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A little about myself and why Im here. Im an adult mid twenties with a serious addiction to fantasy stories and art, metaphysics and dimensions. Plus history and politics. My stories rarely involve fairy dust and rainbows. I aim to reflect the deepest and rawest parts of humanity into my work. Then have it reflect back to others.

Check out my album on here with my sketches.

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Sunfire. Rest Easy Inn

The milky white angelic wings on Velai’s back that nearly met the floor as she stood were neatly folded on her back. Their coloration on the ends have been dirtied a bit as well as her legs and knees from being on the ground earlier. The incident still had her rattling inside and she feared it would not ever be over. Her eyes reflected the warm light from the fireplace that her and Paon sat in front of. After altering a patron to go tell the guards Velai moved Paon to a warm rug made from fresh animal furs.

There she tended to Paon’s wounds. The warm light glowed upon their flesh and illuminated the sweat and stress on their faces for each other to see. They faced away from the other patrons who were occupied speaking with guards on what they saw. To the people of Sunfire the events have been resonating around this inn and if not for its past accomplishments of pleasing many for decades it would be barred off. A guard remained on duty within the bar and inn now indefinitely to keep watch.

Even more so as the door to Mirror’s room was opened with force and inside nothing was found but an open window and an empty wall safe. Velai let Paon rest by sitting up as he pleased while she knelt next to him with a damp cloth to wipe his wounds. “Hold still.” She spoke softly as she applied the ointment beneath the cloth. It layered a transparent green liquid that had a thick consistency. It gave a feint glow when applied.

“I don’t have much of this. But this together with my soul’s charge should help you recover from the minor damage very quickly…” She applied a bandage to the wounds that were white and thin like paper but had a sponge like object beneath it that absorbed his blood. “Besides that the Taxis can help… although they are busy with the war.” She gasped at the thought of more peril befalling her night. It was really early now and she did not know if any of the earlier patrons she got to know so well survived or not. With this she sighed deeply. “My name is Velai… Thank you so much for what you did back there.” Her eyes watered as she spoke with an entirely unaware expression as she attempted to smile. Mirror I’m sorry.

Vrondi. North of Sunfire

“Good work back there… Baqar. Just remember when we get to the city to try to think outside of the box. I can’t keep telling you what to do every time.”

The dark skies gave little illumination to the black beast that steadily stepped it’s four legs upon the surface of a beaten path within the swaying jungle leaves. Vrondi’s land was quiet now, the flashes and screams were nothing but whispers in the dark. The horrors of the battles still waging were silent here. The glowing eyes of a man, the moon’s weak reflection upon the light green horns of the boy or the red of the mans. The heavy breathes of the black beast with its red eyes that lacked the conscious doted sphere of a pupil.

The boy sat behind the erected pillar that was the man Ziton. Ziton’s hands were grasping the reigns of the beast that strolled along, making little noise as it did so in comparison to the whistling tree limbs. A trembling was felt by Ziton on his leather. “Don’t be afraid of the wind but what it carries with it.” Ziton muttered with a slight turn of his head before returning it to its forward positon. The boy named Baqar whimpered and turned his head against the back of Ziton’s leather garment. “What is in the wind?” He asked with a tender voice. The white fanged grin of Ziton emerged on his face before his supple lips parted to speak a simple word that carried like the wind. “Change.” After saying this he let go of a rolled up paper that begged to join the breeze’s flow. It opened revealing the bounty papers for him and the boy was within said image now.

Behind the traveling group, besides their bags of belongings all stuffed within a leather sack so much so it has reached an disproportional circular shape, was a caravan with a fading torch next to a bloodied body of a Sol man. Papers of the same bounty sheet were scattered about the ground and met the flame of the torch. One by one they burned away.

Ziton’s chuckle could be heard in the winds as he disappeared into the black bush before the sun’s early rays even met the horizon.

Vrondi’s Capital

A bright streak of light could be seen above Vrondi’s capital soaring across it and toward the highest structure where the castle of Vrondi sat. There him and his followers met many of the world’s greatest leaders to speak and have their orders. It also held within the foundation of not only Vrondi but the ancient dragons that once ruled the land and skies of this territory. The light faded away as it met the castle and inside the king of Vrondi was said to be recovering from the night of battle. Just as the sun broke its light free from the edge of the planet’s surface did the glow of the high tower begin to be seen. The reflected twilight gave a shimmer to the castle of Vrondi’s King.

The light gave life to many of creatures of Vrondi, one particular one leaped from his bed of vines and met the window to greet the early light. He placed a dusty cap on and grabbed a bag filled with rolled papers. He darted outside, the young Sol lad with white hair and crimson eyes. He made his way down barefoot through the clean corridors created by the tall buildings that cast shadows on his figure. He made a stop once reaching the center of the city. The area was large but mostly empty save for a few drunks and homeless. He lifted out of his bag a thin rod that turned into a stand.

