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Heya! New here and VERY excited! :D Nice to meet you guys!


I am a guy who makes things.

I don't know if I have much to tell you about myself, though I will say that I'm an avid roleplayer who excels in 1x1 roleplays across the spectrum, ranging from awesome adventures to things that I don't think I'm allowed to describe here. I enjoy writing, especially with others, as I am currently a dungeon master for a 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons game for two players, and I am in the process of writing a novel and another DnD campaign. I enjoy other forms of storytelling too, whether it would be through creating well-edited videos for your viewing pleasure on YouTube, or building universes for many to enjoy.

I'm currently 22 years old, and I am indeed a full-blown adult male. Mentally I may still be a little younger. However, I'm currently working as a package handler that has me working early mornings (and nights on saturdays) that require me to do a lot of heavy lifting, so often times my mind is shot and tired at night before I pass out to wake up at 3am for work again. It gets really busy during the holiday season so I might not be at my best by then. Apologies in advance!

When it comes to roleplaying, I'm somewhat experienced, having done it for about 9 years in live action chat, and about a year cumulative for play-by-posts. For some strange reason I really enjoy playing as female characters, as it's something I've been comfortable with doing after doing so for a while. I can play a decent male, though most of the time I base him off of myself to some degree. I write what needs to be said, and I don't really put in too much effort when it's not needed. If you want to see me at my best, look no further than this post, where I detail a collapsing regime for a superhero sandbox RP (I was returning after a long absence, and I was filling in a time gap). My other "good" posts can be found in that testing thread too so feel free to take a gander at my best and most cringey stuff! I'm a reasonable RPer too, I'm willing to reach a compromise that can satisfy all parties within a situation. However, I've found out that I suck at group RPs, so right now I'm trying to stick with 1x1 RPs, and I'm trying to see if I can stick with one versatile character and put her through the ringer to test my skill and my ability to make good characters.

Other than that, I'm a big fan of urban fantasy, modern day settings, and the like, as I'm a total car and gun nut. Apologies in advance, but often times I might go into a little detail as to what vehicles and weapons characters are using, as that stuff is a little important to me! I also love the synthwave aesthetic, Marble Hornets, Ace Combat, and my 'big dream' is to make movies someday. As a result, I imagine everything as if it were happening in a live-action film, RPs and writing included. Especially RPs.

I may add more to my bio if I miss anything. Feel free to PM me if you're interested in RPing with me, just based on my Bio! Or check out my current 1x1 Interest Check thread if you wanna know more about what I'm seeking, and what character I am playing. Thank you!

PS: I am a total fucking memelord. fite me IRL 1v1 rust m8 no deb8

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Worry not, comrades. I'm still in the game :D


Lokea relaxed once she saw the gunship come crashing down. She lowered her barrier strength to passive defense and brought her rifle back up to shoulder. She panted a bit, tired and winded from expending a bit of her biotic energy to create a powerful shield around herself and her comrades. She smiled a little before speaking into the comms. "Lokea to Alexis, kill confirmed. Good hit." She said softly, panting a little before letting go of the 'talk' button. She then noticed the gunship crashing down towards friendlies, and before she can call out to them, it smashed into the ground far in front of her... though her allies were able to get away safely. She sighed in relief, and then resumed her covering fire, blasting what remains of the drones out of the sky with her accurately placed bursts of fire. Well, relatively accurate, she had to re-center her targeting system and scope after the whole ordeal with the gunship. Once Alexis entered the offices, the asari looked to her and gave her a gentle salute. "You have my thanks." Lokea said with a relieved and thankful smile. "Remind me to get you a drink when this is all done."

