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Heya! New here and VERY excited! :D Nice to meet you guys!


I am a guy who makes things.

I don't know if I have much to tell you about myself, though I will say that I'm an avid roleplayer who excels in 1x1 roleplays across the spectrum, ranging from awesome adventures to things that I don't think I'm allowed to describe here. I enjoy writing, especially with others, as I am currently a dungeon master for a 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons game for two players, and I am in the process of writing a novel and another DnD campaign. I enjoy other forms of storytelling too, whether it would be through creating well-edited videos for your viewing pleasure on YouTube, or building universes for many to enjoy.

I'm currently 22 years old, and I am indeed a full-blown adult male. Mentally I may still be a little younger. However, I'm currently working as a package handler that has me working early mornings (and nights on saturdays) that require me to do a lot of heavy lifting, so often times my mind is shot and tired at night before I pass out to wake up at 3am for work again. It gets really busy during the holiday season so I might not be at my best by then. Apologies in advance!

When it comes to roleplaying, I'm somewhat experienced, having done it for about 9 years in live action chat, and about a year cumulative for play-by-posts. For some strange reason I really enjoy playing as female characters, as it's something I've been comfortable with doing after doing so for a while. I can play a decent male, though most of the time I base him off of myself to some degree. I write what needs to be said, and I don't really put in too much effort when it's not needed. If you want to see me at my best, look no further than this post, where I detail a collapsing regime for a superhero sandbox RP (I was returning after a long absence, and I was filling in a time gap). My other "good" posts can be found in that testing thread too so feel free to take a gander at my best and most cringey stuff! I'm a reasonable RPer too, I'm willing to reach a compromise that can satisfy all parties within a situation. However, I've found out that I suck at group RPs, so right now I'm trying to stick with 1x1 RPs, and I'm trying to see if I can stick with one versatile character and put her through the ringer to test my skill and my ability to make good characters.

Other than that, I'm a big fan of urban fantasy, modern day settings, and the like, as I'm a total car and gun nut. Apologies in advance, but often times I might go into a little detail as to what vehicles and weapons characters are using, as that stuff is a little important to me! I also love the synthwave aesthetic, Marble Hornets, Ace Combat, and my 'big dream' is to make movies someday. As a result, I imagine everything as if it were happening in a live-action film, RPs and writing included. Especially RPs.

I may add more to my bio if I miss anything. Feel free to PM me if you're interested in RPing with me, just based on my Bio! Or check out my current 1x1 Interest Check thread if you wanna know more about what I'm seeking, and what character I am playing. Thank you!

PS: I am a total fucking memelord. fite me IRL 1v1 rust m8 no deb8

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Andrea smiled a little after filing everything away. After she finished up, she looks to Ratte and nods. "Well, the good thing is, I know a few places we can go. It's not like I lived here almost all my life or anything." She said with a sarcastic grin. "I'll see you at 4." Andrea herself was a little bit flustered by this, but she played it as cool as she could. This Ratte woman was a bit too cute to pass up. And besides... she could use some new friends anyway.

"Is there anything else I can help you with?" Andrea asked.
Andrea smiled a little. "I can pick you up wherever you're staying at." She said before filling out the necessary information on the computer. She looked at the form once it was slid to her, before simply taking it and filling in the information on the computer. She didn't really seem to care about what was put on it. "Figured you weren't from around here." She said with a smirk as she filled in the address. After grabbing the keys, she looks over everything else. "Uhm... no, that should be it. You sure you want meet here, though? I have a car." Andrea offered.
Andrea blushed at Ratte not so subtly asking her out. "I mean... I got time..." She says sheepishly as she gently takes her notepad back. She looked at the number and nodded, smiling. "I uh... I get off at 3. Want to see me at 4?" She asked, putting the notepad away. While Andrea has been approached by many men her time, she always had to gently brush them off with the truth that she preferred women. This was the first time a woman asked her out, so she was caught off guard by all of this. Hopefully it won't lead to disaster like last time. "You can follow me to the front desk."

Andrea led Ratte through the garage before going up to the front desk, where a cash register and a few waiting chairs sat. She pulled out a clipboard with a form on it, and after pairing it with a pen, she hands it over to Ratte. "Can you fill out this form for me? It's just basic legal stuff, for insurance and liability and whatnot." While the form was innocuous enough, made to protect the consumer and vendor from legal bullshit, it did ask Ratte for her full name and mailing address for legal documentation purposes.
Andrea wasn't paying attention to Ratte's reaction to her at first, as she was simply focused on the job. She listened as Ratte told her the problem she had with the brand new Range Rover. She seemed perplexed, but if it's an simple fix, it shouldn't be too bad. Andrea nodded in regards to the service light. "Okay, I'll give it a look." Once Andrea heard Ratte's last comment, she blushed. She was honestly quite surprised to hear that. The cambion looked to Ratte, that comment having taken her out of 'job mode'. "Oh uh..." Andrea was a little flustered, to say the least. She gave Ratte a good look too, this woman looked pretty cute herself. If it was anything that Andrea could fall for, it was those eyes. She gulped, smiling a little. "... yeah, maybe. It could be that." Andrea said, trying to play it cool.

