track and field areas, and even it's own garden. This place was certainly a step up from their rather modest school back in Townsville, everything was bigger, especially the student population.

The school was gigantic compared to what they had before and between classes there seemed to be a literal flood of students scrambling around. Thankfully the girls had managed to stay together for the most part so at least they had each other most of the time. Of course high school was quite different from middle school, for one thing each girl had to choose their own electives and of course since they were interested in different things they didn't see each other during those periods.

It was strange just being a kid in the crowd, back in Townsville pretty much everyone knew who they were, but here they were just the new kids. Professor Utonium had given them strict orders to try and keep their powers on the down-low. Unfortunately this did mean that a few of the activities were off limits for the Utonium children, such as sports teams. During PE they had to try and seem as normal as possible which was tougher than one might think especially once the adrenaline started to kick in. Since playing to their full ability would just be an unfair advantage to whichever team had them, sports electives were off limits.

So far their favorite teacher had to be their science teacher Ms. Keene. Sure she was no Professor Utonium but as a high school teacher, Ms. Keene knew how to explain things in ways that made it easier to understand. At the moment the three girls were in the school lab being taught by Ms. Keene about Acidic levels, and what makes a liquid an acid or a base. The student groups had been given litmus paper to test the various liquids ranging from tap water to soda and more.

"Alright class first I want you all to test your various liquids using the litmus paper and write down their pH levels, also labeling each liquid as an acid, base, or neutral. Afterward we'll try some experimenting and see how we can change the pH levels of some of our samples."

Lab partners went to work and mostly because the girls had transferred during the school year, they were stuck together. As they went to work the three couldn't help but talk a little.

"Man, I really wish I could play more sports but I suppose it is true competing without doing my best would be pretty lame anyway." Buttercup grumbled as she starting passing out the litmus paper.

"I know how you feel Buttercup but at least we have a lot of other options! What electives did you guys choose?" Blossom asked as she started to test the paper while Bubbles got the paper ready to take notes.

"Well that was easy! As soon as I saw it I instantly signed up for the home economics class! They teach all kinds of useful stuff like cooking and sewing. Once I get the sewing down I can start on my fashion ideas and have all sorts of fun!"

"Man I really had to think about that one, didn't want to take anything useless so I signed up for those guitar lessons and also mechanics! Dad's always tinkering around with stuff and figured it could be pretty cool to try for myself too. So how about you Blossom?"

"Well, after thinking about it I decided to go with the drama classes! Hopefully I'll be able to score a great part and then everyone will know who I am and I'll meet my other half during a romantic scene." Blossom giggled as she started to imagine just a scenario, such as her playing Juliet and and handsome upperclassman talking to her from below, their eyes telling each other how much they were in love.

Buttercup groaned a little while Bubbles just smiled at Blossoms retreat into fantasy land. But Blossom soon came back as they were moving on to the next part of the lab. "I should also look and see if any of the sports teams need a manager, I'll be sure to meet some cute guys that way!"

Buttercup ignored Blossom and looked over at another table, there was a very dolled up red-head who was literally doing nothing in the lab. All she seemed to be doing was giving orders to the other students. Buttercup couldn't help but feel a little ticked that someone was having all the work completely done for them. Before she could say anything though a voice came from beside her.

"Oh her, that's Pricilla Morbucks, but everyone just calls her Princess for obvious reasons." Buttercup turned to see a freckled brunette kid, Mitch Michelson who was also in their group. It had been quite the surprise to meet him again as he had actually gone to the same kindergarten and some of elementary school together with the Powerpuffs back in Townsville. It was actually quite a welcome sight to see someone who knew who and what they were. Unfortunately for him the acne really had hit him quite hard. "By the way I think I think you got some of that acid stuff on your shirt."

"Wait what!?" Buttercup looked down in alarm, and Mitch Michelson's finger went up and flicked her nose.

Mitch laughed as Buttercup rubbed her nose after taking a reflexive step back. "I see you're still the little snot you always were Mitch."

"Heh, and if I'm not mistaken you guys aren't allowed to use your powers whenever you want which means I don't have to worry about payback."

"Also I guess you're still an idiot too since you obviously didn't think that one through." Buttercup grabbed him by the cheek and pulled.

"Ow ow ow ow! Stop it!"

"I don't need to use my powers to get back at you." Buttercup smirked and let go while Mitch quickly nursed his now red cheek.

"Blast it! I was only teasing you ya know, sheesh!"