However, after that, it started to get a little quiet. What remained of the Blue Suns had fallen back, and just as Saris just said on the intercom, they have made a full retreat. Lokea had lost count of how many were just killed in action, but it didn't matter... there was a _whole_ lot. The bounty must've been quite high for them to make a near suicidal wave attack like that. Oh well, since there was zero casualties on the friendly's side, Lokea felt very confident in the team's ability. She looked to Taria, Ashton, Flame and Alexis, panting a little, speaking into the comms the others can hear her too. "Did you all hear that? Zero casualties. I don't know about you but I'd consider that a flawless victory. Good job, team. We kicked ass." Lokea said with a smile before jumping at the sound of a gunshot. She raised her rifle at the source, seeing Lawrence outside executing a wounded merc. She's already not starting to like the guy... normally she took prisoners where she came from. She gave him the stinkeye for a moment before looking back to the kids, ensuring that they were okay. Hearing Ashton's thanks, she pats him on the back. "No problem, kiddo. Just glad you're okay." She said, before looking to the others, gesturing over to the hangar before walking there herself.

Once she made it out into the hangar, she looked at the volus (should he arrive), and simply listened to the others as they asked their questions. Once there was a quiet moment Lokea could speak, she would turn to Gideon and give him a smile. "Hey, thanks for the fire support. You did good." She said quietly to him before turning back to Saris. After everyone had their questions, and if any was asked of the group, she would clear her throat and ask Saris "If you don't mind me asking, what's our paygrade?" While she wasn't out to get rich, the medicine to help treat her condition of clone degeneration wasn't cheap. Saris would most likely know her reasons, though as far was Lokea was concerned, she responded to a resume reply.

In the meantime, she would send a private omni-tool message to Taria and Alexis. Lokea to (names), full disclosure, you girls kicked a lot of ass. I doubt that this group is made up entirely of trustworthy individuals, but both of you pulled through in my hour of need and done more to help me protect the kids. I feel our chances of survival may rise if we stick together, but it's just a friendly suggestion. - Lokea

All named PCs will be posted here. This post is meant to archive the characters in the game, as well as the CS template that will be fielded. Characters are sorted by those who play them.

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Character Name - Age, Race, Gender. Synopsis


Hello and welcome to Fairview County!

This RP is currently an experiment to test the idea of a 1x1 where the IC is closed to two folk, but readers can publicly comment about what they read in the OOC. This RP might be expanded to include more players, as those who regularly engage with the RP might be included into the fold. For now we'll see how it goes, and we'll post any updates here. As a general rule, all narrative and IC stuff will go into the IC sub, world/game notes will be in this post here with OOC interactions here, and all characters will be separate posts in the CHAR tab.

All relevant info is listed in the hiders below. Keep in mind that all of this is a WIP, and information would be updated as the RP plays out.

Basic RPGuild and common sense rules apply here. 18+ content is handled in the classic "fade to black" method, and while we are aiming to have a lighthearted RP here, we're taking a 'by the seat of our pants' approach to this. Information will be filled out as the RP goes on. While the IC and CHAR tabs are currently restricted to AWACS and FalkiThomas, anyone is free and welcome to make comments and ask questions in the OOC tab. Thanks, and have fun!
This was meant to be the 0th post but whatevs. xD

Hello and welcome to Fairview County!

This RP is currently an experiment to test the idea of a 1x1 where the IC is closed to two folk, but readers can publicly comment about what they read in the OOC. This RP might be expanded to include more players, as those who regularly engage with the RP might be included into the fold. For now we'll see how it goes, and we'll post any updates here. As a general rule, all narrative and IC stuff will go into the IC sub, world/game notes will be in this post here with OOC interactions here, and all characters will be separate posts in the CHAR tab.

All relevant info is listed in the hiders below. Keep in mind that all of this is a WIP, and information would be updated as the RP plays out.

Basic RPGuild rules apply here. 18+ content is handled in the classic "fade to black" method, and while we are aiming to have a lighthearted RP here, we're taking a 'by the seat of our pants' approach to this. Information will be filled out as the RP goes on. While the IC and CHAR tabs are currently restricted to AWACS and FalkiThomas, anyone is free and welcome to make comments and ask questions in the OOC tab. Thanks, and have fun!


