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Current Keanu Reeves is amazing.
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Edible panties says otherwise.
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So Im using the art album thing. Seems fine. Check me out.
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3 Realties. Me. How I imagine myself. How I wish myself to be.
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A little about myself and why Im here. Im an adult mid twenties with a serious addiction to fantasy stories and art, metaphysics and dimensions. Plus history and politics. My stories rarely involve fairy dust and rainbows. I aim to reflect the deepest and rawest parts of humanity into my work. Then have it reflect back to others.

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I made a discord.
@Doc Doctor

Auz could potentially see him now flying through the air with a trail of smoke behind him. He flew along the side of the bridge but upward. Going above it but beside it. Heading down and further away at at least 30 mph. The flames being ejected from his palms at a larger rate than before.
Afternoons and Evenings is usually when I can drop a post. Mon-Frid
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I hope my last post wasn't confusing.
A odd sound it was. A scream from a strange source. It's silence following the fastening grip on this woman's weapon. This was noticed but not taken as much more than a spell perhaps used for keeping things at bay with fear rather than strength. As he looked into the dead expression of the woman with his own. A swirling color like flames sat in their depth like a shell containing unquenchable fires.

His emerging smile contrasting the gloom she wore and his brow rose to intrigue as she rejected the farmer status. A drifter he thought as his right thumb cupped his chin in thought. Accepting his initiation he spoke "Yes indeed you are.. I come from many battles. Ones that legends are made of. My power has cursed me to remain at combat.. unable to appreciate the simplest of fine things life may offer." As he spoke he expressed grief for his situation and brought himself closer to her with a gentle step. He would stop only a meter before her. Well within his reach. He would look down on her. Taking note his size covering hers in width. His smile was back but it was a somewhat cocky and seductive one with eyes lowered like a bedroom lover.

"I am Magnixx Hanoxx. King of Fotia. Dragonslayer. I seek only a moment to feel those simple pleasures before my next battle... to feel warmth, and to share my own." Hands spreading out he spoke with an open and inviting posture. "
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Maybe Sulley should just scoop Soron and Alexis up as he retreats to Sunfire. Maybe pick up a few others too. He will have to escape the cloak though. Which is still a sentient man despite its form. Get past him and you're Scott free since the basilisk is not moving and the cultists are mostly charcoal.

Since Sulley might have calmed down some he can hear your mental messages.



Spoke Rain in a low and contained voice to the female waiter who aimed to serve him. She stood near him as he sat leaning back facing toward the stage. His eyes avoided meeting hers. A line made his lips and with it his facial expression exuded a look of apathy. His eyes were surrounded by dark coloration that gave his cold eye lids the look of a man with little sleep but within his eyes was a sharpness that defied the likely apparant ailment. He was leaned back but active. His eyes not darting but hardly stopping to blink as he looked to be observing the stage and nothing else. However his eyes did come down to meet the numbers and appearances of the other hunter entrants. The waiter next to him expressed her desire to serve him a good meal. He declined but gave her a word to return later and said "Maybe I'll get hungry after looking at something more ripe to eat." He spoke with a surprising eloquence despite the vulgarity of his language. His eyes looking to meet her unexpectedly and winking as he leaned on his fist. The waitress could only blush in reply as she nodded and walked away. Rain sighed with a disappointed suck of his teeth. "That butt is a little too flat.." His eyes returned to the stage and observed silently the atmosphere and those around him. Using little beyond a glance here and there to give away his curiosity. The more interesting people he saw the more he found his excitement rising. The pre-exam was a addictive taste to what was soon to come. As the waiter returned with a tall glass of iced water with a lime on the edge Rain began to remember the moments leading up to here.

It was a job for some mafia boss. He was a stickler for getting the right guy's for a job who had no ties to legal industries. Rain was perfect. He was called in for his knowledge on chemistry and most importantly his narcotic knowledge. It was a rare plant brought in from a far away land. They wouldn't exactly say where it was from just that it had very rare seeds and he was to use those seeds to perfect a drug for them. To make things even more strange they only had enough to make two pills. While not introduced to the plant directly Rain was able to reflect upon the multicolored hue the seeds gave off when but by sunlight. Otherwise they appeared as normal seeds the size of sunflowers and dark brown to black in color. Rain used this opportune moment to request a specific kind of payment and that payment was to find him a navigator. As most navigators were honest people it was difficult to tell if he would ever come across one given his lifestyle. So it was specifically stated for him to find a navigator under any means and to find the location of the exams if possible. "You ask for a lot KID but if you deliver I'LL deliver." The boss told him assuredly and proved himself with the display of his wealth. However Rain was only interested in his end of the bargain being met, knowing that the hunter association was a formidable group to try and manipulate. So Rain went to work and concocted two pills of the drug for the Mafia boss and completed his end.

Things get interesting once you make promises. Rain found himself looking down the barrel of a few guns and didn't seem to flinch much. He simply raised his hands in the air. "Sorry KID but finding a navigator for your little dream ain't worth it. Might as well clean up loose ends." It was at this moment Rain simply began to smile. He looked to the ground and then held his mouth with his hands. Apologizing before facing the boss. "YOU'RE the loose end here." When he was done the boss was lit up with gunfire from his subordinates who stood by his side. Riddled he fell to the ground in a bloody heap and could only watch from the pooling crimson floor as his very son stepped from the other room onto the floor. His son was young but around Rain's age. He had a suite on and gloves as he stepped before his father's dying body. "You always try to destroy your greatest assets. This is where things change my dear papa. Join mama in heaven and be free of this world. Your ancient ways can no longer stay in effect. I will soar us beyond what you've ever seen." He held his father's bloodied corpse as rears streamed down his face.

Rain was soon compensated with what he looked for. A navigator connected to the Mafia one way or another was told of Rain's intrigue and resourcefulness. Able to make out what would happen and used the bosses own son against him. How Rain managed to gain favor with the Boss's son was a mystery. But it was clear Rain used his connections and his time well enough to keep him afloat in the most dangerous of organized operations. Being dropped off by a limousine was not his style but it worked all the same. The land he saw coming here was familiar with how impoverished the people here were in the slum areas he rode past. He had a black bandana over his nose and mouth and tinted goggles to protect his sensitive eyes to not only the sand but the sunlight as well. He met the front desk woman and laughed a bit at the million dollar price tag. However he was given a VIP card by the navigator. A mafia esque character with sunglasses and a top hat. He had a trimmed beard and stache but did not reveal any special details about what made him an appropriate navigator. Rain did not ask though. He simply used the elevator to find his way around and indulge in what he could find. He was feeling nervous and this made him excited. A smile emerging on his lips as he sat at the table. The waitress placing the glass of water on the table caused him to hide his smile which was emerging ever greater in width on his face. His black bandana covering his nose and mouth.
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