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I am someone who makes things.

I don't know if I have much to tell you about myself, though I will say that I'm an avid roleplayer who excels in 1x1 roleplays across the spectrum, ranging from awesome adventures to things that I don't think I'm allowed to describe here. I enjoy writing, especially with others, as I am currently working on private writing projects that I have no idea will get anywhere. I enjoy other forms of storytelling too, whether it would be through creating videos or building universes for many to enjoy.

When it comes to roleplaying, I'm somewhat experienced, having done it for about 12 years in live action chat, and about a year cumulative for play-by-posts. I often play as female characters to help deal with my gender dysphoria. I play males from time to time too, but not all that often. I write what needs to be said, and I don't really put in too much effort when it's not needed. If you want to see me at my best, look no further than this post, where I detail a collapsing regime for a superhero sandbox RP. I do have other "good" posts, but I think they're all cringey so attempt to find them at your own risk. I'm a reasonable RPer too, I'm willing to reach a compromise that can satisfy all parties within a situation. However, I just got back after a long hiatus, and I'm willing to give things a shot again. I'm trying to see if I can stick with one versatile character and put her through the ringer to test my skill and my ability to make good characters.

Other than that, I'm a big fan of urban fantasy, modern day settings, and the like, as I'm a total car and gun nut. Apologies in advance, but often times I might go into a little detail as to what vehicles and weapons characters are using, as that stuff is a little important to me! I also love the synthwave aesthetic, Marble Hornets, Ace Combat, and my 'big dream' is to tell good stories in some form or another to the world. As a result of growing up with movies and TV, I imagine everything as if it were happening in a live-action film, RPs and writing included. Especially RPs.

I may add more to my bio if I miss anything. Feel free to PM me if you're interested in RPing with me, just based on my Bio! Or check out the character I'm currently playing as if you want to know who I plan to main as for a bit. It's been a while since I last played so I might be a bit rusty on etiquette and other stuff like that, so please forgive me! Thank you!

PS: I am a total fucking memelord. fite me IRL 1v1 rust m8 no deb8

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Scarlet Rubashka as Punished "Venom Bean"


Scarlet payed close attention to the footage in the garage. She kept a close eye on the timestamp, and once they got to the point in time when the imposter left the building, nothing happened. For a bit, anyway. But someone else stepped out shortly after. He looked a bit different from Mosley himself, and while the film was too grainy to get an exact ID of the guy, they at least knew what he looked like in general. He then got in a white Lada and pulled out from the parking garage. “Guys. I’m going to run over to get some identification on that car. I just need to see if the place of the car’s residence and registration can lead us somewhere. So just hang tight and I’ll see what I can do.”

Scarlet nodded. "Copy." She rewound the tape back to the point where the suspect left the building, and kept her eyes trained on the footage. Was that just an employee who left from a different part of the building? Or was he actually the mole? They'd have to look at the other tapes just to be sure, but she didn't recall seeing anyone else leave the building through that way. She wasn't familiar with the building's layout, so being able to plot their movements would probably establish a firmer case for them. "Hey uh, can you get a floorplan for the building too? Forgot to mention that earlier, sorry." She said to Amanda as she stepped up to the TV. "Yeah, this one's really got me scratching my head too. If that's our guy, I can't see how he was able to drop the disguise so quickly." She switched the tapes back to Communications and played back the footage that showed the imposter in his disguise, hoping to find something that can give them a clue.

And thankfully Faye was the first to spot it. She quickly stopped the tape and brought it back, pausing it right at the moment she needed to. And if it weren't for the fact that they were looking for solid leads, Scarlet would've been quite jealous of Faye's ability to wrangle with otherwise uncooperative VCRs. "I can see some strange traces of magic coming from the fake Xaviron! Just on a few frames.. They look like reflections if one doesn't pay enough attention... They look like... wisps of light?" Scarlet blinked and looked closer. What she first dismissed as VHS artifacts were indeed light wisps. Faye continued brainstorming possibilities, and Faye brought up the idea of stacking spells. It clicked, and Scarlet's eyes widened a little.