He placed a paper on the stand which read as he spoke out loud, mostly for preparation to clear his throat. “Meeting of the Kings and Queens of the lands today! Urgent discussion on the brutalities ravaging our land of late! More news inside!”
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Ok just let me know if you have any questions.

Also we have over 4 dragon pcs and as far as bloodlines go none are Lassa.
Temple of knowledge

Vulcan's display was a well thought out solution to the issue of the monks not seeing a possible threat to them. As Well thought out as Fotian Intel could let him know. Vulcan, and most descended, did not know about the infinite power within the temple walls. Only a true master of their soul could reach the form Vulcan displayed, but as he settled the flames of his soul away he perceived the twos, Qobo and Sophias, reaction. He stroked the hairs on his chin out of curiosity.

Surely only their masters have reached This? Was there something greater? He wondered with a solemn nod to their calm to his rare display. He felt despite his years there was more to discover in this world. "Perhaps remaining within the Fotian walls and training that lad Magnixx has kept me ignorant." He sighed and sipped his tea before the dragon plummeted from the sky with a loud roar that was not his own but the sky itself crying from the parting winds.

Vulcan found himself refraining from going into a full battle stance. He merely jumped to his feet and made it clear through his lack of initiative that the monks would clean their own messes. He did however follow to make his willingness to aid them known. "I will help as best I can." He spoke as his body soared through the air and soon his feet met the stone floors of the temple which was littered with rubble. The mountain winds carried away dust as the gaping hole the dragon created tore the temple cieling open for the cold to settle in.

Vulcan beheld the dragon before him. It's massive size could structure a home. It's scales could serve as armor for hundreds of soldiers. Vulcan stroked his beard in thought as he watched the injured that were with the dragon. "Perhaps this is no mere savage beast... But an ally?" He spoke in thought but loud enough to be heard. He watched as Qobo and Sophia speculated as to what may have resulted in this and gave his idea. "There is a war going on all over the lands. This may be another casualty..."
Sunfire fields.

Animus backed away from the smog. It was clearly deadly as the grass curled and froze like stone before being engulfed by the miasma. His eyes narrowed at the sight of this and then quickly shot up as he watched the parting dark green smog convey to him and those behind him the woman that spewed it. She looked down with glaring eyes at Animus.

Her severed limb within her intact hand. She lowered her stub and raised the end of the cut arm to meet the flesh of its missing part. The crimson that flowed met and merged the two pieces together and then the blood stopped flowing. Animus and his soldiers looked at this with awe on their faces. Bringing his head down he gritted his teeth with an intense will growing within him.

"Not here. Not yet." As he growled these words his entire person began to grow brighter. He flipped his blade in his hand and pointed it to the woman. His blade flashed a bright light that blinded her. Her voice screeched and she backed away into the cloud of poison. Animus leaped back to the barrier and ran up it's side to rejoin his soldiers.

Once he landed the poison cloud met the barrier and crawled up it slowly. The clawed hand of the woman gripped the barrier through the smog which frightened a few soldiers. Her tongue then met the barrier and she slid it across it's surface. A trail of her clear saliva ran down it. Her voice let out a long sigh, a look of pleasure upon her face.

"Mmmm... Your souls look so delicious."

The soldiers looked back and saw the dragon ripping cultists apart that were too foolish to escape. They wondered if it was feral or not but either way it aided them it best they could.

Lila was only waiting Mirror’s order to attack, but when she was about to kill her target, the thing inside the guardian, spoke. His voice echoed through Lila’s head.

“We are on the same side. Seraphim above all others, those who seek to undo this are to be annihilated without discrimination. Then and only then will this world know peace.”

Side? Which side? For Lila, there was never a side. She did only what she was told to do. They marked a target, and she killed it. It was simple. Lila never understood the concept of peace. She was raised to be a weapon. Peace was something completely opposite to her nature.

The calmness she felt before striking a target, the excitement from the hunt and blood… Could that be considered peace? After all, she felt at peace during those moments...

”But you don’t mind killing other Seraphim to get your way? I hate these contradictions.” Mirror answered, spitting on the ground and summoning a cold wind around them.

Contradictions? She couldn’t understand where those contradictions were… They were weapons too, right? A warrior feels at peace when doing what it was trained to do its entire life, right? Then the only way these warriors can know peace is by killing. Why was that wrong?

“He’s all yours… LILA!” Mirror said, attacking the guardian.

It doesn’t matter. She didn’t understand their logic. She didn’t need to. The only thing she understood right now was her desire to kill her target. The hunt was the only thing that mattered for her that moment.

