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I'm having way too much fun with my Legend of Zelda Encylopedia. This is the game that got me into roleplaying so have a lot invested in it's lore and stories. Too bad can't have all the games too.
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It's begining to look a lot like Christmas...too bad it was already looking this way back in October...
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Whew, looks like only 5 days, stupid thing showed me six just to try and scare my pants off...
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Ugh blasted California fires pushing all their stuff up north, going to have to work freaken six days this week. Thanks environmental nut jobs who won't clear the dead brush in their forests...


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Well just for fun wanted to list all the people and the characters they are applying for so it's easy to see for all.

Only four spots available so best of luck to everyone!


Hillan as Jason Todd
Blue Demon as Timothy Drake
Retired as Stephanie Brown


Lord Wraith as Rachel Roth [Assuming they finish what they started in the interest check]


HenryJonesJR as Kaldur'ahm


Bounce as Garfield Mark Logan


IceHeart as Tara Makarov

Kid Flash

Archangel89 as Wally West
Well, I think we see where this is going to go eventually. Poor Gar. He always suffers in these things.

Just so you know, I was working on this before Beastboy was posted...just saying.

The @ComradeMaxx pinged me so here I am. Don't know if I'll end up finding someone I want to use but at least popping in to express my interest.

Location: Metropolis, United States - Normal Metropolis Day
Issue #2.01: Steps Toward the Future

About two months had passed since that day, quite a lot had changed. Kara found herself enrolled in Metropolis University with an emphasis on biology. Considering her own biology she found the topic quite intriguing with how life reacted and adapted to various circumstances. Now sure, everything she had at the ancient secret Kryptonian laboratory was way beyond anything Met-U had access to but starting from the ground up would probably be a lot more useful in the long run than just relying on whatever Kryptonian tech she had access too. Also, if she ever wanted to make herself something of note in the biology world she would need to rely on human technology as she was certainly not willing to give up her normal life as Kara Danvers.

School certainly ate into her supering hours but ever since the creation of the Department of Metahuman Affairs she had been trying not to appear too often, just in case. Sure the DMA hadn’t really gotten on her case much, but that was probably mostly due to the fact Metropolis seemed to love her and she had yet to cause any real extreme demolition. Ever since she had learned that Wonder Woman had been denaturalized from the United States, Kara couldn’t help but feel at least some rising pressure as Supergirl. Someone she had admired as a kid was now an enemy of the United States; it was a bitter pill to swallow.

But now was not the time to think about such things as today, she was just going to enjoy herself. Kara looked at a small, gold-colored wrist-watch to check the time. Sure she could just look at her phone, but a wrist-watch was just a lot classier. Fashion did make one pay a bit more but it was totally worth it.

Glancing up from her watch she noticed the person she was meeting coming her way, she almost started to wave but then realized she was a little too far away to be noticed by a normal person. Kara pretended not to notice her until she got closer before getting her attention. The dark brunette waved back and soon they were walking side by side.

“Sorry Kara! You wouldn’t believe the trouble I had on the city bus! Almost didn’t get off at the right stop!”

The young woman was Kara’s newest friend, Lucy Lane. She was also a student at Met U and they had met during English 101 where Kara quickly learned that Lucy was a bit of a fire brand that was not afraid to butt heads with her teachers. While Kara was a bit more, physically confrontational on a normal day, Lucy knew how to fight with words. Kara could quip when she wanted to but an actual argument was a bit different from exchanging witty banter with a villain.

“Just glad you could make it! Us university students have quite the schedules after all. Getting away from it all, even for a few hours is totally worth the hassle!”

“I know what you mean Kara! I sensed a kindred spirit in you when we first met! I do believe my instinct was right on the money! So where exactly is this musical gathering we’ll be swinging by for some fun?”

“They picked out a venue at the north side of Centennial Park. I heard a lot of the newer bands in town will be there to strut off their stuff.”

“I hope the Lostboys are there, have you heard any of their latest songs? They really know how to make a beat that gets you going!”
Kara and Lucy chatted excitedly together about what bands they hoped to see and listen to, when a television report caught Kara’s eye in one of the store fronts they passed.

“Another tech enterprise has been robbed this month with absolutely no clue as to the perpetrator. Once again every bit of data during the timing of when the robbery was alleged to transpire has been thoroughly scrubbed, but what is more alarming is what all the guards have to say. Apparently around 1:00am every security guard on duty fell asleep at the same time. They all claim to have suddenly felt an intense wave of drowsiness and then it was lights out. This information sounds like a sleeping agent had been used but just like the other three robberies so far, there is no evidence of any such chemical agents, liquid or airborne. The police are baffled as to how this has been accomplished but there have been no leads so far.”

