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Current I will be out of town until Wednesday so I won't really be able to reply to messages sorry
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Due to the holidays I may be slower than normal to respond. Thanks for the patience!


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Open for another partner or two :)
Hey everyone, I'm looking for some new idea's for some modern, slice of life romantic/dramatic 18+ roles. I've been trying to think of some new ideas to change things up, and so far I'm in a bit of a rut. I really struggle with gang/mafia roles, so that really is about the only limit.

I do ask that you are over 18 as this will include adult themes such as smut, drinking ect

Send me your ideas and we can create a story together :)
Bumping, open for 1 or 2 more partners
bump :)
Hello all! Right now I'm looking for a partner or two to write out a roleplay that is heavily based on adult/NSFW themes. Yes I want some plot in it of course, but I'm really just feeling a craving for an adult story.

I'm fairly open to ideas that are modern and with the possibility of making it long term. I 'll list out a few ideas but please give me yours as well.

Cheating spouse - Your character is young and unhappily married. She decides to go on Tinder to for curiosity. There she meets my character. They agree on hooking up with my character not knowing that your character is married.

Craigslist hookup - One of us puts a post on craigslist for a casual easy hookup. They end up enjoying the sex and agree to keep things casual.

Hooker/Client - Your character is a hooker (could be stripper too) and my character is a regular.

I've left these all open so we can expand on the plot however we want.
Bump heading into the weekend! Looking for one or two more people :)
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