"Oh, yeah, that's quite possible." Scarlet nodded. "I don't think it's exclusive to the fae. I don't know how it was done, but I know it can be done." Scarlet jogged her memory the best she could. "I know I keep bringing this one deployment up a lot, but I think my coworkers did something along the lines of that to our VIP, so we can safely escort him out of a contested city. I remembered that they mentioned something about stacking spells to make the disguise more convincing or something along the lines of that. I was a little... scatterbrained at the time so I can't remember the details of how it was done exactly. Worked like a charm too, took the Serbs a few more seconds to shoot at us." She chortled lightly before staring at the screen. "I'd bring that up to Amanda when she gets back."

Scarlet looked around for additional TVs and VCRs, and then scrounged together a smaller, separate setup. Her idea was that she'd look at the other tapes so the others could focus on examining the magical artifacts in the frames that they revealed themselves in. She put the parking garage tape on next, and after seeing the familiar footage, she noticed another detail as well. "Uh, guys, I don't think our perp was acting alone." She said, gesturing over to her screen. After the white Lada pulled out from the parking garage, a black Mercedes G-Class SUV pulled out about twenty seconds after it. She didn't see anyone get in or out of the vehicle, so someone was clearly waiting in there for a bit. Unless they were a sworn agent who was spending too much time in their car after their shift was over, they may be in on the whole thing. It looked a bit too suspicious for her. Either that or she's watched way too many movies where every bad guy in Europe owned a black Mercedes G-Class SUV. "That's interesting. We might want to run the plates on that one too."

Scarlet Rubashka as Punished "Venom Bean"


Scarlet would be lying to herself if she said that she didn't feel the least bit validated when Amanda and the rest of the crew figured that the option she presented was their best bet. However, Faye voiced some rather valid concerns about the security of their agency if a mole was able to sneak in and get the intel needed to plan an ambush as quickly as they did. "I suppose that's the monkey's paw there." Scarlet said in response to Faye's concerns. Amanda swiftly left the room and returned with some VHS tapes. Scarlet stood up to help Amanda set up some of the tech, but it seems as if Amanda was familiar with all of it. That and she was an android that had no trouble lifting up a big ass 2-in-1 television set. Scarlet cleaned up her space in the meantime, removing all evidence that she ate her pop tarts like a heathen.

She sat back down with the crew and watched the tape with them. Due to the fact that it's just a consumer TV and not an editor's setup, there was always a 1-second lag anytime they pause and rewound, forcing Amanda to have to adjust her timing a bit anytime she used the remote. They didn't find anything unusual. Comparing the staff in the surveillance footage to those in the list revealed nothing out of the ordinary. They all served here for years, and only had minor incidents in the office at worst. Going through the footage ate up a bit of time, so in her natural state of boredom, Scarlet stood up and looked around for a radio.

"A-ha!" She found a small boombox sitting on one of the nearby tables, and after plugging it in, she jumped from the sudden burst of volume that came from one of the local radio stations. "Sorry!" Scarlet called out sheepishly as she adjusted the volume and turned it down. From her bag of holding, she produces a blank cassette tape, puts it into the boombox and presses play. The worn tape opens up with Suzanne Vega's hit, the homunculus bouncing and shaking parts of herself to the beat as she saunters back to her chair. She quietly hums to herself as the crew continues to scrub the footage, hoping to lighten up the rather tedious task that they're undergoing. I am sitting in the morning at the diner on the corner, I am waiting at the counter for the man to pour the coffee... And he fills it only halfway And before I even argue, he is looking out the window at somebody coming in... Scarlet continues humming the song to herself as they scrub through the footage, bouncing to the beat.

Eventually they got to yesterday's tape, and scrubbed through that as well. One of the agents who worked in the room that day looked really cute. Scarlet kept her eyes on the rather attractive but otherwise unassuming agent until someone strange walked into the room at around 2 o' clock in the afternoon. Scarlet squinted her eyes once the figure walked in. She could've sworn she's seen him before, and just a second after the thought crossed her mind, Amanda brought up his name.

"No shit..." Scarlet looked closer, trying to make out whatever details she can from the footage. She quickly looked to the others just to make sure she and Amanda weren't the only ones who were seeing this, and it was clear as day that all of them were seeing the same thing. The group quickly ruled out the idea that it was actually Agent Mosley. She didn't know the guy all that well, but the others seemed to believe that him being the mole didn't fit his profile. Mike then brought up the fact that he couldn't possibly be here before them, and Scarlet thought the same thing. "Shouldn't he be with the B-Team back in Frankfurt?" Scarlet asked casually. "A quick phone call to the Frankfurt office should easily clear his name."

