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Neat. I"ll post a character tomorrow.
If it got bumped after a comment I assume its still open? If so I throw my hat into this. Though I will need more information about the culture and style of the other nation since this is a fictional culture that is just similar to the Christian Europe.
Very interested in some of these. Most notably the arranged marriage or supernatural/fantasy twists as well. I'm a lover of the opposites attract cliche.
Dunno why I was waiting on others to post but I'll make sure to have my post up within a day. I'll bother yoru as well.
I'm still good to go anytime.

This zero post is just a holder for right now. Muffin you know what to do here.

Do you want me to wait for the response in pm before or just post it?
@World TravelerI'm interested in Divination but I think I need to PM you a bout the specifics first. If that falls through I would like to be the Matron
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