As Lokea was preparing the defenses, she looked back to the Geth unit and gave it a little smile. "The pleasure is mine, Gideon." Lokea nodded softly to the synthetic. The asari still didn't trust the thing, given her implanted memories of the ones that opened fire on innocents at Feros, but this one doesn't seem all that bad. Yet, at least. She turned back to Laurence, hearing his rather... cold demeanor. She didn't really know what he meant by 'former slave', and assumed it wasn't directed at her, so she ignored it. Looking towards Laurence, she raised what resembled an eyebrow, or at least a part of her face above her eye. "You're a real people person, huh?" She sighed. "I look forward to working with you." She said sardonically, turning her attention towards the window, bringing her assault rifle up as she eyed the incoming targets. There seemed to be some gunships, aided by small swarms of drones. "Gideon's right, you need to spread apart. Stay away from the windows too if you don't want a direct hit from one of their missiles. My biotic barriers could only defend against so much." She then moved some of the desks and crates up to the windows, to better protect against missiles, and give them a smaller opening to attack through.

Lokea looked to Taria once she arrived. "Hey, welcome to the clubhouse. Lokea Zhu at your service." Having herself resting behind a cubicle for cover, and aiming through one of the smaller openings that she created, she let off a two round burst at one of the drones. Shields down, and one well-placed shot... the drone was down. She could barely see what was happening outside, but considering that quite a few drones were focused on one area, maybe Elijah's plan was a little too effective. She spoke into the radio to Elijah. "Lokea to Elijah, I'll try my best to keep the pressure off of you. No need going in alone." She said before scoping out and designating some of the drones, shooting one down with a well-aimed burst of fire. She turned back to Taria. "Sorry for the small openings, I wanted to make it harder for them to shoot missiles at us. You might get a decent firing arc from that angle though." She said, letting off a small burst of fire again, downing another drone. "Good to have a biotic with us though. The more barriers the better!"

Having heard Alexis in the comms, Lokea replied in the shortband. "Copy that. I'll give 'em the one-two. Come back to the offices once you've had your fill." Lokea said before bringing her rifle to shoulder once again. Having lightened the load for Elijah a bit, she decided to lighten the load for Alexis too, trying to shoot down the drones that would threaten one of the few RPGs they had on the front line. A few bursts of fire downed a few drones, and with some longer bursts of suppressing fire to let them sustain damage, Lokea tried her best to provide covering fire for her teammates. It was the least she could do at this point, other than provide the barriers that protected the non-combatants in their crew. The vague bubble of force that protected them remained there for the time being while Lokea shot out from it, downing one drone at a time.

However, there seemed to be a problem. While Lokea hadn't been paying attention to the kids' strange chatter this entire time, instead having focused entirely on the mission at hand, she saw the gunship that came for them. Are you really going to try it? Lokea thought as she saw the gunship. Son of a cunt, he's really going to try it. While having the small opening to prevent missile fire was a nice preventative bonus against explosives... it wasn't necessarily effective against autocannons. Instinctively, Lokea lowered her assault rifle and concentrated hard on her existing biotic barrier, allowing the kids and other non-combatants some time to take cover while the bullets sprayed past them, many of the bullets slowing down in the force of the barrier and falling to the floor. "I can't hold this for too long! Someone please take that cunt out!" Lokea shouted as she kept the barrier up as strong as she could, as long as she could.


As Lokea ate her snacks, she listened to Ashton, looking to him. She listened to his case, before leaning back. "You read my mind, kid." She popped in another cracker, levitating it into her mouth before putting the package back into her duffel bag. "I hope Saris did his research on everyone, if he got someone like me I'm pretty sure he at least did some searching." She sighed. "But yeah, I feel like this party isn't gonna stand together if he plans on making this a permanent thing. A whole lot of people here don't seem like team players. I'm sure the three of us and a few others will do just fine, but I don't know. I just hope the pay is-"

Lokea couldn't even finish her sentence as a merc smashed through a nearby wall into their fortified area, causing the asari to immediately raise her rifle and take aim at the source, seeing the merc fall through the ground. And then a huge hulking figure stepped on through, wearing some thick ass armor. She watched as the hulking figure stomped on the man's neck about four times until it snapped. She winced at that, not even wishing that upon mercs. Fuck.

