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This sounds interesting.

Xanara listened to the difference between what she had suggested and the Technician. Although, she really wasn't certain she understood it. Honestly, anyone who wasn't in design was a mechanic to her. There weren't exactly a breadth of words in her native language to describe the nuance she was hearing. "Tanya, a pleasure. And, thinking about it I do think there are some language barriers." She had an accent, but so did many, and she could talk about certain areas of study but anything outside her bailiwick was difficult. "I'm still learning, I mean we learned in school but technical language is always different."

Then she wondered the best way to explain the thing. It seems she heard about next week. "Well, sometimes...not the best word to use. Well, I'm a psychic and my powers are related to time and space. When I first found out about my powers I was mugged and moved myself over a week in the future. I had no clue but everyone was looking for me. Sometimes I move without wanting to, and time doesn't always follow right. So I could end up yesterday or tomorrow on accident and I have." She shrugged, "it's kind of frustrating and the reason I'm here. I need to learn to control it all. I mean, I can't have a career if I can't reliably make it to show time or rehearsal." She laughed a little, "One time I was having a dream about being late...I ended up there with my sheet and that's it." It had been pretty amusing. It wasn't like they didn't all change around each other but, still.

She also thought about the other comment and, on that, she didn't necessarily agree. "Well, I've always thought that anyone can learn the basics, or even the motions but to truly excel there has to be something else. A spark, maybe. A talent. Like the different between a proficient musician and a true artist. I'd imagine it's similar with machines. Some people can just speak the language so naturally. I think I'd be lucky to stumble through it." Spacial and temporal mechanics she had a, well, better than basic understanding of. But that was about the only science she really knew. "It seems, from your demeanor, that you may have that gift."

That is sad but understandable. Damn real life and it's pretty demands like working and eating. Someone should make a law.

Xanara's smile was bright. She knew how to interact with people and, in this case, she was asking for help so knew the best way was with a welcoming but not obsequious smile or merely fake. And she kept it up. Although, the answer was a bit...well, she wondered why. Although, perhaps there's some humility about her actual knowledge of the subject. She was about to say something but then it changed for a moment.

She was about to respond but Sira's attention moved to someone else. At least Xanara wasn't the only one who's attention seemed to flit about. Really she was only truly focused when working on her dance. Smiling at the...well she looked like a mechanic of some sort...young woman with the wrench. "Hi," she gave a small wave, "I'm Xanara, I'm a dancer." Which was so far away from anything involving a forge that she didn't even really understand it.

"Well, I can look but I'm not exactly hands on, at least not with my abilities. I...well I meant about. Maybe an example, before the tour started I wanted to talk to Linxi, I got a bit overly excited about another teleporter and I ended up across the ship, which was fine, but I ended up there a little over a minute before I'd left. Sometimes I end up in the future, sometimes the past and I'm worried about possibly breaking things. Especially with all the magic here. Thus, causality and paradox. Can a cause come after the effect and not create a paradox. That sort of thing. Like what would have happened if I'd accidentally stopped myself from teleporting on accident because I noticed my presence in the wrong time. Oh, I'm psychic and it's both time and space that I can influence and move through. My aim, temporally speaking, not always great. Space I get. Or I don't and I do keep missing things by a lot so I compensate by moving to the time that I wouldn't have missed." She put a finger to her mouth with a hmmm, she hadn't thought about that possibility. "Honestly, not sure but my concern is causing a problem while I learn" She spoke quickly with the zest one might expect from someone in the arts, someone who is used to being seen and has abandoned many of the reservations that those not familiar with the muses cloak themselves in for reasons she has never understood. At least here, with so many who have real power, maybe they can understand the shedding of certain social mores.

"And," her attention returned to the young lady with the wrench, "I'm sorry, that was a lot. I'm just so excited that I might not always end up in next week on accident when I'm nervous. What do you do? Engineer? Mechanic? I'm terrible with tools of all sorts so it's always fascinating when someone understands these," she gestured to the ship, "sorts of things." She didn't sound at all mocking, she was sincere completely. Xanara had a way of making people feel as though they were the center of attention. She could do that from a stage, doing it face to face was second nature and, to the shy, it could be a bit much. Though some people had the opposite reaction and it could bring them out of their shells.

That is weird, I see it. I'll put it somewhere else.
Thanks, that helps. Level 2 ish spell power. I'll get on writing something up.
About what level would we be when thinking about what we are able to do?
I'm good with a small group and if others join we can meet up with them. It seems we have plenty of detective like skills and stabby stabby skills.
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