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Maybe it wasn't perfect but I loved Detective Pikachu!!!!
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a worm???
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Spicy hot chocolate is actually really good. The heat really works with the sweetness.
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that one sunflower song for the new spiderman movie is SO CATCHY CAN'T STOP LISTENINGGGG
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@Balthazar007sorry, been having computer issues. still working on the post with ikat!
@Balthazar007I think that'll just be Indigo's appeal post. i don't have a lot of time to write another appeal post so... xD i hope the magnemite one is ok!

also, did magnemite's appeal make sense? IDK it was like my first time trying to write an anime-esque appeal. definitely kind of hard to describe!

also, ikat and i are working on a collab post! its almost done :]

@Balthazar007replied and finally got my contest post up. I'll probably write another appeal post. sorry that took so excrutiatingly long. i;ve been in a rut with my writing lol. Thank you for being patient though.
After Mimzy had finished an appeal using her fairy-type Baby-Doll Eyes technique, Neon was left. The strange pokemon was quite ugly, there was no denying that. With his single eye and strange, steel body, the Magnemite was hardly what anyone, especially Indigo, would have called appealing. Still, an annoying quote from a certain someone popped into his head as he was examining Neon.

"I mean, if you really want to impress the crowd, wouldn't making an ugly pokemon look beautiful be even more impressive than making an already beautiful pokemon look good?" Margo's challenge bounced around in his thoughts. "It's harder, but if you pull it off, you might earn my respect."

Indigo's eyes narrowed, annoyed that he hadn't thought of it himself. As if he needed any direction from her. Of course he knew that! Maybe Neon was hideous, lacking the intimidating toughness of Hawka's newly evolved form. Perhaps Neon was not as beautiful as Kovi's glittering visage. And, obviously, Neon lacked the cutesy adorable charm that Mimzy radiated. But there were some things that were salvageable. For one, Indigo thought as he polished the surface of Neon's body, technology was cool and there was no doubt that pokemon like Neon embodied the technological appeal that their world had come to depend on. The artificial appearance truly demonstrated something futuristic and complex about the pokemon line. They were metallic, they subsisted on electricity, and they were like robots from the movies, Indy thought. There was something extraterrestrial and futuristic about them. That their typing was steel and electric only served to further the point that they were living machines.

"Looking good Neon," Indy said, holding up a small mirror he'd retrieved from his backpack. Neon's single eye swiveled about this way and that, and the Magnemite let out what sounded like a happy beep. His chrome body so shiny, he could see his own reflection from the mirror in it. "Ready to try an appeal?"

Neon's eye darted about nervously. Kovi flew over with a small noise of encouragement. Mimzy bounced up to hold onto one of Neon's magnet's playfully, and Hawka shoved him to where she had practiced her own appeal. Neon let out an alarmed sound.

"It's okay, I know you haven't really practiced in public before, but it's just us," Indy said, gently removing Mimzy and Hawka. "Just have fun, Neon." Indigo beamed in his attempt to ease Neon's nerves. "You'll be fine. Let's start off with Mirror Shot. Fly straight up."

Neon floated upwards speedily, releasing a flash of energy from his polished body. The steel type energy released was silvery and prismatic, only amplified by the day's sun. It showcased Magnet's sleek and shiny coloring, while emphasizing his steel typing. That's perfect! Okay, let's see... "Spark!"

Neon's body became enveloped in crackling blue electricity. Indy and Neon had refined Spark quite a bit in their days of practice. Controlling the voltage and flow from his center, Neon was able to undulate the electricity around him, creating a visage like a blue sun. With the remnants of the Mirror Shot energy as a bright refraction of light surrounding his amped up form, Neon looked stunning. The crowd would admire his beauty for a few moments and then--"Sonic Boom and circle around, go!"

The crescent shaped shockwave attack was directed in random direction around Neon. Combining with the Spark and remnants of Mirror Shot, the Sonic Boom flitted around Neon like a boomerang. As Neon floated, making a lap, the Sonic Boom attack raced around him frenetically. Shooting straight up into the air with another Sonic Boom from Neon, the attacks dissapated into a shower of glittering energy after a satisfying BOOM!

Even an ugly Magnemite could pull something off, Indigo thought with a grin. That would prove Margo wrong, for sure. Running towards Neon who seemed thoroughly exhausted, Indigo pulled the pokemon in for a hard hug. Literally hard, because Neon's steel body was no joke.

"Ouch! Ha, Neon, you did great!" WIth this, they'd have a quick lunch and head over to the contest hall. Margo hadn't called him yet, but Indigo figured she was doing her own thing. At least he knew his pokemon's moves looked decent, and they could be combined in all sorts of different ways to boot.

Sometime later, Indigo had thoroughly cleaned up his pokemon and donned on his tuxedo. But the nerves were getting to him once more. Dialing Margo through his pokedex, he hoped she would pick up.
Will have replies Sunday! Bleh sorry this weekend was crazy xD i really appreciate your patience
@Balthazar007that is SO exciting! omg! :D Congratulations!! I also replied in PMs :] ALSO sorry for not posting an appeal yet. This week has been so crazy, I haven't had any chances to finish it up. It should be done by saturday night though >_<
allllmost done writing my post for the contest >_< i've had to write three speeches this week in preparation for the ending of my speech class. but after that, no more schoolwork! :D thanks so much for being patient guys
I apologized for not posting yet! I've just been kind of struggling these past two weeks Haha. I promise I'll post sometime this weekend!
I'll post soon! It'll probably be another training post. Im trying to practice my writing so I can paint a clear picture of the appeals xD
As a player, I hope you don't mind me talking about some of the things that I think would be fun!

Id love to turn move tutors into like quests or something interactive like that. I don't know if you've played zelda or breath of the wild, but doing little side or mini plots or missions to earn stuff like new moves or TMs would be fun!

Also, I was thinking about this... If there's a concern for pokemon knowing too many moves, maybe we could let pokemon learn however many moves they want to learn, but we could just pick four moves in battle to use? I could definitely see official league rules or something being a part of that. Or maybe its just that they only have the capacity to use four moves in battle until they've had a long rest or something? Im sort of getting my idea from dnd here, where they have something called spell slots.

(Essentially, spell slots refers to how many spells you can cast, sort of like the number of arrows in a quiver. Once you're out of spell slots you cannot cast spells from that specific spell level until you take a long rest.)

I guess I just wanted mention this because I really don't want a limit on moves we can learn, but I also realize how easily that can be abused. That said, id love if we could do something like movesets. I really think they could work!

I hope Im not coming off as rude or anything. I just wanted to be open and communicate about what I think would be engaging. Thank you for listening! :)
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