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Current Just unlocked mirage in Apex, really enjoying him so far. Gonna' grind him up, and work on his stats.
4 days ago
Just, picked up a PICO-8 and started playing around with it, got me in the mood for celeste. Is Celeste really as good as I remember, is it worth a replay?
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18 days ago
Dear simple Hyde, you smooth brain, ALWAYS ring the funny bell of notification.
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26 days ago
How does even the guild know, "You have no friends."


Please, tell me how unfunny my old bio was.

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Yeah, I'm sorry to say, but I don't think I have good enough inspiration, and just can't muster up enough energy due to school stuff. I will definitely be reading this, but I don't think I have enough time right now to actually participate, sorry, and I hope all goes well with the rp.
He witnessed one of the guys he had been watching out of the corner of his eye enter the car guy's van, probably unwise. His attention drawn to another woman, an attractive yet albeit fierce lady, creep up to the gas station. Suddenly as he looked at her she glanced his way. A quick save, he ducked under the low brick wall, saving himself from being exposed by this "femme fatale," a misglance his way could be his undoing, this rather comfy town a largely unpopulated area from what he had seen. He would keep one eye glued to the area, a commotion happening at two establishments, both very close, was rather rare, and depending on whether things went south or not, he might join one of them, all the more resources, all the more arms.

He began to quietly stash his belongings on the rooftop, except for the basics and explainable, he would make himself out the be nonviolent, so their suspicions would be quelled, he was rather glad for the apocalypse, he had no opinions on the missing unneeded luxuries, but it was only positive feeling towards the lack of weak people. The men in the RV seemed like good targets, trusting, but able.
THinkin' I'll make something soon, should I stick to the theme and make a criminal and/or a female?
Plans change, I'll be about a little, but not much till Friday.
Sam watched the situation unfold from his perch, having camped here for a few days, the weather wasn't a surprise. The anvil clouds had been brewing up in the heavens. Watching the events unfold, an interesting turn, he was straining to get a better view of the events in the diner, appeared to be a confrontation. No benefits to him, none of his business, but a funny situation nonetheless. The chance of a fight wouldn't be good news, for them, but from this high, a Raptor wouldn't even know he was there, let alone get to him. He had to keep out of sight of other people though if he was seen doing something that didn't keep to his persona, he'd have to craft a completely new person, and he was running out of ideas on that front. A few months back a guy he was camping with found his stash, he didn't live to see daylight.

Some might call him a killer, a monster, but he wasn't doing this for fun, confrontations consume too many resources. Too many risks. He'd rather just stick to the cutesy nurse that couldn't hurt a fly. Much easier, fewer questions, less consoling, faster traveling. All the better for him. For now, he would sit back, enjoy the show, and maybe filch something of the survivor. He wasn't a killer or a monster, no he was a wolf in sheep clothing. And he had no qualms using that, or anything else. He didn't enjoy hurting people he just enjoyed the benefits of there fates. Be it positive or negative to him. If someone used or took advantage of him, sure he'd be angry, but not at them, at himself for not securing himself first.
Sorry about this, won't be around till Friday.
Sorry about this, won't be around till Friday.
Sorry about this, won't be around till Friday.
Sorry about this, won't be around till Friday.
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