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Adaahna Vanil & Mor'gann Arnhar

Location: Mandalore, Keldabe city, Cantina

Hitting her seat harder than she would have liked, Mor’gan watched as her newfound companion slugged the smuggler. Hearing an offended shout as the man fell back into another table, the Dxun native pinched the bridge of her nose. So they would go from a discussion to a fight? It seemed that despite the difference in so many things, some stayed the same. Kicking back slightly, Mor’gann wondered how she had managed to find the bloodthirsty woman that seemed intent on fighting the smuggler who had shoved himself away from the table he had sprawled against. ”Fuck’n trendril’d bitch.” Snarled the trader as his hand snagged a mug, much to the displeasure of one of the men at the table (Or whatever they were, Mor’gann was beginning to think assuming sentient and male was the generality on the planet), and swing it ideally to clock the Togruta upside the head. Wondering if she should get involved or not, Mor’gann gave a snarl of annoyance. If this was Dxun, she would have dived into the fight alongside the Togruta. But perhaps slipping out would be the best thing to do? ”How in the name of my ancestors do I get involved in these messes?” Perhaps she was cursed from her constant chants in the temple. It would not surprise her for the spirit that dwelt there had designed for her to meet a messy end. At least this would be a fun end at least, Mor’gann considered, even if it was a foolish one.

Her attention split, Adaahna had noticed a little too late when a mug hit her over the head. Vision blurry for a moment she gripped the table to steady herself, grumbling in her native tongue about the bruise she was sure to receive. Her free hand moving to her head to check for a cut found what she had expected, a small wet patch. “Tendril?.. They’re my best feature you fluffy headed freak!.” She spat back at the Smuggler suddenly feeling very sober as she hissed to bare her fangs like a jungle cat as she pounced, aiming to land atop the man with a fist back and primed to swing before she was even jumping.

Watching Adaahna apparently swear in her own tongue, Mor’gann smirked slightly as the fight raged on. It seemed her help would not be necessary. Not yet at least. It was just as well. ”Fight well, Adaahna O’Shilis. Your ancestors will smile on you. She commented as she leaned on the table, watching as the woman launched onto the man’s back and began to swing at him. Much to the amusement of some and horror of others. Mor’gann was unsure which category to be in. ”Ai, what brutes.” With her smaller frame and lean nature, Mor’gann tended to avoid fights in a group. Finding them often the bane of her childhood and apprentice days. Fights like these in mead halls sooner or later would devolve into a frenzy of a battle.

After enjoying the pleasant sensation of her fist connecting with the humans head a few times, she swiftly stepped herself down from the mans back, bringing him down to a knee by using the back of it as a stepping stone and pressing her weight into it. Nails dragging across the mans face to leave a rather unpleasant scratch as her other arm waved to her… ‘adoring’ spectators. ”Good friends, what a journey! What a lov-” And that was about as far as her attempted speech would get before enjoying the displeasure of an elbow to the stomach,forcing her most recent meal and drink out of her mouth and onto the floor as the man took advantage to turn on her, sent into a fit of what between blows Adaahna assumed must have been a mixture of anger and displeasure at his new look courtesy of her. A mug striking her face as a makeshift hammer a few times before she managed to scramble back, leaving her face rather bloody. The smuggler looking more than a little pleased with his own handiwork.

Opening his mouth to shoot a barbed comment no doubt, he didn’t get a chance as the dark form of Mor’gann intervened. She had little motive to get involved, but seeing Adaahna brought down low with an elbow to her stomach Mor’gann found herself unable to remain sitting. Bringing her hand to grip the man’s shoulder, Mor’gann gripped the man’s shoulder as her knee slammed between his legs. Sending the man to the ground with a whimper of pain. Uncaring of the crowd, the barbaric woman stared at the smuggler with cold yellow eyes. ”Up go, Adaahna O’Shilis.” Urged the young woman as she drew back the drexli leather cloak and tossed it to the Togruta, revealing the thick knives at her waist along with several pouches and a worn and ancient-looking metal cylinder. ”I would have rathered stayed out of this…” She cursed softly. However, how could she sit aside when Adaahna had been so quick to her own defense? It was repayment and nothing more. Gripping the woman’s arm, she pushed her away from the smuggler who was nursing his balls. ”Go. Smuggler. Fight she ‘n’ I no more...” The voice was pointed and cold at the smuggler. Refusing to turn her back on the fallen man. That had been a lesson she had learned years ago and bore the scar it had been bought with.

