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Current… high fantasy. 5 Original races. Dragons and Angels
3 days ago… Dragons, Angels, and 5 other bloodlines.
7 days ago… original races and world high fantasy
8 days ago… original races and world high fantasy
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A little about myself and why Im here. Im an adult mid twenties with a serious addiction to fantasy stories and art, metaphysics and dimensions. Plus history and politics. My stories rarely involve fairy dust and rainbows. I aim to reflect the deepest and rawest parts of humanity into my work. Then have it reflect back to others.

Check out my album on here with my sketches.

I have a roleplay called Ascension.
A tale of 7 bloodlines. 5 elements combine with Dragons & Seraphim. Mix them as you will. Then explore and create in a changing world. I've out years of thought into this roleplay. If you're looking for a high fantasy with a active GM. If you love long term roleplays, ones where characters grow old and die. Here you go.…

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Welcome. I have a RP that's related to your mythical interests. It's in the link in my signature. Enjoy.
Vrondi Outside Capital/ Farmland

“Well then perhaps you should head inside the walls. There is a festival going on and it is hosting every queen and king across the lands. If I were not so busy recruiting for the gate I would enjoy a fine drink handed down from the Royals undesirable wine collections. Even their scraps are like gold to us commoners.” He chuckled with hands on his hips. He looked over the Nayu girl as he spoke. Her blindness made him comfortable with staring at her. He then looked to Elise who spoke. They were positioned by the tree and the breeze was brief and gentle only visible through the bobbing grass ends. The clouds were not able to block the strong sunlight that cast a golden hue over the grass fields that made up the farm lands around the Vrondi capital walls.

“Elise Nina Crimson. That's a fine name.” He lifted his silver helmet which had a few leaves on it and peered down at Elise’s neck. He found the blood coagulation in light crimson holes on her neck to be alarming as shown through his widening eyes. He looked at the Nayu girl. “You're visiting your aunt.. Have you been briefed on Vrondi customs and laws?” He looked back to see the other guard and what he was doing with a serious furrowed brow line.

“Missing? Well if you have a reward we can post a search paper. I suppose she isn't from around here… Are you a citizen of these lands?” As he asked he Rhagar glanced over to the guard that was speaking to Rhagars sister and friend and noticed the look the guard was giving him. we have a feeding here.. The guard before Prometheus glared now at her and to Elise. “Do you have a contract with each other to feed on Vrondi land?” He asked her while glaring at Elise and her visible bite wound.
@Demonic Angel
@Landaus Five-One

The Blood Banquet

A knock on the door could be heard. “I assume you are ready?” Spoke the servant behind the door. Without confirmation the door creaked open and the Nayu servant, with his slicked back hair and black horns, walked in. His eyes were white. His Nayu blindness was clear. He merely looked forward with his back straight and his gloved hands behind his back. “Ms. Moriarty. This way please. That is if you are ready.” His elegant voice was monotone to the point of being bland. He however lowered a hand to Lila awaiting her grasp. “I will guide you to the gathering.”

The door closed behind the two as Lila walked through the door. The door was normal looking and even worn. So as Virias attempted to break it down along with the walls around it a barrier of dark mist would appear where the damage would take place. Upon trying to collide with the wall or door he would sink into it and would find himself in complete darkness for a brief second before appearing opposite of where he was. The servant chuckled as he walked. “Do not worry about your friend dear. He has an important role only Mirror knows. And he will have a fun in my room of madness.”

Lila was presented to the gathering as a young girl the servant has guided in. The Royals looked in awe. Many did not know of her and were eager to talk. “My who does your attire? You're just like a doll. Oh dear if only you had your sight to see how beautiful you are.” Blood in glass cups was consumed around Lila with laughter and more inquiries. “What's your name?” Asked a Nayu man with a mask and silver ornaments on his horns and silky black hair. The servant turned to the man. “She is of the Moriarty family…” The Royals looked amongst each other. “The Moriarty family? My word such a rich heritage.” The chatter amongst Lila's small circle of Royals led to gushing and talks on the Moriarty lineage. “It's a shame that they were nearly wiped out. No doubt this young one here is a cousin of the main branch.” A more elderly Nayu royal muttered. The servant reached down to Lila's ear. “I will keep an eye on you. Go. Await your call and try to enjoy being a Nayu for once.” He smiled with positive energy embracing his vocals and into Lila's mind.
@Deos Morran

The music went on and the dance floor opened up. Food was still being served, slaves being sold, Therosi and Nero guards scattered about. The man who purchased a slave stopped by a group of Royals who spoke on his purchase openly. “You're going to spoil her.” Chuckled one royal man. “I know but she enjoys making friends. Even with slaves. Ought to teach her the proper way to see a slave.” He replied with a bit of a shrug. “Ooooh. And how's that?” Asked another. He looked down at the seraphim girl connected to the chain In his palms. She was looking down barely seeming able to remain awake. “By raising my child with a slave she will grow with them and she will learn that a slave is a helper, a tool, and a privilege. If she needs her ass wiped her first thought should be ‘why isn't my slave doing this’?” They all broke into a bit of a roar over this and continued their idle chat.

