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No one had spoken to Kel, which was generally normal. Still, he didnt mind. At least they werent going to act like he was a zoo attraction. As a result, he had hung back when the rest of them went towards this...something...zeta.

Kel hadn't read much of the briefing, as he had gone into a complete state of panic when he realised he was meant to attend a meeting, but missed the memo because he spent so much time researching the planet when he was meant to meet a figure of authority on this world. He had barely had any time to get his armor on before this operation, either.

So he decided to let the others go first, partially because he was in the back of the group, mostly because he realised that a bunch of mercenaries and who knows what else would not give half a womp rats ass about his rank and any authority it might bring.

"I wonder if becoming a Major would solve that problem?" he said aloud with no context whatsoever as he began to follow the others, because stopping. Everyone was ahead of him, so he couldnt go all out. Otherwise, he would hit them, raising all sorts of problems for everyone.

Rolling his eyes at his own slowness today, he began to break into a jog, beginning to head around the building.


Arriving around the back of the building, Kel was beginning to hear a lot of interesting noises from inside. He wondered who the screams belonged to, before pushing the thought out of his head. It wasnt his problem, after all.

Unfortunately for him, there didnt appear to be a back door, or at least there wasnt one near him.

No matter.

He would make one.

Casually walking to a bit of wall he liked, he took a small square object from his belt, slapped it on, and strolled away, with the posture of a man who had absolutely no need to rush. Or as much of a posture as you could tell while covered in armour.

Kel tapped a button on his wrist, and the device on the wall detonated. At the same time, Kel brought his assault cannon up, setting it to heavy ordinance. With a single flick of his wrist, he fired multiple explosive rounds around the hole that his breaching device had made. The wall had been built to stand up to various forms of explosives, but this didn't mean a thing as the explosions tore the metal wall to pieces, sending melted metal flying everywhere. A drop hit Kel in the arm, making him frown.

Kel walked forward, raising his cannon again as he stepped through the hole, ignoring the warning symbols in his helmet that warned of the melted metal. One criminal had been behind the wall and had taken the full impact of Kel's blasts. The Chiss lazily kicked his body aside as several enemies appeared around the corner, obviously checking to see what that noise was. Kel counted three.

Kel had already heard them coming, and had set his cannon to automatic. His cannon whined for a moment, and proceeded to blast out over a dozen blaster bolts in less than a second. The three simply looked at him, and disappeared, torn to shreds by the torrent as Kel let out a smile, and let his finger release the trigger.

This was always amusing.

Hearing a noise, he looked up and saw a gantry. Two more criminals had seen what he just did, and were taking pot shots from their hiding place. One shot hit Kel directly in the face, doing absolutely nothing.

"...are you done?"

He didn't wait for an answer, instead illustrating his point by aiming and firing another explosive round, hitting the part where the gantry joined the wall. With a shriek of tortured metal, the entire thing gave way, sending the two plummeting down. Kel smiled again and lowered his cannon, slowly walking to where they fell.

One had died instantly, breaking his neck on the floor, while another was still stunned, and didn't even notice the armored giant step towards him, and lower his cannon.

Whom then stopped, raised it again, and proceeded to slam an armored boot directly on the survivor's neck, snapping it like a twig.

Kel watched him expire, and turned around, mind already set on other matters.

"Colonel maybe...i like the sound of it and the uniforms look nice, but it does sound like i would be forced to lead directly..."
Oh yeah, thats what i was thinking of.
Oh good, Kel can make a friend. xD

Oh yeah, is there a chatroom for this, btw? Would make things easier.
I can imagine Kel being more of a advisory position, alongside the whole shooting people by the dozen thing.

Would his rank of captain matter at all, here? xD
"...cant they send me to somewhere nice once in a while? First..."

Captain Vyn'Kel'Ruordoa was snapped out of his moment of self-pity when his datapad let out a extremely annoying squawking noise, with him pulling it out in a single snappish motion as if he was a gunslinger at a tournament. Gazing at it, he noticed various lines of information, all pertaining to the planet he had just landed on. Local military strength, most common form of armament, specific types of materiel used by security forces and criminal elements, local important figures in the local military, possible anti-republic elements in the city, layouts of various cityscapes...

Kel stared at the datapad for about ten minutes straight, barely even blinking as his brain desperately tried to absorb the sheer amount of information on the screen. Finally, he took a deep breath when he realized the next set of information was "Crime Figures".

"I think that's enough for now."

He got up, slinging his assault cannon over his back before pointing at two of the port staff unloading a large crate frim his ship, causing them to completely freeze.
"Be very careful with that! It keeps me alive!"

Turning, he walked straight out of the hangar, taking a elevator down to the main area. He didn't have a room yet, as far as he knew and his armor was back in that crate from earlier.

He had some time to kill. That was a rare occurence.
Noticing a small group of heavily armed people nearby, he strolled over to them, trying to look friendly. He knew there were other people who were part of this operation, could this be them? Then again, if they weren't, they may be planning to rob the port, hence the weaponry. That would be interesting.
He raised his hand in greeting.

"Hello. I sincerely hope you are all here for the reason i heard about."

He managed to hide his irritation. He had never worked with mercenaries before and had hoped to never do so. Too unreliable. Plus, he had killed plenty of their like before, that probably wouldn't win him many allies.

Nevermind. Meet them, do the operation, leave, then he could enjoy a few months on a Naboo beach. As much as he enjoyed a fight, a rest was always pleasant.

Especially when no one could bother him.
@Piercing Light

I meant that he was directly sent by the Republic rather than being hired for this.

I meant for Kel to ask about fairly sensitive information pertaining to the planet's military capability, numbers, tactics, recent events, etc. Kind of professional-like.

If you don't think that would work though, its fine. He can do something else. Someone could just hand him a pad with the info he wants typed on. xD

We do already have a black ops commando with the team. xD
@Piercing Light Would it be possible for Kel to speak to the commander first? Seeing as he was sent there to help the forces on the planet, it seems like the thing to do.

Interest! Here's my character.

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