"Now now you two, let's finish this up before your horsing around gets us in trouble. Let's make sure we work together to make this a great year!" Bubbles interjected while Blossom nodded in agreement.

"Yep, we need to make sure we all get good grades so we don't have to drop any of our electives! 100% here we come!"
The enemy has come, a vicious, uncompromising and carnivorous enemy. The world has been plagued by an army of beastmen who have a sweet tooth for human flesh. This roving wave of destruction has already destroyed villages, cities, and even entire countries that were caught unprepared. Everything is destroyed or eaten in their wake as they carve a path of utter annihilation.

The beastmen are strong, fast, and deadly even without armor and weapons. From deadly cats to canines the vast majority of the beastmen are carnivorous murder machines with sharp fangs and claws. Thankfully there are few birdmen among their ranks so they do not have much air support but their lizardmen can be very effective climbers against city walls. Few can stand up to the beastmen's pure and furious strength. In beastmen hierarchy only the strongest can be leaders, the Alphas are the rulers of the packs, so to speak.

The latest location the beastmen have set their eyes on is Amethyst City. The city is named after the mines it was built around that just so happened to have one of the largest deposits of Amethyst ever discovered. A booming industry was formed and so the town grew into a large an wealthy town. Of course the mines had to be protected so large and sturdy city walls were created along with many defense mechanisms such as pots of oil, ballistae, guard towers, and arrow slits.

While the defenses are impressive the other ideal part of the city is that there is a natural spring behind the city walls which makes sure that the city never runs out of water, unfortunately food production is limited due to the terrain so that is mostly dependent on the storehouses. Still, because of the water supply the city is able to sustain itself for quite a long time without too much worry. Of course without a sustainable food supply the city's ability to weather a storm is not infinite.

So the basic idea is you are stuck in Amethyst City while it is under siege by the beastmen. You could be an inhabitant of the city, a poorly timed traveler, a guard, whatever you can think of within reason and approval. As time goes on the situation will gradually become worse and worse as more attacks occur and supplies start to run low. One will have to find a way to break the siege or die in the process. That path is up to you.

I'll wait for interest before trying to flesh out the roleplay. Decided with the topic and setting it would make sense to make this an 18+ roleplay as things will get pretty extreme between the viciousness of the enemy and the desperation of the city as things get more and more dire. People tend to get a little off kilter when they are put under extreme stress for a long time.
@Holy Soldier

Well thought about it some more and found the actual roleplay, might want to update that signature link of yours so it links to the actual roleplay and not the interest check, and while I would like to help ya out, don't think it is the Zelda roleplay fix I need. Best of luck though finding a replacement Din!
I'm really debating if I want to keep playing Ms Marvel. While I feel I did the character decent justice, better than the morons who write her Captain Marvel comics anyway, but man her villains are just so...lackluster I'm having a hard time making a good narrative. The Kree are interesting but not really something I want to spend too much time on, plus a lot of characters I just have very little idea about. In my research I was quite surprised to see how connected she was with the X-men, which are a group that I never really could get into. I have one very interesting group that I would be quite excited to bring in but I can't justify that until at least the next season.

In the end I'll probably just see if I can finish the season then maybe go for a different character or just drop out entirely. I really do want to bring in that villain group/story-line next season though so trying to think how I could do that if I do switch characters. Maybe I can switch her out to a cameo character then or something.
I got a Zelda Encyclopedia for Christmas so I am super charged on Zelda knowledge, but unfortunately it doesn't include Breath of the Wild and since I don't have a switch haven't played it yet. Since this idea is inspired from BoW have much of a disadvantage would I be at in trying out? Wouldn't want to go in and then find out my lack of knowledge about the latest game interferes with my ability to effectively role play. I know you said in the OP you don't have to have played it but still have my reservations none the less.@Holy Soldier
So I made up my own science lab for Utonium to play around in, anyway I was thinking it might be a cool tie in to have Atlas labs be partially involved with secret projects such as a certain robotic Kaiju. It would make sense for Monarch to be behind such a project and for them to outsource a lot of the work to different locations, so all the parts and knowledge wouldn't be in one place until they were ready to bring them all together.

Well considering the EPF would certainly be interested in some hardware they could control, plus MegaMan probably needs a lab for tune-ups and the like, you could make up your own robotics lab in the area or MegaMan could even be loaned out to a lab in the area like the Atlas labs I just made. Anyway just throwing a few ideas out there, no doubt Professor Utonium would get a kick out of checking out the Blue Bomber's specs and designs.
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