“Ok, we have to cross here to get to the venue right?” Lucy’s question snapped Kara back to full attention at the fun they were about to have, wouldn’t do to have them take the wrong crosswalk.

“Ya, I think this one should do, this is going to be so much fun!”

Kara put the story in the back on her mind to concentrate on living the University dream, at least for a few precious hours.
Cheral Castella

Location: East City

Interactions: @Eviledd1984@Weird Tales

A surprise shot from above was enough to spook several of the goons and distracted the werewolf long enough that he didn't see the punch in time. Burburi's punch smashed into the werewolf's snout, making him take a few steps back as he nursed his nose, blood started trickling down from the impact. He growled but before anything else could happen, screams and explosions could be heard further in town, while civilians scrambled for cover. Not wanting to get caught up in the destruction, the goons made their escape.

"I'll get you for that you piece of garbage!" The werewolf cursed as they fled with the rest of the people.

Cheral was only momentarily relieved as they left, since the new threat appeared to be much more dangerous. She got a glimpse of one of the strange aliens down the street as it messed up the city, it was a disgusting little green man thing with a huge head. Their proportions were almost comical but their destruction was anything but. The saibaman gave her an evil grin, but then noticed a stranger had attacked one of them and gave chase to the man with the rest of it's brethren.

"What the heck are those things!" She broke out in a cold sweat as she noticed the amount of damage that had been done at their attack, cars were flipped over, storefronts were on fire, parts of the street had been melted with acid, it was chaos. The goons from before were child's play in comparison.

"I don't know what you're going to do Blue but I need my suit..." Starting to panic, Cheral quickly brought out her phone and called home. After a few tones, finally someone answered. "Hey guys, could you get my suit prepped and ready like, right now? I really feel like I'm gonna need it." With a click she was done.

She looked up at the flying aliens, then back to the blue guy who insisted he was a Brench-seijin, whatever that was. "So thanks for giving that guy a massive right hook and sending him home, but I gotta go. Nice to meet ya big blue!" With a pat on the alien's back, and realizing there were going to be no more taxis, Cheral ran as fast as she could toward her lab. As long as she could get into the suit, then she wouldn't have to worry about those little green men anymore. Also once she got it on, she could give those aliens a good thrashing for daring to claw their way in the Castella family's city.

Location: New York City, United States - Day of Crisis
Issue #1.09: Crisis Averted/ Crisis Event Epilogue

As it turned out Supergirl actually didn’t need to dispose of all the bombs as before she could smash the last obelisks someone had managed to shut them down. It was quite the relief after the initial panic of not being able to hear that humming anymore but while the attack itself was thwarted and thankfully none of the bombs went off, there was a LOT of cleanup to do. There were plenty of hurt and trapped people to rescue, especially around the remains of the Empire State Building.

When Supergirl had first seen the destruction her first thought was that one of the bombs had been inside the building, but a quick look revealed that it was no explosion that had toppled the skyscraper but blunt force. While she helped with the extraction of survivors she found herself listening to reporters and citizens, which revealed the astounding truth that it was the fight between Wonder Woman and Stryfe that brought the impressive tower to the ground.

Wonder Woman was an absolute legend, heck Kara even idolized her quite a bit, so to hear that her hero had helped cause such a massive amount of collateral damage was quite a shock. Kara was certain that Stryfe had been the one to orchestrate the disaster but no matter how much she wanted to defend her, the fact was that through her actions, many innocent civilians had lost their lives in the process of subduing the villain. It was a very grim reminder to Kara just how much damage someone with excessive amounts of strength could cause, if she wasn’t careful, Supergirl could just as easily cause such a similar disaster.

During her recovery efforts Kara found herself ambushed by several reporters, who of course had some very hard questions for her.

“Supergirl, thank you so much for your efforts to save as many lives as possible.”

“Of course, it’s really the least I can do.”

“Now if you had been the one to fight the Metahuman Supremacy Front leader Stryfe, could you have prevented this tragedy from occurring?”

Supergirl couldn’t help but flinch a little at the question, these reporters certainly didn’t hold back with their questions. Supergirl tried desperately to think of a way to answer without making Wonder Woman look bad but, well her experience with the press was still a bit underdeveloped. Supergirl thought for a second longer before responding as best she could.

