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Current High fantasy with low fantasy aspirations.…
5 days ago… 7 races, who all share kin. 5 elements combine with Dragons & Seraphim. Mix them. Explore and create in changing world..
7 days ago… 7 races, who all share kin. 5 elements combine with Dragons & Seraphim. Mix them. Explore and create in a collapsing world.
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11 days ago… 7 races, who all share kin. 5 elements combine with Dragons & Seraphim. Mix them. Explore and create in a collapsing world.
14 days ago… A tale of 7 bloodlines. 5 elements combine with Dragons & Seraphim. Mix them as you will. Then explore and create in a collapsing world.


A little about myself and why Im here. Im an adult mid twenties with a serious addiction to fantasy stories and art, metaphysics and dimensions. Plus history and politics. My stories rarely involve fairy dust and rainbows. I aim to reflect the deepest and rawest parts of humanity into my work. Then have it reflect back to others.

Check out my album on here with my sketches.

I have a roleplay called Ascension.
A tale of 7 bloodlines. 5 elements combine with Dragons & Seraphim. Mix them as you will. Then explore and create in a changing world. I've out years of thought into this roleplay. If you're looking for a high fantasy with a active GM. If you love long term roleplays, ones where characters grow old and die. Here you go.…

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Welcome. Have fun writing. Immerse yourself into a good roleplay or two. Have fun. For examples of long term roleplay I have one in my signature link. There are many others.
Is there a spot open? If so what role has yet to be fulfilled?
A new bounty has been added.

I'd like to see if there are any. I think some 1x1s would be more likely.
But if you're looking for a long term rp that has dedicated players I've got one.

part 1
part 2
PMs to myself and discord is all I really need to organize a post and my players. As a GM.
By the way it has been 7 months this roleplay has been going. I think that's worth celebrating.
Thanks. I look forward to it. Let me know if you need to know anything.
Nero: The Shadow Gathering

The cold room of the Dolofon's shadow gathering brought little light to the eyes of those within. This was due to the candles which waved left or right occasionally from its upright stillness. Wax melting seamlessly into the crevices of the misty stone floors. Pillars meant to stabilize the room. The air was clear save for the hint of water permeating in the air and alluding to the chill of the stone releasing some of its condensation.

Once the assassins of the Dolofon were no longer entering the dark halls of the gathering room a hand was raised by the shadowy figure standing before everyone. “Good.. Those who are here are the 47 who have been chosen for your skillset. It has been quite some time since we have gathered here. Many of you are new to this.. gathering. Others are veterans, and I welcome you once more.” He waved his hand to give a gesture of the grand scale of the room they were in. He returned to a solid expression once more after doing so.

“It is without question that this will be of upmost importance. All other contracts you are under are miniscule. You will receive no penalties for not completing them. I will make sure of that. Instead focus entirely on this mission.” Sleeth began to stroll back and forth in front of the angelic statue in the center in a circle so all his assassins could see him as he went by.“There will be a gathering much like the renowned royal meeting I will be attending. However most within Nero do not find the sunlight or the way others detest their pleasures to be appealing. Vrondi is not a place for merriment for most Nayu, as you can imagine.” He paused and stroked the saddened grieving head of the statue.

"So there will be a gathering of our own, a Nero gathering. Many of my elite guards have come with me to Vrondi but simple guarding is not what I brought you all here for. I have a target for you. A single one. This target will be attending this gathering and will be attempting to take hold to something valuable to me, nay to all of Nero. This target is the leader of the Therosi. The reward will be any wish within my power. Do well to keep in mind my powers deal more than death, life, wealth, power, all within my grasp. However... The identity of this person is unknown to me. I will attempt to siphon this information from Vrondi or the Magoi while I'm away but I do hope one of you can kill him or her before so... The rules as for any assassination are the same. Do not get caught, but do not make it so I cannot verify your success. The rest is up to you."

