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Hi hi! May i join?
I am intrigued, may i join?

Assuming i can think of a good stand.
I return! We cant have the captain be TOO happy after all. :P
IC is up! Time for a bit of interaction before the first battle.
"How many?"
The scout shifted uncomfortably as he stood at the entrance of the tent. The captain-general had been looking at a map on the table, and had appeared to be quite engrossed in it when the scout had walked in. The general had not given a greeting, or even shown any notice that the scout had even entered, apart from what he just said.
He hated this job.

"Um..."He started, flinching slightly when the man at the table looked up, looking mildly irritated. His cold eyes bored into those of the scout, and for a moment, he wondered if he should turn around and come back in another time, when he wasnt so...nervous. Of course, that would go splendidly...
"Erm, yes. They number seven or eight hundred, along with..."

The Captain-General tapped the table, looking irritated again. "I do not pay you for guesswork. Which is it? Seven, or eight?" He looked almost unwell, with rings around bloodshot eyes and telltale smells of herbs to keep him awake that drifted around the room. He was on edge about something, of which the scout was sensible enough not to ask about.
"Apologies...sir. Eight Hundred, including one hundred horse. Currently they have been raiding various settlements in the south west, taking many slaves to sell at the ports in the sout..."

"I know what they are doing. I didnt order you to find that out." The Captain-General took a deep breath and looked at the maps again.

"Another merc company, in our area. Probable that they have heard of us so far."

Will thought, writing it down on a piece of paper that he had kept notes on all the while ignoring the scout, who was clearly seriously wondering if he should leave.
"They have pillaged and burned several settlements so far. Smallfolk utterly hate them along with several lords. A shame, but little reason to do anything, they would not be stupid enough to attack us."

He looked down at the paper. There was one more word.

He looked at it. Five seconds. Ten seconds, Thirt...
"Ive decided." He looked up at the scout. "Get your men and inform each of the captains to move out within an hour. Ill find Johnson. Shes probably swimming today..." The scout nodded, and ran outside, clearly glad to get away as quickly as possible. Will got up, and walked outside after him, into the newly roused camp and making a beeline for the river.

"Clarissa! I told you to be on standby!" He yelled out, not bothering to hide the annoyance in his voice.
@Gelatinous Cube

Apologies mate, theres been a ton of irl stresses going on. Hoping to get the IC up soon.

And i did say your characters looks fine, mate. xD
Posted the bio of the Captain-General btw fellas! Its on the first post.

We are working on making the IC!

Humans are all there is. There are plenty of mythical creatures that might have existed, but none do anymore. Like myths irl.

Time period would be about...fifteenth century, technology wise, people havent quite figured out gunpowder yet, but arent too far off.


Thats...pushing things a bit mate. His family wouldnt really have "Psionic aptitude", or be trained in magic. Thats stuff you learn alongside various other scholarly duties, and even then, its not quite as cut and dried.

That whole training montage thing sounds a as well. As does the hallucination allowing him to win, and those abilities.

Hes a normal human, really good with martial arts maybe, but nothing beyond what a skilled martial artist would be able to do irl.


Looks good.

Bear in mind all, this is medieval, so life expectancy isnt too high. You can make young characters if you want.
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