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that one sunflower song for the new spiderman movie is SO CATCHY CAN'T STOP LISTENINGGGG
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Indigo, per usual, was the last to wake up the next morning. Lazily, he was flicking through the functionalities the pokedex provided. Surprisingly, he could surf the internet on the little device, and Dan's house had pretty decent wifi.

Since they were in Kanto, he was looking for things to do. Something laid back for sure he thought. Of all the locations, Pewter, Saffron and Mt. Moon were nearby. However Pewter City had a museum of fossils, and that captured Indigo's preference quickly. Maybe I'll suggest it when I go down. Speaking of, I guess I should get ready...

After refreshing himself with his morning routine, Indigo headed to where everyone was eating.

"Morning all," he said, grabbing some oatmeal and granola from the pantry. "Sooo I was thinking, Pewter City's having a day at their fossil museum where people can enter in for free. Crazy, right? We should totally go. They're always adding the historical exhibits and I think it'll be fun."

After Qwerty's training, Valen once again trekked to the pokemon center for some much needed refreshing. After Qwerty was healed promptly, Valen opted to take a nap in a waiting room. He couldn't help it-- his nerves and the anxiousness of the upcoming event had been wearing away at him all day, despite his best efforts to stay positive. He and Qwerty had been productive enough, but that hadn't helped his mindset.

Even after waking up, he took a few minutes to lay in bed and breathe. It's okay. You're prepared. Qwerty's got this. You'll be okay. They had trained pretty hard, hadn't they?

Afterwards, when the sun was past setting and the day began to settle into evening, Valen and Qwerty made their way to the old, dilapidated house where the teacher was.

"Should we knock?" Valen asked Qwerty. Doubtless, their client would probably hear them dealing with the pokemon that were causing him trouble. Concerned, Valen didn't want to scare their client with the ruckus they would undoubtedly start.

Qwerty bumped Valen impatiently, nudging the sharp planes of her beak against his shoulder. Whatever he needed to do, he needed to hurry up! There were things to do!

"Um," Valen knocked on the door. "We're gonna start, um, tackling our objective now," he called, trying to sound professional instead. If the man did acknowledge Valen, then Valen would smile politely, bow his head, then say he was off to do the job, complete with hurrying to the back of the house to get started.

A few stars dotted the sky now and soon enough, the culprits were found. Looking very much like black sheets of cloth suspended in midair, they were creatures that Valen realized from his reading at the library.

"Shuppet... Ghost types!"

‘Shuppet~!’ One of them was happily tackling the breaker, for some reason, knocking it with Knock Off.

‘Shup-shup!’ Another one was just looking happy floating about the noise.

‘Shuuppet.’ The third was floating around, peeking through windows and hiding in the eaves occasionally.

Valen stepped forward, shoes crunching too loudly on the dead leaves and crisp grass. "Okay, we're gonna move in on 'em and surprise 'em with a sneak attack." His legs were shaking, his heart was racing. Their first wild pokemon battle. It was real, here, happening now.

Qwerty, on the other hand, was beginning to have opposite feelings as saw the Shuppet. Did they know what they were doing was wrong? The other two weren't even doing anything! This wasn't training. How could she attack pokemon who didn't attack her? And she was fortunate enough to have a trainer. What kind of guidance or care did these most likely wild Shuppet have?

"Use-" Valen was cut off by Qwerty ramming into him.

Stumbling back, Valen rubbed his shoulder where she'd knocked him with her bill. "Qwerty..!" His jaw was dropped open. "What'd you do that for?"

"Kre kre!" Qwerty responded, clearly annoyed. She jabbed towards the Shuppet impatiently, then a melancholy look softened her features. "Kre." She looked at Valen, pointing to herself, then the Shuppet.

"I..." Valen shifted himself up, hands on one knee. "You don't want to attack them?"

Qwerty shook her head.


She made a whimpering noise. "What's wrong? Are you hurting?"

She shook her head once more, looking down and then back at the Shuppet.

"They look pretty goofy, huh?" Valen tried to comfort Qwerty. "It's okay." He studied the Shuppet. What about them was freaking Qwerty out, he wondered. They looked so natural and in their element, cute even. They look like they're having fun. Does Qwerty feel bad? He tilted his head. I feel kinda bad just thinking of sneaking up on them now. They're like kids. Maybe they are. You wouldn't just ambush a bunch of kids if you saw them playing with something they weren't supposed to. Kids don't really know. Maybe the Shuppet don't know...

"Well I don't exactly know what's bugging you," Valen knelt down to stroke Qwerty. "But can we talk to the Shuppet? Are you cool with that? I guess I can understand why you wouldn't wanna go up and attack them. It's scary." As Valen had been talking, Qwerty had been nodding her head, eyes bright, but then quickly shook it close to when his words came to their end.

"Hmm... Do you feel bad for them, too? They don't seem like they mean to be mean. Those other two just look like they're there for the ride, even. It just... seems rude?" Valen laughed sheepishly.