“So, I can’t say one way or the other as it completely depends on the context of the fight so I don’t know if I could have prevented it. The one thing I can say is that I always try to put people’s lives before whomping the bad guy. That’s why I was out there trying to dispose of all the bombs out there rather than fighting for the most part. Errr…anyway I need to concentrate on rescuing everyone possible, so talk to ya later!”

Not wanted to potentially make anything worst Supergirl flew away to the next area of rubble to continue the search.
“I hope you knew what you were doing Wonder Woman.” Kara whispered to herself as she located another survivor.

Galaxy Communications App

The G. Gordon Godfrey Show

Gordon Godfrey: Oh boy folks were the events of last week ever a doozy! Now everyone who watches my show knows I can get riled up by a lot of things but it when I get absolutely livid, you know there is a good reason for it.

*Background screen shows photos and video shots from the events in Star City and New York City. Mayhem and pandemonium are at the forefront of the screen*

Gordon Godfrey: As everyone knows by now an absolutely terrible terrorist attack by the MSF, or as they like to say the Metahuman Supremacy Front occurred not a week ago taking countless lives in the process. The extreme methods of these barbarians will take months to recover from but surprisingly, the biggest single piece of damage was not done by these madmen but by one of those fighting to stop them. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am of course talking about hero that so many have idolized throughout the years; that person of unparalleled strength and power, Wonder Woman.

*A video shows the collapse of the Empire State Building that occurred because of the battle between Wonder Woman and Stryfe*

G. Gordon Godfrey: You know I remember quite clearly the day the Twin Towers fell but we all know the reason for that, God-fearing Muslim Terrorists, that’s what! But was this the MSF’s fault? No! This was because a super-powered individual thought that knocking around some fellow in a tin can suit was more important than preventing civilian casualties. How many more tragedies do you think can happen if we continue to let these metahumans run around trying to ‘help’ us poor folks who just want to earn an honest living?

*The screen splits in two and a young Hispanic couple appears. The young man looks a little beat up and his holding his wife close.*

G. Gordon Godfrey: Glad you could join us Gutarz Martinez and your lovely wife. I’ve heard that you were at ground zero, so to speak. Please tell us about that dreadful experience.

Gutarz Martinez: It was one of the most terrifying moments of my entire life. You know me and my wife took shelter inside when the chaos started happening but when we starting hearing news that some heroes had started saving the day on our phones’ feeds we thought everything was going to be alright. Suddenly I hear this loud sound and look out to see the Empire State Building being thrashed apart. The only thing I could think about was finding a safer spot so we bolted for it, turned out to be a good idea as the debris from the falling tower smashed the corner we had been hiding in.

G. Gordon Godfrey: Thank God for that. I’m so glad you managed to make it out alive, so many others were not so lucky.

Gutarz Martinez: I still can’t believe that Wonder Woman almost killed us; I used to think she was a force for good but now I see she is more interested in her own brand of justice.

G. Gordon Godfrey: Indeed. Thank you so much for sharing your story, as you can see there is much for the world to think about. After seeing what transpired that day, we the people must ask the question, what can we do to prevent such a tragedy from occurring once again? While some metahumans are responsible citizens others are decidedly not and even gun-owners aren’t safe from such powerful foes. Remember when having a piece by your side gave you a sense of security and peace? Well that little pea-shooter isn’t going to help at all if you’re at the mercy of someone with powers!

*A video plays of Stryfe’s last moments with the press.*

G. Gordon Godfrey: Now look at this crazed man, despite his obvious lunacy what he says makes a lot of sense does it not? Can we really trust that Wonder Woman was not part of the Metahuman Supremacy Front like she claims? Until our government takes this metahuman menace seriously these types of tragedies will just continue without end! What historic landmark will be obliterated by the fury of a metahuman gone rogue? These beings must be held accountable for their actions and we the people, should have a say in where they can and cannot operate!

Location: Metrapolis, Lex Corp - Week after Crisis
Lex Luthor's Office

At this point Lex Luthor had enough of Gordon’s drama and shut off the screen. While he did not particularly enjoy the dribble that came out of Galaxy Communications he had made it a habit to keep up on the latest topics. There was something about Galaxy Communications’ unabashed style of reporting and commentary that kept people’s attention. It could be overblown at times and outrageous, but that fact that it was not the traditional media made it watched and consumed by millions of viewers daily.

