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Maybe I completely misread. I thought the post there said 250 coins was the reward?

Later the same day...

Notices, messages, scrolls and plaques, all were set and posted along bulletin boards and public gahering spots, in taverns and at the docks. The capital of Syrdenon was abuzz with gossip and talk about the newly posted request by the king. A call for brave souls to travel to the northern unclaimed territories, in search of the fallen light, promising a reward of 250 gold coins to whoever brought whatever the fallen thing was, or at least proof and news of it, back to the castle.
oh no

The Little Knight

Location: Forgotten Ruins


"Hey there," a feminine voice said from behind Branwen in a calm and kindly tone. "Do you need an adventure companion?"

The little weremouse turned to see who it was that had spoken. Though normally incredibly alert, she had been so focused on making her heroic stride into the ruins that she hadn't noticed the woman walking beside her. Branwen came to a quick halt to inspect her properly.

The first thing Branwen noticed was that, well, the voice's owner was mostly legs. More specifically, the owner was mostly bare and muscular legs. But looking up a little more, the weremouse saw a foreign-looking woman in loose, simple clothing with a lean figure and a welcoming face. The woman smelled of wild flowers and wore warm-colored clothes. There was a sort of bridled excitement in her expression, and something about the way she spoke made her seem very earnest.

Branwen was immediately put at ease, and she smiled on back up at the stranger.

"I surely shan't deny your aid, traveler!" the little mouse answered, her eyes half-closing as she spoke. "A sister-in-arms and a friendly face would be most welcome. My name is Branwen Burrows of Brelania, pleased to make your acquaintance!" The weremouse curtsied politely, lifting up her skirt with her pinkie fingers raised.

'Be still my heart....' Mae pathetically begged inside her mind in thought.

Mae remained calm as best she could, at least upon the surface of her expression. Her soft, kind smile ever persistent, then returned the gesture in her own manner. Crossing her right forearm horizontally across her stomach and her left forearm across her back, Mae proceeded to dip her head in a courteous bow.

"My name is Mae Li Fong. But you can simply call me Mae. The pleasure is entirely mine, Branwen Burrows." Which, in truth, was entirely true. Adventuring with a cute creature had always been a dream of young Mae.

"May I ask your class? I was too far away to here much of your conversation from earlier." She mostly lied. If she had not been stunned by the sight of the cute creature she could have probably listened in full.

"I am a Martial Artist. But I believe your land calls them 'brawlers', if I am not mistaken." She chimed in her soft accent, her soft brown gaze seeming to trail off in thought, trying to remember if that was what she heard it called previously.

"Verily, Miss Fong!" the diminutive warrior said. She seemed quite happy to have someone to talk to, and demonstrably hopped backward a few feet and drew forth her short sword in a clean motion! The chubby critter held it aloft, the blade pointed skywards, light glinting off its edge.

"I am a Knight!" Branwen declared with heroic enthusiasm, her whiskers dancing with pride. "In training," she added much more hastily, skipping past those words. "Specifically, I trained to be a Captain of Brelania, though mayhaps you might call those of my calling 'Tacticians.' 'Tis our duty to lead by example, and ne'er to retreat for want of courage! You and I shall be fighting side by side!"

Mae's eyes grew much larger as she watched in sheer bliss at the small creature's display. She could feel the sledge hammer crashing against her walls of faked maturity. She didn't know how much more of this she could take before resorting to her carnal, snuggle-wuggling desires.

Mae's smile grew slightly, strain and agony hidden just beneath it's surface.

"I must confess. I had some concerns about venturing into this... well, ominous place. But your companionship gives me much ease." She spoke truthfully. How could Mae possibly be worried when all of her focus was directed now at not committing a violation of Branwen's personal space. Let alone what'd happen once that personal bubble was breached.

But Mae kept up her persona. She would remain steadfast and firm. She would not break. No matter how heart-wrenchingly adorable this little weremouse was.

Branwen sheathed her sword with a happy nod, looking absolutely pleased with those words.

"I must declare likewise!" said the little knight-in-training, smiling toothily up at the much taller adventurer. "And I shall endeavor to prove myself worthy of the trust you place in me, Miss Fong. Or shall I call you Mae?" Branwen quirked an eyebrow on high.

"My friends call me Mae. So you should call me Mae." She spoke sweetly, with a smile to match.

The weremouse's peridot eyes practically sparkled. She felt quite honored with the seemingly calm, collected, and respectable martial artist's declaration. Her chest swelled with pride, a bit of fur puffing over the top of her gambeson. She'd made a friend!

"I quite appreciate the sentiment, Mae!" said the captain, her speech lilting and rising in pitch. "My friends call me Branwen... or Bran!"

"Branwen it is!"

