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After wrangling and chasing Boo while trying to avoid his ridiculous Mimic and Rock Slide attacks, Indigo and his Pokemon were finally successful. He'd had to bring out Hawka and Mindy, but in the end, the four of them were able to catch Boo. Mindy held the kicking and screaming baby bonsly with her firm ears. Kovi's String Shot would have had the job done in seconds, let alone Sleep Powder. But avoiding attacks was for the best. Besides, any attacks they didn't use the Bonsly couldn't use on the lot of them.

When Indigo finally returned, he took to Kovi lifting him and Boo up and into the backyard. Had the old man returned? He quickly returned his Pokemon before stepping inside, so as not to alert suspicion.

"Oh, you're back," Indigo said, genuinely surprised. He had thought the old man would be back much later. His heart was pounding. Had the old man noticed...?

"Ohhh, there you are! I'm so sorry, I didn't realize how much time had passed," the old man said with a sheepish grin. "Your friend here sat me down and I was telling him some stories of my youth. You must have been waiting for a long time!"

"Yeaaah, no worries," Indigo replied, shrugging. "I actually hadn't know you came home and I thought Dan went to sit inside because he felt like he was getting sunburned." Dan was quite fair, after all, and it seemed like a believable story...

"Oh, is that it? Well, well. You both look fine to me so I suppose everything's alright. Say, let me take a look at the pokemon." He smiled. "I miss them already, naughty little creatures."

Little Boo was all tucked out from his rambunctiousness. And neither Aerie not Skippy wanted to wake him, so the flying types remained quiet and civil.

"Well, everything seems to be in order! They're not fighting and you even got Boo to take his nap! Well done, boys. I think you deserve a bonus. Now then, that's $20 for each of you, and the amount of poke currency should be..."

hope the post is okay! i'd push the timeline forward by about 30 minutes. im thinking maybe the old man got held up at the store or something, so he doesn't have to come back yet either. ill probably wrap up the search in the next post, if that's okay.
"Alright, no worries," Indigo replied, feeling quite nervous and worried himself. After Kovi came out of his pokeball and was told the situation accordingly, he rose high in the air, scanning for the aforementioned Bonsly. Kovi swooped over to a small burrow that had been made just beneath the fence. It was most likely how Boo had escaped.

Following the little tunnel, there were a set of the faintest footprints made by the Bonsly that Kovi could pick out, even if Indigo couldn't. Following the Vivillion's lead, Indigo jogged after. I hate running. Hope we find Boo, soon.

It took about ten minutes, but Indigo heard a familiar shrieking cry. "Boo?" He called out, and heard the cries of some children.
"EEK! Watch out!"
"Why is it so mad?!"

Indigo's eyes widened. "Oh no! Kovi, do you see Boo?" The Vivillion scanned for the little fake tree once more, not finding him because Boo was actually hidden by a large canopy that had been set up in someone else's yard from above. Though Indigo and Kovi didn't know, and as such, had to find him by following the sound of dismayed exclamations.

As it turned out, Boo had wandered into someone else's yard and the children had thought him a grass type pokemon, watering him with a watering can. Boo had become very upset by this, and was now launching Rock Throw all over the place. Granted, his Rock Throw technique was relatively weak and unpracticed, but it could still pack a punch.

As Indigo and Kovi finally neared the backyard Boo was supposed to be in, however, they were only met with the upset children and Boo nowhere to be found.

"Yeah, thanks, sorry for the trouble," Indigo wheezed breathlessly after interrogating the kids. Boo had apparently run off in the direction of the local playground. Hopefully, they'd be able to find him there... The chase continued.
Apologies again for being slow! I'm posting tonight! It might be late but it'll be there!
Though the babysitting started off simple enough, as the pokemon realized the older man was gone, they immediately began to misbehave, leaving any chance for a relaxing late afternoon off the tables. The pokemon were quite low-level as they were, making Indigo quite wary about using his pokemon to stop them from their fighting. After all, what would have happened if the old man came home and saw that Indigo had used a Sleep Powder attack on the pokemon? It hardly seemed professional. And the Skiploom would have been immune to begin with.

