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Hello everyone! Thank you for looking at my post here. First a little about myself, I've been roleplaying for roughly 8 years or so. I enjoy romantic, dramatic roles that really build. I hate rushing the story through and especially rushing for smut, in most cases. I write only in third person and prefer to use DM's or discord. I try and write a few paragraphs, I'm not the best writer but I do try and put effort into every post. I do like to include smut in roleplays, just making sure that's out there.

I want to play out characters and watch them grow, change and over come flaws. No character should be perfect. I'm open to ways on keeping a story dramatic, because if there isn't much drama or story going on the roleplay can lose steam pretty quick.

I'm open to ideas that you have for modern slice of life roles, but I've listed out some prompts/ideas. I don't have them super detailed so that we can make changes to the prompts if we start roleplaying together.

1 Fake Fiance' -Your character's family has a big family reunion/get together at their large cabin every year, could be christmas, summer ect. Your characters mother is always hounding her about getting married/engaged to the point that in a fit of frustration she tells her mother she is in fact engaged. But she isn't. Now she has to find someone to play as her fiance' for the vacation, two weeks or so. My character will be the fake fiance.

2 Singe Parent - This one is a bit more open ended. One of our characters is a single parent. MC could be a young single mechanic trying to make it in town. Or perhaps YC is a young single mother trying to get through school. Either way our characters paths cross, and there is hesitation to date due to the fact that one of us has a child, but the attraction we have just keeps pulling at us.

3 Neglected Wife - YC got married very young, rushed into it. Now her marriage feels dead, she is often neglected and left alone. Feeling unwanted, unattractive and lonely she decides to try Tinder(or some other app like it) Just to see if other guys were attracted to her, leaving out the fact that she was indeed married. She never had the intention of cheating, but what happens when she matches with MC and the two hit things off really well and fast?

4 Best Friends - Okay this one is a bit more specific. I am craving this one a bit as I was in the middle of this and my partner just stopped replying. So the basis for this is on the music video for the song Marry me by Thomas Rhett Here is the video
Anyways our characters grew up together in a small southern town and were literal best friends. Inseparable it seemed. Everyone thought we would make the perfect couple together, but we never dated. It just never happened for whatever reason. Now your character is engaged, her fiance' is a fine guy and all. He's safe, makes her mostly happy and provides for her. My character has been in love with YC for years (we can have your character feel the same way too, if you want) and is crushed when she comes back to visit her small town and announce her engagement. Despite that, the two of them are still very close and hang out quite a bit while she is in town. We can change some things for our roleplay to make it truly what we want. But this is a story that has so much drama and romance, if you are interested let me know
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MC and YC have been close friends since childhood, growing up together through high school. However, they did end up in different crowds. YC Was the popular cheerleader type while MC was a bit more of a loner. Although they had different social circles they remained friends. A week before prom YC and her boyfriend have a nasty breakup, which leaves YC feeling really down. However MC suggests that the two of them should go to prom together. YC agrees knowing it'll be better than being alone, plus it could piss off her ex.

However at the dance itself YC finds herself having a great time with MC which leads to them having fun at an after party and then going to the hotel YC had booked well before she broke up with her BF.
Bump! Also open to ideas as well
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