The shadowy right hand of Sleeth lifted and a bright red cylinder object floated above it. It was clearly an illusion but it was close to the shape of a vile of red liquid. This red liquid glowed a bit to give a red hue over the faces and eyes of all those who peered into it. "This will be the item you will protect. The blood of the original seraphim. It is symbolic for the Nero kingdom and is a part of our collections. I have been given word that the Therosi leader is after this. While I do not care much for this item he or she does, I will use it to lure them in and end the Therosi for good. Then I will claim leadership of it and make use of it as I see fit.” The item remained midair for a few seconds longer after his many words, which he spoke with elegant accentuation, before twisting and vanishing as it collapsed into itself to become nothing.

Now he stood before his 47 who all had mixed feelings he could tell but none would shy from an order from their prestigious leader. “I recommend you all find a change of attire. Dress your very best. For you will be attending the blood gathering the kingdom of Nero will be throwing in my honor. And try to have some fun.” Once his speech was done his body vanished as its misty form evaporated into the air as it spread out, distorting his appearance as it did so at first.

The 47 of the Dolofon began to exit now, many choosing to open portals or disappear into the shadows. Many others however merely walked up the stairs that led down to the room and would find themselves within a large graveyard in Nero’s capital and overlooking the town below that led to the tall tower like castle structures that belonged to the Nero royals.


Vrondi Capital City

The sun was getting brighter as it rose up higher to meet the welcomed panels of sunlight absorbers that lined the top walls of the Vrondi capital. A thin indistinguishable barrier could be seen coming from the walls and covering the entire Vrondi city wall to wall in a dome like way. Dragons and flying descendants still passed through it without issue and many seemed happier after doing so. For it was the sweet aroma and good mental vibrations one got from entering the Vrondi capital city that made many not want to leave, or to not leave for long. The air flow was unobstructed as it whirled over the hills and gave a cooling breeze to those beneath the glaring sun. The smell of plantations spewing fresh spores filled the air.

As the morning air began to give way to the suns early midday warmth the dews of the fields surrounding Vrondi both inside and out melted into the air and gave moisture to many of these plants. It was this energy many in Vrondi absorbed as plants withered away into the palms of the Sol. With smiles they brimmed with energy from plant life and sunlight. The castle that housed their king was brimming as well, a tower of light almost pillaring into the sky and stopping once meeting the barrier. Symbolizing protective power and harmony. Down these royal polished white and gold halls were many Sol dressed in long fashionable attire that were adorned with rare beautiful flowers and stones and most importantly dragon scales. These scales all glowed in multicolored light and reflected a different personality for each royal.

Their attire did however leave room for some royals to experiment with plant attire further and a few wore almost entirely rare exotic plants or flowers that brimmed with life, likely connected to their energies. These royals all setup a large room which was decorated with plants that gave only sweet smells and many colored and shaped bloomed flowers. In this room was the head seat of the king. Where he sat before his servants and other prominent Sol of Vrondi. “Perhaps it would be best if I did not sit here amongst the others. To sit as a king, even within my own kingdom, may earn me respect. But it will not calm any egos.” Vrondi spoke calmly and carefully almost to himself. The Sol that stood around him were many.

“That Magnixx is an arrogant man but that Sleeth will be the most offended by this display. It is no secret he believes himself to be the most powerful king of all.” One of the royals spoke who was an elderly Sol with red eyes and long strands of silky white coming from his head and face, his head had a broken horn that curved like miniature antlers. The others around him, though varying in age and appearance, all seemed to be rather wise and adorned with all white attire. “Yes he will prove to be a difficult one to win over. It has not boded well for quite some time. But with no danger at his doorstep he will have no reason to aid us. I have to convince him he too is in danger.” Vrondi removed his hand from his chin before standing and instead of stepping he merely levitated into the air.