The cambion looked over the Range Rover again. "Okay so uh... I'll take this off your hands for a little. Depending on what the problem is, this could take anytime from a day to a week." She pulls out her notepad and pen. "Can I have your phone number?" She blushed a little again. "For uh... business reasons. So I can update you on the progress of your car." She thought for a moment. "Uhm... after we get everything sorted out, I'm going to need you to fill out uhm... a form and hand me your car keys."
Lionel listened to the woman, who reeked of outsider, or at least a tourist. Outsiders don't come here often without good reason, so while he was slightly suspicious of her, he still took her at face value. He listened to the issue in regards to the vehicle, and nodded. "I'm not sure if I can help you, miss... but I know someone who can." He gave her a soft smile. "My granddaughter Andrea's pretty good with those... new cars, but mostly those... Japanese or North American cars. I think she may be able to help you with your problem here." Pulling out a remote of sorts, he clicks on it, and opens the garage door to the empty spot. "Go ahead and wheel it in. Andrea will take care of you once you roll in."

Andrea was playing on her phone once the garage door opened. Light poured in as the door raised, and the car, as well as its driver, slowly revealed themselves. Andrea squinted her eyes a little at the morning light, but once the door was fully open, she feasted her eyes upon a Brand New Range Rover. Woah. Andrea was a bit surprised, to say the least.

"Andrea, we have a customer that's here to see you." Lionel called out into the garage. "I'll let you handle it from here. I'm gonna go finish up the forms."

"Okiedoke." Andrea said, the cambion stepping out from the shadows and into the light outside. She got a good look at the Range Rover, and then turned to Ratte. She smiled a little, extending her hand. "Hey, I'm Andrea and I'll be helping you for the day. Uhm... what seemed to be the problem with your car?" She asked, half out of formal curiousity and half out of disbelief that a car that brand new would have issues like that. Andrea didn't necessarily pay attention to Ratte's look, however, as she was currently in 'job mode'.


Lokea stood there, stretching just a little while holding her Avenger assault rifle with both hands. She listened, and indeed checked her omni-tool, reading over the contract. It was quite a long one too... but, it did seem reasonable. Non-disclosure agreements, be decent, etc. Hopefully nothing that asks her to hand over her rights, though. It was good to know that she was signing up with someone who had a head on their shoulders, though. Once Saris turned to Lokea and spoke to her directly, answering her question, she sighed in relief. While she didn't get an exact number, volus typically meant it when they say pay is substantial. She stepped back and listened as Saris spoke.

Lokea hasn't noticed the new asari that has arrived until she started flirting with her, in fact. Hearing the other asari caused her to blink a little, turning to her in surprise. "... I'm sorry?" I won't mind having some fun. I think, your the sexiest Asari, I've come across my beautiful nature skinned friend. Lokea couldn't help but feel a little uncomfortable around her. Lokea slowly stepped away. "I... I appreciate the comments but... I don't know you, ma'am." Lokea said, visibly uncomfortable, raising her rifle slightly in the other asari's direction. She didn't want to be rude to a potential ally but, she hoped that the other asari would take the hint and know that Lokea wasn't one of those types. In response to Gideon's comment, she sighed. "I'm getting that vibe too." She said, standing a little closer to the geth.

After reviewing the contract, and making sure it's legit, she would look to Saris. She hoped that this stint would at least go well for her, and be a story worth telling. Maybe even fun. She's saddling in for a whole new life, after all. A big decision, with a lot on the line. She smirked. "If it's worth anything, I'm in too." She said, before sending a message to Saris directly to his omni-tool.

