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A little about myself and why Im here. Im an adult mid twenties with a serious addiction to fantasy stories and art, metaphysics and dimensions. Plus history and politics. My stories rarely involve fairy dust and rainbows. I aim to reflect the deepest and rawest parts of humanity into my work. Then have it reflect back to others.

Check out my album on here with my sketches.

I have a roleplay called Ascension.
A tale of 7 bloodlines. 5 elements combine with Dragons & Seraphim. Mix them as you will. Then explore and create in a changing world. I've out years of thought into this roleplay. If you're looking for a high fantasy with a active GM. If you love long term roleplays, ones where characters grow old and die. Here you go.…

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Vrondi listened to Mason while observing the ball floor. The royals began to continue their conversations as the King dismissed his speech. His eyes then turned its gaze on Mason's observable aura. His honesty exuded through his aura. But something else did as well. When Mason displayed his terrible power the King winced in his shared pain. "Despite your appearance you share a chaotic curse. Your soul is more chaos than divine. Meaning you need to work with the masters of chaos to better know the true nature of your soul." He looked around at the people at the crowd again.

"The Dragon Temple in Gaia. They will be able to work with your chaotic nature. We also happen to have a few from there and one known as Sophia. I would say she would be any upstarts ideal master." He motioned for Mason to step down gently. "I will set arrangements for you to be further noticed on what this may mean for you and what you'll need to do. In the mean time stay within one of our guest rooms. You will be seen after you refresh yourself." He allowed Mason to step down before turning to the others.@Guy0fV4lor

"Sir Blighted Knight. Please do these folks a favor once we are done here and escort them to the guest rooms. Now. Next please."

The young Sol's eyes widened. The royals clothes met the floor in front of her. Her bare back exposed her scarring. A cosmetic injury that she couldn't fix. But seeing such wounds made her wince. Not even slaves in these parts had such scars. Perhaps in Fotia or Nero, but in Vrondi it was strange to see wounded folk. Warrior or not. Most were clean and unmarked, just as their King.

But this woman of Fotia. This child of fire and brimstone who stood proudly before her was a different kind of being. She smiled when spoken to. Hanging onto every last word as she was trained to. Her cheeks were a soft hue of red. The difference in complexion intrigued her. She remained near the bed across from the entrance to the bath. "Oh.. Haha well it is a pleasure to have you visit." She expressed, assuming by her not seeing her around, and her overall persona, that she was a foreigner in this land.

When she began on her gash Solari held back a gasp. As said scarring was rare in these parts. Wounds were not new to her, but one that never healed? Well she couldn't imagine it. She placed her hands over her mouth to hide her shock. But when she met her gaze she smiled and waved it off. To make her feel self conscious about her wound was the last thing she wanted. "Alright!" She resolved. "Just relax and let me take care of every bit of pain you have..." She watched her remove her boots and sigh from the discomfort. "If you wish to have anything truly restored we have better healers than me that could do that. I'm sure one of your status can afford it."

"Oh you jest... A hummingbird? It does remind me of you. Delicate, majestic. Mysterious even." He swished his drink lightly in his cup as he met eyes with her. Each sentence he drew closer. His emerald and sapphire orbs not leaving her. He took a whiff of his drink and sipped it slowly. Then brought her own drink up to her nose. "It's a delicate smell and a refined taste. Even for those who have tasted the finest. I assure you. It will be aid in quenching your fire. Others are.. well." He turned his upper body to sway his drink across with an index finger extended. Washing over the crowd a few eyes were on Ami as if she were a spectacle.

Some more ignorant guests cheered for a show from Ami. "Is this a new dancer?" Questioned an
who was visibly of dragon blood. He stood with other Oro royals who were just noticing the flames escaping Ami's back. It slowly began that others were noticing. Lucius beckoned for Ami to realize this. "If you would rather go somewhere more private. I would understand. But if you wish to stay you need to calm your aura. Just for today."

Hikari Twilight Knight

Hikari and her partner mowed down the ceaseless horde. Absorbing their magical power into themselves like endless wells. The engorging power within Hikari showed through her blade. It's light growing more intense and its darkness grew deeper. She couldn't make out where the Hag had went when she initially jumped. Being a close quarters fighter Hikari was within the thick of the black nightmare ooze. Only barely keeping herself dry by dashing their bodies across the brick city walls.