Society had once again reached that point where they distrusted the legacy media and general distrust of the government was at an all time high. It was the usual pattern that happened as in the course of any civilization. The people were right to question what they watched but it also made it even easier to manipulate people, humans tended to want to believe in something and often that something would just be whatever was the opposite of what they hated at the time.

Galaxy Communications had tapped quite readily into that source and despite not having a regular station now dominated the internet and streaming services. Cable news and TV stations were almost a thing of the past of this point, but it was Galaxy Communications currently that had really jumped on the new trends. G. Gordon Godfrey was the prize star of the company at the moment and really sold his product with this somewhat outrageous personality, a lot of people watched the calmer voices later but Gordon often was the first of the crew viewers listened to.

“I don’t know how you can stand listening to that man.” Mercy complained to Lex after he shut off the stream. Lex Luthor couldn’t help but smirk just a bit at Mercy's gripe.

“Say what you like about the man, but G. Gordon Godfrey is a man of the people and can often be an echo of what normal citizens are thinking at the time. Of course he’s been wrong on many occasions but it’s less about his actual facts as it is tapping into his mindset. It is quite clear that this incident will be hyped up enough to be the straw to break some government backs.”

Lex Luthor looked at a report about the goings on in Washington and smiled, it was just as he suspected. Movement was being made and soon there would be a Department of Metahuman Affairs in the United States government to join the various ABC departments. Of course Lex Luthor had been counting on such an outcome, the creation of such a department would severely limit the influence of metahumans in the community which in turn would make it easier for Lex Luthor’s plans to go on unimpeded.

Of course it would take time, put Lex Luthor knew how to play 4-D chess when others were stuck thinking in terms of checkers. In the meantime, he would still have to be cautious of those whose powers would not easily be curbed by a few politicians such as Supergirl.

“By the way Mercy, what has Stagg Enterprises been up to these days?” In reality Lex was already up to speed on the issue but there was the off chance some new bit of information could prove useful.

“From the engineers working on reverse engineering the samples we procured from the Metahuman Supremacy Front, they have determined that a rather advanced intelligence was behind the creation of the mind control drones. This was confirmed by our mole in A.R.G.U.S. who reported that Simon Stagg was in fact working with an alien life form.”

Lex Luthor scoffed, “Of course someone like Stagg would botch up working with an alien species. Well this will be a good opportunity to take over some of Stagg Enterprises’ holdings, shouldn’t take more than an hour or so. In the meantime Mercy, please set up an appointment with some senators, they will of course need my guidance if they want their D.M.A. to succeed.”

“Of course Mr. Luthor.” The future of Metropolis and humanity would be bright indeed, as long as Lex Luthor was there to help guide it.

Cheral Castella

Location: East City

Interactions: @Eviledd1984

Cheral was just about to flag down a taxi when she had a rather rude fall. She had just started to raise her hand to get the taxi's attention when she crashed into someone and landed on her butt.

"Ouch, sorry about that, guess I should look where I'm going." Cheral apologized but soon enough the blue skinned individual who ran into her was already on his feet and offering her a hand.

"I'm so sorry I was not focused on where I was walking." The alien said as he extended his hand out to her. Cheral quickly took up his offer and before she knew it, the man had lifted her back on her feet. She was slightly surprised to see someone with blue skin, but when you lived in a city full of beastmen and the occasional dinosaur it wasn't that far out there.

"Well I don't think my butt got too dirty so I think you're safe." Cheral winked and looked down for a second at where her posterior had been planted, there was a bit of spit nearby, it had been a rather close call. Thanking her lucky stars she then turned back to the person who had knocked her down. "Certainly not a skin-tone you see everyday, did you perhaps dye it?" Cheral couldn't help but ask, as her previous thoughts of retrieving her wallet were knocked out of her head on impact.

As she waited for a answer however a somewhat rough looking 'pack' of people showed up around them. A tall individual with jagged looking teeth and an evil eye butting in on the conversation.

"Say pretty lady, I'm pretty sure our boss would love to have an honest chat with ya." The nasty man and several goons closed in on them. Cheral felt herself start to sweat a little when she recognized the tattoos on some of the goons necks, they were pledged to the Macaron family, a rival mafia group. Sure she could hold her own in a fight but without her power suit she felt a little vulnerable.

"Ya I'm sure Don Macaron would like to have a nice long chat without any of my family around." Cheral looked around trying to find an avenue of escape, sure she could just fly but if they could too, it wouldn't be the best idea. Also she had blue stuck in the middle of a 'family' feud while she tried to keep her distance from the mafia members. "Sorry about this Blue, I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you just skedaddled along."

