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I see you like stalking too eh? Just know that while you're reading this, I'm reading all your posts from 5 months ago and silently judging your taste. Ha Ha. Or not.

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Heya, first post is up. We suggest that you use your first post to just set your character up or interact with anyone you might know. If you want to be already fighting the evil big bad elegies, @ us here or on discord so we can collab that out.
Ah, in that case, as you were.
@RuinerJust a note, we are iffy on non-human characters. It might be possible to play one with certain crowns, but we will have to see which backstory you have up there first to decide, so don't get too invested in this route.

Also, here's something we'd like you to adjust about the abilities. Phantom limb is not a perfect defense and will take several hits to completely 'sap the opponent of their vigor'. Memento mori is fine, but disclaimer, not all enemies can be one-shot. On certain enemies, it will just do big damage. Banshee scream will also not be a perfect stun. There will be duration on its effects.

@SimpleWriter Crowns are chosen by the Whisper, which crops up whenever it feels like so no passing them down. Those 8 are Ethereal ones, which are limited, yeah. Prismatic ones are not and can be anything you have a word for. These are all covered in the magic and combat section, but I'm around if you have further questions.
Also no issue with the appearance from me haha. We can be black trench coat squad. It's cool now.
Yeah I'm making a character that contributes nothing to society. Ignore all the unfilled pictures, I'll get around to it at some point.

Let's all blame January for now.

owo I want to join
Darren and Matt versus the psychotic bitch

The fight began and concluded soon enough and as expected, Matt didnโ€™t really need to participate. He didnโ€™t want to anyway. Combat was never the drawing point of this game for him and he rationalized that he would need to learn how the enemies worked here first, before charging. He had advised Darren to do the same. The merman agreed, easily, so they watched together.

Afterward, they had gained a week of free time until the next event, which Matt accepted with a yawn before logging off to bed.

He logged back on the day after and made his way toward the flower field where Darren said he wanted to explore. As if on cue, the vibrating book at his hips told him that his friend was logging back online. He smiled, sending Darren a quick message and his location. The sound of sloshing water accompanied the teleport and Darren soon floated his way over, yawning and blinking slowly.

"Hey." -Matt waved enthusiastically -"Ready for some fun?"

Slow nods. And for a moment it looked like nodding off.

"Well, you don't look ready."

"I'm just...a little sleepy. Work, you know?" Darren gave a half-smile, trying to wave off the fatigue as a passing issue.

"Mkay." -Matt raised an eyebrow, but he decided the drop the issue, curiosity and promise of loot overpowering any other concerns -"Let's go then."

Without much hesitation or caution, Matt turned and walked into the flower field, assured at the sound of water slowly following him.

The sun was already low by the time they arrived there, bathing the place with a gentle warm glow of early dusk. The sky, sullied not by pollution, a painter's pallete, swirls of brilliant colours, red, orange and blue, complementing the yellow and green of the sunflower fields. Sunflowers, true to the name, dominated the area, but there are gentle rolling plains of green and smaller flowers, upon which their only path lay, unless they saw fit to crash through the sunflowers, which grew tall and large, trying to outgrow their neighbors for sunlight. Their peaceful walk was only interupted by the fairies playing, laughing and flitting amongsts the flowers, moving through them without even disturbing so much as a leaf or a stalk. A few had already taken interest in them, gawking at their strange attire, with one trying to swim in the ball of water Myosotis generated.

In the distance, a small farmhouse was the only noticable thing amongst the sunflowers, though there was a path that lead up to a tall hill as well.

Darren laughed at the small fae splashing in his water orb, moving aside to make a bit more room while the creature paddled happily along the surface. Matt, meanwhile, was examining the flowers. He reached out for one, but eventually decided against picking any. No need to burden himself with useless junks. He turned to the farmhouse in the distance.

"I'm checking it out." -He called back to Darren, then moved toward the building.

"Hang on, I'll take the lead. You don't have very good damage," the merman argued, swimming quickly ahead of Matt and gliding towards the building.

The farmhouse in question, was undeniably truly a farmhouse, with several chickens roaming the yard. A small field had been tilled by hand it seemed, with long stakes for whatever that was planted there. The owner of the place wasn't too hard to identify either, considering she was the only one there, sitting on an outdoors table having her tea. A well built woman, with short wavy green hair, wearing red striped long pants and a simple white blouse accented by a small yellow scarf. Her eyes were blood red, but her expression was friendly as she looked towards the newcomers.