The little knight marched toward into ruins with a cheery grin, though perhaps it would be better described as hopping. Perhaps it was a little of both? Mae beamed as she followed towards the ruins at Branwen's side, easily keeping stride with her short companion.

"I believe, my friend," Branwen mused, "that I shall thoroughly enjoy your company!"

Thus did the adventurous pair make their way into the quiet, ominous ruins, paying little heed to the speeding spearwoman racing ahead. The two had a lot to talk about on the way, and paid as much attention to their conversation as they did to their surroundings.
Is it okay if I make another post already? Just to handle a response to Mae Li!
"don't pet strangers" I'm dying
Aaaaaand I just did a bunch of proof-reading and editing I should have done BEFORE I posted.

And yes, poor mousey! Laid it on a bit thick but I'm happy with the formatting at the top of the post at least!
Not my best post but I had fun! If I need to change anything let me know!

And anyone can interrupt Branwen as she walks.

Sorry if I laid things on a little thick!

I can also not put colored speech and youtube links into the post if that's preferable!
The Little Knight


Branwen leapt up onto the tallest rock she could, her magical belt giving her a boost. Her bare, clawed feet padded softly against the stone. She put a hand above her eyes to block the sun, and with the other on her scabbard she gazed past the tents, the pavilions, the other adventurers gathered for their own quests. The young hero gazed out at those ruins, took a deep breath, then smiled wide.

"This is going to be a good adventure!" she declared before leaping back down from the rock.

The mouse-like little woman landed softly, her ears twitching and her whiskers bouncing with excitement. She raced on over toward the throng of adventurers, eager to lend her sword to one of the many bands. It was difficult to pick a group to align herself with... There were so many! And there were many more solo adventurers, most of them keeping to themselves, which was something Branwen would never understand. Wasn't it much safer to travel with a group? And, well... wasn't it more fun? Less maddening?

So, Branwen strode out through the grass, looking for the most friendly, sociable looking bunch of travelers to associate herself with. Certainly, there were some good candidates, faces she was sure would turn friendly with just a smile and a wave. But the perfect group... the perfect group...

There they were: a dwarf in mail, a black-robed wizard, and a silver-haired priestess, all nodding to one another and just about to plunge into the Forgotten Ruins. Clearly they were experienced, but they also had honest looks to them. Happily, Branwen ran on up behind them. The weremouse cleared her throat, and they turned in unison to face her.

"Excuse me but a moment!" the young knight called in her lilting voice. She puffed her chest out and bowed. "Perchance you would care for another blade to be lent to your enterprise? I am Branwen Burrows, knight of Brel-"

Then the dwarf began to snort. The wizard began to laugh. The priestess covered her mouth. Branwen's ear twitched.

"Branwen Burrows," she repeated, nonplussed, speaking a little more nervously. "Knight of Brelan-"

"You're a knight?" the dwarf asked, cheeks turning red with amusement. "You? Really?"

Branwen frowned. "Well, not technically. At least, not yet! But I was squired to-"

"Oh, sweetie," the priestess said, smiling gently and leaning on forward. "We're- I'm sure you're quite capable, but..."

"But we don't need pretender knights to help us," the wizard said plainly. "Run along, little mouse. Find some cheese."

As the dwarf let out a hearty laugh, slapping his wizard friend on the back, Branwen stood there with a look of shock on her face. Really, they had- they had looked so friendly! But the priestess just smiled in what might have been an apologetic manner and followed after her two companions as they headed through one of the gates into the ruins.

The chubby little warrior clutched her hand tightly about her sword's scabbard, and she heaved out an angry, weary sigh. She paced, stepping away from the entryway, watching as the trio went on in by themselves. They were out of sight soon enough.

Whatever was in there... Branwen wasn't stupid. She knew she couldn't just go in alone. It wasn't smart! And she'd always worked better alongside others. Why, she was incredibly helpful! She was... she was good with a sword, and she knew tactics well enough! And, and-

With yet another sigh, the cursed littleling sat herself down on an old, broken column near the ruins. She chewed irritably on her knuckles and stared over at the ruins, thumping her bare feet against the cold stone underneath her. The young warrior needed a moment to think. She scratched at her neck. It really was unlikely that she would be able to find someone to take her with them. People tended not to think highly of littlelings in the first place. Tiny, mouse-looking people seemed to be regarded even less highly.

Branwen thought about it. There was no way around it: she would just have to go into the ruins alone herself. Maybe she would find someone else that needed help. She was sneaky, after all, and could always lend someone a hand!

There was no more mulling over such thoughts. Branwen hopped to her feet again, gripped her scabbard tightly, and put the sea of grass and tents behind her. A resolute firmness filled her cheeks as she took her first steps into the ruins.
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