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[@Majora] It's called a Sig Rotator. Just google it and you'll find it to be really simple. :D
3 mos ago
[@Pug] -Swoon-
3 mos ago
[@DeadDrop] Pug is swole af, he'll beat your ass. I know because he beats my ass and I enjoy it -so- -so- much ♥
3 mos ago
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


I'm leaving RPGuild. That's all that needs to be said here now.

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Squeeze out countless bottles of bodywash onto the floor and then belly slide down the isle hoping to collide with someone's shopping cart as they are passing by.
Walk into an empty isle beside an isle you know has people in it and scream ALLAHU AKBAR

Speaking from experience; This almost got me arrested. But it was fucking hilarious
And the version for public threads: when you read through a thousand interest checks until you finally find one which strikes a good balance between player freedom and strong plot focus, with an eloquent, engaging OOC thread, a passionate GM ...

but then you check out the Characters tab, and realize you'd be roleplaying with a bunch of teenaged supermodels spending all their IC time shooting off "snarky" one-liners and generally being generic boring cunts with no personality, creativity, or vision.

The number of well-written, well-GMed threads ruined through the incompetence of the general public defies reality.

Pug is always there to remind me of my constant suffering.

Thanks, bro.
rip my nigga @raddum

Just when I thought this was the one Raddum thread that wasn't going to be autistic as humanly possible....

... I get proven wrong.

i live to disappoint fam

you thought i'd actually leave at 3k?

i'll stay until the lock request goes through.

and if it doesn't


i guess that means i'm heading to 4k posts


this is why we aren't friends

you don't understand me
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