Flame broke the silence, and Lokea kept her rifle trained on Laurence. She immediately gestured for Ashton to remain behind her against the barrier wall while she kept her rifle trained on him, enabling her biotic abilities, her energy pulsing as she created subtle barriers around them. She simply spoke to Laurence. "Are you here for Saris Fen?" She asked Laurence, aiming at his head, before turning to the kids. "And will you two cut the chatter please?" Lokea asked, as more pressing matters were standing right in front of the three.

She remained with the kids until she heard that there were gunships inbound with drones. She took a quick look at her omni-tool before speaking into the comms. "Lokea to team, we have enemy aerial forces inbound. Gunships and drones. I suggest you all find a cozy place to hold out at, and arm anti-air weapons hot." She said before looking to Laurence. "Name's Lokea Zhu of the Nos Astra Freedom Battalion. If you're here with us, I suggest you give us a hand with the defense effort. The less fire they can concentrate the better." Using her biotics, she tossed the dead merc out of the window into the hangar. She kept herself interposed between the two boys and Laurence as much as possible, though.

Netzone - Ace Combat 7 Briefing Remake

She had gladly exchanged her contact info with Elijah several minutes earlier, and during the firefight she witnessed his awesome biotic ability. Well this mercenary hotshot might not be so bad after all... Lokea thought to herself as she covered Drex. A few more exchanges of fire later, she asked her question to the Geth platform. Hearing that answer, she was satisfied with it. She was a little surprised that this geth can speak their language, so she may as well keep up the conversation if she can. Speaking to the platform, gave it a thumbs up. "Good to know. Keep up the pressure on them, we could use someone of your talents." Lokea noted before a well-placed shot from a particularly nasty Turian sniper dropped her shields. Immediately taking cover and casting barrier, Lokea kept a light focus on herself to retain her safety while her shields slowly recharged, remaining in the fight.

Once she heard Galm, she looked around to find out where he was, before getting eyes on him. She spoke into the radio. "Copy that unknown friendly party. I'll do the best I can." She focused her fire towards enemies that were closer to Galm while he worked his turret. She continued the covering fire until he was done, pausing every now and then to keep herself covered. She witnessed Drex use his inferno grenades on the enemy, seeing a large explosion spreading fire along the enemy front line, and witnessing him smash a few mercs with his hammer. Damn. She was already impressed with the abilities of this barely cohesive unit, not seeing the heavy unit that Pixy sniped just now. Okay, I take that back. She thought as she kept some more mercs off of Galm. She had listened to Ashton earlier, but she was a little busy trying to cover some of the units ahead of her. Thankfully, the Blue Suns were a bit too busy to deal with the team in the front to deal with anyone that was in the control offices, so Lokea didn't have to worry about any incoming fire anymore. She kept up the pressure, firing a few shots towards the enemy to keep them suppressed and away from the others, using two-round bursts to down the lightly armored foes, or at least keep them down. Once the Blue Suns advance had halted and started dying down, she lowered her weapon and listened in on the friendly transmissions.

Hearing the geth's suggestion, she spoke to the Geth platform. "I like the suggestion you brought up. I don't have the tech necessary to pull that off but... I know someone that does." She says, turning to Ashton with a thumbs-up, before turning back to the platform. "By the way, what do I call you? 'Geth' is a really impractical name to address you as so... I feel like we can give you a callsign that can make things easier for all of us, or at least me." Lokea chortled. Once Alexis brought up her concern for the kids, Lokea turned to the two boys in question and spoke into the comms. "Affirmative, the kids don't even have a scratch. You can rest easy now." She said, her smile hidden by her helmet. She took a look out into the battlefield once more. She noticed the Blue Suns fall back slowly, and since the gunfire towards her position sort of stopped, she stood a little more freely, stretching a little. After hearing what Pixy said about their retreat, she spoke into the comms again. "Copy that uh... White Glint. To all friendly parties that we just met, name's Lokea. I'm the green-skinned asari-" She cut herself off, realizing that she was wearing armor that covered her entire body head to toe. "-outfitted in camouflage armor. I'm in the control offices near the geth. Pleasure to meet you all." She got off the comms for the time being. Speaking of... she looked back to the geth platform. She tried to think of a name, searching through her blurry but still coherent planted memories. She wanted something that started with G like the word Geth, finding the name Gideon. Further recollection on that name revealed that it was the name of a colonist's son, the name having been ripped straight from the bible. The character was a tactician who was victorious in some historical battle of some sort, so she figured it may be appropriate for this rather tactical platform. "Do you like the name Gideon?" Lokea asked.

