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Ya know I'm quite saddened I didn't see this until now. I still remember my space cowboy/sheriff from that one 40k rp. If this is still active I would definitely be down to send a app

Firing a few more rounds at the retreating blue suns infantry. Once they had cleared the field albeit temporarily, Elijah took off his helmet and and sat down for a few moments of rest. Opening one of the pouches on his armor, he pulled out a small box of cigarettes and took the last one out. Crushing the empty box, he tossed it out the window he was shooting out of earlier. Putting his hand once more into his pouch he pulled out a small box of matches. Striking one; he lit his cigarette. Taking a few puffs of it. He let the nicotine relax him. "Gonna need to remember to buy some more after this. Hearing that some of the others were doing introductions again, Elijah figured he'd reintroduce himself again. Opening up the comms chat again. "Since we are introducing ourselves once more. Figured I'd jump in. Names Elijah Messner and I'm with the mercenary group named White Company, I'm the one with the white surcoat and the cybernetic eye. Uh yeah that's all I wanted to say." Elijah finished off.

Taking the few drags of his cigarette he tossed it and put his helmet back on. Just in time too since the blue sun airship had just arrived. Grabbing his rifle, Elijah ducked back into cover. "If anyone has heavy weapons now is the time to use them. I'm gonna draw the drones attention to me, that should allow for a clearer shot on the gunships." He said. Aiming towards the drones, Elijah fired on one that got too close to comfort. Which brought the attention of the other drones to him. Firing off a incinerate and overload at the two nearest drones. Ducking back into cover now that he was fully suppressed by the drones. Elijah could only hope that the gunship didn't turn their attention to him.

Elijah nodded his head to Alexis. "Sounds like this just got more interesting. Their rank and file are easy pickings. Just gotta wait for their more elite units. Those will be more of a 'challenge'." He stated. After Alexis had walked away, Elijah turned to Lokea. "So they got air support as well? Well that's gonna be a bit of challenge, hopefully someone as anti armor. If not our best bet is to hit it with as many biotic or tech detonations as possible. I'm gonna position myself in the building over yonder, try to make some type of cover really quick. If you guys need me, here's my contact info." Elijah said as he forwarded his info to the others nearby.

As he made his way over to the far off building he sat his duffel bag down and grabbed the last few pieces of his equipment. "Helmet check, rifle, shotgun and pistol, check, knife, check. Alright looks like I'm all set." He said touching all of his equipment to double check if it was really there. Closing the bag he tossed it near the wall of the bay so it was out of the way and less likely to be shot. Once he made his way into the furthest building. Finding the building to be mostly empty save for some old office equipment. Flipping a few of the tables and pushing them closer to the window just to give himself a few more layers of protection. Elijah readied his rifle.

Through his comms he hears someone with a very neutral voice state that the blue suns were here. "What a pretentious prick. Acting like they are something. 'White Glint' the fuck kinda name is that?" He muttered. Raising his M-7, Elijah started to fire at the blue suns, killing a few in the process. Softly under his breath he muttered "ils ne passeront pas" In a way it was in homage to his ancestors who had held the line. And as they had held the line so shall he. More round spat forth from his rifle some hitting some missing. Even if his rounds missed they provided cover forcing the blue suns to attempt to stick to cover.

From his current position he had difficulty seeing where his new teammates where or their status. But from what he could tell things were going decent at least. Spotting a small group of blue suns, Elijah gathered his biotic power into his left hand threw one of his most devastating abilities at them, Flare. When the flare landed it sent the small group flying. "How many Blue Suns did our glorious employer say there was again?" Elijah asked through the group comms.

His ride to Omega had only been short hop since he was only a system away when he received a message regarding a potential job that seemed interesting. He hoped that this would be a simple job so he could head back to the Citadel and head to one of his favorite bars for some R&R. Once he arrived at Omega he noticed that he definitely stood out mainly to due to the conspicuous clothing over his armor marking him as a member of the mercenary organization; White Company. While his group was known to operate in the Terminus system's they were one of the lesser liked ones there. Since they were known to siege slaver and raider compounds. An since this station was the center of the scum in the galaxy he'd have to keep one hand on his pistol just to keep some sort of safety net. Grabbing his duffel bag with his left hand, Elijah pushed his way through the crowds. He made note that several of the people standing off to the sides had looks of contempt on their faces. Luckily though none of them made a move on his, perhaps they would try something later. Though, Elijah hoped they wouldn't.

After several minutes of walking Elijah found himself nearing the bay where he was supposed to meet his new employer. Walking in the bay Elijah saw that several others were already present. 'What a odd group of individuals.' Elijah did a double take at the two young Humans. 'Wait is my new employer hiring children? That's pretty fucked up'. As he made his way closer to the group. Elijah figured it would be a good time to introduce himself, clearing his throat really quick he spoke to the group. " Sorry about being late. Crowds didn't want to get out of the way. Names Elijah Messner, I'm one of the members of the White Company mercenary company. I assume you all are here for this potential job as well, no?" He paused for a moment. "Oh and has a glorious employer said anything yet?"

Minor nitpick. When did he get the eezo exposure needed to become a biotic? I don't think a safe there's a way to do that with humans beyond detonating an eezo drive core around pregnant women and hoping to god they get biotics instead of the considerably less cool fatal tumors.

Otherwise though, sounds good. Would he be on leave from his company?

I mean thats how all humans become biotic. So I would assume thats how he got it as well. With humans its kinda luck of the draw to become a biotic.

To answer your other question yes he would be on a leave for the duration of the mission.
huge fan of mass effect so I'll be keeping an eye on this
ooh boy I love me some cyberpunk/shadowrun
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