"Ah, good evening." She looked towards the spread on her table, a small bowl of tea biscuits, a teapot, but only one teacup. "I apologize, but I was not expecting visitors."

The woman paused for a moment, her eyes lingering a bit too long upon both of them. "The free spirits that... took over that shopkeeper's place, yes? Would you like to join me for tea?"

"...I'd rather you just tell us about the location," Darren replied, staring back at her.

"I wouldn't mind tea." -Next to him, Matt only grinned -"Miss...?"

A shadow flitted across her face for a moment as Darren replied, but only for a moment. "Yuuka Kazami. Yuuka is fine. Please, have a seat. I'll get more teacups for you two."

She stood up, dusting herself off, then went back into the house, presumably to get more teacups for the two of them.

"Well, what do you think?" -Matt dropped down onto a nearby chair, picking up a biscuit and examining it closely.

"She never answered my question. So I don't think she's all that welcoming." Water dropped around the small table, hiding in the grass as Darren squinted suspiciously at the food. "Wish we had something to test the food on. Don't want to be taking weird DoT damage if she turns out to be an enemy NPC."

"Let me talk first. Maybe we can bypass this encounter or whatever." -Matt crumpled the biscuit in his hand, tossing the pieces toward the roaming chickens.

The chickens swarmed greedily towards the biscuit crumbs, jostling each other while trying to eat as much as they could. Yuuka returned at that point, shooing the chickens away gently as she brought two more teacups to the table, before filling them both up and offering them to the two. Filling her own cup, she started eating one of the tea biscuits, before sipping from her own cup.

"So, to what do I owe this visit?"

"We--" Darren half-started before shutting up and letting Matt take the lead. It didn't sit well with him to actually play along with the in-story behaviors of the NPCs and usually he had no inclination to, but Matt had hung around longer than anyone else had and he didn't want to burn another bridge that had just formed recently. "Sorry," he mumbled, backing away from the table and into his bubble.

Matt glanced briefly at his friend, but he refrained. There would time for that later.

"We were just passing by, really. The field is very... scenic." -He turned back to the NPC with his brightest smile -"As you know, some of our companions have just recently 'taken over' a place nearby. We did not take part in that ugly bussiness, and frankly, we do not plan to. Just getting that out of the way."

"Oh? Is that so?" Yuuka took another sip at her tea. "Will you not drink the tea? Or perhaps, some of the biscuits? Do not worry on my account, I have plenty more to go around."

"Sure." -Matt agreed easily, sipping from his cup and reaching out for another biscuit. This time, he devoured the whole thing in one bite -"Excuse my friend, though. He a bubble. And half fish."

Nodding approvingly, Yuuka finished hers. "I've not heard the details, only what that bird told me. But I find that hard to believe, especially with the fish's rather rude first demand. Even if you say you did not take part of the incident yesterday, you did allow your companions to do so. Now.."

There was a slight crinkle under her right eye as she paused. "Tell me what you are doing here, again."

"Flowers. Prettiest things I have seen in a while." -Matt stayed put, showing no sign that he was readying for combat -"Like I said before, just sightseeing."

Yuuka closed her eyes for a moment and sighed. "Finish your tea and go home. I will not suffer fools and liars in my home."

"I'm sorry to have spoiled your evening, Miss Yuuka." -Matt looked genuinely apologetic as he lifted the cup and finished off his tea -"We will take our leave."

As he stood up, however, he squinted into the distance behind Yuuka, then his expression was a look of pure horror -"No." -He mumbled in disbelief -"They're here!"

Whipping her head around, she turned towards where he was looking, starting up from her chair. "What!?"

Matt quickly grabbed the teapot on the table and swung it at her head with all the strength he could muster. Ready to fight since the start, Darren poisoned the water he had settled around the table, pulling Matt backwards as the toxic green vapor rose around the woman.

"Move somewhere else!" he shouted, shoving Matt out of his path as he readied to spread more poison in the nearby water.

The teapot crashed against her head, with barely any effect. Poison vapours rose around her, and yet, she seemed unaffected even as the damage ticked upon her healthbar.

"You come into my home, drink my tea, lie to my face, and now you have the audacity to use this sort of tactic on me?"