As everything died down a little, Lokea set up the fort a bit more. She made some more cover from the walls and desks to accommodate for some of the newcomers, before looking to the Geth. "You can come in here if you like, just stick around near the windows where I can see you." Lokea said softly. While the the platform didn't seem too bad, her flashbacks to Feros makes her distrust it somewhat. Having seen the geth massacre civilians in the memories planted within her, she didn't have any qualms of using her Slam ability to crush this geth platform into scrap. But Alexis did bring up a point earlier, from the comm chatter there did seem to be a whole lot of distrust between everyone. She did see the batarian have a hostile attitude earlier, and you got some Ex-Cerberus bitch providing sniper fire for folks. At this point the only thing bringing them together was Saris and the Blue Suns attack. She hoped that at least half of the people hired are reasonable individuals, but if push comes to shove, she's not going to let anyone hurt the kids, Saris be damned.

Meanwhile, she unpressurized her helmet and took it off, revealing her very green asari nature to the newcomers. She decided to keep it off for the time being, but she kept it near Ashton and Flame, swapping it out with some snacks using biotic levitation. She popped some high-calorie crackers, chewing on them. "How are you boys doing?" She asked Ashton and Flame, levitating the chips into her mouth while she carried her assault rifle with both hands. Biotics are great for combat, but for lazy multitasking? They are even better.

Red Faction Guerilla OST - Mission Capstone

As Lokea was setting up defenses in the control offices, she looked out through the small windows that peered into the hangar. She saw everyone take defensive positions, sighing in relief that no one was out in the open. She watched as Alexis made her way into the office, and started setting of fortifications. Lokea helped where she could, setting up a few choke points and barriers with her biotic abilities, placing the furniture and cubicles around to create some cover and choke areas. Once Alexis finished and spoke to her, Lokea nodded, giving Alexis the Alliance 'OK' signal. Those planted memories from the human colonists were infinitely useful. "Thanks." Lokea said as she levitated the grenades to her, keeping them stashed right next to her. After Alexis left and notified the party of the turrets, Lokea took note of the ones inside and outside of the office, grateful that they were not completely fucked in defense. She spoke back into the radio to Alexis. "Copy that, and much appreciated. Just give me a shout if you need covering fire."

Making sure her M8 Avenger rifle was ready one last time, she listened carefully on friendly communications and heard a rather unfamiliar voice. This 'White Glint', despite not even meeting or discussing strategy with the others, seemed to be asserting an air of dominance over the airwaves. Sounds a bit like a fool too, what did they mean by liability to survival? Well at least Lokea got some solid intel on them. To confirm what this White Glint said, the asari pulled out her rangefinder and scoped out the area far away. Indeed, there was a large contingent of Blue Suns infantry. Humans, batarians and turians all wearing their trademark blue armor, carrying shotguns, assault rifles and pistols, heading straight into the group's killzone as the White Glint predicted. Perfect. She turned to the kids. "Got a huge infantry contingent inbound as I speak. Stay sharp." Lokea spoke, her face obscured by her helmet still. She turned back to the windows, the fortified position nicely arranged to allow firing ports in three directions, Lokea facing towards the empty space the hangar provided. Bringing her rifle to shoulder, she watched as the Blue Suns made their way towards their position, about ready to fire until...