Adaahna took a moment to rest her eyes in the dark of the cloak for a moment, just enough to make things stop spinning before remembering her bleeding, and shaking it off. Unable to stop a small grin from showing through with a wince at seeing the knives the younger woman was carrying. “I think i could take him, if he’d stop cheating and using things.. So uncivilised.” Half a joke, and half nursing her own pride, the Togruta took notice of the odd cylinder at Mors’ hip a half moment after speaking, giving an odd frown before turning her attention back to the man. ” ‘Done here, yes?. Both got a few good strikes .. Perhaps it’s best to leave before peacekeepers decide things are too loud.“ Her interest very clearly shifted now from the fight to trying to figure out where she’d seen something like Mors’ item before. The woman cautiously moving for her belongings, gathering them quickly and fastening to her spear while Mor’ stared the man down. ”Mor’gann?” She spoke as she shifted her head in the direction of the exit. A few trails of orange marking her purple features.

Mor’gann sighed and inclined her head. Apparently her new friend was quite the talker. More than Mor’gann cared to talk herself which worked well enough. Inclining her head to the Togruta, she turned enough to head to the exit while keeping the cursing smuggler insight. It would be best to get away from this place before the man thought he could repair his reputation. ”Yes.”

Adaahna and Mor'gann

written alongside @LadyRunic

Keldabe city market : Adaahna, Mor’gann

She’d been wandering for a few hours in circles, more or less. Just trying to get her bearings in this new and frankly to her mind, overpopulated place. Her stomach eventually leading her to try and find any stall that was selling something edible, ever since leaving Shili everything had either been overseasoned or sold alongside flora, so she had quickly resorted to just buying meat directly from butchers and the like.

After some searching she came across what appeared to be where the meat vendors had set themselves in the bazaar, eyeing the food and mouthing the prices to herself as she counted the credits in a small coin purse at her hip with a finger. Numbers hadn’t been a great priority back in the village, but she’d had ample time to learn in the decade since leaving. Though it still took her some time and concentration. Her eyes and stomach simultaneously deciding on the eel that some… creature.. Was serving, now to try and convince him to stop wrapping it in the local vegetation. Adaahna cleared her throat, deciding to take a guess at the creatures gender. “Sir, the sea snake, i’ll have two, no greenery.” Her hand dropping a handful of credits onto the stallside, finally glancing around to notice another human, of course a human.. Dressed more similarly to her than the others in the city, causing her to raise an eyebrow as she examined more closely, a skinny thing.. If it wasn’t for the bone and armour mixed with her cloth Adaahna would have assumed her to be some poor farmer. Though to wear the bone of a beast amongst her own culture required its personal slaying, she only assumed this was a matter of course for all peoples. Deciding that staring wouldn’t sate her interest, she took the eel-like meat from the vendor and waving one portion at the woman to try and catch her attention.
“Human, why aren’t you in those plastic things the rest call clothes. You almost look like you don’t smell of processed soaps..”
She did her best to not smile at her jab towards this “civilized” world.

Hearing a voice over the din of the bazaar, Mor’gann diverted her attention away from the wide array of food. Finding one of the slugs being waved under her nose, the Dxun native resisted the urge to slap it away, even as the strange being with purple skin trying to converse with her. From her own limited understanding of the language of these off-worlders she was able to glean a fair bit of something… Apparently this being had mistaken her for a man and was rattling on about something about her appearance and smell. The yellow eyes narrowed as Mor’gann lifted away the drexli hood to reveal her short black hair pinned back by a bone brooch, and the fact she was a woman. Speaking slowly to make sure this woman understood her. “Travel. No Man.” Plucking the drexli cloaked her raised a brow in question before lowering it. “Clothes?” Was that what she, Mor’gann assumed that ws what the stranger was, talking about? Her clothes? A slim hand snatched away the food that was being waved under her nose. It was a distracting annoyance and well… Food. She was sorely hungry after all. Taking a bite, she forced herself to swallow while turning a delicate shade of green. Oh, it tasted as disgusting as it looked. ”Disgusting.”