Amanda then brought up magic that would alter someone's appearance. Scarlet gave it some thought, she was aware of magic that did create illusions, but nothing as real or as convincing as that one was. Scarlet herself never needed illusions like that to get the job done, disruptive black face paint and a dark gaiter usually did the trick for her. But if there was a spell like that that could alter her appearance, she could use it for future deployments. "Still... How should we even guard ourselves against such a spell... If it exists, that is? If they can just make themselves look exactly like us, they could just freely walk around and get any information they wanted... right?" Faye said, to which Scarlet pondered. She turned to Faye and replied. "I suppose it depends on the kind of magic being used here. If they're simply using illusion magic, it should be pretty easy to beat with basic frisking and fingerprinting. If they're a shapeshifter, well... wait." She paused for a moment. "Can shapeshifters change their fingerprints, or does theirs remain unique to them like everyone else's?" She pondered that for a bit more before Mike chimed in with his experience.

"Speaking from experience, there are some creatures who can mimic sound and shape...the whetigo and the wendigo can do so to a limited extent, but that's a natural ability and doesn't stand up to much scrutiny." Mike brought up, to which Scarlet nodded. "We tricksters can mimic sound form and function, but the illusion falls apart if we can't match knowledge." Raven added. Scarlet stifled a chuckle from his interaction with Manabozho, and nodded emphatically. "Yeah, that's what I was going for. Usually illusions like that come with their limitations, and since so many people used those illusion spells to commit fraud back in the day, most places have tech that screens for that kind of thing." Scarlet looked at the door. "Hell, I could've sworn I walked through a few pieces of that tech on my way in yesterday."

Amanda then brought up that the potential suspect could've left in a vehicle of some kind, and suggested that they should check the garage footage next. Mike was onboard, and so was Scarlet. "Mhm, what he said." Mike turned to the rest of the group and spoke to them. "We can't be that compromised right guys? I don't like the idea that a mole could be on our team. It doesn't feel right." Faye responded. "Even if we don't have a mole on our team... It might be just a matter of time, if they can really just infiltrate themselves so easily..."

Scarlet looked to the both of them and thought for a moment. She racked her brain for ideas and smirked just a little. "Well, if any of you suspect me of being replaced by a shapeshifter, just... reminisce about something with me that never happened. The imposter will go along with it to keep their cover." Scarlet joked. "Works all of the time in the movies." She thought for a moment. "Or you can ask me what car I rented in Frankfurt. If I answer with anything else other than a red 1989 Honda Prelude, you have my full permission to shoot me in the head."
I might be interested. Got a few hundred hours in FO:NV, I'd be willing to play my favorite "Ex-NCR Contractor" player character with a much more realistic number of quests in her pip-boy. lol

Scarlet Rubashka as Punished "Venom Bean"


It wasn't often that Scarlet slept in. She usually had the discipline and internal clock necessary to wake up at a decent hour, that being two hours before her first assignment. But recent events created a field of gravity around her bed so strong that even awake she couldn't move. Recent events that served as a reminder of how mortal she really was. That one moment, trapped behind a rock, surrounded by bloodthirsty paramilitaries, with nothing but a plate carrier and a near-empty suppressed AUG to her name. And everything that surrounded it. The ambush, the car chase, the crash, the woods, the second car chase and then the office firefight. Action that she's seen within a week at the very least. But not a whole day, until yesterday. At least the flight here wasn't too long.

The beep of Scarlet's watch brought her mind crashing back to reality. She blinked several times, taking in the room around her. Basic accomodations for travelling agents, located within a seperate wing of the building. Normally the OMR would book a hotel for agents and contractors like herself, but given recent events, it wasn't exactly safe for Amanda's team to go outside yet. There's no telling how many snipers the enemy had on hand. Once Scarlet caught a glance of the time, she blinked.

"Ah, shit."

She groaned and threw herself out of bed. Despite the headrush she got, she immediately got to work on getting dressed and ready. It took a few minutes, but eventually she was already in her standard outfit, consisting of jeans, an olive-drab t-shirt, her tactical bag of holding, her holstered Glock 21 and her black plate carrier. She gave her hair a quick brush, and after ponytailing it up, she pushes it through the gap in her olive-drab ballcap and cleans herself up. Another few minutes, she was already rushing out the door.