BANG! Lokea watched through the scope of her Elkoss assault rifle as one of the humans leading the assault took a round straight through the chest, having been killed instantly. Damn. Clean shot. Lokea smirked just a little, aiming down the scope once again. Having had plenty of target practice on cannibals, husks, marauders, pirates and terrorists, Lokea brought the rate of fire selector from 'SAFE' to 'SEMI', tapping two rounds towards a turian that continued to charge at them... one round in the neck, next in the head. The turian collapsed instantly, and Lokea smirked. Wow, all of that weapon maintenance has really paid off this time. Lokea took aim again, ignoring the two small holes she left in the glass and the gunfire from the turrets outside, until she heard a synthetic voice speak through their comms channel, letting the team know that it was joining the fight by 'engaging hostiles'. Do we have a robot now? Before she knew it, a Krogan charged into battle.

Wait, not only did Saris bring a robot, he also brought a krogan? Lokea hoped that he was one of the cool Urdnot guys that she met on Illium rather than the stupid ones she's already ran into just an hour ago. She caught sight of Drex, and seeing how he entered the fight almost right after the White Glint did, it seems as if they were much later to the party than Lokea herself was. She watched as he mowed down mercs left and right with his shotgun, smashing others with the hammer. While the krogan was already causing a lot of damage, he was also drawing a lot of attention to himself. She spoke into the radio. "Lokea to team, we got a surprise guest out in the hangar. Mind giving him a little covering fire before-" BOOM! A grenade exploded, and quite a few of the Blue Suns mercenaries exploded into a gory mess. Lokea blinked before speaking again. "-never mind." She then started letting off a few double taps, getting some mercs in the chest, a few in the head, gunning them down one by one, trying to keep the pressure off of Drex and Alexis. POW-POW! POW-POW! POW-POW!

Suddenly, her omni-tool lit up, and after parsing the notifications, it turns out that it was the Blue Suns' communications channel that has now been decrypted. Every single text message, attachment, data piece and radio transmission was the group's to digest. Lokea put on the audio channel, listening into their communications on a separate volume so she could tell the difference between friendlies and enemies.

"What the... they're gonna blow us all to hell!" One Blue Suns merc called out over the radio.

"Don't be a wimp! There aren't that many of them!" Another called out.

Lokea smirked a little, dimming down the volume just a little to where she can tone it out easily, but can hear important info if necessary. She turned to Ashton. "You did the decryption, right?" If given an affirmative answer, she would smile underneath her helmet and give him a thumbs up. "Good work, kid. Figured you were here for a good reason." She turned back to the fight, and squeezed off a few more shots at the enemy, downing another few mercs. One of them was a particularly nasty batarian with combat shields, but with about ten rounds to the center of mass, the batarian only had a split second to realize that his armor was only as good as its unprotected parts. A bloody hole emerged right between his four eyes, his head well exposed after his shields were dropped.

Lokea looked up to the catwalk to keep an eye on their flanks, seeing two friendly turians up top giving them some fire support. She gave them both a little wave. "To the friendlies on the catwalk, we didn't introduce ourselves, but I appreciate the fire support." She said to them, and once she turned around, she saw a Geth Trooper standing right outside the office walls. Standing behind the pillar that held up the catwalk in front of the control office that Lokea fortified, the Geth Trooper seemed to have appeared there when Lokea was looking away. She blinked, looking to the geth platform. She was already having some light flashbacks to Zhu's Hope, memories of Saren's geth gunning down innocent civilians. She thought that almost all of the geth were destroyed when the Crucible hit, maybe this one was rebuilt and came here with friendly intentions? She had a hard time trying to comprehend just who came to this fucked up party. She called out to the geth platform verbally, her helmet obscuring her face and filtering out her voice. "Hey, Geth...uh, platform! You're friendly, right?" She asked it before she promptly returned fire at several mercs that fired at her position. She managed to keep them suppressed for now, as some of the Blue Suns had enough functioning brain cells to take cover. Unless all of them were tripped up on Red Sand or something.

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