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A little about myself and why Im here. Im an adult mid twenties with a serious addiction to fantasy stories and art, metaphysics and dimensions. Plus history and politics. My stories rarely involve fairy dust and rainbows. I aim to reflect the deepest and rawest parts of humanity into my work. Then have it reflect back to others.

Check out my album on here with my sketches.

I have a roleplay called Ascension.
A tale of 7 bloodlines. 5 elements combine with Dragons & Seraphim. Mix them as you will. Then explore and create in a changing world. I've out years of thought into this roleplay. If you're looking for a high fantasy with a active GM. If you love long term roleplays, ones where characters grow old and die. Here you go.…

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Looking for a pure seraphim and a Pure dragon. Will accept those bloodlines asap for newcomers.
Gaia / Town Pearl

"You certainly have a pride for Onyx. But it is clear you haven't been to these parts in a while..." Raquel kept walking.
"It isn't that you're old. Just that things have changed a bit over the years.." She raised her head to the sky, the wind was always strong within Gaia. Her hair being gently removed from her face from being blown by the sudden gust. She breathed it in as is her custom. The oxygen keeping her muscles and blood pumping. She turned to him. Though she walked at a brisk pace he kept by her side, even as his armor sunk into the soft grass. She could only smile at how naturally he wore his armor. An obvious sign of being near nobility in some capacity. Very few knights hailed from Onyx or Pearl.

"But now the competition is held for both towns and then we combine our winners and compete. I must admit Onyx has been the victor for the last years competition. But this year.. well." She stopped over a dozen feet away from the crowd who stood watching the competition. She looked down briefly as she gathered her thoughts. Then raised her head to see a large boulder being thrown. A red flag was being kept at the longest distance ever recorded. The stone currently thrown was only half that distance... "This competition.. It's just for show.. The strongest have been too injured to participate. Only those willing to keep the spirit of it alive are competing." She looked over the mix of Oro blooded folk in the crowd to better see who was within.

"But to answer you directly..." She sighed. "I have no interest in this." She felt her eyes welling with water and placed her hands to her eyes to catch them before they fell. She sounded sick as she sniffled. "I just.. After seeing Allard. I was reminded of how we lost so many.." Her left eye couldn't hold her tears back. One falling down her cheek. "Why.. Why did I have to lose him..." She spoke softly, almost as a whisper when she said those last words. Her face clear she lowered her hands and gave Garrett a half smile, to show that she was gathered. "I think it is time to head back.. Will you be buying a room for the night?" She began to walk and talk, as she did before. But this time she took the knight's arm to lead. Others noticed her with the knight and simple people had an interesting conversation now about who Raquel was seen with.

A few children followed the two as they headed back to the inn. However Raquel made them stop before the marketplace. "Maybe you could buy us a potion. A few sips is all you might need. I need something to take the edge off... Way off." She asked with a smirk but frowned with a pout. A bit exaggerated but she felt like being cute for him. The inside of the market was only a few steps away from the inn. Once inside they were met by rows and rows of potions, weapons and attire. There were stairs that went up a floor and another that went down a floor. She brought them to a row of potions. She pointed to one and pulled it out. "This is a uhm.. feel good potion. Not like alcohol. More like... Dreaming." She held the orange potion with red matter swirling inside of it up for Garrett to observe. At the counter was a merchant who sat nearly asleep with his farmers hat nearly covering his face.

"Have you ever tried such a thing?"
Nero Capital City

His lips sucked in air and spat like a vile taste had passed between his prestigious lips which have only graced the meals of the finest chefs Nero had to offer. Indeed a bad taste was more than just bad to a King. It was a symbol of his Kingdom. As he watched with distaste his appointed soldiers remained unmoved around his front. His arms crossed he tapped his foot impatiently. Finely he raised his hand in a waving gesture. "Disappointing... I will have to see to the training of the new legion.. And have the ones who trained these current weaklings before me be put to rest." He was met with a Nero noble. His royal attire was adorned with what appeared as superfluous flower decorations. Large red and pink roses and ebony skin with glowing yellow eyes. He calmly bowed. "Certainly sire and should I have the families of the fallen be notified?" He asked with a sober smile. Sleeth sighed. "It cannot be avoided..."

Sleeth uncrossed his arms and stepped forward. "Don't disappoint me. I'm going to go have some fun now." Sleeth looked up defiantly at the roaring dragon who so arrogantly tore through his city. Long ago the previous kings and queens of this place had slain Basilisks and beasts of terrible power. Mounting their heads upon the walls of the castle. Sleeth smirked as he thought of the location this dragon's head would be placed. He could sense its souls essence seeped in absolute chaos and vigorous eternity within. Sleeth brought his right hand forward and then waved it to his right. His soldiers vanished into their owns shadows like wells of oil. "Is my weapon ready?" Sleeth asked while watching the Dragon feed on the essence of his soldiers. The man behind him bowed once more before speaking.
"Yes your highness."

