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Current Let's see how I'll fair getting back into this.
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4 yrs ago
Just unlocked mirage in Apex, really enjoying him so far. Gonna' grind him up, and work on his stats.
4 yrs ago
Just, picked up a PICO-8 and started playing around with it, got me in the mood for celeste. Is Celeste really as good as I remember, is it worth a replay?
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4 yrs ago
Dear simple Hyde, you smooth brain, ALWAYS ring the funny bell of notification.
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Please, tell me how unfunny my old bio was.

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Great! I'll put my CS in here for it to be accepted. :)
Very interested, spots open?
Definitely interested if you are still looking for people!
Thanks, I'll get something together, but just to clarify, do we have very early Black Powder weaponry, or not?
And could we maybe have a discord for easier communication, no matter how simple?
Hey, this looks to be an interesting RP to partake in, if you are still looking for people that is.
Honestly, I was considering whether to reply to this or not, but I think that answers it, I'm feeling really uninspired by the guild rn, and can't really bring myself to do stuff, I really am indifferent by this point.
Yeah, I'm sorry to say, but I don't think I have good enough inspiration, and just can't muster up enough energy due to school stuff. I will definitely be reading this, but I don't think I have enough time right now to actually participate, sorry, and I hope all goes well with the rp.
He witnessed one of the guys he had been watching out of the corner of his eye enter the car guy's van, probably unwise. His attention drawn to another woman, an attractive yet albeit fierce lady, creep up to the gas station. Suddenly as he looked at her she glanced his way. A quick save, he ducked under the low brick wall, saving himself from being exposed by this "femme fatale," a misglance his way could be his undoing, this rather comfy town a largely unpopulated area from what he had seen. He would keep one eye glued to the area, a commotion happening at two establishments, both very close, was rather rare, and depending on whether things went south or not, he might join one of them, all the more resources, all the more arms.

He began to quietly stash his belongings on the rooftop, except for the basics and explainable, he would make himself out the be nonviolent, so their suspicions would be quelled, he was rather glad for the apocalypse, he had no opinions on the missing unneeded luxuries, but it was only positive feeling towards the lack of weak people. The men in the RV seemed like good targets, trusting, but able.
THinkin' I'll make something soon, should I stick to the theme and make a criminal and/or a female?
Plans change, I'll be about a little, but not much till Friday.
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