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I'm sad to see this end, but I'd happily do it again with any of our fine number.
Clive's gonna get vibe checked if he keeps this up.
Val sees people sacrificing body parts, decides long term wizardy is a lost cause

Val: So can I just trade you Clive's soul for something cool, like immortality or a get out of hell free card?
Fiend: Sure
Val: Great, I'll throw in Edgar for free
Staring at the now neon pink Skysquid with a look of wonder, Clara stifled an impolite laugh with the back of a hand.

Safe on the rock and uninterested in swinging her staff at sharp claws bigger than her person, Clara instead focused her mind on her recently created golem, mentally commanding it to follow the insane sock puppet and electric rat creature in their attempts to damage the claws of the giant cephalopod.

With a wave of her wizardly hands and staff she summoned a collection of smaller bone creatures that appeared in a tasteful flash of dark green haze. No bigger than kobolds, the creatures chattered and danced, barreling after the sock puppet wizard as the necromancer chuckled. Armed with small hammers wrought of the spines and skulls of some of the unfortunate creatures which had littered the sea of flowers they were adorable as far as reanimated skeletons go.

"Charge, my new friends, charge," Clara shouted, laughing.
Sorry peeps, 4th of July kept me a bit busy, I'll toss something up in a couple of hours.
Oh man, I love Gunsmith Cats, it's so old, but so good.

I need to stop loving things far older than me though, lest I succumb and become the ultimate hipster.
The Sunday Group in the field, 2020:

If we know anything about Val, it is that she is awake and trippin hard at 2:47am

Penny understands Val.

Maybe if he used his words Val would know that.

Minor mistakes are punished by forcing the perpetrator to help Edgar clean his office.
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