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Current Maybe it wasn't perfect but I loved Detective Pikachu!!!!
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a worm???
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Spicy hot chocolate is actually really good. The heat really works with the sweetness.
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that one sunflower song for the new spiderman movie is SO CATCHY CAN'T STOP LISTENINGGGG
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I think a dice roll works just fine for me! Could you go ahead and roll the outcome? Then ill post :) and probably move margo and indigo forward
@Balthazar007apologies! I'll be posting tonight! I think ikat and I will be doing a collab post next!

Just when Valen thought he was finished, a voice rang out like the note of a clear bell. A girl donning tradional clothes with long flowing hair and a mischevious smile appeared. She sent the antagonists running, which shocked Valen. She didn't look nearly as threatening as their bolting away portrayed. That aside, he sank to the ground in relief, his legs suddenly jelly as he realized they had been saved.

"Thank you," he exhaled, still a little too in shock to say anything else. But as she introduced herself, his eyes snapped open. One of the folks of Highhill had told him all about her! So this was the gym leader, then. And a Shrine Maiden too boot.

Who knows what would have happened if she didn't intervene... He shuddered. Well, things seemed to be better now. His pokemon not in great shape (all his fault) he could only think to ask. "I'm Valen. Um, I know you just saved us, and I'm really grateful, but do you think you could maybe heal our pokemon too? I'm kind of afraid of running into those guys again..."

Yep, fine by me!
Sorry it took so long again! I hope winding pass is a good choice. ^_^ thanks again for your patience balth.
As the library closed and their history lesson finished, and Indigo was ushered out with Margo, the orang red gradient of the setting sun stretched out across the horizon. There weren't many hours of daylight left.

"Let's see where we can go next," Indigo fished out his pokedex, tapping the screen until he came to the region map. "Hmm... Zanna's connected to Shamba and Jimmal City." Closing in on the unfamiliar destination, he scanned the description. "Oldest city in Septoh. And it's... spiritual?" Those words were enough to get him to completely miss the other mentions of rising crime. Had he seen those statistics, he may have changed his mind about going. Fortunately or unfortunately however, he didn't.

"Jimmal sounds cool," he said, snapping his pokedex shut. "It's definitely a hike around Winding Pass. Kinda wish we had those flying pokemon right about now, right?" He quirked an eyebrow at Margo. "Says it takes ten hours to walk. We'll probably have to camp, but maybe we'll find some people or pokemon who'll give us a ride or something... Maybe some food... Oh right, the old man gave us some snacks."

Removing the pouch from his belt, he procured two simple sandwiches. With plenty of leafy greens, hearty thick seeded bread, and a rich slab of cheese in the middle, it was the perfect, filling snack to give him and Margo energy. "Surprised these even kept so long... That was good. Right? Oh yeah, he said not to throw away the bags... Guess I'll keep it on me."

He squared his shoulders. "Ready to go?"

It all seemed too hopeless for Valen. He just wasn't sure what to do. The man seemed to be reaching for another pokeball at his belt and it was everything Valen could do to keep himself together. What do I do?

"Qwerty, I'm sorry," he sniffed, feeling the situation overwhelm him. Why had he ever thought he could handle anything like this? He returned his Porygon, shoulders heavy with regret. This was only the second day of his journey. Who would have ever known something like this would happen?

Looking at the villains in front of him, he raised his hands. "Look, I'm just a newbie trainer. I started yesterday. I didn't mean any harm. If I come with you, will you leave everyone else alone?" There was no need to get the others involved. This was his mess, and it was up to him to take care of it.

@Balthazar007 yeah, I loved it too! I love how creative they were with the pokemon in the settings. The Torterra garden was amazing, and the Loudred doing dubstep were hilarious. That said, the plot was a little convoluted and over the top, but seeing pokemon in this urban fantasy and depicted so realistically was just great to see. Bulbasaur was so so so cute!

I hope the reply was okay! Please let me know if I need to add anything more!
The old library was quiet, calm, though just a tad unsettling too. Perhaps it was just the fact that it was a new place, or maybe there was a secret the library was hiding around it's corridors or under the floorboards. In any case, Indigo followed along with Margo, exploring the various nooks and aisles. But there was something deliberate in the way they moved, whether they realized it or not.

It wasn't apparent at first. Indigo thought he was following Margo initially. But at some point he side-stepped her and--surprisingly--found himself knowing where to go. What and where the end result would be was far from clear, but Indy found himself pacing with more and more certainty towards whatever it was. They had their breaks-- flipping through books and picking up random tidbits of information here and there, but the urge to climb the floors of the library resonated stronger with each story they passed.

When they finally reached the top, Indigo lost the sense of direction he had before. But I... Was that a trick? I thought I was feeling something before..., he looked around the floor with Margo. Once again they weaved through the shelves, and while there were a plethora of interesting titles, nothing quite seemed to satisfy their curiosity. Feeling defeated, Indigo looked all around them with dissapointment. Was he crazy? Probably. Margo didn't seem very deterred however.

"I'll admit, this place is... Interesting," Indigo admitted while peering over the railing. "It's the weirdest thing-- I thought we were like, being called or something. I know it's crazy. This has been an insane day." Just as he finished, the huge tree in the center of the library seemed to move.

No, it was moving. One of the barren branches was extending towards them. Absolutely dumbfounded, Indigo could only exchange a bewildered glance with Margo and stumble back. Was anyone else seeing this? He looked around wildly. But the process was quick, and sooner than later a beautiful blossom with a book in its center flourished before them.

Margo was quick and delicate, swiftly obtaining the book before Indigo could say a word.

"I'll say. Did that really just happen?" Indigo's voice nearly shook. Had their encounter with Ho-oh had something to do with this? He gave Margo a glance before gently opening the book. The pages were blank, even as Indigo flipped through them. "No author or date or title, no words at all," he muttered, though what would they have expected really? "D'you think... Ho-oh had anything to do with this?" A nervous, unsure smile fluttered on his features. After the initial fear and surprise, the fact that a book had just blossomed out of a tree was beginning to sink in and it felt amazing. What mysteries did these bound pages contain? And how lucky were they, that this fantastic tome had just appeared out of thin air?

Zanna Town had some amazing secrets after all.

"What do we do next?" Indigo asked Margo. "Do you think we should tell anyone..." His words trailed off. Who would believe them? "Maybe we can ask the librarian about this tree... But not tell them anything, just ask, you know. I feel like we're gonna look crazy if we say this book came from out of nowhere." Shutting the book, he waited until Margo had it safely secured in her backpack. "Let's go ask."

Arriving back to the first floor entrance, Indigo spotted the librarian soon. "Excuse me, sir?" He made his way over. "Just wondering... Do you know anything about this tree here?" He pointed to the massive, dark brown trunk not far away from them. "When they built this library, did they build it around this tree or..?"


@Balthazar007my apologies!!! This week has been sooo busy. Im working on a reply right now haha. For the next two weeks im still catching up with friends and family, so the replies may be every 3 days. I apologize for that! But your post was awesome and ill have a reply up soon! Did you see detective pikachu btw?
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