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I'm having way too much fun with my Legend of Zelda Encylopedia. This is the game that got me into roleplaying so have a lot invested in it's lore and stories. Too bad can't have all the games too.
3 mos ago
It's begining to look a lot like Christmas...too bad it was already looking this way back in October...
4 mos ago
Whew, looks like only 5 days, stupid thing showed me six just to try and scare my pants off...
4 mos ago
Ugh blasted California fires pushing all their stuff up north, going to have to work freaken six days this week. Thanks environmental nut jobs who won't clear the dead brush in their forests...


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Well, sadly I have not heard from anyone else besides you two. Unless we can get some replacements I just can't find the motivation to continue with this roleplay. Thanks for joining and staying, but better to stop now before anything really happens than trying to trudge along with only the three of us.

@Hawthorne I'd say do an introduction post first to establish your character, then I can just use my awesome powers to wisk everyone into the area where we can truly get started. But might want to wait for the others to respond to the roll call, though I suppose that's your call.
I should have just started off with some action right away and just had everyone get together from the get-go, oh well. Alright so lost two people so before anything else can happen let me just see who is actually willing to go on.


@Pie Flavor
@vancexentan Well I know you'll stay but had to call out anyway.
@Hawthorne Did Plank ever get back to you?

Alright so...the main thing now is down to two servants again. Which we can roll with but probably could use another one. I can take up the servant slot, however if someone else wants it now is the time.

We'll figure it out after I get my roll call.
Life as the BatGirl
Issue # 1

Gotham Alleyway - Dead of Night

Harvey Bullock surveyed his surroundings with disinterest. The typical dingy gray buildings in a seedy part of town where no sane person would walk at night. It was the dreadfully normal setting the crass detective found himself nine times out of ten, partially because such settings were somewhat of his specialty and partially because most of the department liked to put him in such places just so they wouldn't have to work with him. Harvey peeled away the wrapper off of a candy bar he had kept in his coat pocket so he would at least have something enjoyable to munch on during the night shift.

"So Montoya, have poor scum bag do we have in the alley tonight? Druggie? Maybe a dealer from a deal gone south? I would give you my emergency rations if it was the corpse of one of those psychos from Arkham." Harvey smirked at the thought as crumbs sprayed from his candy bar as he bit down like a starving man.

Montoya glared at the older man's atrocious manners near a crime scene but she didn't bother reprimanding him, he would just ignore her anyway and he was technically her superior. Why she had gotten stuck with his lout she would never understand, maybe she had just been the unlucky sacrifice in the department so they wouldn't have to deal with Bullock. He certainly was a pain in the Bollocks.

She had already been observing the scene for a while now before her 'partner' had finally decided to show up. It was one of the more disturbing crime scenes she had seen in a while.

"The thing is Bullock, frankly I have no idea who this guy is aside from the fact his attire says mobster."

"The hell? How can you have no idea who they are? It's a freaking mobster they're always easy to identify from their mug alone!"

"Well, that's the'd better have a look for yourself." Montaya walked Bullock over to the covered corpse and lifted part of it off so Bullock could get a better look.

Bullock nearly choked on his butterfinger.

"Christ! What sick demented freak did that to him!?" Bullock gaped at the bloodied corpse, a strange animal mask, a sheep perhaps, had been grafted onto the man's face, making it impossible to identify him with just a look. From the amount of disfigurement done to his face they were going to need a finger print or even dental records just to know his name.

"You know what's even sicker? The mask graft is older than the time of death. This ex-mobster had been alive with that face for who knows how long? He only recently died to what appears to be a knife wound to the chest."

"Cover it up Montoya, God that's just sick." Bullock swallowed some bile in his throat, he had seen plenty of disgusting things during his time on the force but this was certainly up there among the top things he'd want to forget seeing. "Got any idea who the perp is, for either the death or...that."

"Well, as there is blood from another individual on the scene we are fairly certain he was in a fight right before death, as for the face graft, all I can tell you is the perp knew what they were doing."