“As you wish, Mirror.” She said, with a twisted giggle. Her muscles, which were tensed up all that time, released all that tension in a split of second, sending her flying towards her target. Differently from before, her movements weren’t gracious and calculated, instead being extremely feral. She moved herself without caring for how she looked, or if her movements were correct or not, she was like a beast. Her eyes were fixed on her prey. Her entire world now was resumed to her and her soon to be dead prey.

With a blindingly fast movement, she swung her scythe, aiming to his neck.

As the blade sliced through the air it's blade met another similar to it's own. Riryoku grunted from the blow as his widened and partially frozen form cracked underneath his cloak. The dark aura remained and escaped from beneath the cloak where his feet once were. The outer edge of his cloak where the darkness seeped out of began to show a pool of slow moving black ooze. He was slowly defrosting.

“This child! She has the hunger of a dragon within her. Is she a prize from your war on the bloodied throne?” Words flowed while he swung his scythe. He did so after flipping it down and brought it straight up at Lila.

A prize from the war? Bloodied throne? Lila didn’t understand those things, they didn’t matter… The only thing that mattered right now was that he was still alive. And that irritated Lila.
Instead of blocking his scythe, she simply disappeared in the shadows with a twisted giggle, both her body and her blade becoming one with the shadows.

After a brief moment, her blade appeared, emerging from the shadows, almost like cutting it. Her body followed shortly after in another lunge, aiming to cut Riryoku’s arm.

His aged voice let out a groaning yell as his arm was cut off. It fell to the ground. His other hand held onto his scythe. His body lowered itself by the cloak widening even more and the ooze below it being retracted into the cloak. The ooze held the broken slush of previously frozen sludge together to reform his body to it's previous thin form. His severed arm returned to slush underneath the cut sleeve that laid as a cloth next to him.

“D-damn you..” He attempted to rise to his feet but seemed very frail as he did so. “Your savagery cannot harm me.” He muttered as the ooze dripped from his stub and then form into an elongated thin arm and hand. “I will never give in…” His body flattened rather quickly like he returned to slush. It moved to Lila’s side before he rose up above her and brought the scythe downward on her head with a loud cry.

Savagery? Why he said that word as something bad? The tiger shows savagery when hunting its prey, it's both natural and beautiful. If you have to kill, what’s the harm in at least liking to do it?

So what if he kept growing his members back? He feels pain, doesn’t him? She just needed to keep cutting him.
Lila was indeed surprised when he tried to attack her. He still had strength to attack even after all that? What was that man? Why he was turning to that weird black liquid? Many questions rose inside Lila’s head, which was already fuzzy due to the bloodlust, excitement and joy for the hunt.
The scythe hit Lila, but it offered no resistance, instead, passing right through her body, as she slowly and gradually faded in the shadows.

“The moment i drank your blood, your fate was sealed. You are my prey.” she said, with a twisted giggle, her voice a mix of excitement and threat.
Lunging towards the old man once more, she swung her scythe in a clean horizontal cut, aiming to cut him in half. A silver streak in the absolute darkness from her ‘Eclipse’.

The familiar rattle and audible pop of the shattering core gave way to Mirrors failed attempts to hold his for at bay. Only with the crumbling of his coating did he return to form defiantly in front of the enigma. It pushed with a rested hand on ice that hugged its legs and sent shards and boulders of ice several yards away. "Your defiance is being noted." The once elegany voice now held a distorted anger. The red eyes beneath the helmet gave an intense glow before the being gripped the silver spear. "Be not ignorant. I am Nuxta, the second born."

Mirror looked up to him with a glaring expression. His body, clothes, and all were emitting mist from the frost forming on him. "You talk too much. You have ZERO-" As Mirror spoke ice and snow began to form around Nuxta and crawl up his armor. "chance of getting me to listen to YOU!" Mirrors hand raised up and the clapped together. The cold winds blew outward from the source where a mass of ice was summoned around Nuxta once more. This time the ice was twice as thick and it all was shaped like a cone.

"The entire point.. is that you won't be going anywhere."

Hearing a chirp Mirror turned. He saw the light of the sun slowly meeting the horizon and giving illumination to the fine scales that reflected it's light from the young dragon. Mirror's eyes widened at the sight if something so feral yet adorable. It was in line with Lila and her savagery. The sound of Riryoku being cut In half in the background.

The snow fell. Small waves of flurrying frost sprinkled onto the field and met the remaining flames that withered in the empty black ash of what was a lush field of grass and flowers. Again a cold breeze waved inward with unnatural pace and encircled the mass of land that the remaining warriors all held fast in. The Vrondi soldiers kept their focus on keeping the giant woman away, her 14 foot height putting her above any of them. She bashed and clawed away at the barrier that continued to form layers beneath the breaking ones.