The thugs sneered at the blue man. "Heh, sure we can let the blue man go, if you come along with us quietly, wouldn't want to alert the cops after all."

Cheral sighed, of course they would be the low-brow types who thought they could easily threaten her by taking a hostage. No doubt they were looking for a fast promotion in the Macaron Family and felt that kidnapping a rival's daughter would be just such a ticket. Sure she didn't want to random fellow getting hurt on her account but as the daughter of a Don, she had to look after herself first or her family might go to war and then East City would be hurting quite a bit. "I hope you can fight Blue cause looks like I'm going to have to fight and I can't protect you while doing it!"
"So it is going to be a fight, heh, gonna have to make this a quick one as we're a little exposed here. I'll just have to go all out right from the start." The talker then started to growl as his body mass expanded, fur grew all over his body and his face elongated into a wolf's snout.

"Crap, of course one of them would be a werewolf." Cheral was a lot more nervous now, while she could probably still beat them, a werewolf had those nasty claws to slash with so she was going to have to be extra careful. "Training don't fail me now..." She thought as the werewolf and three other human thugs closed in.
Cheral Castella

Location: East City

Cheral Castella chatted merrily along with her friends as they walked through the mall. They were quite the diverse group of individuals, colleagues, old high school-chums, and fancy rich 'kids' all together. Their clothes were all quite different, ranging from dresses to leather jackets and jeans that made them all clash with each other. Cheral herself was quite casual today, skin tight jeans, a green and white striped t-shirt with a tan vest on top. To complete her look was some brown, lace-up boots and a pair of silver clip-on ear clasps for just the slightest bit of edge.

It was odd to see so many different kinds of people together but when one thought about it, it was actually pretty easy to understand how such a group might come together. While it was obvious that many of these people had little in common with each other, they all had a central figure to hover around, Cheral Castella. As the daughter of one of East City's most powerful mob bosses it made sense that so many people would want to be her friend.

Cheral knew all this of course, it was impossible to not notice how differently she was treated once they realized who she was the daughter of, but she didn't let that get in the way of her fun. She couldn't change how people thought or acted but she could certainly have quite a bit of fun whenever she wanted!

At the moment as they walked together, one of her oldest friends was talking about how much she despised her boss. She was a girl two years younger than her that she had known since she was a kid. Her father worked for the Castella family as one of his enforcers so it was only natural that they had gotten to know each other from an early age.

"So I was like, doing my job, and I had to make some copies for the next meeting when my boss suddenly calls out to me from his office. 'Helen! Get your skinny ass moving and get me a coffee while I'm at it, capeesh!' Gaah, what a creeper! Maybe I should get dad to pay him a visit, but I think he's a little too wealthy for my dad alone to do anything. Course if he had your dad along for the visit it might shut him up!" Helen laughed and linked a arm around Cheral's while she hinted at doing her a favor.

Cheral rolled her eyes at her friends antics and chuckled. Helen acted an looked like a 'valley' girl but as the daughter of an Enforcer in reality she was quite strong herself. The impression she gave others often caused them to underestimate and dismiss her however, which extended to her office life.

Cheral decoupled her arm from Helen's and playfully nudged her. "Now, now Helen, you know my dad's got a lot more important things to do than deal with some jerk. Besides, if you really were having troubles he'd already be in the hospital right now."

Helen gave an adorable puffy pouty face and stuck her tongue out at Cheral before clinging to her rather rough looking boyfriend in a leather jacket.

Cheral chuckled and turned her gaze to her surroundings. "Well guys I'm feeling generous today so how about we all dine for lunch together, on me!" A collective cheer from the group could be heard as they all headed toward a fancy restaurant called Ponuello's. It was a moderately priced Italian restaurant that always had fresh baked bread one could snack on before the main course, it was fine dining at a reasonable price. As they all filed in though, Cheral realized she was forgetting something as she searched around all her pockets.

"Oopsies, I think I forgot my wallet." She clonked herself on the head with a fist and everyone else groaned, this sort of thing had happened before.

"Don't worry guys, I'll be back in two gulps of a beer! Why don't you all head inside and wait for me, shouldn't take me too long to find it, must be back home." Cheral waved to her friends and rushed out to the nearest taxi to head back to her home lab where she left her wallet, probably.

A young man on a bench outside the mall watched her go and then looked down at his smartphone. A map showed up and a small icon could be seen going away from the mall...
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