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Closed for now.
I have some questions concerning the politics of the two factions.

From what I understand by reading the information, 'Dark Shadow' is a faction concerned with eugenics while also being labeled as terrorist. Who has labeled them 'terrorists'? The information also said that Dark Shadow was started by "a group of angry and disenfranchised magic users" β€” what are they angry at and what is the origin of the disenfranchisement?

The Guild seems to be an oligarchy that dabbles in nepotism and imposes their worldview by threat of force. So, they are "trying to keep the peace between the magic and non magic forces," which begs to question why they don't see magic users as superior to normal humans. Wouldn't something like 'magic' distinctly and objectively impose a superior state of being?

Those are the questions for now. Just trying to get some ideological bearings while working on my characters.
I'll put my first post and interest here. So, it's a multi-purpose post.
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