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that one sunflower song for the new spiderman movie is SO CATCHY CAN'T STOP LISTENINGGGG
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"Yeah," Indy replied, taking a seat by the foot of the bed.
"Yeah," Indy replied, taking a seat by the foot of the bed.

After dropping the Shuppet off at the troupe, Valen was on his way, deciding to take the Route to Highhill Town. As he headed out into the night, he glanced at the pokeballs around his waist. He hadn't gotten a chance to introduce the new pokemon to Qwerty. There's only two, I could probably handle both of them out.

Hesitantly, he released the Snivy. It was an interesting pokemon, no doubt, with sly amber eyes and a brilliant green coloring. His pokedex went off, rattling off about information on the pokemon. He held out his hand for the pokemon, who sniffed it hesitantly.

Qwerty greeted the Snivy with a cheerful cry, the Snivy responding with the tiniest of smiles.

Valen wasn't sure what to do about the grassy, reptilian ppkemon. The creature seemed hesitant about accepting him, but it hadn't not approved of him.

"Well hi," he didn't know what else to say. "I'm Valerian, just Valen though. Valerian's pretentious enough." The pokemon moved in front him, hardly acknowledging what he'd said. It was certainly testing him, even if he didn't realize it entirely. However, the pokemon reacted positively to Qwerty, and the two communicated and got along, it seemed. Qwerty was enthralled with the new addition to the budding team.

At least they're getting along.

The grass rustled, and Valen only just managed to dodge an irate Rattata's tackle. "Ack! Ow!" He'd heard about this, wild pokemon that often attacked trainers to prove themselves or train.

Qwerty and the Snivy were quick to move to the front. Other wild pokemon watched, some curious, others itching to join in the fight.

As they fought their battles, practicing their techniques and trying to grow, they continued on the route, the moon round and luminous above them.

@TheForgottenArc if you want to do a collab, this is kind of how i do it. Since dan has a lot to say and explain to margo amd indy, you write everything dan says. You can control indigo if you want. Then you ssend the post to me and i edit it as i see fit in regards to my character and overall flow. Then we kind of go back and forth until we're both good. I dont think thats how every collab post is done, but its faster than having to go back and forth

Edit: alright i didnt know whether we were doing a collab or not. So I just posted, but there really wasnt much to add or do in the present moment.
sorry it took so long! since it was an emergency visit, i assume it took about 4 hours for dan to text margo and indy, just because like, emergency rooms take FOREVER. i felt bad making everyone wait, so i was hoping it would be okay if I could put the gym battle in at a later date. since this was a collab post, arc, feel free to post. im sure the characters are anxiously awaiting dan's news!

Also, arc, im game for any collabs you want to do!

@Balthazar007 i know you said you wanted me to post indigo entering the gym and youd post after i think? But i was hoping i could take the post you were going to do amd just combine it into my gym battle post.
“Yeah, weird,” Indigo exhaled, putting his arms behind his head. He was trying to ease into a more comfortable position, relax, get rid of the tension inside him.

“You really didn’t know…? Dan’s condition, I mean.” Margo’s normally assertive voice was much more gentle, but she certainly knew she was walking on eggshells. Having seen Indy come to the verge of cracking once before, she didn’t want to be the cause of it happening again. And that went for anyone, really.

“No,” Indy’s voice was flat. “I didn’t. He never told me. You know what…” He sighed. They were walking through Shamba now, the quaint houses and small shops on either side of them on the street. They looked like a couple of normal teenagers having fun. “I never knew… I never knew about his dad being in Team Rocket either.”

“Really?” Margo’s voice was in disbelief. “How…? They talked about it in front of us, just the other day. And I mean, I was practically a stranger.” He couldn’t possibly be serious that he didn’t know these key things about Dan, right?

“I don’t even know,” Indigo rolled his eyes. “Seems like a lot of stuff is coming out now and it’s all so confusing. I guess, like, you know, I wouldn’t feel so insulted if…” He trailed off, thinking. “If he was just more honest? Like, we almost died at Pewter. He went off to go talk to his dad, and then when he comes back, he’s all like, ‘yeah, yeah, dad didn’t know anything.’ At least give me the conversation in detail! We deserve to know that much.”

“Hm,” Margo avoided making any statements of her own, instead feeling out for questions and productive language she could use to help Indigo feel more at ease. “Yeah… It’s a lot to take in. Pewter was the most scared I’ve ever been in my life. It didn’t even seem like you guys cared about what happened to you at first... Say,” Margo paused. “You said you became a trainer to get away from it all, didn’t you? Just a few minutes ago?”

Indigo shrugged. “Yeah.”

