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Name: William "Willy" Flin

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: no particular preference just what ever he feels like paying for.

Position: Merchant Lord

Personality: Brash and cocky who believes that because his wealth is earned, rather than inherited, he has more practical skills than many other power players giving him a naturally hostile attitude towards them (unless they pay well). Despite his naturally hostile and cocky nature he has a level of respect for the poor and downtrodden as he finds that they remind him of when he was in his youth. While an easy going fun lover, any who try to prohibit his goods and services have made a spiteful enemy.

Weaknesses: his main weakness is his prideful nature as he will attempt to do anything no matter the risk as he feels the need to show himself to be the greatest merchant lord in all of Formaroth. He also as an intense love of alcohol celebrating at every occasion. His final weakness is his cocky nature making him never truly see or care about dire situations.

Appearance: A tall large built man, pale skin, gray eyes and a scar wrapping around his left eye. He has jet black,hair held back loosly in a greasy knot with a rough but somehow maintained beard which is more of a dark hay colour. He wears fine silks as the custom of his native land of Akki however his differ from most as he has adopted a black silk robe with yellow arms and chest and matching yellow shoes. He wears a taxidermy bear pelt on his shoulder with it's head resting on his left shoulder. It is rumored that he slew the bear himself while on a trade expedition in Raeldar. However there is also a rumor the bear was just bought from a local vendor. But that rumor is slowly dieing out...

Background: Born to a mother who loved him so much she died before even getting a chance to hold him and a father who's bakery was the pride of joy of his life leaving his son to the curb to tend to his bread. By the age of 8 William had learned the most valuable lesson in life is survival. He saw a gang of money launderers entering into the family bakery and after hearing smashing, yelling and fighting he left out of his bedroom window to live an independent life from then onward. His father died that night from a fire caused by the launderers however when questioned prior to execution for murder they where heard saying that the fire came from up the stairs... From the bedrooms... His life remained uneventful until the age of 12 when he got a job, on board the "forgotten soul" a small trade vessel, as a look out. At 16 he began to hate and spite his crew, so while on shore leave he met a band of marauders and sold his crew out; there were abouts and travel roots in exchange for ownership of the vessel following the plundering. By 20 the forgotten soul was now a huge well built galleon and trading all across the world. By 23 his ownership fell to two more ships after a band of marauders unfortunately fell victim to food poisoning while on shore leave. By 27 he was a world famous trader trading everything from fruit, weapons, spell books and even narcotics including the highly addictive and illegal Pixie Gall. Owning 8 ships including the forgotten soul he is now the largest independent merchants
Now he has just returned from a long trip from Beilokias to find Formaroth in a state of uncertainty. One things for sure, there's a profit to be made here.

Skills: a master of diplomacy and trading, while also a skilled swordsman he puts little effort into it.
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