Only once they were cleared did she notice their movements grow, like a congregated pillar they chased after the Hag whether she was rising or falling. This clearing gave sight to sound of the clashing she had heard nearby and then she saw it. The layers of ice keeping the collapsing building together. Who would cause such destruction? For what reason?

She looked for her partner and found her looking disappointed by the moving horde. It seemed they just did not want to play with them tonight. When Alex suggested they move Hikari did not take a moment to respond. Instead she silently closed the gap of her legs and let an aura of darkness met with particles of light embrace her armored boots. With a slow lowering at first she rocketed upwards, flying towards the horde.

Streaks of air trailed her spiraling form. Her blade extended she formed a drill of twilight energy and punctured through the horde. A hole where she had tore through broke off some of the pursuing horde for her partner to finish off. She then landed on the side of a building. Gravity not yet affecting her level of momentum. The buildings side caved in, but not before she flipped off of it. Rolling midair and landing on another building. She held her head a bit from the rapid spinning and saw the dwindling horde was after the Hag. But before she could leap to finish them off with her partner she noticed Kanbaru and other magical girls of the night approaching Mari.

Hikari was not too far behind. So she over heard their reactions and discussion. She shook her head and turned to find her partner. "Alex! We have to help her. I don't like where this is going..." She said with pointing her blade to Mari and the others who began to surround her position.

@Polaris North
With the crowd watching the stage, having listened to the King, few noticed Ami standing by herself. Few save for the head Knight who watched from above as the Blight took away the Seer. Do not worry about Lovegood. She will be in good hands with me. The Knight held his head momentarily. An invader of his mind. Another Sol, and a royal. Nothing he could do but watch as the one who spoke emerged from the crowd to cast his shadow of Ami's. The form of this royal, his elegant attire hair and dress was increased by his height. Nearly five feet taller than Ami his elegant eyes looked down on her white hairs. Amused by her not noticing his presence. Her aura stifling his.

"You're showing." He let out. His glass of white champagne still sizzling at the top. He let the smell of it permeate into his nostrils as he watched Ami spin from his words whispering into her ear from behind. Clad in royal attire that was plated with fine golden armor. A blade at his waist. He was not a knight directly, one with his nobility wouldn't be wasted on the battle field. No he only climbed the ranks for his own amusement, a noble whose families heritage was long standing within these castle walls.

His piercing eyes beheld Ami with low admiring eyes. In his other hand was a glass filled to the top and foaming. He presented it to her. Letting his two fingers, which were free of the gauntlet, hold the glass alone. "It does surprise me to see you out here. Enjoying yourself like a free bird while the ones who hold your chains remained distracted? Clever." He took another sip and looked at the stage and the people briefly. All seemed occupied and so he met eyes with Ami. Suddenly turning to meet her gaze.

"Does this place not bore you? I don't mean this party. But the safety of the walls... It's so." He attempted to find the word. But merely let her do so. He knew she disliked her role as a royal. A defined role. A restricted one. Ever since they were young and her talents were discovered he had pined for her. But delicately. Now he sought to sow a seed, one that would make her his. One way or another.

"Hmm." The King contemplated on what Dremmick said. He took his time and thought about the past. His vast past was too great to recall one family. If not one that directly affected him. "I am sorry. But I do not know about these incidents when you bring them up." He read Dremmick's emotions. He could tell he was doing this personally. Not for anyone but himself. The King nodded briefly. As if confirming something to himself. "What you seek are answers. However I'm afraid the Seer cannot be spared today for any other tasks. I'm afraid what she will be doing will require more energy than she has mustered in a very long time."

"But the path to your answers can be brought to light. It happens that there is another seer in our midst. One that has come all the way from Nero. Please stay a while, rest in our many rooms. IF you need food or healing a servant will be only a bell ring away. Quite good they are at that." His smile was serene. He placed a hand on Dremmick's shoulder. His grasp was heavy and firm but it was not the physical feeling, but the spiritual that Dremmick could feel resonating from the King. He let go of the mans shoulder to let him step down. He then turned to the others. "You may approach."

I quite enjoy reading it at length.

Hmm.. Have fun with your family! I think all the group will be doing now is a lot of socializing.