“What did you mean by that, exactly?”

“Well… I…” He bit his lip. “Um, I don’t really think I’ve really ever had aspirations, before, you know? Like, okay, it seemed like most of the kids in my school were super figured out and they knew what they wanted to do and everyone was taking a gap year or going straight off to university or something. And then there was me, I didn’t really want anything.” He paused. “I still… Don’t? I mean, I just want to sleep and play videogames.”

Margo stared for a moment before a bubble of laughter escaped her.

Indigo glared, but then he couldn’t help but chortle himself. It sounded so incredibly stupid once he said it outloud.
“Oh my goodness, Indy… That’s the STUPIDEST thing I’ve ever heard.”

“I wasn’t done!” Indigo was still laughing. “I—you know what I did? I didn’t want to keep going to school or start working at my parents company so I asked my parents if they’d let me go on a pokemon journey or whatever. And they did—and then I spent like my first two months vacationing in Cinnabar. On their tab.” It felt good to get the ugly truth off his chest. The blunt humor helped dampen the sharp guilt.

Margo gasped, covering her mouth, but her eyes still alight with amusement. “What? Indy—you are such a punk!”

“Yeah, and then they got super mad and they almost made me come home, but I pretty much just begged them to let me stay. They’re not paying for anything anymore though. Me and Dan just like, squat at pokemon centers.” Another laugh. It felt good to be making fun of what had once made him hurt so. Perhaps this was what coping truly was, facing fears directly in some kind of way at least, instead of eschewing them away completely.

“But… That’s not really why you left? I mean, you haven’t really gone too deep into it. All you said was you wanted to sleep and play videogames,” Margo snorted.

“Being at home, there was a lot of pressure, y’know? All the time. Like, my older brother, you met him, Morado. He’s always been like this perfect kid and I’m always getting compared to him. It was just hard. I guess like, you know, I tried for awhile but ugh, my parents… They were always like, ‘why can’t you be more like Mori?’ Ugh. No matter what I did.” He paused, settling into silence.

Margo was just a tiny bit conflicted. After all, Morado Rose was such a gentleman. Sure, maybe Indy was pressured by his parents. But that’s not Mori’s fault. Hm… I did get his number. I should talk to him… She couldn’t help it.
”But forget me.” Indigo crossed his arms, looking at Margo expectantly, breaking her out of her thoughts.

“What about you? Why are you out here?”

Margo paused, her smile slowly withering despite her shining eyes. She avoided the directness of his eye contact, instead opting to look at a shop window filled with pastry treats for both humans and pokemon, leaning over. Appreciating the intricacies of the frosting and designs, Margo searched her brain for an answer. She knew eventually she would have to explain her appearance but she wished she had thought more about what exactly she would say to her two new companions.

“Well… I’m just out here to sleep under the stars and play my own games.” She straightened now, laughing once more as she poked some fun at Indy. He rolled his eyes at her before continuing to wait for her serious answer, his eyes glancing over the food with her.
“I’m just kidding with you. I’m out here… I suppose for the same reason as you, in a way. I wanted to get away from… my family.” She felt like she was stabbing them, the way she made it sound. “They were just so… overbearing? They were shoving their aspirations on me, without ever asking what I wanted to be or what I liked to do. It was always just assumed from the moment I could walk and talk that I’d be a breeder like them.”

Indy let out a low whistle. ”I know what that feels like.”

She could feel her eyes pricking with hot tears, but she didn’t let them form enough to fall down her face. They were angry tears, but there was a tinge of guilt mixed in with her emotions. Keeping the ghost of a smile she had left on her face, she turned from the window and continued their walking, Indy looking at her with… sympathy, perhaps? He’d never heard her speak in such an anguished way before.
“It’s annoying to have anything forced upon you, and something that determines the rest of your life? No thanks, I’ll pass. I want to explore! I want to have fun! I want to be an actual teenager who’s not polite all the time and makes mistakes and has time for herself.” The passion in her voice suddenly returned, Margo whirling on her companion and taking his hands in hers abruptly, bringing them up to eye level dramatically.


“Do you know what I mean? I want to learn who Margo is, truly, underneath all the preconceptions about myself that my own family threw on top of who I honestly am! I’m a blank slate, I can be whatever I want, and I want to try out everything I can while I have this freedom!” She could feel herself rambling, letting Indy out of her grasp and turning once more away from him and leading them down the street further.

Who knew Margo was going through all this? She-- she even tells me more than Dan does... Indy shoved his hands into his pockets. He wasn’t as angry anymore, now it had just dissolved into a dissatisfied ache. Still, he listened to Margo intently all the same.

