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Currently looking to do 1x1s, and try to put Liana through her paces. Would love to do a thread so I can write something worth a damn but PMs are OK
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Heya! New here and VERY excited! :D Nice to meet you guys!


I am a guy who makes things.

I don't know if I have much to tell you about myself, though I will say that I'm an avid roleplayer who excels in 1x1 roleplays across the spectrum, ranging from awesome adventures to things that I don't think I'm allowed to describe here. I enjoy writing, especially with others, as I am currently a dungeon master for a 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons game for two players, and I am in the process of writing a novel and another DnD campaign. I enjoy other forms of storytelling too, whether it would be through creating well-edited videos for your viewing pleasure on YouTube, or building universes for many to enjoy.

I'm currently 22 years old, and I am indeed a full-blown adult male. Mentally I may still be a little younger. However, I'm currently working as a package handler that has me working early mornings (and nights on saturdays) that require me to do a lot of heavy lifting, so often times my mind is shot and tired at night before I pass out to wake up at 3am for work again. It gets really busy during the holiday season so I might not be at my best by then. Apologies in advance!

When it comes to roleplaying, I'm somewhat experienced, having done it for about 9 years in live action chat, and about a year cumulative for play-by-posts. For some strange reason I really enjoy playing as female characters, as it's something I've been comfortable with doing after doing so for a while. I can play a decent male, though most of the time I base him off of myself to some degree. I write what needs to be said, and I don't really put in too much effort when it's not needed. If you want to see me at my best, look no further than this post, where I detail a collapsing regime for a superhero sandbox RP (I was returning after a long absence, and I was filling in a time gap). My other "good" posts can be found in that testing thread too so feel free to take a gander at my best and most cringey stuff! I'm a reasonable RPer too, I'm willing to reach a compromise that can satisfy all parties within a situation. However, I've found out that I suck at group RPs, so right now I'm trying to stick with 1x1 RPs, and I'm trying to see if I can stick with one versatile character and put her through the ringer to test my skill and my ability to make good characters.

Other than that, I'm a big fan of urban fantasy, modern day settings, and the like, as I'm a total car and gun nut. Apologies in advance, but often times I might go into a little detail as to what vehicles and weapons characters are using, as that stuff is a little important to me! I also love the synthwave aesthetic, Marble Hornets, Ace Combat, and my 'big dream' is to make movies someday. As a result, I imagine everything as if it were happening in a live-action film, RPs and writing included. Especially RPs.

I may add more to my bio if I miss anything. Feel free to PM me if you're interested in RPing with me, just based on my Bio! Or check out my current 1x1 Interest Check thread if you wanna know more about what I'm seeking, and what character I am playing. Thank you!

PS: I am a total fucking memelord. fite me IRL 1v1 rust m8 no deb8

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Red Faction Guerilla OST - Mission Capstone

As Lokea was setting up defenses in the control offices, she looked out through the small windows that peered into the hangar. She saw everyone take defensive positions, sighing in relief that no one was out in the open. She watched as Alexis made her way into the office, and started setting of fortifications. Lokea helped where she could, setting up a few choke points and barriers with her biotic abilities, placing the furniture and cubicles around to create some cover and choke areas. Once Alexis finished and spoke to her, Lokea nodded, giving Alexis the Alliance 'OK' signal. Those planted memories from the human colonists were infinitely useful. "Thanks." Lokea said as she levitated the grenades to her, keeping them stashed right next to her. After Alexis left and notified the party of the turrets, Lokea took note of the ones inside and outside of the office, grateful that they were not completely fucked in defense. She spoke back into the radio to Alexis. "Copy that, and much appreciated. Just give me a shout if you need covering fire."

Making sure her M8 Avenger rifle was ready one last time, she listened carefully on friendly communications and heard a rather unfamiliar voice. This 'White Glint', despite not even meeting or discussing strategy with the others, seemed to be asserting an air of dominance over the airwaves. Sounds a bit like a fool too, what did they mean by liability to survival? Well at least Lokea got some solid intel on them. To confirm what this White Glint said, the asari pulled out her rangefinder and scoped out the area far away. Indeed, there was a large contingent of Blue Suns infantry. Humans, batarians and turians all wearing their trademark blue armor, carrying shotguns, assault rifles and pistols, heading straight into the group's killzone as the White Glint predicted. Perfect. She turned to the kids. "Got a huge infantry contingent inbound as I speak. Stay sharp." Lokea spoke, her face obscured by her helmet still. She turned back to the windows, the fortified position nicely arranged to allow firing ports in three directions, Lokea facing towards the empty space the hangar provided. Bringing her rifle to shoulder, she watched as the Blue Suns made their way towards their position, about ready to fire until...

