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Current Interested in creating an OC with limited options and fighting others in a test of skill and wit?…
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Interested in creating an OC with limited options and fighting others in a test of skill and wit?…
5 days ago
Interested in creating an OC with limited options and fighting others in a test of skill and wit?…
5 days ago
Interested in creating an OC with limited options and fighting others in a test of skill and wit?…
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Arena roleplay champion maker revival…


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A little about myself and why Im here. Im an adult mid twenties with a serious addiction to fantasy stories and art, metaphysics and dimensions. Plus history and politics. My stories rarely involve fairy dust and rainbows. I aim to reflect the deepest and rawest parts of humanity into my work. Then have it reflect back to others.

Check out my album on here with my sketches.

I have a roleplay called Ascension.
A tale of 7 bloodlines. 5 elements combine with Dragons & Seraphim. Mix them as you will. Then explore and create in a changing world. I've out years of thought into this roleplay. If you're looking for a high fantasy with a active GM. If you love long term roleplays, ones where characters grow old and die. Here you go.…

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@Jasper19 I'll let everyone know once we get more players. For now just wait a bit.
You may post an intro into the main IC. @Jasper19
Once you make those changes it is approved.

@Rai is this ok?

So for special abilities it should be empty. You can list your character's bloodline abilities on his CS if you want to. But other than their bloodline abilities your character should have no abilities what so ever.
I just want to bust out black luster soldier like a boss.
If anyone wishes to join they may do so.
I'm continuing this now.
Aela Avdol

Mentions: @NachoBachoPacho

Danny's persona became ever more clear the more Aela spoke with him. She couldn't hide her smile but it was likely he would think it was a part of her constant showmanship. But in truth, she was enjoying this discussion with such a character. If he could awaken to a deeper mindset he could easily shift into a spiritualist lifestyle. Some still called hippies. He was thrifty enough for it. Aela, on the other hand, was far too regal and loved shopping. While not the most material or affluent girl she did have loads of psychic and spiritual items. Almost like a collection with yoga mats and dragon tea. She was quite pristine in her simple black sweater, shoes, and pants. If only she had a magicians hat she could be on stage.

"Games are cool. I'm pretty good at Tetris." She briefly mentioned in reply to his video game comment. Less aware of even what their initial conversation was about. Talking was far more fun than looking around this museum. This early in the year it was quite nice to talk to other new faces. She kind of could tell he didn't entirely understand what she was getting at but it was better that way.

"Well..." She shyly placed her hands behind her back and looked away. She didn't know people were talking about her. But over the years she couldn't help but be a bit showy with her belief in her ability to see people's future. She was warned several times by her parents to not read people's futures. But she couldn't help it, she loved making people believe just as she does. "I don't have my cards. So I would have to do some palm reading." She seemed to be thinking aloud. "Want your fortune read?" She looked to him tilting her head a little. Feigning an innocence in her look.
Aela Avdol

Mentions: @NachoBachoPacho

Aela smiled with pleasure at the boys' attention. However, to her dismay, he didn't join in on the fun. He instead spoke in plain simple terms. Even worse he was interested in the old technology the early settlers used hundreds if not thousands of years after natives already discovered it. To her, this was merely a sham of true history, a small portion. America was only alive for a short time, let alone as it is today. She shook her head, still smiling, however. She found his simplicity a bit amusing. "If by interesting you mean disappointing then yes. I'll give it to the Amish though for withholding some of these... treasured traditions." She spoke with her hands a bit and shrugged with the last part. It was kind of hard for her not to show how unimpressed she was at the displays. Even if it scared off her peer she couldn't help it.

She found herself laughing a bit at the thought of Nirvana here finding interest in the simple ways of a past farmer. "Perhaps you should join. The Amish that is." She said with a brief poignant finger. "My theory is that anything your heart desires will direct your path. So farming might already be written into your future." She gave him a bit of a curious smile.
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