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Current I just force Bork or Shiva to RP when I need a GM.
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I think the main thing with any IC is a good pitch, I've joined plenty of RPs because the pitch was good (but rarely do I care about how pretty the thread is).
4 mos ago
Some questions are just curve balls though. Traditionally the answer to "Do you support white supremacy?" is an easy no, unless you're either an idiot or racist or probably both.


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[X] - Stick with your original plan. Go back to the Stationary Shogunate and give the package to your clan elders.

[X] - Let him in on your plan.

[X] - Ask him if he can help identify the package.

The dorf doctor seems the honorable type, I think we can trust him.
What more can one really aspire to than being weird enough? :D
I put on my wizard robe and hat, which is to see I am extremely interested.
[X] - Can it even be called armor anymore? The inch-thick pauldrons have been shaved down to a thin wisp. The plating around your gorget has been crumpled. The only thing that’s usable is the cuirass and even then, the holes peppered throughout are big enough to fit your pinky through.
[X] - Take your clan’s insignia and mould it into an eyepatch.

We can never forget out shame at being defeated, but with a fancy pirate patch we can reclaim our honor and slay the Smilers.
[X] - “ Again.”
[X] - Why is half of your vision so dark?
[X] - Deny it from the priest. Whatever is inside the package, you can't guarantee that the Cult of the Smiling One won't turn it upon the Stationary Shogunate. They are still the same ones who led a crusade that razed dozens of departments during the Black Friday.

Surrendering is not an option.
[X] - Defend your martial honor like a samurai truly would. Although you may be without your weapon, you can still use something from the surrounding Shelf to help you survive. Cut through these Smiler dogs and spill their blood in the name of the Clan you fought for.
Kewl, I'll throw something short up probably tomorrow and then @Fetzen can come save the day if he'd like. :D
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