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I do Pms or foorums
after 2700 years pass MC is discovered to be the long-lost heir to the once-powerful Darth Revan. A girl who has the unnatural ability to tap into both sides of the Force and unleash it in its purest form. This little fact is kept secret from her by the Jedi Council and they decide that due to the unusual circumstances they decide that this girl needs a special teacher.

YC is a very young new Jedi Master thats skilled with the force as well. YC is told that they must teach this young lady and are unaware still of what and who she is. The Journey only begins now! Adventure, hate, anger, love, sadness and pain all throughout the story between a master and a radiant star that all she wants is to save those she loves. But can they stop the darkness from taking ovewr the Republic?

AU version that she is like Anniken Skywalker and has to face the sith lord when the time comes. But needs a master to train her to be ready!
BACK!!!!!! THANK GOD !!!!!

I know sorry busy with studyinh for finals

Its fine no worries XD
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