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Current Can't enjoy a good nature show these days without having to come to terms with the worlds growing imbalance.
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I missed the hype train. ;_;
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Rediculous yet consistent.
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You're not fired you've been promoted to customer.


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A little about myself and why Im here. Im an adult mid twenties with a serious addiction to fantasy stories and art, metaphysics and dimensions. Plus history and politics. My stories rarely involve fairy dust and rainbows. I aim to reflect the deepest and rawest parts of humanity into my work. Then have it reflect back to others.

Check out my album on here with my sketches.

I have a roleplay called Ascension.
A tale of 7 bloodlines. 5 elements combine with Dragons & Seraphim. Mix them as you will. Then explore and create in a changing world. I've out years of thought into this roleplay. If you're looking for a high fantasy with a active GM. If you love long term roleplays, ones where characters grow old and die. Here you go.…

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You can begin posting now. Remember, only one or two actions per post. Keep it simple but don't skip out on important details.

All combatants have entered! The Battle will be commencing! Each combatant is to exit their portal within a assigned position.

- Ryba Lex Krim
Right before the stadium seats/steps

- Kara Stormborn Next to a pillar
- Mikeil Thae-Arasté Next to a pillar

20 feet
Twilight Dragon Knight
20 feet

- Akiva Roe
40 feet

- Sahale Tiegal Next to a Pillar


- The battle will begin once all combatants who wish to join enter.
- The battle will not end until the Champion is defeated.
- Defeating someone other than the Champion will accrue rewards.
- Defeating the Champion will give the biggest reward.
- The one who comes closest to the chest will find it.


Once you appear you'll have to end your post there. You won't be able to post again until everyone else participating arrives.
Ok with these many people I think a PvE match would be a good option for those wanting to warm up. You're all invited to try and whoop the current "champion".

PvP Arenas will be setup soon.
This is an Arena fight for Ascension Arena: Champion Maker
Battle Notice!

A portal is now open for entering the Twilight Arena! All Combatants participating in this challenge please prepare before doing so! The portal is located at the Arena entrance!


Standing in the center of the Arena is the Arena's Champion! Entering this Arena will be by portal! Search as you will for the chest! But if you do not battle your rewards will be reduced! Scores will be kept on who has the most effect in battle! The Greatest reward goes to the best fighter! Once all combatants have arrived the battle will begin!

- Ryba Lex Krim
- Kara Stormborn
- Mikeil Thae-Arasté
- Akiva Roe
- Sahale Tiegal
You are currently entering...
The Twilight Arena

Your Champion

Champion Quote: "Enter this Arena of mine at your own risk."

Hidden Treasure

Somewhere is a rare chest...
@Drifting Pollen

Everything is excellent except for the immunity to an element has to align with the element chosen to become. So she essentially will be immune to metal.

Sorry I did not mention that beforehand.
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