Qwerty was nodding. The human had eventually picked it up after all.

Valen exhaled. "Well, new plan. I guess we could start talking first, see where it goes from there. If they start attacking, you'd still have to defend yourself, but at that point I think it's okay to battle and drive 'em off. Right?"

"Kre," Qwerty agreed.

Valen crossed his arms. "Well, let's see what they have to say. Which one do we go up to... I guess the troublemaker, right? The other two are just hanging around."

Qwerty analyzed the situation, concluding that Valen's plan was acceptable.

"Alright. Geez I hope it doesn't attack. Get ready just in case, okay Qwerty? Also, I think it's better if you talk to them. I feel like you'd be able to get your point across better." Qwerty nodded.

Taking one last moment to gather his courage, Valen and Qwerty strode over to the breakerbox, where the Shuppet was.

Qwerty began to earnestly talk to the Shuppet. In her own series of quacks, she introduced herself, then asked the Shuppet to please stop bothering the poor human inside the house with their banging on his breakerbox or other equipment.

Who knew if it would work or backfire? Valen was about to find out.

Yay! Did you need help plotting at all balth? @Balthazar007
i think it'd be fun if perhaps we planned the outline of a mini plot and balth could help GM it just to keep it fresh?

i love the idea of perhaps getting a chance to get fossils like in the first rbg games? maybe something with a thief having stolen from the museum in pewter city and our chars have to stop him. maybe they went to pewtwer for the day...? its close enough. they could probs get there by train or car, perhaps. balth could perhaps rp the thief, or at least kind of have us go through this mini story/ plot.

mt moon would be another fun place explore. again, maybe some people are up to no good and trying to exploit/ steal the clefairy? that'd be fun.

saffron city to the south is another interesting place. maybe we can also make up a location too. i think a trick master type house would be a ton of fun, except its more psychic themed or something? that could be like a dungeon crawler/dnd where our characters have to figure out how to get out of puzzles or figure out tricks set by the gm. i love challenges like that!

WE COULD FIND THE TRUCK WITH MEW UNDERNEATH IT (did anyone get that reference? xD)

theres definitely a lot to do in kanto!
Pinging @iKatamalicious !

Maybe theyre busy? @TheForgottenArc you could probably continue the story and im sure ikat's char could catch up pretty quick? Especially since margo mentioned she'd stay at the pokemon center?

@Balthazar007 thoughts?

Or we can wait longer! Just throwing ideas out there!
sorry that took so long guys. Schools out but i've just been so busy with friends and family because of the holidays. Also, still catching up at work. thank you for your patience! i wasn't sure what to write tbh so I hope it's okay!
Indy was most definitely uncomfortable with the setting now. Having known Dan for a decent while now, asking what his father did had always been hush hush. But now it was all out and spilled in the open. This is so weird. She just said it outloud for everyone to hear... Finding out that Dan's father was part of Team Rocket, an old and disbanded gang of thieves, had certainly not been what he imagined. Not able to think of anything to say or do, however, he nodded, and said, "right, right, gotcha." He opted to keep his mouth shut for the rest of the meal, hoping it would end soon. Even training was better than this.

After seeing a successful fire off of a magenta and indigo colored beam, Valen knew Qwerty had succeeded in learning a new move. “Nice, Qwerty!” Qwerty chittered back happily in response, tired, but feeling very accomplished.

When they were interrupted by the strange woman who Valen came to learn was an esteemed professor, he listened intently about Qwerty’s origins and subsequent future. Evolve, Valen thought, nerves and excitement bubbling up inside him. Qwerty, too, was both mystified and eager to know more.

“Wait,” Valen said, taking a ginger step forward and swallowing nervously. “I just wanted to know—what’s the best way I can train Qwerty? It’s just—I’m a new trainer and I don’t know a whole lot about pokemon. And, you see, Qwerty wants to go to space one day. Do you think it’d ever be possible? Sorry if these are dumb questions…”

After the conversation with the professor, Valen took it upon himself to go to the pokemon center. Qwerty needed some healing up, though the center was barely a ten minute walk from the school. Afterwards, it was off to the trainer school again. with plenty of time to spare until their big job tonight, he figured that he still needed to do research on pokemon around the area and anything else he could do to prepare Qwerty. Perhaps Qwerty had become stronger, yes, but some additional training wouldn’t hurt. The sun was still high in the sky and having been given a decent pay, he needed to make sure they wouldn’t disappoint their client.

Heading off to the library, Valen familiarized himself with Pureplain City and the various pokemon that were common to the area. While it was a wealth of information, it still didn’t help him narrow down which pokemon were messing with the man’s breaker box. After all, any pokemon could have the proclivity to be mischievous. Still, it helped him learn about where certain pokemon were.

