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Current @Rusalka: Just be glad you're not in the institute of culinary... Trust me, that shit is harder than you can imagine! >.<
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In Never mind. 5 yrs ago Forum: The Gallery
I'm going to be honest, paying money for RPing assistance seems completely stupid if not a quick cash grab to me.

Photo Finding should be one of the first things in my opinion and that your character's written appearance should follow the picture, not the other way around. Also, most people you're on good terms with (and good people in general) are willing to help search for pictures as long as its nothing something insane like a monkey on a pogo stick with an AK-47 wearing a sombrero in Kazakstan.

CS writing in general is something that you put time and effort into as a sign of your interest in that RP; if you're outsourcing that then it says to me that the person isn't really interested in investing anything into an RP. And yes, history/bios are hard but that's just something people will have to suck up, sit their asses down and write. RPing in general is a labor of love, I can't begin to tell you how many hours of research I've done for NRPs or rewriting entire CSs for RPs that died and yet I keep putting time and work into my stuff.

World/Plot Building is something that in my experience is a collaborative experience between two or more people who share an interest in an idea and want to flesh it out; again, its a labor of love from people who want to flesh out worlds and want to see a successful RP come from it, not someone whose just in it for the money. There's also the issue of imagination and creativity (this also kinda goes with CS point above), there's no guarantee that what you come up with will be better than what someone else can come up with/worth the money.

I am and know others who help other people out giving them ideas and giving them direction for stuff like RPs and characters/nations and do it all for free as a sign of goodwill or something. Personally I am of the opinion that there is no valid reason to have to pay for the stuff you're offering, if you did stuff like character art commission then I can see why it would be acceptable.

Yeah, I do all kinds of stuff, including art commissions, but I should have been doing it for free.

One of my cats is sick so I was trying to earn a little extra money on the side to help with Medical bills. I'm kinda already 1000 dollars in the hole already.

But it was a stupid idea, I'll admit, I just wanted to get the money to help her as fast as I could.
I've already lost one cat to feline leukemia so if that's what she has I need to have enough money to pay for treatments.

Anyways sorry, you made some excellent points that I should have taken into account. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, they are much appreciated.

Have a wonderful day.
In Never mind. 5 yrs ago Forum: The Gallery
This message has been deleted due to good points having been made by Clocktowerechos.

Sorry for the inconvenience everyone.
Karl has told me he is stepping down as Co-GM too. So Kitten has kindly offered a spare plot idea from beyond the grave! Just kidding, beyond the smartphone screen! x3

Anywho, she explained to me that Bloodrose Coven could have been founded by witches long dead and gone, and that you could use her characters as legends from the past. Everything is the same, just the background is a bit different for the Coven. She says the ending for this idea is essentially that you create bonds with everyone, no matter who they are, and everyone essentially breaks the spell of the Bloodrose Coven, changing each witch back to good but they aren't like the other good witches. They actually have offensive powers unlike the others, each one unique to them that are based on essentially the opposite of your current powers.

She wishes you all her best and hopes that this idea helps you all out.

Karl's been a bit busy too, with life and helping Kitten deal with stuff.
But she says if Karl agrees she gives anyone free reign over her idea, and says you can restart everything under new leadership. She also explained that if you want to change it in any way, shape, or form she's fine with that too.

All the information you need from what she told me is what she gave you, even if it was individually through questions.
All I can say is good luck, but it's up to Karl and whether he himself is up to continuing.
Ah, hello there. I'm a friend of the GM, she actually encouraged me to take a chance on this website.... She's taking a very long hiatus and I know that she's super busy between her family and helping out at the cat shelter we volunteer at. She wanted me to tell you guys as she is busy and I have the free time.

Anyways, she sends her deepest apologies and asks for your forgiveness.
Hope you guys can forgive her, as she's not doing so well with some news about her favorite kitten at the shelter....
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