- - -

Scarlet almost barged into the office, carton of milk in one hand and a stack of four Pop Tarts in another. She waved to Amanda and Michael with her Pop Tart hand. "Hnney bawsss. Mikney." Scarlet said with her mouth full. "Sorry I'm late." Scarlet coughed, almost breathing in a crumb of strawberry Pop Tart. She leans her head slightly to meet the Pop Tart stack in hand, taking a big bite out of all four of them and chewing. She looked around for a seat, and once she found it, she sat down and continued eating. Once Faye blinked in, Scarlet smirked with her mouth full and waved to her too. Once she sat the carton of milk down on the table, she used her recently liberated hand to invite Faye to the seat next to her.

Scarlet listened and paid attention as the team got down to business. Amanda quickly briefed them on the situation. They were here to find out who the mole was and what they were doing during the time of the ambush. They may have to search some offices and rooms in order to find evidence about the mole's wrongdoings, but they'd have to be discreet on the matter since the whole office is on edge after yesterday's violent firefight. Now it was up to them to figure out what tapes they want to view first, and see if they can narrow the field of suspects down from there. Scarlet nodded at the end of the briefing, and got to thinking.

It wasn't long before Mike brought a brilliant idea to the table. Having a list of staff would the quite helpful, especially with their clearance levels. It would make things rather easier to narrow down. Scarlet nodded to Mike after finishing her Pop Tarts. "Good thinkin'." She nodded along with Faye and pointed at her. "Mhm. What she said." She downed the rest of the milk carton and cleaned herself up.

All of that considered, Scarlet pondered. Anyone who could organize an ambush so quickly and so adeptly would have to have access to information right away. Their trip to Minsk wasn't exactly planned ahead of time, it was kind of done on the spot. To organize an ambush with appropriate vehicles, costumes and quick response forces in such a short amount of time would require information that got to them much quicker. The place to start was obvious.

"Personally, I'd say that we check out whoever's responsible for communications. Where would most of these things be passed through? Is there a dispatch center, radio room or anything of that kind of nature here?" Scarlet sat up. "Whoever has clearance for communications would almost know where we are and what we're doing at all times. Our trip here was kind of last minute, and yesterday's attack would've required a considerable amount of time and resources to set up. The enemy would've had to know first thing where we're headed and how far along we were in the investigation, and that kind of shit normally takes time to get its way up the chain. So, in order to stay a few steps ahead of us, they'd have to get that information from the first place where it can be found, which would be communications."

Scarlet Rubashka as Punished "Venom Bean"


Scarlet grunted as Amanda continued to patch her up, though if she's gonna be honest with herself, she did like the pat on the head. No one ever gave her headpats, ever. It felt strange, but nice. Scarlet cracked a small smile to Amanda before turning to Faye. "Hey, don't mention it. Contract also has a non-disclosure stipulation." She winked to Faye, indicating her rather terrible joke. "In all seriousness, it's just what I do. I'm just glad we all made it out in one piece." She looked over to her shoulder wound. "Well, erm... most of us, anyway." Logically speaking, the homunculus should easily be able to bounce back from this. With the right applications of spells, bandages and biological cleaning agents, Scarlet would be well on her way to being good as new. It would still take time for everything to fully heal, but like usual, by the next day, she should be back in the action.

Amanda gave the team a half hour break, to which Scarlet immediately used to get everything reorganized. Retrieving her weapons (chiefly the Glock she lent Michael) as well as some of her other things she had laying around. She handed her used ballistic plates over to some of the staff, who were quick to replace them with the similar enchanted ones she used. She did everything that was required of her while she was there. She filled out all of the forms, gave her report to the OMR officers (leaving out the mole bit of course), and filled her Frankfurt contact in on what's going on (as much as she safely could). And just like last time, she shared her honest opinions on the matter, and how all of this is way above her paygrade. Of course, her contact reminded her of the contract's rewards, and Scarlet remained quiet. After exchanging a few more important details, they hung up and Scarlet was able to join the rest of the group.