Emerging from a dark portal that opened before the consuming titan was a single figure. He stood midair before the giant dragon. This armored knights wings kept him afloat the air. Yet a solid footing of darkness was beneath his boots. His eye pierced the darkness as a red glare. A famous knight in the ranks of the King of Neros army, yet also a previous member of the Sureiya. He was known for slaying Basilisks with ease and clearing many of the most dangerous areas of Nero for the King. For his great prowess he has been chosen to be a special elite soldier for the King. "You dare desecrate the home of the people of Nero and its King! On my honor I will destroy you vile dragon!"

Somewhere Nobu made his appearance. He was invisible to all senses. He made sure to have his aura stifled, even his armor and weapons brimmed with enchantments remained transparent and soundless. It was only a matter of time for him. But he was slowly sapping the Dragon's essence with his two enchanted weapons and a draining spell of his own to draw it into them. It was a covert spell. Meant to sap the foe of their power without them even realizing. Though the well of power was great within this beast it only fed Nobu's weapons more. However the more they drank the harder it was to retain their invisibility.

"He wants it all to himself. I suppose a dragon got him fired up..." Ignius spoke whilst watching the knight from below. "I think first..." He grasped the handle of his blade. His aura spiked for the dragon to notice. A fat juicy soul for him to eat Ignius thought. A proper distraction, and if not what he was going to do next would be. He released his blade, and re-sheathed it in half a second. "Lets clip a wing." Darkness was released in a thin narrow line aimed to the beast's wings. It expanded. Darkness was within and orchid lightning roared within. The lightning bolts continuously broke out from the half a mile long and forty foot wide portal over the Dragon's wings.

The twilight knights were known to protect the outer lands of Vrondi and Nero. Yet one was not a typical knight nor was he solely within their ranks. He was a sorcerer who mastered his seraphim and nayu blood to bring forth the essence of twilight. He had reinforced the barrier around the battle. It was now covered in black with white shining particles like the night's sky. He stood above it. Standing over its surface. A staff in hand with a red glowing sphere. The liquid inside the sphere was crimson and floated in small bubbles of red as if gravity was no longer there.

Finally the King lowered his hand to the ground. A dark portal opened beneath his palm and he plunged it within. Pulling from it a long handle and finally a scythe. He held its weight with his right hand. He brought it before him admiring its blade. "Been a while since I've needed to use this.." He looked up to the Dragon with a fanged smile. "Lets begin..." He vanished. Not from dark illusions, not through a portal, but with sheer speed. His body a blur as he hurtled himself towards the Dragon. Despite how small the King was in comparison his aura flared higher than all the newcomers before the Dragon. As if his own souls well was nearly endless.

With a cloud of mist escaping his lips Sleeth exhaled, relaxing. Time seemed to stop as he came only a few feet from the Dragon's massive neck. A spiral of sound moving him in high speeds and darkness coating his outer being. Protecting him from the pressure of being near this Dragon. "World Separation." With those words he swung his scythe. A concentrated power was unleashed that was as thin as the blade's edge. Yet its power was legendary. Many said the power of the King of Nero's cut could split the world in two. But it was known by few that the truth was... His ability came incredibly close...
Gaia / Pearl

Savvan's Inn

"Of course I liked it. It was a great dish. It was not as mouth demolishing as the Onyx original, but the flavor was great."

Raquel looked impressed. This man was no mere foreigner after all. The usual strong sense of Oro and Dragon blood made most natives of Gaia fairly recognizable. Much like the one named Allard Raquel was happy he was enjoying himself in this Inn. It became clear to her that her preconceived perceptions of Garrett was mistaken. He may have foreign blood but was not a stranger to her peoples customs. Not known to him but Raquel had family in Onyx as well. She would often hunt with them and if not for her current position as a waitress she would be wearing her hunters gear. Only when they wanted to be like the ones who lived on the mountain did they dress up. A taste of Gaia's fresh earth was what most of the towns were known to be. But the jewel laid atop of the mountain, to Gaia's capital city.

"Get off your shift early, Raquel. I want to tell you about a few of my adventures. I also have many questions I'd like to ask you. I'll cover you for how long I keep you from your job. Let's go for a walk, maybe watch the competition, or watch the sun go by."

"Well you'd have to pay for the meal first, and maybe tip a good host." She couldn't help but smile at his gesture. She was wiping tables as he approached, not ignoring him or rejecting his advance. She remained grounded in her life. His words of sweeping her up to enjoy the rest of her day was like a dream, or a joke. Was he serious? She asked internally. She gave him a stare to meet his black eyes. It was almost hard for her to make out his expression when staring into such dark irises.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything between you two."

Raquel could barely notice the newcomer through Garrett's encompassing stature. But this one made her presence known through direct intermission. When she asked for a meal she wondered if this girl was right in the mind. It was clear to Raquel at this point that these newcomers would give her quite a hassle and briefly glanced to the bard who was merrily strumming away, unwilling to pry these new faces from vying for her attention. Raquel was left to fend for herself and smiled to Nailah. "Sure! I'll put in the order." After speaking briefly to Nailah and writing down her order she was called by Siiga.

"I was just wondering if there was anything interesting to do in this town."