"Bleh, let's hurry up and wrap up this crime scene, dead guys don't tell us the killers on their own."

Gotham Alleyway - Above the crime scene

Barbara Gordon had her ear to a listening device as she looked down at the cops below. She was currently hidden on an old fire escape, making sure her cape was positioned just right to help her blend in with the shadows. Her police scanner had alerted her to the location and to make sure she could hear as well as observe, she had dropped a listening device near the alley dumpster. The sound wasn't the best quality but she could make it out well enough thanks to Bullocks loud voice.

She knew she shouldn't be so biased but whenever she found herself listening to Bullock on patrol or at her internship, she kind of hoped she'd find some incriminating evidence showing he was a bad cop, she just couldn't like the old, grizzled detective.

Waiting in the cold, hunkered down to chilling stone and frigid metal while she tried to glean whatever tid bit of information she could was not really her idea of a good time. Her suit certainly helped but sometimes she wondered if she needed to put a little bit more underneath the suit to make sure she didn't freeze to death. Maybe some long underwear or some thermal pads would be a good addition to have.

"I'll try to remember to add some extra warm padding next time." Barbara complained her herself as she watched the two wrap up their investigation. As much as she wanted to explore the crime scene herself, she would have to wait for another time, she didn't dare show herself to try and get more info as Bullock especially had a distrust of bats of all kinds.

Barbara carefully slinked away under the cover of darkness, she would come back later for her bug and to further inspect the crime scene. While she hoped further investigation would reveal who the killer was, frankly she was more interested in finding out why the victim's face had been turned into a horror show. Someone out there had one sick hobby, but that would stop if Batgirl had a say in the matter.

Barbara sneezed as she rushed off into the night to make it back to the Gotham University dorm before dawn. Being Batgirl part time was the best she could do for now, college courses waited for no man or woman after all. Bad guys were a lot less complicated than negotiating the social hierarchy of Gotham University, that was for sure.

For now she just hoped she hadn't caught a cold.
Name: Erika Beryl
Race: Bio-engineered Human
Location: North Capital
Power Level: 1365
Tag: Open @Double@King Cosmos@Chev@Weird Tales@CaptainSully@Holy Soldier

As it turned out Erika hadn't needed to try and remove the big ape as the other fighters had managed to take care of the alien. It was a little disappointing she hadn't been able to deal the final blow but she had done her duty and stopped the alien from blowing up another city. It was too bad she hadn't been able to do it sooner.

As many of the fighters cheered in triumph Erika could only frown. It had taken too long and many lives had been lost as a result. A new potential fighter appeared afterward but she wasn't too interested in that. The only thing that had her attention at the moment was the chrome dome and his dying master. The old guy certainly had been ballsy, like a true hero he had given his life to save others, if he hadn't been there to pin the alien down who knows what might have happened. She thought about saying something, anything but kind words and that crap really weren't her style.

Then Baldy started shouting about about how they sucked, as if all the death had somehow been their fault. While he ended on a nice sentiment about training to prevent something like this from happening again, Erika could feel a vein pop on her forehead. There was something about him that was pissing her off.

"Don't get ahead of yourself you egotistical narcissist! Just because you get stronger doesn't mean you'll be able to save everyone! No matter how strong you get don't ever delude yourself into thinking you could save everyone! Save all you can but never be so full of yourself that you think you could prevent everything!" Erika knew she wasn't being fair, but her feelings, always near the surface, easily boiled over.

She grit her teeth, clenched her fists and turned around to stomp off. She was pissed, not really at Yang, but at herself. As usual despite her best efforts things had not turned out great, sure she, in a way, had saved North Capital with her bike but everything before that had happened regardless. Despite all the power she had been given, she was still weak and people had died. She knew it wasn't her fault but...she remembered a similar situation in the past and that was what had worked her up.

Suddenly a drone appeared in front of her, one of Dr. Tread's drones. It buzzed annoyingly in front of her as if irritated, well the voice that came from it certainly was.