Scarlet was the last to enter the room, like usual. Arriving a minute later than the rest, she gave Michael a tired smile and a gentle pat on the shoulder, quickly taking her place up against the wall. She wore a light gray t-shirt this time around, and had her plate carrier on again. With her tactical bag of holding on her left and her Glock holstered on her right, her demeanor urged an almost paranoid caution. Once Amanda congratulated them on their tenacity and the fact that they were able to make it through that situation by the skin of their teeth, Scarlet released an exhausted sigh. She knew that they weren't out of the woods yet, and with her adrenaline high long gone, she was really in the mood to pass out onto a bed right about now.

Amanda made it pretty clear that they are at a bit of a Morton's Fork with their investigation. The mole presents a clear and present threat to the investigation, and would severely hamper any attempts made to do almost anything. Whoever this was, was clearly working for a group with access to an expensive arsenal of weapons, armor, vehicles, costumes and personnel. Paramilitaries, Scarlet called them. And not the ordinary kind she fought either. They were far better equipped and a bit more skilled than the Serbian death squads she went up against months ago. And those Serbians were tough as nails.

"That would explain a lot about how they were able to find and corner us so easily!" Scarlet turned briefly to Faye and nodded. "Yeah. There was no way anyone could stage a disguised ambush like that and have several kill-squads on standby without having a lot of insider information." Scarlet sighed. "I'd have to agree with Amanda on this one. This mole's a dangerous motherfucker."

However, there was also the lead that Faye tracked, the portal location that brought them here in the first place. Going there could potentially blow the whole operation open, and potentially result in some rather intense firefights. Having already been in some intense firefights, Scarlet could use something a little 'low effort' as Amanda put it. Scarlet thought long and hard about it as the other two responded with their answers.

Scarlet listened to Faye's response, and Faye brought up a rather interesting point. The mole who sent the kill squads after them, as well as the folks behind the weapons smuggling in general, could very well be the same group. And just like that, it all clicked in Scarlet's little head. Spoken Russian languages, as well as teams and intel in Belarus. Soviet-bloc weaponry updated to modern standards, highly skilled paramilitaries that operated with similar tactics to the skilled mercenaries that Scarlet herself has worked with. The funding to gain access to an expensive arsenal of weapons, armor, vehicles, costumes and personnel. They were going up against the conspiracy itself, and they were throwing everything they reasonably could at them. And that could only mean one thing.

They were getting close.

Scarlet took a moment to think all of this out. Faye then brought up a suggestion, and Scarlet took the moment to listen. She also brought up a rather good point. If they were going to go into the portal, in order to have the element of surprise, they would indeed have to go radio silent and maybe even go rogue. Scarlet hummed quietly in thought before nodding to Faye. "That would be a good idea, on paper. I would've suggested the same thing, actually." Scarlet said before taking a deep breath. "But then I remembered what happened literally two hours ago. Not to be rude, but we almost got slaughtered when we acted on our own. Amanda had to bail us out of that situation, and we were lucky enough to make it back here before the enemy brought explosives to the table." Scarlet said. "And that was just us four going up against a small contingent of paramilitaries. If it's just the four of us, just us, without any support, storming the enemy base filled with unknown quantities of personnel and defenses, it's just suicide. Plain and simple."

Scarlet sighed before leaning her head up against the wall. "I've said this before, and I'll say it again. Nowhere in my contract does it say that I have to die. And I don't plan on it." She said softly. "To be honest, I only signed on for this job just to pay off my debts. That's all that this really was. I'm not a sworn agent like you guys. Hell, I'm still technically a civilian." Scarlet groaned, sighing again. "Fuck me, this whole thing's gone out of control..." She bumped her ahead up against the wall a few times. After a few moments of silence, she took a deep breath and sighed again.

"I'm with Mikey on this one. If my vote counts for anything, I say we go after the mole. If we interrogate them, they might point us to a lead that hasn't been cleaned up yet, or at least set us on the right path to where we need to go. They might even unravel their whole information network as well, in the process." Scarlet smirked a little. "Just do me a favor and don't interrogate them without me. Watching that rat bastard squirm would be more entertaining than anything they have on Pay-Per-View." Scarlet stretched. "The bad guys may be able to clean up their locations after this, but if we get more leads and take out the information leak in one fell swoop, we may be able to take on the conspiracy with the full might of the OMR at our backs. Tactical teams, helicopter support, all of that. And with that kind of support, we could accomplish our objectives without having to get slaughtered in the process." She yawned a little. "I'm also with Mikey. Regardless of what we do, contract says I gotta stick with y'all. And... I'd also like some rest too. Today's been a long fuckin' day."