"Umm.. Well let me put in these orders and I'll be back with some ideas. But from the top of my head the strength competition should be going for another hour or so." She looked to Garrett. "I apologize... I-I umm.. I'll be back." She said unsure how to go about this gracefully. Never had she had such attention from so many fine foreigners. Likely passing through and looking for enjoyment, she figured. She shortly returned after putting in the orders a few minutes later. She looked a bit tired from her sigh of relief. "Is it almost time for you to try and escape from here? Hopefully to end up home." Said the bard as she passed him. She turned with an exasperated smile. "I think with how busy it is getting I might be needed for an extra shift." Her words she carried with her as she returned to the side of the room with the waiting party. She had no clue if they knew one another but she was happy to serve whomever. But as she had no more orders to fill she came to Siiga.

"Apologies. I'll be on a short break, but there are markets here. Right next door is a hub for merchants where you can find just about anything for sale that's on the up and up." Raquel's tail began to gently sway as she turned to face Garrett and approach him. "I'm sorry I don't think I can leave, though your offer is tempting. I will be on a break though so we can certainly talk." She turned to Nailah who was still close by. "Your meal is being prepared when its freshly cooked it will be brought out. Please take a table and keep an ear out for anyone who calls out your order." Raquel then made her way to the coat rack by the door. A few coats and hats were hanging there. She grabbed her own fur coat and began to exit when Garrett was ready.

Her direction was to the strength competition, merely a few feet away from being in sight. She observed it from afar. "Do you know about this?" She asked Garrett. Wondering if he was indeed from Onyx, or just knew their customs, and how well he was acquainted with pearl. "Is this too dull for your liking?" She asked with a smirk. Eyeing his armor. Though it was not like a shining figure. It was enough to let one know sir Blight lived a peculiar life. At least one compared to the simple Gaian farmer. Or even a farmer's daughter who served as a waitress.


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Gaia / Pearl

Savvan's Inn

Raquel was soon called on by Garrett. As he reached his full height she was reminded of his entire clad of armor. She had never been to Nero but his shade of armor reminded her of it. It also reminded her of the ebony town of Onyx. Their hunters wore light armor but at times were equipped with black shaded leathers to move like shadows for the night hunt. Something she was a part of a few times. Though this one, Garrett. He seemed to her to be prepared to guard more so than hunt. "Did you enjoy the meal?" She asked in reply to his beckon. She gave him a smirk. She knew their cooks were the meanest around. Though the hunters stew was better in Onyx. She was sure a foreigner wouldn't be able to notice though as he seemed entirely satisfied. "Glad you liked it."

It was then she noticed the drunkard who smelled of fresh brew. Though the fact she too was foreign was not lost to Raquel. Unknown to her she was watching a tipsy previous bandit leader. Raquel's right hand met her right hip and her head tilted in confusion. Whatever Siiga meant by what she said was lost to her. The other waitresses walked about serving the other customers without notice. The bard kept strumming but kept a watchful eye. Then he began to hum. Singing a vague poetic song of dangers and strangers out in the woods. A folk lore like tale with real consequences within.

"Is there anything else you need?"

Healing Center

"I would like to see some of your patients inside, as well as speak to someone about this," he said holding up the vial with what was left of his sample from the diseased tree. "I've been studying it, but I lack the resources I need to complete any of my conclusions. For the sake of the people inside, I would appreciate your cooperation."

The taxis healers with their white masks and cloaks were less like individuals and more of a cloned mass. The ones Dremmick singled out to speak to simply nodded and beckoned him inside. Only through speaking were they noticeably different. As Dremmick followed he would see the many being healed by Ami and her wings glowing in a display of her rare trait. A closed door was opened and Dremmick was brought to what seemed to be a lab. Though there were still sick beds they did not seem to have anyone living beneath. There were different sizes and shapes and colors of potions laid on the table and looped together through tubes. A couple of people were inside mixing potions and alike with the blessing of some of the healers upon them and the auras being manipulated into glass bottles and corked close.

One of the few not wearing all white Amaiah swished a bottle in her grasp observing its contents keenly before lowering it at the sound of newcomers in their room. It was quiet inside indicating few visited this part of the healing center. She turned to see Dremmick and was told through mental communication, as Sol often do, of Dremmicks inquiries. "Barging in here like we're hiding something." She said whilst mixing another potion. She then placed it down and turned to face him. "Are you close to discovering its origins as well? Unfortunately finding a easy solution isn't easy." She sighed. Lifting her glasses up her face. "I'm Amaiah. May I see that?"

Once Dremmick was done with introductions and she held his experiments she began to take samples of it and mix it with other liquids. Getting various results she kept corked within bottles. The very first one being marked with an X. "It's not the potency of it. But the quantity. There isn't enough pure healers to renew the lands especially while so many are hurt. If only the waters were able to purify the lands.. Then we could focus on healing others." She spoke aloud while constantly working. "Sorry If I'm... rambling. Been a while since I've had company. Be careful though, don't knock over anything."

I think we are pretty much at full capacity. But I'm still willing to allow even more new characters.
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