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Scenario where Nazi Germany wins
Rp community: this is fine

Scenario where Rhodesia exists
Rp community: NOPE

Angola, aided by Tanzania, Mozambique, Cuba, and the People's Republic of China, invade Rhodesia in 1987 and topple its regime, establishing the Republic of Zimbabwe and sending the Rhodesian leadership into exile.

except that in this scenario South Africa and Rhodesia are now apart of NATO. So Nato responds by sending troops into Angola, Cuba, Mozambique and Tanzania, while sanctioning China. World on verge of WW3.
Alt history: Rhodesia wins and defeats Communists with US support.
In Rhodesia Ft. Kennedy has become the center of AFRICOM (United States Command in Africa) housing many special operations and military units routinely used to assist in anti-insurgency Warfare in neighboring countries. Throughout the 1970s and mid 80s the CIA with help from South African and Rhodesian intelligence have managed to successfully lead several coups in neighboring Mozambique, Botswana, and Angola establishing a strong pro western bloc in Southern Africa.
The year is 1985 Rhodesia and South Africa are in the process of integration. Rhodesia and South Africa have both joined Nato, and the spread of communism through Southern Africa has been halted in its tracks. But the COld War still rages on.
In 1965 a former British colony in Southern Africa declared itself independent in the Unilateral Declaration of Independence. This nation was Rhodesia. On its own it fought a bloody Civil War and insurgency against communist guerrillas. For years Rhodesia stood alone, the brave men of the Rhodesian Light Infantry and the Selous Scouts, fighting a bloody war everyday to secure their homeland.

In 1973 following the American withdrawal of Vietnam the United States was desperate for a win on the global stage. Against all odds several senators and the Rhodesian ambassador to the United States were able to convince Congress to send an Expeditionary Force to Rhodesia on behalf of the Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith. The conditions were simple the United States would offer military aid to Rhodesia and in return Rhodesia would fully integrate its society as the Unites States had done previously.

The military plan was seen by many planners to have better potential for victory than Vietnam ever did. Firstly the United States would be operating in a friendly western country, second they would be bordered by several other friendly nations such as South Africa. Finally the USSR and China were further removed from the content than Vietnam. It was thought that Rhodesia would offer the United States a chance to save face and secure vital resources needed to defeat the Soviet Union.

On January 4th 1974 the United States deployed 4000 troops to Rhodesia and lifted all embargos previously placed on Rhodesia. The United States further pressured the United Kingdom to also lift its sanctions. Seeing public opinion beginning to change South Africa no longer helped Rhodesia in secret but now openly joined the conflict. The Rhodesian Bush War was no an international conflict.

By the end of 1974 Ft. Kennedy had been established outside of Bulawayo in Rhodesia and housed 15,000 US Army Personnel and 3000 Marines. Another 3000 South African, and 1200 Australian troops were stationed in Rhodesia as well. Usomg the knowledge and tactics gained in the Vietnam War the United States used its full might to quickly assist the Rhodesians in destroying the communist guerrilla threat by the end of 1978.

As promised following the Rhodesian victory in 1978 Rhodesia, and now South Africa facing international pressure, agreed to end apartheid by 1980 and fully integrate by the year 1990.
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