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If a spot ever opens up, i would love to give this a try!
I am most interested!
Alright, this is my first character in a while, hope i didnt make the stand too powerful/headache inducing.

Ah damn, missed my chance too.

Well, im keeping an eye out as well.
Andrew Temple

Despite the utter insanity that had gone on outside, one resident of the hotel had not been asleep. He had tried, of course, but a mixture of paranoia and simple restlessness had prevented him from doing it. Instead, he had been at a table that currently acted as his work desk, doing a mixture of watching television, writing notes pertaining to very different things in a small notebook and picking at a large packet of chips he had picked up the day before. Every so often, he would tap his shirt pocket, feeling the comfort of a small rectangular shape.
Two more days. He had made all the arrangements. It was going to be risky, but it was worth it. They knew of his disgrace, and they also knew how good he was. They would want him on their side.
And if they didn't, he had planned for that, too.

His television had been turned right up, blaring some sitcom he didn't bother to remember the name of. He had also been too invested in writing to bother turning the channel, or even turning the damn thing off altogether. He desperately wanted to go outside, have a swim, get with some random women...but, of course, he couldn't risk that. The FBI were almost certainly still looking, and it wasn't out of the realm of possibility that they tracked him here. There were plenty of American tourists here, after all. If caught, he certainly wouldn't get a trial. His new "Friends" would have him murdered in prison long before the case got anywhere near a courtroom, and that was assuming the FBI wanted him alive at all...

Best not to think about that now. Things would work out fine if he kept a cool head. Which, as it so happened, was pretty difficult with some annoying noise he heard just outside his door. It had been going on for a while, but stuck in his thoughts, Andrew hadnt bothered to notice it properly. If was some sort of shuffling followed by crashing into walls. He sighed and got up, pulling on his suit jacket.

"Ugh, i wonder if this one's drunk from this morning or last night."

Strolling over to the door, he pulled it open. He thought this was a good hotel, he wouldn't have to deal with drunken retards constantly all the time...

Usually he wouldn't have minded a woman in a swimsuit being right outside his door. But unfortunately, those thoughts were interrupted by said woman launching herself at him almost as soon as Andrew opened the door. His fist flew, catching the woman in the head, but barely fazing her. About a hundred thoughts registered in his head in a split second, but one thing he did before opening the door almost certainly saved his life.

Andrew's right hand had been in his jacket, doing up a shirt button that had come loose earlier without him noticing. As the...thing launched herself towards him, instincts kicked in, and his hand barely had to move two inches before resting on a handle. He brought it out, opening the handle with a practiced flick, slashing over the woman's eyes. Briefly blinded by their own blood, they didn't block the second strike, Andrew's knife burying itself in her throat.

The woman fell to the floor, his knife still protruding from her neck. Andrew took a deep breath. He had been in fights before, but killing...that had always been against criminals. He had never killed...wait, what the fuck was this thing anyway?

Turning the corpse over, Andrew retrieved his knife, before checking the corpse. Milky eyes, grey tinted skin, gums pierced by teeth clenched together. He knew the symptoms of Rabies, but this...didn't quite check out. Plus, did it even cause such violence in humans? He looked up, the door to his room had swung almost closed, and without the TV noise, he could hear a lot more of what was going on outside. It varied, but didn't bode well in any way.

Looks like he would get to go out after all.

Finally, here's my character.


Ooh! I am interested. I love LPs of the game and would have played the one i have on steam if i knew anyone else who played it.
Saris and Laurence

Saris tapped his gloved hands together in amusement as he was bombarded with questions, before climbing on top of a nearby crate to put him at eye level with most of the group. Thankfully, none of them had asked about the blue sun attack yet. It was best that way, he didnt intend for them to find that out until a few missions were under their belt, and they had gotten a taste of the money he was paying them. He turned and looked to the relatively small humans.

"A wonderful question, young... [Hhhkk...]! Morality, as you may have guessed by now, is somewhat flexible. But i do wish to help the people of the... [Hhhkk...]...Terminus Systems. But i dont think i can explain it all here. If you would check... [Hhhkk...]... your omni tools, i have sent the binding section of your contract. You are welcome to... [Hhhkk...]... view the other fifty-nine sections as you so wish. Oh, your point." He took a deep breath.

"You are welcome to send messages to your family however you wish. However... [Hhhkk...] will not be able to give our location, or mention any of the inner workings of this... [Hhhkk...]" He sighed. "If you do any of this, i will be forced to terminate your contract."

A few meters away, Laurence couldn't hide a smirk. He hadn't bothered to put his helmet back on.

Saris turned to the Geth, who he couldn't actually remember inviting.
"I hope that also answers your question...[Hhhkk...]...Sir?" He let the sentence trail off a bit before continuing,

Finally, he turned to the Asari that Laurence seemed to think had a STD of some kind. Ridiculous of course, but Saris had close calls before. He took a slight step back.
"I assure you my dear, the pay is... [Hhhkk...]...Substantial. Enough to retire on, in fact. I'm very rich, you see." He chuckled.

"Well then, everyone!" He shouted cheerfully. "Soon we can take the shuttle to our new HQ, and you can see this job for yourselves. I do so ... [Hhhkk...]...sincerely hope you like it."

He then turned to the other Asari.
"...yes my dear, i am in need a mercenary or assassin, or ... [Hhhkk...]..whatever the fuck it is."

Laurence, on the other hand, looked up when she flirted with the entire group at once.
"Hm. You wouldn't happen to be affiliated with Eclipse, would you?" He said, with mild venom in his voice. "I do so sincerely hope you arent still affiliated with them...

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