“Even if it doesn’t last… I want to take advantage of all these opportunities before me. That includes when they scare me to death and I wake up in a hospital with two crazy boys. My parents would probably kill me if they knew I had run away and now I was traveling around with boys.”

Margo giggled to herself, throwing a grin over her shoulder at Indigo.

”Ha,” Indigo let out the tiniest of smiles. ”I promise I won’t tell.” He pantomined a zipped going across his lips.

Margo sighed. It had felt good to talk out everything, sure, but there had been one crucial component missing. Dan. Whether he wanted to open or not, he was going to, she thought fiercely.

”You know, I’m sure Dan will come around,” she reassured Indy. ”Give him some time.”

”Yeah… I know. I guess we can just try to open up to him more, and maybe he’ll do the same.”

”Well, Indy, it was nice talking to you but I’m off.” Margo twirled.

”Where to?”

”Training, of course!” Margo pumped a fist into the air. ”If we ever get ambushed again, I’ll be prepared. And hey, I’ve already beaten you.” A fiendish grin.

”Get real, you got lucky,” Indigo snorted.

Margo fluttered her lashes. ”Is that so? Well, keep thinking like that and you’ll just fall further behind. See you later!”

”Uh-- yeah, later!” Indigo stared as Margo ran off, a now released Crowne close behind her. Looking up to the sky, he wondered what he wanted to do before remembering there was a gym match that he could participate in.

”Let’s get this over with,” he said. Glancing at his pokeballs, he trekked to the gym.

After the gym battle and training, the two received a text from Dan. It didn’t take long for Indy and Margo to get to Dan’s hospital room. Evening was starting to settle now, Dan had been in the emergency room for quite a while. That was how emergency rooms were, usually, packed full with schedule and not enough staff and too much to do.

”Dan…” Indigo uttered. ”So… Uh, you feeling okay?” Having blown off plenty of steam, he was ready to listen.

As the Shuppet circled Valen letting out their own, unique cries, he was panicked at first. Were they going to attack him? But his fears were assuaged once he saw Qwerty do a backflip mid air. She seemed quite triumphant, and though Valen was still nervous, he relaxed considerably.

"Wow, we did it," he sighed, looking at the Shuppet circling him and Qwerty. The three ghosts and the Virtual Pokemon seemed intrigued by each other. They were communicating back and forth with rapid chatters of their own, no doubt asking each other questions and coming to some kind of understanding. Qwerty was curious about where the Shuppet had grown up, what were their favorite parts in the city, barring the old coot's backyard of course. Did they enjoy solid food as much as emotions of misery? And the Shuppet, in turn, were interested by Qwerty. Where had she come from? What was her virtual world like? What were her favorite toys? Valen admired the scene with a small across his face before remembering-- he could tell the old man that he'd completed the mission now! And even receive some kind of reward. Would it be some kind of pokemon? He hoped so. I guess any reward's good enough as any, he thought, trying to train himself to be more easily satisfied than he actually felt.

He knocked on the door. "Uh... Hello?". As the client opened the door, Valen swallowed. "I just, I mean, I got the Shuppet..." The ghost types cackled, and Valen just hoped they wouldn't fly away, making him look like a liar and a fool in front of the client! "They uh, they decided they're moving onto bigger and better things I guess. But they're with me now! Sooo uh." What was the polite way to ask for a reward? Was it polite? He really didn't know. It was the first time he'd done a non volunteering job. "But, you know, well, you said you'd give me something else after the task had been completed. So that's why I'm here." Little did he know, though, the Shuppet found his nervous energy somewhat fresh tasting. It wasn't quite misery, but the flavor of thinking something bad was going to happen was a bold experience that probably tasted something like roasted red pepper, sage, and garlic.

After the conversation, with the night still being young, Valen found himself going to the local pokemon center. Qwerty had been returned to her pokeball on account of there being more pokemon being out and about Valen. Thankfully, the three Shuppet circling him, cackling and giggling hardly brought a glance from anyone. With Kalmia often taking her own long walks through the city with all the pokemon she took care of, who would think three Shuppet were strange?

"Oof," Valen waved Shuppet #1 away from the PC sceen. "C'mon, you guys wanna get to this place or not?" All three circled around him frenetically. "I guess that's a yes. Then let me-- hey, no playing with the mouse! Come on, let me find out where to take you guys!"

After some playful struggle, the Shuppet settled for contedly sitting on his shoulders and top of his head as he looked up where to take them. "Hm... Horror... House? In Pureplain? Oh wow, huh, I thought I'd have to get out a lot further. Well that works for me! What about you guys?"