You'll all have a moment to have your characters come together. Quite a mess that will be.
Vrondi Castle

Having Garret walk the Seer down past the other nobles was a spectacle to those they passed. The charm of the room being dulled with the sharp contrast of the Blights appearance. Yet like the dirt around a gem he only made Illia's beauty standout even further. She was arguably the most elegant of maidens to enter this banquet of Sol blood. Her flowing attire and majestic hair made her seem ghostly as she lightly tip toed before the knights. They hardly could look down at her. She was standing very tall at around seven feet. Yet she gripped the seems of her dress and curtsied before them. "I believe I am wanted inside."

Once inside she and Garrett were met with the stares of all of the Kings and Queens. The silence in the room was quickly broken. Vrondi made his way over. His body floating more weightlessly than the Seers. A smile on his face he came before her and gripped her hands and held them. He came close to her and affectionately spoke while looking her in the eyes. "I am so grateful for you coming here. I apologize we couldn't meet under better circumstances." She smiled in return. "Never have I seen such beauty all in one place. This is the very best of circumstances. You just can't see it." They both shared a smile and a chuckle before Vrondi noticed Garrett standing behind her.

"Ah, sir Garrett. I thank you. I suppose there are a few matters I need to address outside of this room. Yet it won't be unrelated." Vrondi turned to the others in the room. "With your permissions I will begin recruiting from across the lands a unified force. I will announce this plan to all those who reside in this city." The others began to nod in agreement only after briefly looking each other over. Vrondi let out his left hand and a orb of light formed from his body like a bubble. It was then formed into a copy of himself.

The two Vrondis split. One went to return to his seat at the end of the table while the other stood next to Garrett. "Come." He began to exit the room. The door closing behind him and the knight. His form immediately took the notice of everyone inside. He began to lift up. Rising into the air. He came to the elevated stage. He placed his hands behind his back and stood dignified in the sight of all the high bloods.

"I once again thank you all for being here. The leaders of your lands have concluded that there must be a unified force to show our resolve. Together. As descended! So as a result we will be accepting those willing to join this new allied army! I request those who have aided me in acquiring our much needed relic come forward." Vrondi looked to Mason, Constance, Dremmick, Mirror and Siiga. They could feel his aura watching them.

Mirror tapped Mason on the arm. "Lets go friends." He stepped forward. Walking through the parting crowd. He came before the elevated stage and knelt down. "The Aion are with you." His wings folded over his shoulders. He looked at the ground continuously. Vrondi observed their postures. Some bowed some didn't. He nodded. "See how some do not bow? Their allegiance is not sworn to just me. But to you. This world, a promise to keep it safe no matter what King or Queen stands above them." The crowd gasped a bit. The group was not a knightly group. But it was necessary to sacrifice others that were not their precious knights.

"With that said I will be having an audience with these brave warriors. The first of the Allied forces!" The crowd cheered and clapped in applause. Mirror stood to his feet and with a single step walked onto the air and atop the stage. Standing next to the king he folded his wings neatly on his back. "I will keep this brief my king. I request Lila Moriarty be forgiven of her actions against the Aion... But I want the forces to get her back." He asked with quivering brows.

"Hmm... This is quite the predicament. You request something from me. But all I can give is wisdom. As I promised I will help you realize your path to get what you want. Reconciliation. You may need to write her letters, that will be the only way to get her back entirely. With your words sir. Your words." He placed a glowing hand on Mirror's shoulder. Mirror looked down, unsatisfied but bowed. "Thank you." He turned and stepped off the stage.

Vrondi looked down at the group. "Next?"

The servant led the woman to the private room up several flights of stairs. Through the many endless halls and windows that revealed the various towering wings of the castle. It was clear, this place was enormous. Perhaps larger than any Descendant could ever fully travel. Generations of various royals lived here. Safely tucked away from the commoners. The two polished wooden doors opened. The castle was decorated severely with beautiful vegetation that nearly took over. Yet their routes of growth were just out of the way enough to appear to be a part of its whole.

"If you will be needing anything please do not hesitate to ring this golden bell." He gently lifted the bell next to the bed. Making sure not to ring it. "I will be nearby. But your food and healer will be here soon." The servant bowed and stepped out the door. The key still in his hand he left in unlocked and went to search for Eros to return his key.

