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Dunno why I was waiting on others to post but I'll make sure to have my post up within a day. I'll bother yoru as well.
I'm still good to go anytime.

This zero post is just a holder for right now. Muffin you know what to do here.

Do you want me to wait for the response in pm before or just post it?
@World TravelerI'm interested in Divination but I think I need to PM you a bout the specifics first. If that falls through I would like to be the Matron
Interested if this is still accepting.
Iwakuni Shiroko

Not having much time to think she slips back with a fluid motion again just barely in time before its foot clumsily clawed after her stomach. A slight nick in her clothing under her bosom is cut. Reflexively she covers her chest with one arm. Thankfully the cut wasn't deep enough to cut her skin. The grotesque beast falls still being held by her kido.

"Thankfully he didn't strike a little higher..." She says quietly to herself. "You are quick little buggers aren't you? But not too bright..." Her voice trails off as she starts weaving again. She had thought to start with the lowest bakudo and move up from there but the first one was successful but the limitations of the kido were too short for her liking. "Bakudo #4 Hinawa!" From her hands a yellow crackling rope like essence shoots from her outstretched hand attempting to entangle the hollow to fully restrict its movements.

"Do you want me to capture it alive?" She asks curiously to Nemuri.
Will do. Sorry for not posting yet.
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