Next, he looked up water pokemon. While he wasn’t entirely sure about what other pokemon he specifically needed, a reliable water type pokemon seemed to be a good place to start. They could ferry across the water and they’d be protection from fire type pokemon too. Valen shivered— gripping the pale scar tissue that slunk around his wrist and traveled up his arm. When he was younger, he’d been burned by a sparkler during a festival in Canalave City. Though he’d handled sparklers often enough before then, that time for some reason, oxygen had just perfectly and unfortunately united with the small spark of a flame, turning into a burning, searing blaze that had left him with third degree burn injuries.

Most people would go through at least one serious injury in their life if they ever experience life. Injuries and unfortunate events were apart of life for people, pokemon too. They typically recovered just fine and it was life experience that usually ended up making a person more well rounded. And though Valen felt perfectly fine and didn’t think about the incident at all (if anything, it was at least an interesting story to tell), he couldn’t shake the fear of fire. Most people could handle lighters or matches while he couldn’t. And forget about fire pokemon, he thought. Any thoughts of having a fire type pokemon, the idea of handling fire, or being near a creature that had control over fire, was terrifying.

Mudkip, Staryu, Psyduck, and Tentacool looked like interesting pokemon, Valen thought, as he clicked around on a website. Now where could I find them…? Ground types seemed safe too. Valen dug around, reading articles and sifting through fakemon to figure out which pokemon were real. Online resources were reliable, but also clouded in not so trustworthy information. Still, he learned about something called a ‘Trapinch’ and some other species like and Sandshrew. Hmm, wonder where I can get these pokemon…

Professor Kalmia had mentioned having a well rounded team, or something like that. She’d even encouraged him to get a fire type. She had said Growlithe, Vulpix, and Torchic were wonderful fire type pokemon. I mean… If anything, I want to avoid them though. Maybe I’m better off knowing where they are so I don’t run into them? Man, I’ve already read so much!

The final pokemon type he found himself reading about was the ghost type. They were intriguing for sure, and quite creepy. Valen wasn’t sure if he liked them. Still, he found himself actually wanting to see a Ghastly up close. It looked so goofy, even Qwerty started snorting when she saw the supposedly scary gas pokemon. The Honedge family was another bizarre but curious set of pokemon.

Having spent a solid chunk time on reading about different pokemon and some of the ones that could possibly help him on his journey, Valen looked to Qwerty—who was nowhere to be found. “Qwerty?” He asked, looking about, confusion creeping in.

Some static crackled, drawing Valen’s attention to the computer next to him. His eyes widened as he saw the power button glow and dim rapidly. Before he knew it, a beam similar to that of a pokeball releasing its contents shot out, and Qwerty materialized, giggling. Had she gone into cyberspace just to hide and surprise him?

“Qwerty!” Valen couldn’t help but try to scold the Porygon. “You can’t just— go into cyberspace whenever you want! These computers aren’t ours,” Valen cautioned Qwerty. The Porygon seemed to pout but he remained firm. “I wouldn’t go inside a house that wasn’t mine, unless I was allowed to, Qwerty. The same thing goes for you, alright?” Qwerty, though miffed, nodded. Logically it made sense even if she didn’t want to admit it.

"Tell you what-- you can go inside my pokedex or something if you want," Valen offered. "How's that?" Qwerty responded with a cheerful chirp. She had never been in a pokedex before! Much more interesting than a boring, school PC.

“I'm glad you're cool with it, then. Well, I think I’ve just about crammed my head full of too much for today,” Valen said, stretching. “I could use a walk or something. Do you mind if we train some more? We don’t know who your opponents are gonna be, y’know. We need to be as prepared as possible. I think your Psybeam attack can hit most of the Pokemon in this area, but we just really need to make sure we can handle whatever comes our way.”

Qwerty’s expression shifted, a determined gleam lighting her eyes. More training sounded like fun, and indeed she needed to be prepared for whatever the real world threw her way. Nodding, she let out a, "kre!"

"Back to the playground I guess," Valen said standing up. "I guess I don't feel as nervous asking for someone to train with."

Soon, they found themselves back on the school courtyard, training with some other trainers and their Pokemon. There was much experience to be gained, after all.

it was fine and im so sorry for taking forever lol. i'll have a post up by tonighT!
"Hey Mr.Chris," Indigo replied to Daniel's father's booming introduction and jovial laugh. "I've been alright!" He wasn't as close to Chris Gareth as he was with Daniel's mother, and as such, had a different moniker for him. That was made evident enough as Dan's father made some weird and inappropriate joke, if anyone could call it that.

Indigo cringed. They were certainly uncomfortable remarks. What kind of dad does that? He grimaced, feeling the secondhand embarassment. Maybe I can change the conversation? "Uhhhmmm, hey so, my first pokemon was a Torchic! You guys wanna see her? I've got a Vivillion, too. Celia you mentioned you had a Butterfree..?" Anything, Indigo thought, so that Daniel wouldn't need to be subjected to such outlandish, insulting mannerisms.
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