Scarlet Rubashka as Punished "Venom Bean"


Pain throbbed hard in her chest with every heartbeat. Numbed slightly from the rush of adrenaline that coursed through her veins, the homunculus struggled to stand back up. "Guhh..." She groaned as the pain from her relatively healed gunshot wound bled in from her shoulder. She cursed all kinds of things to herself as she managed to bring herself back up onto her feet, standing at a crouched position to remain in cover behind the commandeered BMW. Scarlet heard Faye shout to her as the fight continued. "Micheal, Scarlet! Are you two okay?" Scarlet looked over to Faye and winced a bit in pain. "Fuck... no!" She replied in between pained breaths. "But for the sake of this conversation, uh... yeah! I'm alive! I think!" She flashed a light smirk to Faye before wincing again. She looked over to Michael, checking in on him. He seemed to be fine, taking cover with his friends. Good. "I'm sorry guys... I can hold on... Just don't worry about me and do what you need to do to drive these guys away!" Scarlet winced again as she brought her rifle back up to shoulder. "You're fine, just- Ow... Fuck." She grunted as she reloaded her empty rifle, slapping down the charging handle to seat another round. "Just stay down! I'll cover both of you!" Scarlet turned and brought her rifle over the hood of the old BMW. POPOPOW! POPOPOW! Anyone that happened to be firing in Faye and Michael's direction got Scarlet's short bursts of automatic rifle fire in return, the firepower enough to suppress the bad guys once again.

The gunfire and spellcasting died down a bit as Scarlet got back up onto feet, and by the time she was able to stand up again, all surviving enemy contacts have been routed, fleeing into the streets and back into the shadows. Several friendly vehicles followed in hot pursuit, they too disappearing into the city beyond. Within moments, medical personnel and other noncombat staff were dispatched from the building to bring in the wounded and dead from both sides of the fight. Thankfully, almost all of the OMR involved in the fight were still kicking. Through all of the intense pain she was experiencing at the moment, Scarlet felt a light glimmer of pride for keeping a few of these agents alive in the fight, even if quite a few of them got wounded pretty bad. A part of her hoped that at least one of them would buy her a drink after all of this is over, but a simple thank you always does the job for her.

She looked over to Faye and Michael, who were immediately tended to by some of the medically trained staff. "Hey Red, how are you doing?" Scarlet sighed. "As well as I can be after taking a rifle round straight to the chest." One of the uniformed OMR guards approached her, patting her down. She winced in pain when her chest and her shoulder were patted, but everything else checked out. "Yeah, just those two over there." She said to the agent, before patting him down. She winced again when she crouched down. "You're good." She said, giving him a final pat on the back. "This motley bunch, I swear, wouldn't want to work with anyone else though." Scarlet smiled weakly, nodding in agreement. As the agent guided her into the building, she gave a pat on Michael's shoulder and followed the others inside.

Normally it be a little odd to see a woman in a ballcap, a plate carrier and a bloodied t-shirt carry an assault rifle into a large office building such as this, but given what had just happened, she was the least interesting sight around the HQ. The agent she just patted down helped her into the building and brought her into the infirmary with the others, all of them following Amanda there. Once they arrived, Scarlet thanked the agent and focused her attention on her commanding officer as the agent took his leave. The two of them appeared to be talking to Alexeya Yagayevich, a woman wearing a dark outfit that stood out in a building full of uniforms and formal dress. Despite her lack of magical sensitivity, Scarlet could tell that there was something to this woman, especially with the way Faye acted around her. “Faye. I’m not leaving you with that woman alone okay? If you feel some discomfort then tell me. I’ll be right by your side.” Amanda said. Scarlet looked into Faye's eyes and gave a single, slow nod. A look of understanding that said "I got your back."

