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- 36 y/o
- Biologically female but honestly, whatever
- Dutch, but fluent in English (most of the time!)
- have been writing RPs for over 20 years. I like to think I know what I'm doing when it comes to setting up stories and keeping them interesting.

- Art
- Gaming
- Writing
- Animals
- Movies

- mostly fandom based, with either canon characters or OCs depending on the fandom. Sometimes I do crossovers and I love AUs. Purely original worlds I'm far more picky with, but it's something I'm willing to consider if there's a really good idea.
- plot heavy and long term.
- mature. I won't sugar coat anything. My stories are very likely to have a good balance of drama, angst, violence, humor and wholesome stuff. I don't skimp on the details. I'm an adult so my stories have adult themes. That doesn't mean I won't respect boundaries. Just talk to me about it.
- I'm very big on shipping, smut I consider a bonus but it's not needed. I'm also okay with deeply emotional platonic stuff. Basically, I want to FEEL THE FEELS. Nothing I enjoy more than the journey of two characters who start out as strangers, slowly becoming more than strangers.
- M/M stories (preferred), might be convinced to do M/F but your idea has got to be pretty damn amazing for me to say yes
- with lots of focus on character growth and interaction. I love me a slow burn.
- PM or discord only. If the RP is written over PM, I'd still like to use discord for OOC stuff, plotting, chatting etc. I'd like to get to know you if we're gonna write epic stories together.

- always makes sure you'll have something to work with in your post. Quality over quantity, though I will not give you short posts. You'll get a couple of paragraphs minimum.
- always discuss big events that will have a large impact on our characters with you beforehand
- always proof-read my posts and fix whatever typos I can find before posting. I'm still human though, and spellcheck doesn't catch everything so please don't go grammar nazi on me (though please, do point out big obvious errors I blindly missed, I make really dumb typos sometimes that have me facepalm when I find out).
- share any and all ideas I'll have for our RP, I love plotting and would love for you to share your ideas as well.
- might do art if I get really invested :D

- RP with one-liners, it's the biggest turn-off.
- be the only one to lead the RP. I'm fine with writing as many side characters/NPCs as is needed to flesh out the world, and to set up plot points, but please do not make me carry the story alone. Have your character instigate things as well instead of just following my character's lead all the time, and share with me your ideas, any ideas. Communicate with me, please.

(will add more at a later date)

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Heya everyone.

I'm gonna cut right to it. I'm in my mid thirties, female with over 20 years of experience writing RP. My goal is to write a few times a week, once a day if I can manage. I usually write a handful of paragraphs per post on average (about half a page in word) but post length can and will vary depending on what I'm writing, whether it includes a lot of dialogue etc. They can get pretty lengthy! You do not need to match it but I do expect a few paragraphs at least. I will always strive to give you enough to work with and would appreciate the same in return.

Communication is a must, please share whatever ideas you may have to move the plot forward, I would love to hear them! Please don't make me carry the story alone.

I'm ghost friendly. If you ever want to quit or need a break you do not need to tell me, though it would be appreciated. I struggle with this too sometimes so I get it.

I have two potential ideas to work with, but whichever one we end up going with, what's important is that I want it to be in a more mature setting - and with that I don't necessarily mean smut, but more in terms of realism. To give one example, potions that insta heal work great as a gameplay mechanic, but not in a written story. Injuries happen and have actual impact. It's also unrealistic to have a team full of a shinies (if you really want a shiny, please stick to just the one) or to have captured a legendary (I'd rather save those for future plot points!). Also, no poke-humans, anthros or fusions.

I have two potential ideas to work from, they're pretty bare bones for now because I'd rather figure out the details with you. My character will be in his mid to late 20s, early 30s at the most.

If you're interested in one of these ideas please shoot me a DM!
The most cringe-worthy OC I've ever encountered was last year on tumblr, when I was active in the TWD RP community there. I ran a Negan blog and at some point got a request from someone wanting to write their OC in a romantic story with Negan.

When I read the profile on this girl I facepalmed so I hard I gave myself a concussion. This OC was like 20 or so, which already was a red flag because Negan is like 50 and she wanted to pair them up. She had a Super Tragic backstory with a ton of abuse and sexual assault from nearly every family member for many years, but She Would Not Be Broken! No, she escaped her family but not before killing them all with a katana she somehow got her hands on because... Japan is cool? I mean, it is but c'mon. She also got her hands on a crossbow because of course she did, and found a badass bike somewhere because again, of course she did - she also shipped this OC with Daryl - and from the character pictures that were posted this girl dressed like she got everything fresh from Hot Topic. Years into a zombie apocalypse. Because that makes total sense. And the suggested plot was that Negan was gonna save her from some walkers because I guess she's suddenly defenseless now despite her fancy katana and crossbow, and then they were gonna fall in loooooove.

Yikes. The kicker? The person behind this OC was also in her 20s instead of a teen like I had expected with a character like that.