BANG! Lokea watched through the scope of her Elkoss assault rifle as one of the humans leading the assault took a round straight through the chest, having been killed instantly. Damn. Clean shot. Lokea smirked just a little, aiming down the scope once again. Having had plenty of target practice on cannibals, husks, marauders, pirates and terrorists, Lokea brought the rate of fire selector from 'SAFE' to 'SEMI', tapping two rounds towards a turian that continued to charge at them... one round in the neck, next in the head. The turian collapsed instantly, and Lokea smirked. Wow, all of that weapon maintenance has really paid off this time. Lokea took aim again, ignoring the two small holes she left in the glass and the gunfire from the turrets outside, until she heard a synthetic voice speak through their comms channel, letting the team know that it was joining the fight by 'engaging hostiles'. Do we have a robot now? Before she knew it, a Krogan charged into battle.

Wait, not only did Saris bring a robot, he also brought a krogan? Lokea hoped that he was one of the cool Urdnot guys that she met on Illium rather than the stupid ones she's already ran into just an hour ago. She caught sight of Drex, and seeing how he entered the fight almost right after the White Glint did, it seems as if they were much later to the party than Lokea herself was. She watched as he mowed down mercs left and right with his shotgun, smashing others with the hammer. While the krogan was already causing a lot of damage, he was also drawing a lot of attention to himself. She spoke into the radio. "Lokea to team, we got a surprise guest out in the hangar. Mind giving him a little covering fire before-" BOOM! A grenade exploded, and quite a few of the Blue Suns mercenaries exploded into a gory mess. Lokea blinked before speaking again. "-never mind." She then started letting off a few double taps, getting some mercs in the chest, a few in the head, gunning them down one by one, trying to keep the pressure off of Drex and Alexis. POW-POW! POW-POW! POW-POW!

Suddenly, her omni-tool lit up, and after parsing the notifications, it turns out that it was the Blue Suns' communications channel that has now been decrypted. Every single text message, attachment, data piece and radio transmission was the group's to digest. Lokea put on the audio channel, listening into their communications on a separate volume so she could tell the difference between friendlies and enemies.

"What the... they're gonna blow us all to hell!" One Blue Suns merc called out over the radio.

"Don't be a wimp! There aren't that many of them!" Another called out.

Lokea smirked a little, dimming down the volume just a little to where she can tone it out easily, but can hear important info if necessary. She turned to Ashton. "You did the decryption, right?" If given an affirmative answer, she would smile underneath her helmet and give him a thumbs up. "Good work, kid. Figured you were here for a good reason." She turned back to the fight, and squeezed off a few more shots at the enemy, downing another few mercs. One of them was a particularly nasty batarian with combat shields, but with about ten rounds to the center of mass, the batarian only had a split second to realize that his armor was only as good as its unprotected parts. A bloody hole emerged right between his four eyes, his head well exposed after his shields were dropped.

Lokea looked up to the catwalk to keep an eye on their flanks, seeing two friendly turians up top giving them some fire support. She gave them both a little wave. "To the friendlies on the catwalk, we didn't introduce ourselves, but I appreciate the fire support." She said to them, and once she turned around, she saw a Geth Trooper standing right outside the office walls. Standing behind the pillar that held up the catwalk in front of the control office that Lokea fortified, the Geth Trooper seemed to have appeared there when Lokea was looking away. She blinked, looking to the geth platform. She was already having some light flashbacks to Zhu's Hope, memories of Saren's geth gunning down innocent civilians. She thought that almost all of the geth were destroyed when the Crucible hit, maybe this one was rebuilt and came here with friendly intentions? She had a hard time trying to comprehend just who came to this fucked up party. She called out to the geth platform verbally, her helmet obscuring her face and filtering out her voice. "Hey, Geth...uh, platform! You're friendly, right?" She asked it before she promptly returned fire at several mercs that fired at her position. She managed to keep them suppressed for now, as some of the Blue Suns had enough functioning brain cells to take cover. Unless all of them were tripped up on Red Sand or something.