Scarlet looked back to Amanda. "As for you Scarlet. Do you need me to bandage up your wounds?" Scarlet thought for a second. "Uh..." Her response probably prompted Amanda to add "Just so you know I am trained in first aid, kind of a requirement if you're a senior agent." Scarlet replied with a weak smile. "Same here. Comes with the territory of being a combat lifesaver and all." After a moment of silence, Scarlet realized that she had yet to provide an answer. "Oh shit, yes. Please." The homunculus immediately enlisted the help of the android, getting her to help her take off her plate carrier. "Ow, fuck." Scarlet winced as she raised her hands above her head. "Other than your... ow... standard wounding profile from a 5.56 Soviet round on my shoulder, I think I might also have two crushed boobs and a broken rib." She gently sat her AUG down on the table on top of her ballistic vest. With some pain, she pulled up her sleeve to reveal the ugly (but somewhat healed) gunshot wound on her shoulder. It had a small entrance and an exit twice its size, indicating that the bullet went clean through, taking some of Scarlet with it. She pulled down her bloodied t-shirt's neckline, tearing it a little to reveal the massive bruise that's forming on her chest, a wound expected from a hard impact of an enchanted ballistic plate. Nothing a bit of slow healing magic and some bandages won't fix.

However, the whole wound wasn't visible, as pulling down her shirt was revealing enough. Any further, she'd risk voiding her contract. "I might have to get that plate replaced before I go out again." Scarlet said, gesturing to the ballistic vest she just took off. "And probably get that cleaned too." She sighed, wincing again as some of the slightest movements of her chest would put her in pain. "Fuck, can't even breathe without getting it. That fucker hit me hard." She looked back up to Amanda. After some silence, she spoke again. "Not going to lie, that's one of the toughest fights I've been in. If it weren't for you, or anyone else on the team, well... let's just say that my fucked up soul would probably be in a different realm by now." Scarlet's eyes met Amanda's, sincerity in her own. "So, uhm... Thank you, boss. I mean it."

Scarlet Rubashka as Punished "Venom Bean"


"Five more minutes!" was Amanda's reply to Scarlet's earlier question. "Shit." Was Scarlet's only reaction. Another black SUV approached the BMW from behind, to which Scarlet responded with some more automatic fire. Those ten rounds only wounded the vehicle a bit, but it continued charging forward towards the car. The vehicle got closer, and the moment its window rolled down, gunfire sprayed from it in Scarlet's direction. Scarlet said nothing as she immediately took cover, getting back inside as the bullets flew past them. Holes popped up all around the interior of the car as it was doused in automatic gunfire. In the break, Scarlet popped out and returned fire, getting a glimpse of the orc responsible. A small burst was all it took, the orc slumping over back into his seat after several bloody holes manifested in his neck and chest. The driver of the SUV pulled out his pistol and started firing, but like his passenger, his shots went wide. Scarlet had enough time to take aim, and with one shot, the driver's forehead exploded and the SUV soon left the road to disappear into the brush. "Scratch one Land Rover!" Scarlet called out.

"Red? how are you doing?" She heard Michael ask. "Surprisingly enough, I think I'm fine!" Scarlet replied as another vehicle approached them. "Why are they so persistent?! Who are these people?!" Scarlet heard Faye shout as the enemy vehicle fired at them. "Fuck if I know, but they're well armed and very skilled. Whoever's pulling their strings must have a lot of resources at their disposal." Scarlet replied after the gunfire stopped. Michael threw some runes at the pursuing vehicle, making it swerve to evade, buying Scarlet some time to take aim. In the break, she popped back out and returned fire. She emptied the rest of her magazine into the engine block of the pursuing Land Rover, causing it to fail. The SUV fell behind and pulled over to the side. "Hostile vehicle down!" She turned to Mike, who seemed to suffer some backlash from his runes. "Shit, stay with us, buddy. Don't want you to end up like Faye did." She looked around. She saw a long break in pursuing vehicles, and was about to sieze the opportunity to tend to Michael's wounds, but his god buddies seemed to have him covered. She instead decided to share some info that may or may not be important to the rest of the group. "I managed to get a good look of the gear they got when they approached us in the woods. The shit they have ain't cheap. You'd think they'd go with the NATO stuff if they had that kind of money." She looked at her AUG. Lord knows I did. She reloaded her AUG, pulling back the charging handle and pushing a fresh magazine in. "But the paramilitaries are all carrying heavily modified Soviet stuff instead. I'm talking AK-74s with optics and synthetic furniture. They spoke Russian too. I don't know if any of that matters, but I figured y'all should know." *CHACK!* She slapped the charging handle in classic Hollywood fashion and took aim outside again. Scarlet sighed, seeing more hostile vehicles approach from the distance.

