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Current I just knocked over a waterbottle and it somehow landed upright. I have reached perfection.
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And like THAT I was torn out and thrown to the sky and I said all my prayers because surely Id die. As I crash down and smash down into earth into dirt. How my skinn did explode leaving only my shirt.
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Yay! Broken Heater. :T
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Carnivorous Sexosaurus
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If you dont value your life start smoking Youll die early or start drinking to excess every day Youll die fifteen years early Or you could love someone who doesnt love you back Youll die every day


A little about myself and why Im here. Im an adult mid twenties with a serious addiction to fantasy stories and art, metaphysics and dimensions. Plus history and politics. My stories rarely involve fairy dust and rainbows. I aim to reflect the deepest and rawest parts of humanity into my work. Then have it reflect back to others.

Check out my album on here with my sketches.

I have a roleplay called Ascension.
A tale of 7 bloodlines. 5 elements combine with Dragons & Seraphim. Mix them as you will. Then explore and create in a changing world. I've out years of thought into this roleplay. If you're looking for a high fantasy with a active GM. If you love long term roleplays, ones where characters grow old and die. Here you go.…

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Waiting for someone else to post before I can continue how I want to. But I may have to post again soon since I don't want to keep Lila and Sophia waiting. @13org ^_^
The Great Library

Vulcan merely nodded to Sophia's words. His fiery aura settling to a calming warm. He knew what she was going through. To fear for your Kingdom's safety was not very different from a Dragon's horde of knowledge. Graciously sharing her wisdom with the Monks has opened his eyes to this. His soft white coated brows narrowed as he began to step back from the aura resonating from her as she continued speaking. It was no different from a Queen fortifying her walls. She now understood how serious it was.

With part of his mission complete he spoke up once she completed her reel. "Do not worry. The lords of every kingdom are set to gather at the king of Vrondi's castle. Every Queen and King will be there. I set out to find you once I heard of this. My intention is what we have now. That is to say.." He looked at the dark corridors within the large looming library. "I wanted you to accompany me as a guest to this gathering. You have been away for quite some time. Most do not know of you." He looked her in the eyes as he spoke.

"Regardless at least the Fotian nation will aid you. That I swear on my Tyro ancestor's blood." Fist meeting chest he bowed to emphasize his promise.

Vrondi Capital

Vrondi's capital gates were open to all those with citizenship badges. Whether one came by sky or portal all would be checked for their badges. Unlike other nations Vrondi was strict and did not accept bribes. The Taxis were also involved in guarding the city as well as parts of the Aion. Angelic being floating above made the magical city even more majestic. Many of them dropping the petals of flowers as confetti. Raining multicolored fragrances on the guests and citizens below. Most rejoiced to this even those not used to the surface such as the Lassa who found their inability to breathe air not hindering their fascination with the visual spectacle of it all.

The beggars were pushed off the streets. Despite them being citizens fallen on hard times they were second class and were mostly traveling around the small cluster of homes by the river south east of the castle and the main events. This was to seclude them away from the royals of the different nations. There a beggar saw a woman approach. He was an older man who was partially drunk given his half empty glass bottle. The liquid inside was a crystal blue yet bubbled at the top.

It was not long until he was able to notice that this woman was not another beggar or a villager from Vrondi. She was clad in a dark aura unlike the pleasant people who came in for today's ongoing events. Few entered the low class block by the water. "What'd ya wunt?" He slurred a bit when speaking and took another sip of his drink. The barrel of hay below him kept him comfortable as he sat in the sunlight. He appeared to be a mix of Sol and something else. His clothes were torn but his long beard and chipped goat like horns were covered in moss and colorful mushrooms.

Some even on his barefoot toes.

Still accepting
Aelithia 'Aela' Matia
The Candor

Aela carefully observed the faces and names of the various men and women that came up on the screen. Glow reflecting off her face after rising from her seat and stepping several feet closer. The whites of her eyes and smirk glistened from the screen and the soft interior lights. "I think I know that one." She pointed to a particular woman.


"This bitch is crazy." Aela blurted out turning her gaze briefly to look at her crew. "Zero One." She started. "They're a group of A.I. sympathizers who roll with cybernetic enhancements AND roll with AI bots who are pretty advanced. Sometimes you can't tell the difference." She almost seemed to giggle at the end of that sentence as if recalling something in particular.

She noticed the ship moving and wondered what the their own robot girl was thinking. Could she see herself with them? Not likely Aela thought. She's too luxurious for the Martian low brows. "Trinity is her name. She's also a top player in virtual reality shooters. Not better than me but.." She felt herself trailing off and began to scratch her head, feeling a slight itch. "Anyways that's my two cents. I'm going to shower." She said with closed eyes and narrowed brows. She turned to walk with crossed arms and turned before exiting entirely. "If she answers link the voice call to my room! I can multitask..." She walked off with a shout and a whisper and made her bare footed trek to her room to start the shower. It was her favorite part of this ship.
@Ashevelendar Welcomed to join!
Forgot how to mention properly.

@Drifting Pollen@Gentlemanvaultboy

After his words Ziton turned to Baqar. "Go into the guest room. Don't leave it." He then turned away from the child and began walking the opposite direction. Before he could get too far Baqar voiced a question without raising his voice. "What will you do?" Ziton paused while mid stride, the shade from over his face growing darker. Yet his smile grew brighter as he parted his lips once more to speak with a fluid confident tongue. "To try and find something." He then kept walking. Leaving behind a calmly confused Baqar.

The young boy shrugged and began to walk with a hop to his happy steps. He made his way with a maid to the guest room and was in awe of the decor. He found the bed most amusing and jumped on it to find out how high he could bounce. The glint of different colors met his eye as he was twisting midair. He hopped onto the ground and opened the back doors with a rush. He dashed with open excited arms to perform a classic display of smelling the flowers. As he did this however he came across patches of missing bundles. He also took notice of the two people within the garden. One had a weapon drawn on the other. "That's a weapon!" He spoke up from behind a bundle of foliage as a stand in reply to the floating mans question. "And it fires magic!" He exclaimed with raised arms. Though he was hardly visible behind the shrub.
@Drifting Pollen@Gentlemanvaultboy

Ziton made his way to the training hall for a brief moment. Merely to observe. He then continued walking. Wandering the halls to find where he could go that was not heavily guarded. He veered over the line of where he could go. Accessing his limitations. It was only now that he found his murderous intent dampened. Indeed he did plan on killing where the coverage was light. Yet he did not find the will to attempt. "Where is this coming from?" He muttered. His eyes gave a feint glow and his eyes saw he was surrounded with a mysterious mist. It was coming from the ground itself. The mist guided him to what he sought.

He stepped back in surprise. "No different from Vrondi. When will people learn.." Ziton chuckled as he continued to view the scene whilst suppressing the affects of the magical floors. The training room, the throne room, and the guest rooms seemed to be the main places allowing passage. Yet the view of the various machines and weapons surrounding the castle made him smirk. He stood now at a window that looked outside at the city surrounding the castle with his arms crossed and his worn hat tilted.
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