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5 yrs ago
Current im too old and cranky for this but HELL YEAH LESGO
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8 yrs ago
It's ma birthday yay
8 yrs ago
my mom is finally coming home ;o;
8 yrs ago
that moment when you're in a gibberish conversation with a toddler
8 yrs ago
yeah, as a woman i can attest to that. i enjoy eating fresh male souls every night for dessert.



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blegh if there's anything bad just hit me up and will fix no problemo
; o;

'm still alive and kicking guys
get out cat turd

you're stinking up the place :^P


i have no idea who these people are... ;o; pls help, they keep stalking me!

omg hey you <3

working on my cs now!

It's a pleasure to meet ya! Looking forward to RPing with you.


kek hello

Huh! What kind of species are okay for this RP? (Found my answer in the hider:^) ) Also, interested in Blood Arts User [Libra Member] and perhaps the antagonist but imma peek at the wiki a bit before deciding. :'^)

ok jk i am an incompetent person so i don't feel like i can play a good antagonist :^0
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In He's Crazy! 8 yrs ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
hate to say this but please put this RP in this section because that's where 1x1 RPs are supposed to go.

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