Before the vehicles could get into range, Scarlet heard gunfire coming from in front of them. It only took a split second for Scarlet to notice that they were heading straight into a compound of some sort, where its guards were already firing at them. "Sweet mother of-" Scarlet barely had the chance to curse when she threw herself back into the vehicle to cover herself from friendly fire. She felt the impact of the BMW against the gate as the vehicle slid into the office grounds. Scarlet grunted as she was pressed up against the front seat, her body almost crushed from the force of the crash. She groaned as she sat back up, only getting a glimpse of the uniformed OMR officers that surrounded the vehicle. Amanda was quick to defuse the situation, buying Scarlet time to regain her bearings. "A little bit of a heads up would've been nice, ugh..." Scarlet cradled her head for a bit.

It wasn't long before Amanda's orders came to Scarlet again. "Alright, we've got aggressors down there! Kill them! Scarlett, Mikey. If you can help, then help!" What, they were still pursuing them? How much are these operatives getting paid!? No amount of money would convince Scarlet to assault an OMR office, but now wasn't the time to question the enemy's motives. Now was the time to fight. Scarlet climbed out of the car towards the office, catching a glimpse of Faye as she took cover away from the fight. She looked to Mike. "Mike, I'm gonna need you to get to cover. I gotta go start shooting people again. Can you do that for me, big guy?" Scarlet asked quietly, patting Mike on the shoulder. She heard OMR agents shout things like "Hostile contacts at the gate!", signifying to Scarlet that the enemy has already arrived in force. Scarlet got up and got a read on the situation. The walls, gates, fences and vehicles provided enough ample cover for Scarlet and her OMR allies, while the hostile paramilitaries would have to funnel in through the gate in the front. Even with all of their new gear, the enemy was facing off against an equally skilled and equally equipped foe, who has a much bigger advantage in terms of terrain, cover and numbers. And if Scarlet was going to be honest with herself, it felt good.

Scarlet immediately took cover behind the wrecked BMW, using the engine block to protect her from incoming fire. Scarlet brought her rifle to bear, seeing the enemy arrive in multiple black Land Rover SUVs. More operatives equipped with the latest Soviet-bloc gear, already opening fire upon the officers. The officers returned fire with their handguns and rifles, making the operatives scatter. Scarlet used this opportunity to gun down one of the hostile paramilitaries, a quick burst of five bringing him down onto the asphalt below. Thirty-five rounds left. "Moving!" An OMR guard shouted. "Covering!" Scarlet replied, switching to semi-auto mode and firing in the general direction of the operatives, suppressing them and buying the OMR guard some time to move to cover.

*FFTTCH!!* One of the OMR took a hit straight to the chest, making the half-elf fall to the ground. "Man down!" Scarlet called out. In the cacophony of battle, Scarlet reached into her tactical bag of holding, pulling out a flashbang. "Throwing flashbang!" Scarlet shouted, pulling the pin and throwing it right beyond the gate. She turned around, and after a BANG!, she stood up and fired wildly towards the gate. "Moving!" Scarlet cried out as she sprinted to the wounded OMR officer. "Covering!" She heard a friendly shout as she made her sprint. "C'mon buddy, stay with me." She said to the officer as she grabbed him by his armpits. She dragged him away from the fight as quickly as she could, bringing him back behind a wall. Once she confirmed that the wounded officer was safe, she called out to the friendlies in the back. "Medic!" She stood up and fired towards the gate. Given that most of the enemy was also in cover, she wasn't really hitting anything, but the bullets she was sending should be enough to buy her allies some time to do what they need to do. However, there was one small problem.

*Click.* Son of a shit-eating-

*FFTT!!* After what felt like having a bowling ball getting throwing at her chest by an orc, Scarlet was forced onto the ground behind the BMW. She was aware of this feeling, taking a rifle round straight into one of her ballistic plates. It hurt like hell, but at least nothing got through this time. She had a wound in her shoulder that needed addressing, but the adrenaline rush that she has been experiencing for the last ten minutes had pretty much made her forget about it, despite the blood that was all over it. She groaned as she crawled behind the engine block, laying up against the tire. "Guh... fucker!" She groaned, slowly trying to get herself back into the fight.
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