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Current "What did the lord mean by us his only begotten son?" "It means if you're a little boy in a catholic priest swimming party you better get be gettin!"
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Remove the pain and push it back in.
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DMC with co-op sign me up.
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You know what I'm about.
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Join my Discord. 18+

A little about myself and why Im here. Im an adult mid twenties with a serious addiction to fantasy stories and art, metaphysics and dimensions. Plus history and politics. My stories rarely involve fairy dust and rainbows. I aim to reflect the deepest and rawest parts of humanity into my work. Then have it reflect back to others.

Check out my album on here with my sketches.

I have a roleplay called Ascension.
A tale of 7 bloodlines. 5 elements combine with Dragons & Seraphim. Mix them as you will. Then explore and create in a changing world. I've out years of thought into this roleplay. If you're looking for a high fantasy with a active GM. If you love long term roleplays, ones where characters grow old and die. Here you go.…

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New rules for combat. It's pretty simple. Soul and Stamina levels determine your characters costs and how long they can remain in a fight. Taking damage will often cause stamina loss as well. Once a character is out of stamina they will be knocked down. Once out of soul they cannot cast spells.
Things will affect your characters body. But none more important than their physical stamina and their souls essence. Both mysteriously combine yet separate allowing a multitude of abilities and spells to be used. One is of the flesh, another is supernatural, linked to the heart and blood. This is your characters core levels.


Very good! It's accepted! ^-^ Now join the Discord or you may miss out on some neat collabs. ;P
@Noodles Great concept. But the information is feeling pretty bare bones. I'll make a list.

1. Physique needs a bit more specific details. Like her height can be more than just "She's tall", how tall is she really? Everyone else's CS tells their height and or weight. Along with any more specific details would be appreciated.
2. For abilities please list them off with a name for the ability. Such as "Paperworker: Ast is good at doing paperwork. Her reports are often clear and concise. She has a good listening ear to current affairs."
3. "Illusions" Needs more detail. What kind of beasts can they summon illusions of? Why or how does it work on the undead? Same with "Flaming Rods" What is the distance it can be cost, how hot does it get, what does it do exactly?
4. Experience Is more than a brief detail of what your character did to begin their journey to learning what they know. I need to know what they did to learn such spells, and or abilities. So what kind of training did she undergo to learn her spells? What did she do to learn her abilities?
5. Motivation, why does she want to learn about ancient magic? Why does she have her motivation?
6. Birthplace is Vrondi. You got a typo.
7. For extra info you might want to add "History" to it and fill it out with your characters past story.

Thanks you're almost there! ^-^

I remember you. Yes it's still open. Look over the bloodlines as there are some new openings.

Only rooms going to be left is two twins.
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