Somewhere amidst the chaos of Skippy and Aerie squabbling, Boo ran off. Indigo and Dan had been taking turns separating and disciplining the pokemon, and as Indigo had laid back in the lawn chair to close his eyes for five minutes, Dan noticied Boo had gone missing.

"But he was right--" Indigo looked about wildly, a stone of cold panic sinking into his gut. "Shoot, I dunno where Boo went." Damnit! That's a baby pokemon! He can't just go off on his own!

He jumped to his feet. "Well he got out of the yard somehow, but one of us is going to have stay here and the other's going to have to find Boo." There was no way they could leave Aerie and Skippy by themselves. An idea struck Indigo, however.

"Kovi, my Vivillion, has the ability Compound Eyes," he said slowly, thinking. "It makes him see, like, way better. I bet he could find Boo between all this shrub and rock and stuff. And he'll be able to spot him from the air. We just have to figure out who's staying here and who's gonna go find Boo. If you decide to go, I can lend you Kovi. I think we're gonna need him."
I apologize, I'm unable to post tonight :( I will have something up by evening tomorrow, however!
that does make sense! thanks!@TheForgottenArc hope it's okay i moved them forward to the job! feel free to have the pokemon get in a fight, or perhaps even one gets mischevious and runs away. I think that'd be fun! and at the end we could even have the NPC character pay them more for their efforts c: we can also have them do both jobs, doesn't matter to me!
"Is it bad that I want to do the easy one," Indigo sighed lazily. "I feel bad though. I mean, well in the pokemart job, does it say we have to carry stuff?" The description showed some trolley carts and crates. Likely they'd be wheeling the supplies, which wasn't as bad as what Indigo had originally thought. "Can we do the easy job first?"

After their agreement, they selected the job. Watching a Skiploom named Skippy, a Pidgey named Airie, and Bonsly named Boo. The house was only a few blocks away from the pokemon center and they made it in record time, an old man greeting them at the door.
"My sons a biologist, though he tried training for some time and didn't like it," he explained as he let the boys in. "He's got a few pokemon, and they sometimes come along with him to work, but they never learned to get along." They followed him to what seemed to be his backyard. "I've got to run and get my medication from the mart but their pokeballs are broken right now. All three of them broke when they were fighting." He shook his head with a smile. "They're wonderful otherwise. Just make sure they don't fight. They're allowed anywhere, they know not to break things in the house, but please keep them from getting too aggressive. They're like ornery siblings!"

"Sounds good," Indigo replied, putting a thumbs up and settling into a lawn chair underneath the canopy in the man's backyard. So far it seemed the pokemon were behaving. With a final promise to be back soon, the man left.

"Jack had that pokemon," Indigo said, pointing to the Skiploom. It was after they had settled in. "Get this: I found out that grass types are immune to powder moves, so when Kovi used Sleep Powder, it didn't work. But the Skiploom's Sleep Powder hit, like, all the time." He let out a sheepish laugh. "It was annoying, but whatever, y'know?" Indigo leaned back. Though the day had started off difficult, it seemed much easier now.
Indigo shook his head. "I had to start this morning off with a battle, I've had enough training for one day," Indy laughed. "Oh no, I should totally get a present for your mom too. We both need to find something..." Indigo trailed off, thinking. Truthfully, work was the last thing on his mind. But he knew if he stayed alone in the pokemon center room, he would have felt worse about everything. I need a distraction...He pulled his pokedex out.

"So I was looking up the model of the pokedex we have online. Apparently this thing's connected to job postings. Like, there's an app that people use to post stuff for trainers like us. I bet we could find something." Clicking on the app icon which looked like a green square and setting their location, they found several postings...

just seeing if dan wants to talk about anything he hasn't been able to mention! is there anything anyone else wants to do while the day's still present? @TheForgottenArc@iKatamalicious


yo, i wasn't sure if we were allowed to post the jobs/ however much money the chars get, so i just figured it was a good idea to ping you
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