Red Faction Guerilla OST - Uprising Ambience

Barely a minute has passed and the rest of the party seems to be arriving. Not the Blue Suns, yet, but other folk gathered here for Mr. Fen's request it seems. Lokea squinted her eyes, seeing a quarian in the distance. Hm. She only had rudimentary knowledge on Quarians, just stuff implanted from Shiala telling her the basics. This one must be on her pilgrimage or something, though before Lokea could give it more thought, another human approached the group. This man in full armor, she blinked to him. Elijah Messner the mercenary hot-shot, huh? It's good to have someone like him on the team anyway, if he is what he says he is. She was just about to greet him before Alexis filled him in on the situation. "Yeah, that's basically it. The mercs got air support too, so I'll make sure to grab whatever cover you can. Lokea Zhu at your service." Lokea did a little bow while she rifled through her duffel bag, grabbing an energy bar, snacking on it. It wasn't the best tasting bar, but it would give her the energy needed to operate at intensity with biotics. She finished the energy bar while listening to Alexis.

After Alexis mentioned protecting the two 'brats', Lokea couldn't help but return to the important thought she buried. Oh yeah. Those two are just kids. What the hell are they doing here? She looked to Ashton and Flame. She would probably never live with herself if they got hurt, she's seen enough dead children in the Reaper War to last a lifetime. "I agree with uhm... Alexis here. I'd rather you two stick with me. I can keep you both covered and protected while you both do your thing." She nodded towards them, before tilting her head a little. "Aren't you boys a little young to be doing this sort of thing anyway? None of you look old enough to join the Alliance yet."

Flame blinked and said, "Yes, yes we are. I'm a former slave who escaped back to Alliance Space, then got 'farmed out' to an abusive foster home and a therapist more interested in selling my life story than actually helping me. So I decided I'd prefer to make my living as a Biotic merc."

Ashton sighed and said, "During the Reaper War, I was part of a refugee convoy with a few Batarians on board; outcasts and political dissidents. I was taught the basics of locksmithing, cybersecurity, and security by one of them, Rigger. Rigger disappeared into Omega a few years ago and as he was against the Batarian Hegemony's policies, I doubt he'd have willingly vanished."

Flame looked at Ashton. "I still can't believe you'd risk your life just to save a Batarian. At least tell me that you had other reasons."

The response from Ashton was arch in tone, "Other than repaying a debt for learning valuable life skills? Well, I did want to prove myself better than other kids my age. Other 'normal' kids, I mean. Either way, we should go towards the control tower; we're wasting more time."

Lokea nodded a bit at the two, biting her lower lip. She'll comment and ask about all of that later. However, Lokea couldn't agree more with the last statement, until Rob arrived. She was just about to speak to him, but Ashton already began filling him in. So instead, she synced up her omni-tool with this new contact Ashton met, hoping it wasn't a spammer, and she fished for her helmet from her duffel bag. As Ashton introduced himself and the others to Rob, she smiled and waved, before donning her helmet. It took a little bit to maneuver it around her head, but once she got it down, she used her biotics to help seal it and connect the tube to her oxygen supply, allowing the helmet to supply her air, filter out harmful gases and whatnot. The helmet let out a hissing 'click', indicating that the helmet was indeed sealed. Patting her helmet as a little 'good luck test', she looked ready for battle, to say the least.

Once Ashton finished, she spoke to the two, her voice filtered by the speaker that amplified it. "Are you two good to go?" She asked, raising her assault rifle to shoulder, allowing her duffel bag to levitate next to her. "As Rob said, the bad guys are getting really close. We gotta hole up quick and get ready." She turned to the others. "My shortband channel is NAP-8492, we should all keep in contact as much as possible. The rest of you should hole up somewhere safe so we can hold out against the assault. I'm taking the kids with me to a safe place so we can assist in the op." Lokea said as she stepped backwards. "See you on the other side!" She looked to see if the kids were following her, and if they were, she would continue on her way to the control area. It was a bit of ways away from the dock into the hangar, but they got there in short order.

Ashton obediently followed her, while Flame said to the Asari as he walked beside the 'security expert', "You look like a skeleton in that armor."

The redhead found his new friend turning towards him, saying, "Stop that - Don't be insensitive!"

Lokea chuckled a little bit at that as she made her way to the control center, periodically raising her rifle to check for enemies and hazards. "It's fine, little one. At least I'll look a little frightening to the Blue Suns." She said, a smile in her voice.

Flame looked at Ashton, before saying as the door to the control center came in sight, "Are you sure you're not scared?"

Ashton gazed back at Flame, "I'm a 16-year old who made a series of bad decisions. Of course I'll be scared. But there's no other way out; I have to make it through this battle if I am to repay my debt to Rigger and prove myself better than other kids. Plus, who doesn't want an astronomical sum of cash?"

