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Xanara had absolutely no idea who his family was. Her island hadn't been involved in the war, thankfully, A combination of remoteness and a complete lack of any strategic value. A little slice of paradise, it seemed. She wished all places could be that way.

"Why would anyone want to fight better? I don't understand violence. It is always destructive and we should all be focused on bringing something of beauty into the world..." She, so easily, slipped into the artistic philosophy that she was raised in. "Um, I get more than a little passionate about certain things." Actually, she tended to get passionate about a great many things. She tended to feel very strongly about, well, about pretty much everything.

When the conversation swung back to her she was kind of glad. She didn't want to scare anyone away, at least not yet. Xanara shook her head. "Not a shaman, but I was supposed to be. The eldest child usually is, but my younger sister developed that gift. And the training for shamanism on the island is one of the best in the world. It's woefully lacking in pretty much any other expression of power. I like to think of myself as a dancer, but the term psychic gets tossed around. I, well if you give me your hand I'll show you." She reached hers out, she may not have full control over when things happened speeding time to make the world appear to slow in relation wasn't difficult.
I apologize for taking so long. I managed an IC post or two but character building has been too much with my work. This is the last week of school, though, and should be pretty chill for me.

Xanara couldn't help but notice how the boy stood up a bit more. She'd noticed that people tend to do that because they feel self conscious. Not that she really meant to make people feel that way, it was just the way it was. There was the hope that her demeanor was enough to disarm any negative feelings. "Definitely something new. Not the first school I've attended that was away from home but that was a school for the arts not for magic." Even though, technically, she didn't manipulate magic in the same way as others. She imposed her will on space or time or both and tried to change it.

"Distance is relative, but, yes, I guess you'd call it pretty far away. Very different from here, that's for sure. The buildings are so cold, impersonal. So, what's your name? And what brings you here? I heard they take people with all sorts of abilities." She was curious, honestly. Her island was filled with Shamanistic magic. And then there was her, the anomaly. The psychic. Were there others like her here? Only time would tell.


The entire trip had been far too long for the young dancer. For the first time she was away from her homeland and she was definitely feeling the weight of her decision. Not that there was much choice given to her. After several months of minimal training at home where she'd learned more herself than anyone was able to teacher her, Xanara came to the realization that she had to go. She had to learn about herself and her powers. To master both or she may end up lost somewhere in space or time or both.

Still, on the ship she'd been in excellent spirits. There were so many new people to meet and she'd set out to meet as many of them as she possibly could. As always she carried herself with nigh perfect posture, poise and balance. But it wasn't any sort of hard, rigidity. No, she almost seemed to flow from one place to another, a fluidity that came with full command of her lean limbs. It definitely lent itself to making her seem far more self assured than she actually was at this moment. In dance she had always been confident, with her strange abilities, though, she most certainly wasn't. And seeing the buildings, they were impressive, imposing, oppressive. So unlike anything from her homeland, always light and airy even when they were larger buildings.

Looking next to her on the observation deck, Xanara couldn't help but notice the nerves of the boy next to her. A tall boy, one of the few people who seemed to be as tall or taller than she was. At least she didn't tower over everyone. Looking at Callum more directly she decided to continue with her general quest to meet everyone. "Hello, I'm Xanara. So, it's a little intense, huh?" She could mean the trip, the building or just everything and the upcoming experience. Still, she didn't lose her smile, the type that was a bit infectious if someone was willing to let it be. A practiced ease that came from years of performance.

I should have mine written up on paper tomorrow (testing gives me some down time) and then try to get things up tomorrow evening.

And, being new (again) since I was only here for a single game before I'm not actually very familiar with discord at all.
That works. A connection to a larger are but mostly autonomous. And the specific magics on the island work well with kingdom as well.
I'm also not sure where Xanara would be from. Possibly not one of the listed places since it's a small (relatively), agriculturally based (at least originally) island nation.
It'll be tomorrow for me, too.
I'm interested and will try to get a sheet today or tomorrow.
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