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Current Monster Tamer roleplay with all original beasts. Join as a player or just make some monsters.…
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Was feeling like ass. Getting better. Going to try and get some replies out.
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And so I enter sicko mode.
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Met a RPer in real life. They do only 1x1s. :(
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Likable murderers. What else can I say?


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A little about myself and why Im here. Im an adult mid twenties with a serious addiction to fantasy stories and art, metaphysics and dimensions. Plus history and politics. My stories rarely involve fairy dust and rainbows. I aim to reflect the deepest and rawest parts of humanity into my work. Then have it reflect back to others.

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I have a roleplay called Ascension.
A tale of 7 bloodlines. 5 elements combine with Dragons & Seraphim. Mix them as you will. Then explore and create in a changing world. I've out years of thought into this roleplay. If you're looking for a high fantasy with a active GM. If you love long term roleplays, ones where characters grow old and die. Here you go.…

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The sky was clouding and the breeze was strong. The grass field was clear, beautiful and covered in various shades of orchid and pink. Birds and other wild life raced across the hills of the clear fields. There were a few homes able to be seen sitting in various locations. Even a bit of visible farming land was fenced off. A stream of smoke gave life to the small homes of the nomad or farmer who lived inside. The homes seemed stable, made of stones rather than wood and plants like the ones in Vrondi.

The old stones that led out of pearl were as pure and smooth as the town's name suggests. When coming or leaving one would notice the uneven grounds Gaia has all over. It was only this path that gave somewhat easier footing. Aligned like stairs these flattened stones seemed quite old and chipped. Yet they stretched far. Far enough to reach the forest behind the mountain to the north east. One at a time, as the size of the stones were not large enough for multiple people to stand on at once. In a single file line travelers went. Thankfully these ways were seldom traveled. Either due to Nuxta's looming threat or the unwelcoming terrain. Only the hooves or lost trinkets of traders made their way to and fro.

@Dark Light Been waiting for your reply actually. I'll push things forward soon if you don't soon.

Reminds me of a grass type Blaziken or something. Accepted! ^^

I've been feeling a bit ill for the last few days, work on the weekend didn't help it either. But now I'm feeling a bit better! Time to continue the madness journey

"My aim is true, my flask is full and my soul is free. That's what makes me THE Candor."

Aela was surprised to see that there weren't many mercenaries here. Her head tilted at the sight of only two others and no commander barking orders already. Though this was more of 'do your own thing' kind of deal. She expected a branch of the naval armada to be more organized right off the jump. She sighed, exhaling the fresh salt air still permeating in her lungs. Her legs were still getting a bit used to the solid footing. Rocking back and forth all morning nearly made her want to remove her heels.

She walked with one leg wrapping around before the other. Her hips carrying her long legs as she got a feel for walking on land again. When she was within range she noticed the other two had eyes on her. She couldn't help but rub her nose and plaster a grin across her scarred face 8 points, but the landing lacked style. House shot her way. This removed her cheery smile and replaced it with a glare. Though it didn't last too long. Once Kurena approached her she couldn't help but be amused. She was cute, too cute for a merc. Aela's weapons were strapped to her back, allowing her to put her hands on her hips and look down at the young girl, a bit of ambivalence in her eyes. "Aela the Candor. I can't say I'm too surprised. Who the hell hires a buncha untrust worthy mercenaries anyhow?" She huffed. She began to feel like she was wasting her time.

Just then however the sky echoed with a storm's cry and almost in the same instant she and those around her were blown back. She managed to keep on her feet when landing though. Her hands were up to protect her from any debris and the light show. "I figured it would be someone crazy..." She figured this was the one who would be barking orders. Trying to intimidate a bunch of 'recruits'.

It was harrowing for Aela to have to ride with three others on such a small craft in such a wild sea. She certainly wouldn't risk taking a small craft on her own let alone with more weight than the 'boat' seemed designed for. Never the less she was able to trust this man enough to see what he would do about the waves. Wondering if they would be killed before arrival. She was scared yet intrigued. The adrenaline the sea could give was partially what she lived for. Observing Fuzei's powers made her feel more assured, but her hands still held on tight to the edge of the boat as it literally soared over or through the climbing walls of the sea.

Once landing in calmer waters and told of where they were headed Aela shook off the water on her body like an excited dog. Though the others may of suffered for it. The paper crumbled up and displayed to her was of some wanted pirate. She whistled a bit at idea of their first job going straight for a bounty. Though it was definitely not something she wasn't used to doing. She thought she would at least get some kind of enrolling ceremony. Oh well.

Upon arrival things were calm and simple like any other well behaved town. Pirates loved places like this though. She had no interest in keeping this place safe. She was more curious as to why she wasn't just sent alone. Surely the others would prefer the same. She jumped off the boat and began to stretch as she strolled down the port to get to town. She eyed the two who walked with her then they were directed to the sky. "Say. Does anyone have any booze money?" She asked aloud. Her eyes occasionally looking down to see a shady citizen walking around. Seemed like they were in the rough part of town. Though she didn't know how the rest looked she came to this conclusion on a whim.

Soon the pub door was kicked open. Aela wasn't one to enter a pub quietly. Eager to get a drink she made her way to the counter to sit. Once she did she sighed with relief. "I though I was going to die on that bath. I refuse to take another ride in that thing.." She groaned. Waving for the bartender to come her way and ease her stress.

I was feeling pretty bad recently. But I'm recovering. Going to drop a post soon.
@Dark Light

Oooh ok that's my fault then. I'm making travel time smaller for easier travel. So you can get to different monsters easier.
Shadow Skill - Spear: With a dashing straight forward kick she can pierce even flesh like a spear stabbing someone.

Is this alright?

Aelithea was in town gathering information on what monsters were sighted nearby. Walking with her monsters she was the only tamer in town. People looked at her with curious surprise. Can she really control those things? She is of high blood it seems. "Ugh.. Nero is full of Basilisks... I'll pass on getting through there for now.. Unless!" Her face lit up watching a few knights walk by. They were Twilight's knights and were some of the best combatants in the world. Ideal for helping one travel through Nero. "If I make enough money I can buy a guide through Nero!" Her eyes lit up with opportunity. She fed her horse a carrot and looked at the map and her list of monster locations. "There's a pretty rare monster sighting near the ocean! Hoooray!" She hopped on her horse and rode off. Heading to the very north of Vrondi, the ocean side field.

"Wait!" Zephel shouted to the children. "Beware of bandits when going that way. Be sure to stay on the main path if you do travel!" He waved to the children. Hoping they were making the right choices when leaving in such a hurry.
@Dark Light@Jollan@Mogget
@Dark Light It's not a two weeks journey to sunfire >_> More like a three hour journey. I would suggest asking me what you need to know for specifics.

We aren't in town we are outside of it on a field to Twilight Towns west. It isn't night time.

At this point you should just focus on traveling places and trying to encounter monsters. I'll keep everything flushed out as you move along, just don't try to move too fast in your posts.
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