The drapes over the balcony windows were flowing with the breeze. The room seemed like it was previously visited, but not used. A wine bottle sitting next to the bed and rose pedals leading to the bathroom where a several meter wide bath sat. Water falling into it from a dragons mouth above. A statue of a dragon, fiercely spouting hot misty waters into the bath stared at her indiscriminately. Rose pedals floated over the scented water. It was not long though until a knock was on her door. "Your healer ma'am." Spoke a tender voice behind the door. "Excuse my intrusion." The door opened. The Healer poked her head in. Her horns dangling with a few ornaments and awkwardly being angled in.

"I am Solari. A natural healer."

As the door opened slowly to reveal her fully body she was a few tints of green. Her attire did not hide much of her flesh. Only a brown cloth wrapped around her slim chest and her waist holding various flowers along her makeshift belt which kept her brown loin cloth attached to her tiny waist. Her feet wore fur boots. She timidly awaited her orders, eyes looking to the side. A royal had to be given all they wished unless another royal intervened. With none in this room she was visibly a bit nervous. "What ails you?" Her hands gave a feint glow of light. As she prepared to do her duty.
Nero Capital City / Inside Neros Castle

Anui did not know about Lila's ability to see into ones past through their blood. But he could tell by her embrace that she was his. He did not take a hesitant moment to smother her in his long arms and hold her lips to his for the softest taste of his own blood and hers he's ever had the pleasure of experiencing. He HE felt through her tenderness that the blood that he felt rushing up her cheeks and down to her pleasure centers was real. He pulled back only to caress her face and meet pupils.

His words rang out and she, already red, buckled under them. He felt his hands hold more of her weight. He gently let her drop to her knees. He looked at her with a solemn expression. He knew what he asked was a great responsibility. Yet he was young and a bit reckless. But he knew the system well and how to manipulate it to his advantage. Something his family would never expect to come back and bite them. Now his mind was seeking power but not for his own sake. For hers. He held her hand, getting down on one knee, placing his finely sewn ebony silk on the dimly lit grass.

He turned to the tree that gave a low yet bright white light from its bark. Though it had no leaves it brimmed with a ethereal life. He placed his hand on the tree. His hand still stained with red. His print being visible on it. He motioned for her to do the same next to his. When she spoke of it being her first time he closed his eyes in quiet solace. Her words met his ears like a reflected mirror. He turned to look at her, opening his eyes slowly to meet hers. She was flushed yet he retained a cool and even tone. He had been around many beautiful Nayu women, all his life so his nerves were steeled.

"It will be mine as well..." He broke a smile. Looking down at Lila's hands he placed them in his. He embraced her hand and then up her arm, lifting the delicate fabric of her dress as he did so. Revealing her pale toned arms. For a Nayu that has lived outside of Nero their entire life she was as fair as him. He did not seem to notice as he kept gently pressing his blood stained lips up her arm and finally reaching her neck. Enveloping her in his unbridled passion they both laid before the silver light. Their only witness being the tree, the silent waters and the fish that lurked within.

A bed made of their attire laid under them soon enough. Anui kept his eyes on hers as he guided her honed body against his. His entire form could match hers in fairness. All he had was a single marking on his shoulder of a black wing. He smiled as his body turned a gentle hue of pink, his heat rising to match hers. The cold waters carried a cool breeze over them. But every pet and touch was like an ignited flame. From her chest to her back until finally he smothered her until both of them were satisfied and asleep. Whispers of love being hummed into Lila's ears as they did.

Vrondi City

"Your destiny is yours to weave as you see fit. Your actions, your choices, your knowledge. There is a reason why I swore to not actively interfere with the descended unless it's absolutely necessary. There is a power that every descended holds. The power of choice. The power to change fate and destiny by their own actions. Not even Nuxta can take that away from you." Sophia said, with a comforting smile.

The others sitting in the room nodded in agreement. Even Sleeth broke a smile.

"I may be powerful and hold vast amounts of knowledge, including about the ancient gods and even how the planet itself was once whole but it has been rendered to only house the one land mass we currently live on, but there are certain details that are hazy. Certain fragments of the history that are almost like they are surrounded by a thick fog." Sophia said, looking to them.

They listened intently. A few of them looking a bit perplexed. What rumors they had heard were true it seemed. For those who trusted Sophia's knowledge. However King Vrondi nodded. He seemed to know exactly what she spoke of.

