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Got me curious too. Impressed by how long its been going. Level of activity is still going strong with the whole daily post thing?
I'd love to play a character that's on the side of the marines. Count me in.
I'll read more into it but totally interested.
Hi there. What kinda RPs do you do on discord? I just started joining some but they're more aciton-ey in nature.
I know that 3 day isn't a lot, but while this isn't getting any attention, I'll be posting up another concept.
@malmshodes I was hoping for around 5 people before starting.
Anyone else in line for the Bow Hero?
Good to hear. But if not that many show interest, I'll have to go with another idea.
@malmshodes Hi there. Nope, I wouldn't say sandbox. It's more mission-based. So its more of multiple choices leading to a parallel progression, instead of a linear one. If that makes any sense.
I wasn't sure where to post, but given that I want to check for interest, I believe I'm at the right place.

Like the title mentions, I plan to make an RP where RPers will play as marines. Most of the ones I've seen are about pirates and adding to that might not garner as many people.

The general setting of the world is that Blackbeard eventually plunged the world into an era of anarchy, causing a proliferation of pirates and criminals. The marines initially were spread thin, but crumbled in the end, allowing pirates to freely sail across the seas. Most islands and kingdoms isolated themselves from each other and closed their borders to the world, in hopes that they could survive on their own.

Lasting for far too long, a number of individuals rose up and reestablished the marines, but it won't be as amazing as it used to. Without any choice, aside from those who truly believe in justice, the ranks of the marines will be filled with everyone and anyone who wants to help make the seas peaceful again.

That's what I have for now. I'm willing to brainstorm with others who are interested.
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