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Red Hood

"Maybe i shouldn't kill the most dangerous criminals in the world. Maybe i should just dump them in the world's most insecure asylum."
Jason Peter Todd ♦ 1993 (24) ♦Male♦ Anti-Hero/Anti-Villain

C O N C E P T A B S T R A C T:

The Red Hood in this RP has a few differences from his comic portrayal. As usual, he was the second Robin until he was murdered by the Joker. He then came back to life and became the vigilante, Red Hood.

In this RP, he has been the Red Hood for approximately 20 months. He often takes a more tactical approach to his work and is less impulsive than his comics counterpart, although tactics will go out of the window if he faces Batman or the Joker. He is also more willing to work with others, albeit grudgingly. as long as they don't interfere with his "work". As you might expect, hes a rude, confrontational jerk at the best of times, making the aforementioned "working with others" incredibly difficult for said "others". Although it is incredibly difficult to have anything more than disdain for another person, he can care for them deep down to some extent. Most of his dislike for people comes from growing up on the streets, as well as the feeling that Batman simply used him as a replacement for Dick Grayson, then conveniently got a new robin in the form of Tim Drake, once Jason was murdered by the Joker. At least, that's his excuse. Although he often kills criminals straight out, he does enjoy the fight that happens beforehand, allowing him to prove his superiority before he kills them.

N O T E S:

Jason has nothing but disdain for just about any member of the bat family, with the exception of Cassandra Cain, who he respects for her fighting skills, if not her choice in mentors.
He also usually carries a .50 cal sniper rifle, which is the only weapon he can rely on to properly put down a metahuman.


"Hunting a Hunter Who is Also Hunting You"- Recently, information has come to Jason's ears, regarding the location of the super villain mercenary Deathstroke. Jason, ever the eager one, sees it as an opportunity to take a major super villain off the board, as well as a way to one up that stuck-up prick Nightwing.
Finally managed to finish my entry! Hope its up to scratch.

Oh! Forgot to ask. Is there a discord or something for this RP?
@Lord Wraith

Oooohh.....that sounds like it could be tricky. I didnt notice Shocker when i read the IC. xD

Would i be able to change his personality a bit from what ive seen of him so far in the IC then? Im thinking i might go for him now, but...well,i was going to make him a bit less of a wuss than that. :P

@Lord Wraith

Ah, wonderful. Definitelywasntconsideringdarkseid.

Is Deathstroke off limits? I noticed he was mentioned in the first IC post, but i don't see anyone using him in the char page.

Then again, for me, its a toss up between him, Bane or the Shocker. xD
Um, hi there. May i join?

And are there any particular heroes/villains that are off limits? Apart from the ones already taken of course.
Hi hi! May i join?
I am intrigued, may i join?

Assuming i can think of a good stand.
I return! We cant have the captain be TOO happy after all. :P
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