"While the answer to the current situation is on these 'fragments'... I also need to warn you... Be careful on what you lay your eyes upon... There are things that the descended are not yet ready to learn..." Sophia said, now with a serious and a bit darker expression.

The others had mixed feelings. Though some agreed with a sorry expression others like Tydra scoffed. Her people, and the Magoi, they were not afraid of any knowledge and thoroughly sought to expand their own. Magnixx chuckled a bit to himself lowly. He did not respect the Dragon like the others and found Tydra to be amusing.

"Certain things... are best to remain hidden from the eyes of the world. Lest you wish to see it plunged in chaos... Like it already happened once." She completed, her eyes distant, almost like if she was remembering something from a very, very distant past.

Tydra kept silent this time. But rolled her eyes a bit. King Vrondi agreed though. "We must stay vigilant of what we stumble upon. OR what we stumble upon may trample upon us and history will repeat itself." He calmly looked over the others. Then suddenly his eyes widened. He pressed index finger to his head and his eyes began to glow. The others began to question what was happening but he returned to normal almost immediately. "She is here. We will have our answer soon enough." He raised a hand and the vines around the door moved and opened the door with a slow creek. Once open the sound of music and merriment from the banquet could be heard.

Bring me the Seer. Vrondi's voice blared within the minds of all of his knightly subordinates. A single loud and clear message for those who marked themselves under his banner of light.

"He is with me knight." She stepped forward a bit as she spoke. Standing only slightly behind Mason. She was amused by the knight and his appearance. Eyeing him up and down briefly. "I trust you will know me. The Seer your King has just called for." She held her smile looking the Knight in the eyes. Her elegant form holding still as if awaiting for him to do something else amusing.

With the doors opened the knights stood in front of it. Not allowing anyone but the one being escorted by another knight. To get the honor of presenting the Seer to the King was a sought after opportunity. However the Blighted knight stood before her. No matter. A Taxis knight emerged from the crowd of patrons. Epsilon Onsilion.
Whom was of decent rank. He wore his full clad of armor head and all. "How about letting me take care of this one, doubt they'd want a Blight like you next to such lovely ladies." He let out a low chuckle beneath his echoing helm. One that lasted a bit too long.

Illia rolled her eyes and looked at Ami. "Ah, here I thought I'd have a chance to enjoy myself for once. Well. I suppose they will be needing me else where now.. It was a pleasure to meet you Ami." She held Ami's hand and gently squeezed it as a good bye. She then turned and stepped next to the knight. "Shall we go? Blighted Knight." Illia awaited for Garrett to respond before she would follow him. She gave the other knight a smirk as he cocked his head back. Even under the armor he was visibly struck by this slight.


"Nonsense!" He clapped. The servants tightened up and listened. "A room for this one please. A healer sent there immediately, a fresh white.. dress? And a plate of food fresh from the kitchen!" The servants began to move. One staying behind to guide Czigani to her room. "You must not be from Vrondi. Why would you leave the most hospitable place in all the lands. You are a royal, and a guest. You will receive the best treatment for whatever plagues you I promise." He handed the servant a gold key with a chain made of wood attached to it. "Please escort her to the Tearian party's private room. See to it that she is taken care of immediately."

He then began to walk away. "That Eros. Always being so nonchalantly helpful." The Tearian royal women gossiped to themselves as they walked behind his elegant long flowing wings that matched his hair. A single pink feather floating in the air before Czigani before hitting the ground. The Servant picked it up and looked at her. "Shall we be on our way?" He asked. Looking at her with a bit of a raised brow as if she were not a royal. Yet he said nothing more than what he had to.

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Alright fixed the relationship and journal sheet please add it to your CS by quoting it.

This is what will be in the sphere @Duthguy

"Uhm.. thanks? I see what's going on now. This boy has fused with this monster. At least momentarily." He sighed, scratching his head. "I don't think there's a unpainful way to remove it. It will have to let you go on its own. Once it matures." He looked Nathan in the eyes by kneeling down. "Seems you're already well on your way to becoming a trainer. Though you've still got a long way to go. Anyhow!"

He got up. Looked at Xuon and laughed. "Well I'd say you can keep two of those for yourself and your monsters." He grabbed the other potions from him. Leaving him with two medium healing potions. "I suppose you're short one monster." He walked over to the spheres. Grabbing one and handing it to Xuon, along with some high quality dried meat.

"Take it. See what's inside."

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