Just please put in me in seperate quarters from the other asari, if it's not too much trouble.
Craperoni. I'll post ASAP
Are y'all waiting on me? XD
Here's the FC I used for Lionel Grant. Took me ages to find a good one! lol


The lights to an old but well organized garage flickered on, revealing a large open workspace. While the garage itself looked a little old and dingy, it was still well maintained and well kept, with workbenches kept clean, tools well organized in different bins on the shelves above. The concrete floor was dirty with the years worth of oil leaks and grease stains, and while the garage itself had room for only three cars, only one space was occupied by a old pickup truck on a raised platform. The flourescent lights flickered on and hummed, and with another Click!, the stylized neon sign hung on the back wall reading Grant's Garage hummed to life. An old African-American man stood proudly, despite his slightly stout figure, looking upon his livelihood with pride. He adjusted his glasses as he looked upon the garage floor, and sighed. Just another day at the office.

Lionel Grant, wearing the grease-stained longsleeve underneath his jean overalls, stepped away from the garage and into his office, where he kept track of business. His overalls sported a toolbelt, as well as a patch spelling out his first name in cursive. Sorting through papers, invoices and statements, he put them all in their seperate binders before putting said binders away in a neatly organized shelf. His office walls, while being made of the same concrete that the garage was made from, was littered with photos and momentos of his friends, family and the vehicles he fixed. It wasn't time to open yet, but the hour was about to come soon. Booting up a dinosaur of his personal computer, he turned to the security camera system, waiting for a particular car to show up in the back lot. By the time the Windows XP splash screen loaded onto his CRT monitor, the car he was all too familiar with parked in the back. He smiled once he got a good look at the Red Devil, a project he's worked on with his granddaughter since he got custody of her. Knowing full well that she's got the keys to the back, he simply went back to work on his computer.

After a few minutes of getting everything sorted out from the day, a familiar voice spoke to Lionel.

"Hey gramps. Anything new today?"

Lionel looked up from the CRT screen, seeing his granddaughter in her work outfit. The black woman dressed herself simply in her filthy work jeans, boots and gloves, complete with the branded Grant's Garage T-shirt, with her first name branded on her chest. The cambion stood lazily in front of Lionel's desk, her hair pulled back in a ponytail making her small horns clearly visible on her forehead. Nothing special today, just another day at the office for her too.

"Nah, the answerin' machine had nothin' when I got here." Lionel said, his speech a little slow, age in his voice. "Would you mind getting everythin' set up for today?"

Andrea nods with a soft smile. "Sure thing." She turns to walk out the office, before stopping. "Oh, uh... nana wants you to bring back some of the records from February, for the tax forms. Not right now, but when we close up."

"Right, right." Lionel nodded, getting the according binder from the bookshelf. "Once you're done, feel free to play around on your uh... phone until someone shows up." Lionel said, doing some more work on the computer.

Andrea nodded before looking into the garage. She saw the pickup truck on the raised platform before turning back to Lionel. "Did the parts for the F-150 arrive yet?"

Lionel shook his head. "FedEx says the delivery won' be for another three days. You shouldn't worry about it anyway." He brushed it off with a nonchalant gesture. "I'll be with you in five minutes. Just let me finish these forms real quick, alright?"

Andrea nodded again. "Alright papa." The cambion went straight to work. Getting the workstation ready, pulling out all of the necessary tools, getting some of the tools powered up and turning on the sign to let the public know that they were open for business, Andrea had that all done in short order. And all she had to do was wait for the work to come in, so she did what she did best, which was to sit down on a folding chair, and play games on phone.

Ten minutes later

Lionel just finished up his forms, and one he closed up the windows, he gave the security cameras one last check before heading into the garage. He blinked. What in the world kind of car is that? He thought to himself once he got a nice look at the brand spankin' new Range Rover. It looked sleek, and rather expensive too. Who drove that kind of car around here? He'd be the first to know if someone got a car like that... must be an out-of-towner, or one of those uppity rich folk from Madison Heights. They don't come around here often these days. Lionel blinked, adjusting his glasses to get a good look at the car, and the woman who drove it. She seemed to be looking for the entrance at a slow pace, definitely someone unfamiliar with the area. May as well give her a warm welcome.

Lionel stepped out from the office into the garage. "Look alive, child. We got ourselves a customer. You ain't gonna believe what they brought here." Lionel called out to Andrea.

Andrea blinked before standing up, putting her phone away. "O-kay..." Her fiery eyes looked towards the closed garage doors, wondering what will be coming through them once Lionel gave her the all-clear.

Lionel stepped from the garage into the checkout room, where a computer and several chairs were placed for people who waited on their vehicles in their first or final stages. The checkout room led to the front door, with the LED OPEN! sign lit up in the adjacent window. Lionel opened the front door and walked out onto the pavement, getting a better look at Ratte and her Range Rover.

"My my. What do we have here?" Lionel gave Ratte a warm smile. "Hello there, ma'am. I'm Lionel Grant of Grant's Garage. How may I be of service on this fine mornin'?"
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