As for my own cringe OC - in my defense I was 14 and it was my first ever RP, but here you go. It was based on Medabots which was one of the most popular anime on tv here at the time, alongside shows like Pokemon, Digimon and DBZ. My friends were all big Medabots fans and my character, Melissa, was some kind of... human-medabot hybrid android thing. Like she was kidnapped as a baby and... gasp, experimented on. She grew up not knowing this happened to her but at some point she found out that she was half Medabot and could switch out every part of her body with every Medapart imaginable, which allowed her to fight like a medabot and access all of their abilities and it made her grossly overpowered. She was also crazy aggressive and violent but somehow never got into real trouble because she was so very special. She also had a Metabee, which is the equivalent of giving your pokemon trainer OC a Pikachu because that's what the main character has.

I really did love writing her though, she was my first OC and I still have all the logs of this 20+ year old RP. It's an amusing read in a hilariously bad way. I was talking to one of the people I wrote that story with a few years ago and we drew up to date redesigns of our characters. We briefly discussed writing a 2.0 version of the story, with a proper plot and sensible adjustments to our characters, but it never happened. Good times lol.
Helloooooooo. Like the title says, I am looking to do a few new stories and I have some ideas on offer! In my profile you can find what I do and don't do and what I like and prefer, but in short:

- I write in third person past tense, a few paragraphs per post minimum. I will make sure you'll always have something to work with in your reply and I do not expect you to match my post length (they can get lengthy at times). No one-liners!

- I enjoy a healthy mixture of humor, angst, drama, tragedy and general wholesomeness in my stories. Having said that, I also like the darker side of things, there will be violence, there will be blood, there will be cursing. Nothing crazy excessive but I really enjoy putting our characters through Bad Things they have to overcome (it's good for bonding!) but if you're really squeamish I'm not the right person for you to write with. Just saying.

- I'm very big on shipping and love me a slow burn. Definitely a plot over porn kinda person but when it happens, I'm fine with either fade-to-black or all the juicy details. Let me know what you prefer. My characters are always switches, but some lean more towards a preference for bottoming, others for topping. I have one character who is exclusively top (featured in the bonus idea below).

- I love OOC chat and I also love plotting, so if you have ideas for a story we're writing, I wanna hear all of it! Help me build this story and the world it takes place in, don't make me carry the plot alone.

- I will only write over PM, but I have discord for chatting if you prefer that.

- I only do fandom RP but I love AUs or taking the concept from an existing franchise and turning it into our own thing with lots of headcanon and personal ideas.

I D E A S!

Note: all of my stories OC friendly. I myself will either write an OC or an existing character, depending on the fandom. If a character is labeled in bold lettering it means it's one I'm interested in writing.

The more stars *** you see, the more eager I am to write that particular plot.

Aaaaand up!
Hellooooooo! I'm just gonna get straight to the point, m'kay? Thanks to the lockdown I've had plenty of time to catch up on my shows and hooooooo boy did I fall back into the Walking Dead fandom like whoa. And I have NO ONE to talk to about it, let alone someone to write it with. :')

I have two potential ideas, one set in the TWD universe, the other is more of an AU, but before I get into that I should give you the basic need-to-know stuff.

🔅 I have about two decades of RP experience under my belt, I write third person past tense and my posts can range from anything like two or three short paragraphs to a full blown lengthy novel post. It really depends on what is currently happening in the RP, the amount of dialogue etc etc, you know how it goes. Either way, I'm looking for similar writing capabilities. Please don't give me one-liners, I will ugly cry. Put at least some effort into it and give me enough to work with and I'm happy. More is always nice but quality over quantity.
🔅 I am 33 years old and will only write with someone 18 years or older (or 21, depending on where you are I guess?).
🔅 I am a-okay with smut. I am a-okay with no smut. I am a-okay with fade to black and I am a-okay with all dem juicy details. Just let me know what you prefer, and what you absolutely don't like, and we'll go from there. I always prefer plot over porn, when it makes sense for it to happen, it will happen. That said, this being TWD it has the potential of getting very dark and violent, so be okay with that. I will not tone that down. Also, Negan's potty mouth will absolutely be a thing if I'm the one writing him.
🔅 PM and/or discord. Please be okay with OOC chat, because I love to plot with my writing buddies and talk about the things we both enjoy. I'm very friendly, I swear! I've met some of my best friends through RP, I'm definitely open to that.
🔅 I always try to do one post a day at the very least. I don't always manage depending on how busy my days are and how tired I am, but that's the goal. If I take too long and you haven't heard from me in a while, please do not hesitate to reach out and kick my ass to remind me. Sometimes my brain does that thing where it gets overwhelmed and I kinda shut down and withdraw. It's never on purpose and it's never personal. If I don't like the RP or need a break or stop for different reasons, I will tell you.


So Rick and Negan are my all time favorite characters in the show. I have NOT read the comics btw, and I also haven't had a chance to see season 10 yet so please no spoilers, thank you.
Either way, I love their clashing personalities and their relationship throughout season 7 and 8 with the war; I loved it when Negan had Rick under his boot and I equally loved it when Rick finally snapped and pushed back with everything he had. There's so much potential for fun writing with these two.

I am willing to play either Rick or Negan, I honestly think I could have a lot of fun with either one so I'm not really picky there, other than that I do have a slight preference for Negan. But I will not write them against an OC, just putting that out there. I don't mind canon/OC pairings but it's not what I'm looking for right now. Check the hiders for the plot ideas I have (second one is my favorite).

I'm also 100% open to other ideas you may have, so please don't hesitate to share them! Please PM me if interested and thank you for reading if you made it this far. :D
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