On seeing the human reveal themselves, Adaahna expected a conversation, only to be a little taken aback that they seemed to loosely grasp basic. She scratched at her jaw for a moment as she thought to herself before speaking again. “Travel?. No Man..” Adaahna repeated back, taking a bite out of the meat she’d just purchased, watching her counterpart do so and faintly enjoying the look of displeasure. Adaahna would glance around the bazaar before trying to speak further. “Travel, where?. Not Mandalorian, hm..?” She gestured towards the sky. Smelling potential to be off of this place sooner than she might have thought.
Her mind shooting back to her own troubles learning basic in depth early on, she thumped two knuckles against her own chest. “I am Adaahna, of Shili.” Before gesturing to the Raven haired woman, some of her trophies jangling against each other at the quick motion.

The young woman inclined her head at the obvious introduction. “ Mor’gann Arnhar.” It seemed more appropriate that she gave the title that would have been hers if she had stayed with her Clan, yet she couldn’t bring herself to do that. She had left her clan and it would be death if their hunters found her and demanded retribution or if she returned. ”Man’d’lore?” She questioned gesturing about the bazaar. So that was the name of this world? Despite this strange humanoid woman’s accent, she was able to get some answers. ”Adaahna O’Shili.” She repeated with a slight nod, forcing herself to nibble away at the eel. It was horrible, but food could not be wasted.

The Togruta allowed herself a flash of a smile at what appeared to be progress, returning the nod. ”Mor’gann of the Arnhar” After all, it seemed only polite to return the confirmation before sinking her teeth into her meal to bite away a hearty chunk. Now that introductions had been made, she couldn’t help but indulge in her favourite pastime, inquiring about what appeared to be trophies. With a gesture to Mor’ganns’ shoulder, she would try her best. “The plate, your kill?.” Adaahna gestured with the remains of her lunch at her own wrist, various teeth and fragments there to try and get her question across. “Trophies, prizes, prey.” Before gesturing to herself, pride easy to spot on her face. ”Huntress.” With this, she thinks, at least gauging this womans’ usefulness should be simple enough.

So this strange woman-creature was a hunter herself? Well, at least they weren’t surrounded by complete fools. Considering her answer about the zakkeg plate, Mor’gann saw little reason to admit the truth. That it would had been stolen from her old mentor after that entire mess. Nodding slightly, she continued to nibble at the meat. Eating slowly to work through the flavor. ”Ay’.” Unsure what else to offer, the woman hoped it would not come to a test of strength. The zakkeg was one of the largest beasts on Dxun and few hunters would try to take it on when they did? It was a village-wide affair. No hunter was spared, old or young, to kill the beast.

A far more restrained response than she had expected, on Shili sharing tales of the hunt was practically a hobby all on its own, she had to remind herself that she was not home to restrain the flash of disappointment. Perhaps this womans custom was to make the hunt personal, Adaahna thought as she gestured to what seemed like a cantina. ”Drink, you drink, yes?.” Her fanged grin on display as she tries to usher the human toward the building. ”We will drink, share stories!. Such as how treacherous compatriots would abandon you for making their job simpler!” Adaahna chastised herself for a half second, as a moment of her bitterness slipped out, her face creasing in frustration at being stuck on this world.

It seemed the woman wished Mor’gann to join her. Not that she was against it at all. It would give her a chance to learn a bit more about the world. Merely nodding along as the fanged, stranged woman chattered on and shooed her towards an apparent mead hall. Noting how the woman looked irritated about something. Though whatever it was about, she couldn’t even guess what it was about. ’Half of what you are saying, I do not understand.” She noted in her native language and a wry smile. ”Yes. Good.” Mor’gann encouraged.

Adaahna laughed heartily at the foreign tongue, not understanding a word and retorting in Togruti ”Ahh, the joys of not speaking basic!” On entering the cantina, she gestures to an empty table, before gesturing to what appeared to be a bartender. “whatever you have for drink on this world, we shall have.” Making her way to sit down, gesturing for her new compatriot to follow, Adaahna tilts her head to glance over the lekku hanging from her shoulder. “So, here, why?.”

