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5 yrs ago
Current Dreams are just a reality away from memories.


I see you like stalking too eh? Just know that while you're reading this, I'm reading all your posts from 5 months ago and silently judging your taste. Ha Ha. Or not.

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@Senshu D Tyra Yeah, I'm still helping January setting up some info for OOC. We realize we forgot some info for it, so it's taking a bit longer than expected.

@Icy Hot@wolverbells@Bartimaeus Sorry for the delay, we're still working on it!
Just need one or two more and we can start the OOC.
Still looking for a couple more!
Just to say that I’m here too.
Still looking!
Just cross-posting the interest check over from Advance. Don't worry too much about that though, we're mostly looking for high to mid casual players.…
This might not go ahead because I ended up helping a friend with their RP and decided that I can't do both at the same time. Sorry guys.
Sorta. Some place you can buy french champagne and spleen in a jar in the same trip. It will serve as something to put our characters together at the start, I think.
Marvelous! I'm still working on the OOC. Gotta organize my stuffs and rouse my co-GM and all that crap. Feel free to discuss species or roles or ask if you have any question.
Cool, I think I should start working on the OOC then.
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