Yuuka had not moved, but even as Matt moved out of range, a hand grabbed his arm in a vise grip, putting an uncomfortable amount of pressure on it with the battlesytem on. If this had not been in VR, he would have this feeling he would be screaming blue murder right now. Another Yuuka, similar in all ways to the one standing in the poison vapours, having an expression of not hate, but disgust. With alarming ease, her grip broke his arm, sending the limb into that red fuzzy state to indicate injury, before she threw him to the ground like a ragdoll. Both of the Yuukas pointed towards the merman, a small beam of light shining upon his chest as they did so.

He'd figured the enemies in the new zone would be high level, and he hated being right about that as he watched a chunk of Matt's health bar disappear in one attack. Darren threw water from his orb directly onto the women and fled backwards, poisoning more of the water as he did so and hoping their attacks wouldn't kill him immediately. Respawning was such a massive pain.

Meanwhile, Matt quickly got back to his feet, the broken arm was useless at his side as he rushed toward with the intention to tackle the Yuuka that broke it.

Even Matt's entire weight did not move her, with her only reaction was to point towards his face instead of Darren's chest. Considering both was in a bad position, they both would perish in a gigantic beam of light, Matt from point blank range, and Darren from midrange, due to moving backwards.


Instead of finishing her channeling, and casting the massive beam, both of the Yuuka flipped upside down suddenly, identical yelps as they hit their heads on the ground. A small figure jumped in, grabbing Matt and Darren in both her arms, before flying quickly away.

"Ahaha~ You two are crazy, challenging Yuuka like that. From that new phantom group, aintcha?"

A girl in white, with black, red streaked hair, grinning wildly as she shifted their weight.

As a merman, Darren had never experienced VR flight aside from system travel and the strange sensation of being lifted from his bubble and soaring through the skies left him quiet enough that he didnโ€™t protest the stranger who had saved them. For the moment. Whatever event they had triggered at least saved them the respawn trip.

"Yeah." -Matt grumbled, still trying to get his bearing -"It's a game. You gotta play like you wanna win." -He glanced at the rapidly shrinking terrain beneath them, the sudden height made his stomach uneasy.

"Who are you again?"

"A game huh? I like that. Gotta win all the time."

She started slowing down, once she was sure Yuuka wasn't pursuing them. From up here, they had a good view of the flowerfield behind them, as well as the large sprawling Forest of Magic. There was a small speck of a flag in it, though just barely recognizable as their flag. To the north was a large mountaineous region, and on its feet further away from the forest, they could see the human village, seemingly busy from the specks moving about it.

"Seija Kijin. Who are you two?"

"Tourists." -Matt mumbled, trying very hard not to look down -"I'm Matt. Fish man is Darren."

"Thanks for saving us, I suppose. Why though?"

She guffawed unellegantly at that. "Still trying to keep that up huh? I heard. Well, most everyone heard by now due to that bird, but I also heard. A buncha free spirits up and ousted that fake youkai from the Forest of Magic. Sounds like my kinda thing. If you're going up against them I want to join in too. 'Spect more people will be frowning on you more too after that last one. Man that was good, you done cracked her own pot on her head. Hahaha~!"

"I'm just trying to get a piece of that bitch for my friend here." -Matt admitted, frowning slightly at the memory. Not his best idea, the teapot. They could have just stolen a chicken or two -"Wait, what do you mean 'them'? There are sides?"

"Course there are! Whole of Gensokyo is in an uproar after what you lot pulled off yesterday. Fractured to bits with all the little factions." She landed neatly in the clearing where their flag was. "Oh jeez its empty. So this' your place, huh? Ain't much to look at."

"Whose side are you on?" -Matt raised an eyebrow as he staggered on his feet, grateful to be on firm ground once again. His arm was still useless though. He should have taken a healing spell.

"No one. Well, yours hopefully. I wanna join." Seija hovered a little as she prepared to fly once more. "Well, call me if you need me alright? Don't leave me out of any future plans. I'll go and do what I do best."

With that, she flew away, leaving Darren and Matt alone in the clearing.

"Hey! How are we going to call you?" -Matt called after the disappearing figure in vain. Knowing that he would never get the answer, he sighed, turning back to Darren -"Well, that was a hot mess."

โ€œYeahโ€”hey, um, I gotta log out. Just, uh, something came up, sorry.โ€ The mermanโ€˜s head looked elsewhere, pausing a moment before the avatar disappeared.

"Fuck." -Matt swore at where his friend used to stand. There went his plans for the evening. He then sighed, patting at his pockets to find the pipe. Maybe he would log off soon, too. Pointless to do anything without Darren here.

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