Soldiers continued to fall periodically from exhaustion, their vibrant glow fading away as they merged with the dark from the failing moonlight. The captain stepped forward and placed a hand on the barrier. “This won’t hold for long…” His soldiers looked to him with concerned faces. “I will hold this one back. Conserve what little energy you have.” He looked at a device on his wrist that held an orb within it. It flickered with strange red lights before multiple red lines and a single moving one began to appear on its surface. “Our morning light will soon be here.” He glanced to the edge of the mountain scape and saw no twilight as of yet.

His blade was then pulled from his side and was flipped effortlessly into his right hand. He leaped into the air, his feet having a glowing outline as it did so and leaving behind air pressure beneath him. “Animus!” A few soldiers shouted as the man soared and ran up the side of the barrier. He flipped once reaching the very edge and came downward to the woman below. The captain’s name was Animus, a young warrior for the Vrondi elites who went up high in the ranks and showed undeniable loyalty to the Vrondi King and the Taxis.
His body began to be engulfed in light and glowed brightly. The woman below saw this and reacted by throwing her hands up to block the blinding light. Animus then shot downward with unnatural speed and met the arms of the woman with his blade. The impact roared and sent the woman falling down with her left arm still midair. Animus was already on the ground and charged at her. She hissed violently and emerging from her jaws was a cloud of green mist that moved like smog. Animus fell back with a flip and avoided the slow moving smog. He lifted his shirt above his mouth. “A Basilisk…” He grunted with unease.

“M-master… Help..” Riryoku’s frail voice squeezed from his vocal cords such words that conveyed his helplessness. However a red circular glow emerged from beneath his hood in the shape of an eye. “No… I must make the greatest use of master’s power.” His head moved and the black ooze dripped onto the ice. But as it did so it froze into place. ”There’s nothing you can do…” Spoke Mirror with a serious yet uninterested expression. He looked to Lila. “Channel your soul into your blade and lop his head off.” But before Mirror could turn his head the ice around the neo guardian began to crack. Mirror’s eyes narrowed with a glare at the snapping ice. ”This bastard…”

”One must not fear when carried by my father’s will.”

Echoing with a stern silvery voice into the minds of Lila and Mirror was the man within the guardian. The ice crackled slowly. Then it broke all at once as the guardian’s new form seemed to flex its arms outward. The ice shards flew around like chunks that crashed around the field in both small and large sizes and a large shard falling and killing a few cultists and a few more having to be blocked by Vrondi soldiers. “Lay down your weapon child…” The voice spoke once more, but its helmet turning down with unnatural speed to look at Mirror and Lila with a red glow beneath the helmet and within its darkness. The blow from a large ice shard cracked the ice beneath Riryoku and it revealed that his body was frozen entirely beneath the ice. He laid there, his cloak solid and underneath was his black ooze all hardened. “D-damn you… Mirror..” Winced Riryoku as his head struggled to move.

“We are on the same side. Seraphim above all others, those who seek to undo this are to be annihilated without discrimination. Then and only then will this world know peace.” The armored body of the man waved his hands with opening arms as he spoke. His gestures suggested compassion and a willingness to be submitted to like a conquering king. Mirror scoffed at this and spat on the ground with displeasure fuming from him. ”But you don’t mind killing other Seraphim to get your way? I hate these contradictions.” The cold wind began to encircle Mirror and Lila. A flurry of ice and snow soon summoned around them both and Lila could feel a slight cool breeze from it but it was nowhere near as harmful as it was outside of it. It also allowed lighter movements and slight glides.

Riryoku’s frozen body began to crumble beneath the cloak like black snow. “M-master… I cannot fight. Please. Once more I wish to aid. You…” As he said the last word a black aura began to emerge from his body like smoke. His body cracked beneath it. He raised himself up with his scythe. He was much wider than before and his feet were no longer visible beneath the cloak. His ooze was frozen like snow and could not move it seemed from his position. However his arms held onto the scythe with fluidity but not the same as before. He wavered left and right a bit but his movements remained simple and slow. Mirror lowered his body. “He’s all yours… LILA!” As Mirror spoke her name her shot forward and his body began to turn into clear ice like a sculpture. It shot forward like a bullet and crashed into the leg of the ice guardian.

The ice layered around the left leg and accumulated a huge chunk of ice that formed around the leg from the impact point. The leg broke free effortlessly and shattered the ice into the air. The ice shards moved like it had a mind of its own and whirled around the black armor until it formed into a Dragon from combining shards that grew in size rapidly. The head of the dragon was above the guardian and looked down on him with glowing cyan eyes. Mirrors voice could be heared echoing throughout the field as a blistering cold waved outward. “ZERO!” The dragon almost roared with Mirror’s cry of rage. The wave of ice brought about the freezing of the guardian once more by layers of ice. Except this time it had a frozen dragon sculpture around its form.

“MASTER!” Cried Riryoku as his body could not move, but he remained vigilant to parry Lila’s blade as best he could. She would also find it strange his lack of breathing, blood flow, or heartbeat.
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