Lokea held up a hand at Ashton and Flame to signal them to stop, before gesturing for them to form up at the wall behind her. She turned to Ashton while she kept her rifle pointed at the door. "It's okay to be scared, kid. It tells me that you still have your head on your shoulders." She turned back to the door.

Gently using her biotics to use the door interface, she waited for the door to open, and once it did, she entered, sweeping her gun over the large abandoned control room. She activated the night-vision in her helmet, allowing her to see in the dimly-lit room. She checked the corners, looked for hiding spots, and even for hidden ceiling vents. After seeing nothing but desks, computers and several walls separating different workspaces, Lokea relaxed. "Clear!" She shouted, gesturing for the kids to enter.

Flame and Ashton entered, with the former leading the way. Once the door was shut again, Ashton began trying to connect his personal computer with the computers in the control room in order to maximize computing power. As the computer whiz did that, Flame then looked at Lokea and said, "He doesn't deserve to be in this situation. He's smart but he's naive and he has a future ahead of him. I don't."

After leading the two to a nice cubby area that has equal distance to all of the exits, Lokea put her duffel bag down and began using her biotics to lift the desks and other non-computer objects towards them, trying to build as much cover as possible. While the walls that made their cubicles should suffice, Lokea didn't trust them entirely. As she worked, she turned to Flame. "As far as I'm concerned, all three of us have a future ahead. The galaxy is way too big for any of us to run out of opportunities." Lokea said as she shored up their defenses. "While I'd rather have you both not be here at all, there's nothing I can really do to stop you kids from doing what you want. I'm not your mother." Lokea opened up the duffel bag to reveal some clothes and snacks. "But since I have about 7 years experience of protecting non-combatants from bad guys, I may as well keep you boys out of trouble for the time being." It was the least Lokea could do anyway. The asari raised her rifle to shoulder, preparing for a fight.

Flame takes a bag of chips while Ashton takes a fruit drink, before the latter says, "I'm just glad I met a friend before, well, before this entire conflict starts." The boy was multi-tasking between drinking, accessing the control room's mainframe, and talking to Flame. "And for all it's worth, I'm sorry you had to suffer even after you got free from slavery."

A pause as Ashton continued, "You are strong, you know that?"

Flame smiled. "I'll protect you. Also..." he looked around, frowning uncomfortably, "If you umm... Like boys, and we survive this encounter -"

Ashton choked on his drink, before saying, "I do! I do! And girls too. But you're the hottest person I ever met."

Flame's frown faded as he said, "Live, then. Let's both live. And for the love of... Anyone, can we not give the Asari a free show?"

Lokea couldn't help but smirk underneath her helmet. "Hey now, Flame has a point. Please save the awkward flirting until after we kick the Blue Sun's ass, okay?" Lokea asked with a smirk. Regardless, it warms her heart a little to see a budding romance happen right in her presence, despite the circumstances. A thought came to her mind, before it went out of her mouth. "How long have you boys known each other anyway?" She asked, keeping an ear on the comms.

"We just met," Ashton said bluntly. "I had just escaped a bunch of mercenaries who wanted to enslave me after going back on a deal I made with them through the extranet. You see, for the past two years, I've been masquerading as 'Aegis', a freelance security specialist who prevents both cyber and mundane thefts. I then spent most of the funds and connections I made using that identity to get to Omega, although I still have a small nest egg left - it doesn't compare to the sum this job will pay me, though."

Lokea listened. "You know, for an asari you just met, you seem to be trusting me with a whole lot of information about yourselves." Lokea said, chuckling a little. "I'll give you a tip, be careful about what you share. Information out there is valued to the point where people sell that shit. It's why information brokers exist. They can easily use that shit against you." Lokea explained. "But, in good faith I'll give you both a bit about me." Lokea continued to check for hostiles, staying alert. "You've heard of the Thorian from Feros, right?"

Both shook their heads.

"Well, it's this... super old plant being that was like 50,000 years old, and it can control the minds of other beings through spores. An asari commando under Saren's command was given to it as a bargain for some Prothean stuff, and the plant took that commando and made clones of her it can control to speak for it, defend it and perform other tasks." Lokea sighed. "I'm one of those clones."

"Oh, cool!" Ashton said, "Clones are people too."

Flame said, "How do you deal with the degeneration?"

Lokea couldn't help but smile quite a bit. Those kids were so precious! "Oh uh... I appreciate the thought, Ash. So uh... yeah, that's why I have green skin." She turned to Flame. "Oh, I take medication for it. It's expensive but it helps. It's kind of why I'm here." She paused for a moment, thinking about what she said earlier to them. "I'll tell you more about it when we have the time. I'm pretty sure the Suns are getting close."