He lowered his levitation and crossed his arms behind his back and observed in an upright position only a few inches above the ground what was being done to the room around him. A large table was set in the middle of the room and the smell of fresh foods being prepared nearby was filling the air. Many royals took the opportunity to say hello to their king in person. Like the sun of a eternally glowing star amongst flesh and blood was what appealed so many to the king and his endless well of wisdom was a treasure. “To Ascend is to become more than what you are made out of. It’s choosing what makes you truly you right down to the center.” He said as he spoke to a few young Sol royals who had curious questions that made many of his replies sound strange out of context. “No I don’t have to go to the bathroom. Haha!”

Entering the room were many royals of the Vrondi capital all who were preparing for the future guests. It as not too long until a Sol woman’s voice echoed through the mind of many of those within the castle. They are close. I can feel them.
The meeting will begin soon.
Vrondi Capital. Weapon district.

“So it’s not like I’m poor I just need a favor real quick. Promise to return the favor!”
“If I do this for you there’s one thing I want from you. That’s a citizenship badge to Fotia. Not enough metals in Vrondi. Damn Sol don’t like the hard stuff so much. Wood, grass and shit. I might be here but my heart is in Fotia.”
A gentleman spat on the lush grass that was outside the barrier of his large tent that housed his anchor and other blacksmithing materials. He appeared a bit older and short for a dragonkin descended but his pipe and uncaring cold eyes made him appear quite tough. Also the thought of his frame swinging a large hammer and making decent weapons could be intimidating. This scaled man spoke up to another descendant who seemed to be followed not too far behind by a smaller much younger descendant boy. This man who spoke to this blacksmith was none other than Ziton the seeker, and behind him was Baqar.

“I just need it in top condition. You can manage that correct?” The man looked up with a glare before taking a long and relaxing inhale of the pipe before exhaling it into Ziton’s face whom began to wave it away with little but a frown in protest. “Alright.. I’ll do it. But don’t tell anyone I did this for ya. As for that badge?” The smith said before Ziton grinned childishly and went into his long leather attire and tossed down a red pin like badge that was given many engravings that resembled a circle of volcanoes representing the capital of Fotia. “Here you go. Enjoy your new life in Fotia friend. I’ll be back soon for my special baby alright?” Ziton said before handing the reptile his barreled weapon.

The dragonkin looked with wide eyes at the object. “Never have I seen Tearian weaponry up close. Looks rather simple, I assume this trigger is where I should avoid. I’m guessing this does not need rounds.” Ziton wagged his finger. “It does. But those come here.” Ziton pointed to the center of his abdomen with his right index finger. “My soul. Anyways take care for now. And don’t mess it up!” That said Ziton strolled off with a casual whistle with Baqar timidly walking behind him like a puppy.

Nero Capital

The bluish hue of shade that sunk into every wall, rooftop and city streets were the result of the little light able to enter into this kingdom. There were torches around to help those few travelers or dwellers of the Nero capital. The streets were mostly empty save for a few men and women going to and leaving from locations. Occassionally down the empty road in the center of the path a carriage or dragon rider would stroll by. It was aired in thr city due to holes in the cieling that were massive and led to endless tunnels that reached deep caverns.

Most business was done indoors. It was the honed senses of the Nayu that allowed them to conduct themselves despite being mostly blind to sight. Within doors they could more easily feel the sounds vibrating on an object. Beauty was of the voice, smell, touch and taste. Despite this the Nero Royals dressed extravagantly. Their sight having been given by the trial of the sight. With heavy guards and blood or kinship to the King most were able to see from a young age, despite little martial prowess. Though it was frowned upon to be weak within the Nero royalty. Especially for those close to the king.

It was in the walls of a Royals home where a slender and tall woman with a sultry stare peered down at the longing gaze of a Nayu man. She herself not seeming too far off from one. Both having deadly seductive eyes but the woman straddled the man. "I can show so much more than just my delicate breasts." She whispered as her hands slid into the curves of his neck, her almost bare chest inches from his face. With a smile he raised his glass of red liquid in his right hand. "With these new eyes of mine I can see it all. Let's celebrate at the blood gathering." He spoke with confidence as his eyes seemed to glimmer with new wonder.