Sitting down, she looked about the inside of the building. Curious about the customs of the world. Considering her new ‘friend’s’ rough question ”Ship stopped. Taris go to.” She shrugged slightly as she paused. ”Smuggler no go. Stop here.” Mor’gann looked annoyed by her loose Basic. If she was going to stay around this planet she would need to learn their language. Sighing, she nodded to Adaahna. ”Why?” It seemed an acceptable question.

Nodding, she considered carefully how best to respond. ”An answer for an answer. Hn.” . Adaahna stopped for a moment to graciously thank the man that brought their drinks, she sniffed at the ale before taking a sip and grimacing, placing both mugs onto the steel table between the pair. “ I was with companions. More ‘hunters’. They did not like the way I hunted, took the trophy, took the pay, left me here to try and find my own way.” Her face flushed, or at least the purple skin of her cheeks became a deeper purple at the thought of fellow hunters betraying her in such a way.

So this hunter, Adaahna O’Shili, had been left behind by her clan? A strange thing to the mind of Mor’gann. Sipping the drink, her lips curled at the unfamiliar taste of the ale. It was harder than the drinks they had on Dxun. Stuff made of bone and berries. Still she drank a bit more before setting the cup down. A slight fuzziness settling over her senses. Drugged? No, she had seen nothing. ”Com’an’ons…?” She puzzled on that word. Companions. It was not something she had heard before. The smugglers certainly didn’t use it. The answer came soon enough with ‘More hunters’. Leaning back slightly, she sipped at the drink again. It warmed her bones and made her curious. ”What hunt?”

At the question she flashes another toothy grin, swallowing down another gulp of the drink before slapping the mug down onto the table, quickly becoming accustomed to the taste of the local brew. ”What hunt, mm?. Whatever hunt provides glory and wealth. Criminals, beasts.. Whatever a man is willing to pay to have hunted. There is always somebody trying to have somebody or something else brought to them. This hunt was for some murderer or other, we tracked and killed. The others disagreed on transportation.. You mentioned a smuggler?. An odd way to travel.”
Adaahna Vanil

Mandalore, Keldabe hangar bay

She didn't understand her companions, the bounty was dead or alive, and a head is far easier to carry than a body. She'd merely lightened the load, only to be met with the raised voices of her now startled colleagues declaring her an animal. But that was then, and now she was being dropped onto Mandalore with no knowledge of the area, and very few credits with which to buy or barter.

They had assured her that they were being merciful by leaving her here and taking her share of the bounty back to Shili to leave with her people. She had accused them of being fair-weather warriors, foolish to think there was a difference between a dead mans body, and his head alone when hunting for pay. For the few days it had taken to get to this world none of them had taken their eyes off of her, as if her doing anything to spite them would get her anywhere, she needed them to fly the ship after all. But still they were suspicious of her every waking moment after that, refusing to even speak until they'd started gathering her things to throw her out.

"You'll find work, Mandalore is a busy place. Always somebody wanting somebody brought in." Trakai, another human, why are there so many humans in the galaxy.

"Hn. No contacts, can't afford to leave. I'm sure i'll do fine." she grumbled out, slinging her pack over her shoulder and resting her weight against her spear as she looked back into the ship, she had no idea whether her teammates felt any guilt over this or not, frankly it wasn't any of her concern, her new concern was finding a source of income to fund the tribe. She glanced up at another of the humans in her crew, this one was much darker skinned than Trakai, always, chewing on some candy or other, he was the groups leader.
"Your promise, maintain it or you will be my next hunt."

After a few tense moments, Adaahna felt the mans hand twitch for his blaster through her montrals, deciding it best to leave it at that and step off of the ramp of what had for a time been her home. The ramp immediately closing behind her.

Adaahna refused to watch the ship leave out of a partial desire to vent her spite, and partially to prepare herself to go into what to her seemed to be the most populated city she'd ever seen. Letting herself breathe out slowly before striding off into the crowd, intent on finding a new team and continuing the hunt.
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