Yes but we need a few more people. And how much do you folks know about the show? I can give co-gm status to those who know a lot.
Mikahiel Zephyros

Within the few moments spent within the crowd Mikahiel wound up colliding with a stranger. A gentle bow and an apology was the usual formality. But in this case a gentle exchange could not easily be had. For as the stranger bumped into Mikahiel, who was strolling gracefully, his balance faltered causing him to fall.

His hand met the ground before his body could. Almost sighing with relief at this he rose to his full height and brushed himself off. ”Oaf..” He muttered under his breathe as he brushed dirt off his pants and hands. His gaze had yet to meet the other as he did this. His mind seemed set on the identity of this person.

But as he turned to see who was behind his sudden embarrassing fall he noticed a man and woman linked in arms going to a building. His mind noted of the location, the man seemed fashioned with taste rather than necessity. So his entrance to the building made it seem more worthwhile. He now looked at the stranger, and his eyes widened.

It was his time abroad that has taught him to not stare, or take visible notice of the differences of the beings that took root here and there. But he was fascinated by the differences nonetheless. He felt himself, as a hybrid, to be a bit odd as well. ”Perhaps we both are to blame. Please do not stain your conscious for my poor balance.” He had a gentle smile and finished with a chuckle. His hand swiftly left his side and was raised near the centauress. As they shook he spoke.

”Mikahiel… Mikahiel Zephyros. I am new here and quite famished. Do join me if you will If this place has it I know a brew of tea that will brighten your day.” With that said pointed to the inn he saw the man enter and made his way there. The open window allowed him sight of the customers inside.

He went up to the window and waved to reach the attention of whomever worked there. Upon getting their attention he would make an order. ”Ahh. So, Aisha. How do you like this.. place?” He sat outside and awaited his meal, however a hot teapot sat on the table before him. He poured himself a cup and his guest one two. His legs sat crossed and a smile sat on his lips for the smell of soaking herbs. The water turned a light red and caramel. Like autumn leaves.

”Do let me know if you enjoy the tea. It's a mixture of what I enjoy the most. It reminds me of changing seasons.. which does not seem to happen here.. And I added three cubes of sugar. I hope it's not too sweet.”
Yes. Simple dark and mysterious. With a strong family bond.
All we need is a badass rich guy. Lol
Mikahiel Zypheros

Dirt was lifted into the air as the galloping hooves of a horse trampled the ground at a great speed. It was then that the sight of the dark brown horse nearing the entrance to Hayll. A tattered scarf danced in the violent winds created by such rushing speed. The figure that rode atop the steed was blurred in the dark cloak that wrapped his face and body. He brought his horse to a slow gallop as he neared the entrance where people congested the path he was taking. He maneuvered past these people with the elegant steps of his horse and made his way to a unoccupied stable. There he swiftly rolled off his horse with a kicked out leg and brought its reigns to a pole and wrapped it around the pole. He patted the large head of the animal before letting it dip its head into the water for a drink. ”Drink up ol boy you deserve it.”He muttered before checking his hip for his blade which was safely sheathed on his side and walking off.

Mikahiel Zypheros untied the tattered black cloth from around his face and lifted the cloak off his shoulders. He placed it into his bag which sat on his horse and then lifted the bag from off the horse and carried it with some effort on his back. He made his way down the busy street and found a kind inn. Inside he rented a room and dropped his items off and locked the door for safety. He then looked at the sun as it was still bright within the sky. ”I need a hot meal.” He muttered to himself with a sigh and came from the halls of the inn and out the door. He moved some of his disheveled strands of hair out of his face and stood at the front of the inn trying to figure out which direction to go. Never has he been here before but it was simple. Almost too simple for his tastes.

”A decent bite is all I ask.” He spoke before steadily making his way down the street to observe the shops.
Ramble ramble woohoo~

@Burning Kitty

That's possible. Perhaps a reverse curse binding you and a gargoyle?
This world has many many many odd things.
Dark. Edgy. And full of badass one lines. Gargoyles is still one of my favorite shows and I know it's lore fairly well. I plan on using many of the same entities. But the other than that the main cast will change.

So any interest?
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