The Shuppet dissappeared, reappearing in front of the screen, their eyes glued to the pictures. They guffawed at the sight. What an interesting place they'd be going to! Had they proper mouths, they would have been smiling, although the way their eyes crinkled up at the corners was enough to read their expressions as amused.

"Let's head out then. Hey-- no going through my bag!"

Arriving at the Horror House took approximately a half an hour of walking around, though the destination had been simple to navigate through. The spindly and dark building loomed over them, and even if Valen knew it was just an attraction, the atmosphere was chilling. "Sheesh, you'd think I would have outgrown this stuff by now..." The Shuppet, meanwhile, were enjoying the taste of Valen's fear. It was sweet, very sweet. "I mean... I guess I can't just leave you guys here. Let me talk to someone." He knocked on the door of the establishment. "Hello? Anybody there?"

Ill post a post detailing what indigo did while dan was out!

Indigo, understandably, was getting more and more frustrated with Dan's lack of emotional maturity to hold a proper conversation. In the past two weeks, he had tried approaching Daniel, but had only been shrugged off and ignored. Dan said that they were friends, but Indy realized, he knew nothing about Dan. He had not known anything about Daniel's family, because Dan refused to tell him anything. Despite the fact that they had all gone through the same thing at Pewter, but Dan had refused to open up about that too, which was concerning because literally all of their lives had been in danger.

But, I'm gonna talk to Dad later. The leader of those thieves it was Uncle Richard. You never met him cause he disappeared pretty early on but its no coincidence. Both of them being in an old, disbanded group."

He hadn't given them any details about what had happened, and he refused to clue them in. It was unfair and infuriating. Friends? What friendship was there, Indy thought. If all Dan ever did was ignore their attempts at trying to talk to him?

I opened up about myself, I came clean to everyone about what I did, Indigo thought. But with Dan, there was no reciprocity. Amd he even had the gall to act annoyed when they tried to connect with him. Or in other words, be his friends and do what friends did.

"You guys just came here to talk to me about that. Ugh.." The last word rang in Indigo's ears. It was dismissive, not to mention rude. A whole slew of things that he didn't feel like he deserved.

"Look its, nothing. I talked to my dad but he didn't say much. It seemed he was just as surprised as me at this."

If he had the nerve to act that way, Indigo thought, then why show concern at all? Dan moped and sighed and dampened the mood, and then seemed to pin them as pesky when they asked him what was wrong?

And how were they supposed to even know whether he was telling them the truth or not? He kept lying about what was so obviously wrong, saying it was nothing and shrugging off their concerns. How could they truly trust a friend that kept lying to them? If Dan didn't feel like he could be honest with them about his feelings, then how did they truly know what information he was leaving out or not?

Indigo's eyes narrowed. If that was the way it was going to be, then there wasn't much anybody could do. He turned to walk away.

But in a twist of events, what was supposed to be a storming off turned into a slow motion rush towards. Dan as Indigo and Margo tried to catch Daniel as he fainted.

Now what, Indigo thought, worry and fury clashing at odds. What more did they have to find out? What more did they have to worry about when Dan could have just explained to them what was going on? No, instead they had to be blindsided and hit with waves of questions.

But he was wordless as the rush of nurses and staff came to the aid of Daniel. As Indigo watched Daniel's limp form carried out on a stretcher, he felt a lump in his throat. Angrily he looked away as a tear slid down his cheek. What did Dan care? Why worry? Neither he, nor Margo could answer the questions the staff asked. How could they? Dan had never so much as mentioned anything.

"Surely, you must know something," the nurse said gently, kindly. "I've seen the three of you around quite a bit. Aren't you all friends?"

"I thought we were," Indy replied, eyes downcast. "I guess not. I don't know anything."

"Nothing at all about his condition?" There were some murmurs of confusion, but the hustling and bustling of the center staff were effective in their mission.

Indigo shook his head. There was mothing useful he could offer. He knew nothing about Daniel.

Dan was wheeled away to some room. Emergency services had been called and they were on their way. Somebody slipped Indigo and Margo information about the proper hospital Dan was being taken to.

"I'm so tired of this," Indigo confessed to Margo in a low voice after the scene had calmed down. "The reason I went on this journey was so... It was just so I could get away from everything. I haven't been perfect, I know, but at least I don't..." His voice trailed off. He was getting into dangerous conversation. He wasn't thinking straight. He couldn't talk shit behind Dan's back for goodness sakes.

But in order for Indigo to forgive, he was going to need to cool off.

"Can we just blow off some steam or something?" Just to get Dan situated in the hospital would take quite a bit of time, and Indigo needed to calm down before then.

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