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Powerline's Search for Greatness

With a bit of extra time on my hands lately, I've been mulling over a few different ideas and pairings that I thought might be interesting. That mulling has also consisted of some plot-building in my head, but I'm going to try to stay away from that for the time being, as I'd much rather develop a strong and lengthy plot with my partner(s)!.

With that being said, please take the pairings I list here with a proverbial grain of salt. I'm including a mixture of pairings I believe would create darker, grittier RPs, and those that would be a bit more light-hearted and, well...let's say "fluffy." I think this kind of mix works well for me. Keeps things from getting too emotionally-taxing. But, don't assume light-hearted means poorly-written or developed. I consider myself to be a decent writer, and I expect the same from my partners (harsh, yo).

I don't have too many rules when it comes to my 1x1 endeavors, but let's cover the basics so you're not wasting your time or mine:

- Be over 18. There will be adult themes in all of these pairings. Yes, even the fluffy ones.
- Be consistent. That doesn't necessarily mean posting multiple times a day, or even once a day. At least once a week would be dope.
- Be detailed in your writing.
- Be sure to let me know if you have any limits, triggers, things to avoid...
- Be female. I'm a dude (he's a dude, she's a dude, we're all that movie!). As of this moment, I strictly do MxF pairings. Nothing against any others, I would just be a horrible, horrible partner if I tried. Oftentimes there are romantic themes involved in these stories, and I just can't play them out as anything but a man. Guess I'd be a bad scriptwriter.
- Beeeee yourself (name that movie!).

Again, this is probably a smaller/shorter interest check than what it should be, but I'm much more interested in fleshing out details with a partner. If you're interested in any of the pairings, don't be afraid to bring your own ideas and plotlines to the table. I'll love you for it. Keep checking back, I'll add ideas periodically. So, here we go:


  • Female President x Head of Security/Secret Service
  • Classically-trained chef x Food truck owner
  • Military vet with PTSD x One night stand
  • Male escort x Female CEO
  • Person from 1940s x Person today (this is about as far into the realm of sci-fi as I go, but I've played out a similar plot before and it was fun)

If anything interests you, feel free to send me a message!
@Bee, awesome - send me a PM if you'd like!
What's up, everyone? First time posting an Interest Check here, so bear with me as I get a little eager to dive right into the story itself. I'll start out by saying I'm not new to the world of RP at all. I'm 21+ and have been at it for at least 10 years. I started out in group settings, and eventually migrated over to 1x1s, because I really enjoy the idea of working directly with a partner to build a legitimate, well-rounded story.

That being said, I'm currently looking for one or two more RPs at the moment. There's one idea that's been floating around in my head for awhile. Again, I'm more than happy to build ideas together, so please don't think any of this plot is set in stone. If you have things you'd like to add to it, other parts you don't like, etc., let me know! It's our story, after all.

Also, please don't take this quick summary as an indicator of my writing. I'll typically give anywhere from 5-6 paragraphs, and in many cases much more. But, like I said, I get eager when it comes to fleshing out a new story. With that in mind, take a look:

I know that's a pretty basic summary, but I'd like to build on this with someone. I guess I should lay out a few ground rules so you don't waste your time messaging me if we're not a good fit.

Please be at least 18. This RP will undoubtedly contain a lot of mature themes.

If you say you're an 'advanced' level writer, be able to give me more than a paragraph. Not trying to be pretentious here at all, but I envision this as a gritty and detailed story, and would love to find someone willing to put work into those details and let the characters build relationships and grow.

I think that's it for now. Don't be afraid to shoot me a message - I'm a pretty easygoing guy! Thanks for checking in!
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