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24 Apr 2017 18:59
Current I'm going to Quahog.
24 Apr 2017 0:57
It's over.
23 Apr 2017 22:41
Bleh. Fuck this shit.
21 Apr 2017 23:37
Apply gun to [@ClocktowerEchos] head, pull trigger, feel better about life.
21 Apr 2017 17:58
[@GarlandDaHero] I want to punch you in the throat


I'm leaving RPGuild. That's all that needs to be said here now.

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Just when I thought this was the one Raddum thread that wasn't going to be autistic as humanly possible....

... I get proven wrong.

i live to disappoint fam

you thought i'd actually leave at 3k?

i'll stay until the lock request goes through.

and if it doesn't


i guess that means i'm heading to 4k posts


this is why we aren't friends

you don't understand me
I'm sad to see you go, comrade. It's been a good ride, and if you ever come back, I'll gladly greet you with open arms. o7

I hope your time-traversing computer breaks and you are forever cut off from modern society.

It'd be the healthiest thing for you.
Is the other one joining this website to begin with?


The other one is having ever met you.

Not really, I don't truly know who the fuck you are either beyond a little chatter.

My only other regret is that a forum-wide communism did not take place in my time on the forums.

@DepressedSoviet you fucking failure /s
three more to go

i hope it haunts you so much that you become depressed and finally kys


i'm already dead

i'm in goddamn quahog

if there's two things i regret from this site

one of them was meeting you
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