"Erika...did you blow up another bike!?" Erika grimaced as she plugged her own ears. "Blast it Erika you might be one of our favorite projects but that doesn't mean you can just wreak whatever you feel like without consequences! Sure the government is footing the bill but soon they'll stop doing that if you keep up your reckless pace!"

Erika considered blowing up the drone but that would certainly be going too far, besides, she was very reliant on Dr. Tread, like it or not. "I'll, try not to but people's lives always come first."

"Which I understand, but I'm sure there are better ways than ruining a state of the art air cycle! Well in any event, you're due back to the lab for a check up anyway. Also while some of my robots collect some samples from the blast site I can see on the screen I might just be able to give you a genetic upgrade as well." Other drones appeared in the area which headed straight for the crater to collect samples form the corpse, if there were any to collect. "I'll have to keep an eye on these other individuals, they seem like good research materials considering the fight they must have put up, course if the bike was intact I would have better data to work with."

Erika stopped acting like a child and looked back at all the fighter that had gathered. If it hadn't been for them, none of them would be alive right now.

"Oh, I don't remember that one in my previous data, hmm I do believe he is an actual android! Fascinating! Anyway you had best hurry back as soon as possible so we can get to work."

Erika stood for a moment though, thinking about what to do. She took some steps back toward the group so she could easily be heard. "Hey, so thanks for stopping don't know if I'll see you losers again but stay alive or whatever...this is stupid I'm going home, never really liked people anyway." Erika scratched the back of her head then started to fly away as if to keep her distance from everyone else. It tended to work out best that way.
@Hawthorne Character accepted, go ahead and put them in the character tab.
@Hawthorne Rune magic route is pretty interesting. Echidna not Echnidna, for some reason that just rubbed me the wrong way ha ha. So like with another profile I mentioned it could use a bit of sprucing up to make the profile really pop out. Add in some Bold font, make sure all the paragraphs are easily seen, etc.

Well partially I went with my own version of the Nasuverse, so that I wouldn't have to get too bogged down with all the lore and stuff. Shouldn't be too much of a problem. After you make some chances I'll give it another look over.

Well let's see, of the one's at the moment probably @Inkarnate's Supergirl. The interesting tweak to the formula should make her journey quite different and I'm curious to see where it will go. Also of course potential team-ups in the future. Quite interested in seeing how @Hexaflexagon's Zatanna will work and looking forward to the magic element being brought to the table. She was actually one of the characters I was considering trying in UOU but I know so little about her world I ended up not going for her.

On a side note if a season 3 had happened, and I was up for it, I was planning to shift to 3rd person since the 'origin' story would be done, and while Dr. Minerva and the Kree would be antagonists I had a big story arc planned with a silent Brood take over. Dr. Minerva would unknowningly be bringing along a hitchhiker who would start infesting people on the sly and stopping that before it got out hand would have been the ultimate goal. Since it's not gonna happen just wanted to put that out there.
I made a post a couple days ago asking who my Master would be. Nobody got back to me, and since you told me to act like Kintoki hadn’t been summoned yet as his CS wasn’t done at the same time as the other two, I’ve kind of felt like I’m in limbo.

So if no one takes you up on that here is what you can do. This is not a servant war and the counter force in involved, meaning that like Archer [Emiya] you can actually be summoned into the world without a master. Of course it would best for your character to find a master quickly in order to stabilize your spirit origin and help anchor it to the world. Kintoki is kind of a free spirit anyway so I can totally see him tearing up the streets on his bike just for fun while he tries to find the bad guys.
@Hawthorne I would be willing to accept an application, although servants are all accounted for at the moment so you would have to go with something else.

@Plank Sinatra You are the only one who hasn't made a post yet. Hopefully you can make one soon so I know for sure you've actually joined. I can understand if you are trying to co-op with your master but until a person has actually posted I don't really consider them as part of the roleplay.
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