Quixotic - Dust To Dust

Catching a ride to Omega from Illium to Omega was quite easy. Due to the inherent lawlessness of the place, she didn't have to worry about customs or some law enforcement agency hassling her over her firearms. It was easy as just paying a few extra credits for a seat on an inbound freighter, and while the trip was long, the green-skinned asari knew how to keep herself entertained during the journey. Playing music on her omni-tool, or having fun with her time-wasting gardening app, she knew how to kill time. She was still just processing everything when she boarded, however, having left her home that she spent the majority of her very short life in. She felt a soft form of grief when she watched Illium slip away from the ship she was in, only to never look back. At that point she knew that while she can easily come back if to Illium to visit if she wanted, she couldn't stay there anymore. Barred from various businesses, blacklisted on quite a few job markets, it was very clear that the powers of Illium no longer wanted her there. Having already said one last goodbye to all of her friends, loved ones and comrades-in-arms, she started her new journey to Omega, with the hopes of starting a new life with new friends and new opportunities.

After docking in Omega at a far different port, Lokea took her time breathing in this new atmosphere. It looked like a grimy pisshole but it had its own smell and flavor that made it unique from all the other pissholes that Lokea went to. Wait, flavor might be the wrong term to use here, Lokea thought. Even then, this crime-ridden hive of scum and villainy felt unique to other hives, and while Lokea might have trouble dealing with the crazy vorcha, asshole batarians, entitled humans, stiff turians and drunk asari, she didn't entirely mind having to settle here for a short time. Having passed the front gates to Club Afterlife on her way towards the shuttles, Lokea took one to Docking Bay 26. In the journey there, she checked what remained of her medicine. Three doses left. This Saris fellow better pay up soon. Lokea thought. While she was somewhat optimistic about the offer, she was still scared of having to experience the pains of her strange biology once again. Her body didn't need to remind her of her floran background, her green skin and planted memories already did their job good enough.

The cab arrived at Bay 26, and Lokea promptly stepped out of the vehicle. Wearing her multicam Rosenkov armor, she had her Carnifex handgun at her side, Avenger assault rifle on her back and a large duffel bag in her hand, already appearing ready to settle in for her new job. The duffel bag, complete with several changes of clothes, some high-calorie snacks, a few thermal clips and some spare parts for her weapons, was a little heavy to say the least, but for a slightly-inferior copy of a powerful Asari Commando, Lokea carried it with her no problem. Walking into the large open docking bay, something already seemed amiss.

Where is everyone? Shouldn't there be maintenance workers or other civilians here? Lokea thought to herself, looking around. Her very subdued suspicions of Saris were starting to rise up from the back of her mind, her gut screaming it's a fucking trap. With cautious optimism, Lokea hoped that this bay was just bought by Saris to allow them some time to discuss privately or something. She then heard the loudspeakers, and she stopped to listen intently.

Needless to say, Lokea was a bit surprised by all of this. She had arrived right on time, only for the Blue Suns to come after them in ten minutes? Good thing she came in her armor, then! While she was on the dock, she didn't see anyone else yet. Oh goddess, am I the only one here? Lokea started to panic a little, but before she can call out Hello! she caught sight of several figures in the distance. She quickly jogged to them, hoping to get a good idea of who's she's working with, and hopefully devise a strategy to survive this 'test'. She hoped at least one of them brought an RPG, she never really had to take on aerial threats herself during the Reaper War and reconstruction. She got a good look at some of the people she was approaching. Two teenage human males, an adult male batarian, a feminine human in white armor, Lokea wasn't feeling too good about her chances just yet.

Well, looks like I'm already off to a great start.

@Vulkan Oh god. This took forever. Sorry that it did! Anyone reading this, please feel free to let me know if I screwed up anywhere! ^_^;

Do you guys think we should have a Discord server? It could possibly make communication a bit more easier and streamlined.
@Vulkan I'm working on an Asari who used to be one of the clones that came from the Thorian, but survived her encounter with Shepard. RN I'm researching the lore on the Thorian, Shiala, the clones and Zhu's Hope to see if I can make it work out. Are you cool with the idea?
I'm already thrilled. I'm gonna have a CS ready soon. :D

I'd absolutely love to join. My favorite parts of Mass Effect 2 were the Omega arcs, and I loved the atmosphere. I'd love to play in Post-Reaper War Omega if I get the chance!

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