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This is a super good sell to me conceptually, a shame I am late to show up.

You can always make a character and ask to be put on the waiting list!
Okay, everyone. I'll be making official selections now:


You will all be added to the roster on the first post of the Characters tab, bringing me to fifteen player characters. This is my absolute maximum number of players. I tried to fit everyone I could.

If you want to be added to Discord, send me a PM requesting it as soon as you can. Again, only approved players, please!


Anyone that wasn't selected to join the roster, please PM me if you have a completed sheet and I will add you to the waiting list (unless for some reason I don't think your character is ready).
I'm heading to bed, but when I wake up I'll finish what I was working on and post.

I just kept debating between wererat priestess, swashbuckler, or leader-type.
Hey guys, letting everyone know I'm headed to bed. You have roughly 3 hours left to submit final character forms unless you're okay with going on a waiting list.
Hey, just stumbled across this RP this last Sunday. I may have missed this in the thread, but will you be accepting applications to go on the waiting list after the RP launches?

Pug is correct!
Is there a communal discord for people to chat as long as they don't reveal their characters? Or do people have discord for their RP purposes with this format? :)

There is a Discord, but I won't be adding anyone new until 11:59 p.m. CST tomorrow. It's only for people that have been officially accepted.

I'm making my selections at that time, and truth be told I'll have to refuse a couple people because of the number of applicants and my consideration of the load.
Oh, we can start making WIP characters?

...alrightie, then! Will work on mine.
Hey guys, I think I just finished replying to everyone that messaged me yesterday.

I'll be making my final character picks tomorrow, 2/18/2020. I'll say... Everyone has until 11:59 p.m. CST tomorrow to make final changes. (Not 11:59 p.m. tonight, 11:59 p.m. tomorrow.) After that I will make my final picks and draft my scene intros for everyone.

Everyone SHOULD have their first session or post started by the 24th, and I'll try to advance everything once every seven days minimum, though perhaps more than that.

The plot will be moving similarly to IRL. Namely, every 2 weeks IRL is going to be 18 days in the setting itself. (Yes, this is weird, but you'll see why.)

Years will be 360 days long. The year is divided into five seasons, each of which is split into two 36 day months, for ten months in the world. So, every two weeks IRL = 1/4 a season in the setting. These months are named as follows:

Spring Dawning - Second Waning - Summer Dawning - Summer Waning - Fall Dawning - Fall Waning - Winter Dawning - Winter Waning - Frost Dawning - Frost Waning

Frost is just an even harsher winter. And yes, this means that whereas every other season only lasts 72 days, winter overall lasts 144 days. Winters are long and harsh in this world.

Hopefully this helps everyone understand posting rates and story pacing!
I wanted to double check on the magic / skills thing, since it's coming up...

So, magic either comes from Intellect or from Will, right?

Fluffwise, what count as skills? Are we talking about general things a person is good at (leadership, negotiation, thievery, etc) or are we talking about special abilities / attacks with a name?

As an example, let's say I wanted my character to have special anime sword attacks. Is that just represented by a higher sword skill, or does my character get specific skills akin to how a mage gets specific spells?

Finally, would you be averse to some sort of "leadership magic" effects? Like a bard's music, or some sort of heroic shouts that inspire people around them?
Curious the lifespans of the races? :)

Intentionally left vague, but...

Minotaur effectively live forever and don't age. However, they can only be so old as the Wizard Wars, having been created during them to fight for the Beastshaper.

Wizards aren't confirmed immortal, but what little people know is that such figures as the Beastshaper were around when First King Ulrain arrived on the continent. Meaning... they're either immortal or can live a REALLY long time, or at least some of them can.

Dragons are believed to be immortal.

Long-lived species

Dwarves and elves can live for a long time, but aren't immortal.

The giants of ancient days are long lived for sure.

Wyverns aren't as long-lived as dragons but can still live a long time.


Gnolls are short-lived, only lasting 30-40 years at most before they expire.

Everyone else

Roughly as long as humans, though some races may have somewhat shorter or longer lifespans.

There may be species out there that aren't known about which live longer than humans, as long as elves/dwarves, or are immortal. And it may well be that some races have considerably shorter lifespans than humanity. However, most of these would be minor races, and thus not well known to the populace at large.
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