The woman on his lap smirked with a light chuckle vibrating in her vocals. They then kissed and fell back into the soft bed of cloth layered over soft white piles of silk. The room was lit with green flaming candles and the eerie aura was gazed up in my a young girl with wide and animal like eyes. She continued to look as they began to declothe each other. But before the undergarments went off the circular window she peered through was blocked by the woman with a window blind.

The little girl did not seemed affected by this and simply lowers herself back to the ground. Her attire consisted of just a black cloak and sandals. She held in her hand a piece of paper that depicted two people in a sketch for a bounty.

She began to tear the paper to pieces. "Rip. Rip. Tear. Tear." She went on as she took out piece by piece and tossed it into the air. She was hardly illuminated in the shadow of the large home of the royal but her eyes almost glowed like a cat. She raised her hands in the air and tossed the papers up and watched as they floated away. "Whooooosh~ now to find more..."
Vrondi: The Royal Meeting

It was time. Trumpets sounded and light showered down in multicolored bliss as the ships and carriages of the other kingdoms began to arrive. It was the Fotian and Gaian vessels to arrive first nearly identical in time. The came from above both in or on massive flying carriers. The Fotian airship came down gently and it's flat surfaced bottom where all the residents resided, beneath the giant balloon and propellers, and opened a large staircase for many of the Royals within to step out and be greeted by the majesty of the Vrondi kingdom. All citizens wore something special for the occasion and could be seen peering out their homes in awe of the kingdom's that were arriving. It was like being invaded by mystery.

The gust of wind that meant the Gaia kingdoms arrival was met with a bit of surprise as some pedals from bouquets and other delicate ornaments were blown aside. But all the wind soon subsided as the massive stone dragon remained airborne. It were the gifted wings of their own or those of a dragon rider that lowered the Gaian Royals to the soft grass lands below within the city of Vrondi. It was a celebration.

The long of Fotia and the Queen of Gaia were both accompanied by their most trusted guards and servants. It was a moment before either of their parties moved however from where their vessel landed. Both choosing to take in the Vrondi capitals beauty and watch for the entrances of the other Royals who were soon to be here. With a hand on his hip Magnixx smirked at the Queen from afar. She however was occupied with waving and saying hello to many of the Sol natives here who were massing in great numbers to greet her as she stood in front of her glistening white diamond scaled dragon. Her own adornments and even her skin glimmers with the multicolored shine of jewels.
Nero's Capital. Blood Banquet.

As the day went on those in Nero were congregating around the sweet aroma of fresh blood and other cuisines and decorations. Music played softly in the background within but little was happening beyond a filing in of patrons. After a while the castle gates were closed and the large halls and endless rooms within the kings royal castle was free to be flames by guests but there were many guards to hold off entry to many of these places. The main room where every royal and special patron resided was the banquet hall.

The patrons all also wore masks. As their attire was mostly in black or red they fit the dim lighting of candles and the eerie chill in the air. The sound of chatter grew more loudly as Nero Royals began to fill the place out. Soon it was the appearance of over several dozen Therosi red hooded figures who entered that caused silence. They brought with them items wrapped in black cloth. They were elongated and wide. They dropped the items on the ground in the center and unraveled them. There before the Nero Royals were four young seraphim. Each whimpered in fear as they were bare and were covered by merely the cloth that wrapped them.

"Bidding starts at twenty thousand." Spoke a hooded figure who stood out from the rest. He had white hair dangling from inside his hood. While the others were presumed balled by the way some took down their hood and showed identical balled heads. They also brought in large metallic barrels of red liquid. Pouring them into a fountain soon a fountain of red began to shoot up and splash into itself. Royals took glasses and scooped drinks from the fountain and cheered while clanging then together.

Others began to observe the seraphim and make bids. The music grew louder and many began to enjoy themselves more and more. The 47 Dolofon being in attendance were dressed in masquerade and eyed the Therosi. There were many decorations within these halls, one in particular was of the Kings likeness behind his throne seat within the banquet hall. Some joked about sitting there but none approached it.
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