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Current I will be out of town until Wednesday so I won't really be able to reply to messages sorry
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Due to the holidays I may be slower than normal to respond. Thanks for the patience!


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bump :)
MC and YC have been close friends since childhood, growing up together through high school. However, they did end up in different crowds. YC Was the popular cheerleader type while MC was a bit more of a loner. Although they had different social circles they remained friends. A week before prom YC and her boyfriend have a nasty breakup, which leaves YC feeling really down. However MC suggests that the two of them should go to prom together. YC agrees knowing it'll be better than being alone, plus it could piss off her ex.

However at the dance itself YC finds herself having a great time with MC which leads to them having fun at an after party and then going to the hotel YC had booked well before she broke up with her BF.
Bump! Also open to ideas as well
I'm back and looking for partners :)
I'm back and looking for partners :)
Hello! I've been craving this rolpla for a bit now and figured I would just see if anyone else is having a similar itch they wanna scratch.

Just a few rules is all I ask for:
1 - Third person only
2 - No one line responses. I know it can be hard especially in dialouge heavy scenes. I don't expect multiple paragraphs each and every post. But do you best to give me something to work with.

The basis of the role is that your character and mine are both brand new into the adult entertainment industry. We have our different reasons for trying to get into the industry, and as luck would have it we have our first audition scene together. Despite having never met before there is instant chemistry between the two yojng hopeful stars. What will happen as the two of them start to develop feelings for each other? Will they grow jealous as they have to work with other actors in the industry? How will they react to being recognized by people for being porn stars.

If this interests you hit me up! I'm open for how we can take this together.
Open for another partner or two :)
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