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Current Apparently being able to sleep through the night is too much to ask. Getting real tired of waking up at 2am.
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Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animals
4 yrs ago
sobs went from one type of sick to another i can barely breathe :(
4 yrs ago
Finally home! Will be able to work on replies soon I promise :)
4 yrs ago
I followed that with getting incredibly sick! Fun lol


Hello hello I am Rica.

I'm a 27 year old retail worker who enjoys general nerdy shit, I spend most of my time playing video games and often pausing to roleplay in between. Because I apparently can't do anything without multitasking.

I'm forgetful and easily distracted so I tend to wander away without thinking. Generally sort of a space case.

I mostly roleplay content involving queer people and especially queer women so I'm usually searching for one-on-one roleplays involving FxF pairings.

If you wanna roleplay with me, PM me! We can plan there or if you'd rather email or talking OOC through discord I can provide that for you as well.

Also AIM because I have at least one person I'm still using that for.

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Sarah considered that thoughtfully for a moment, a hand even going to her chin. A palm covering her own mouth as she thought, the solid blue eyes of her mask moving to match the furrow in her brow. "Could your brother be the one they called FM earlier? She asked, her eyes lifting to the speaker once more.

It would make sense.

Of course, she kept in mind this could just be the same person jerking them around.
Sparks tensed slightly because as of late voices coming from speakers haven't exactly had anything good to say. Her eyes narrowed and she peered at the speaker, feeling her clothes getting wet under the sprinklers. "Who are you?" She asked instantly, this one was different. Or maybe the same. Maybe just another side of the same coin. She had seen enough people flip on a dime to know to never take anything first impressions.

There was always more underneath. And, she knew this could very well be a sick game just one person was playing. Either intentionally or unintentionally.
Sarah, or rather Sparks, frowned slightly, "No. Just..empty streets for the most part." She looked behind where she came from. "Fortunately it seems people are staying inside for now."

For now anyway. Who knows once the panic sets in.

Sarah looked over at Officer Barnabe, tipping her head slightly, "Seems the only way for it is to explore where the power is out." She admitted then, she didn't like the idea of going there without back up. But she should, ideally, have enough charge in her to handle any threats on her own.

"Let your Chief know, I'll contact him if something comes up." Sparks said before disappearing into the power lines once more, she could gather a little extra while making her way there.

Just beat this game and it's music is lowkey unsettling, definitely fit the spooky vibes

Get a classic in here :)
My (first) contribution! It's cheating just a little. ;P

Sarah darted her way through the wires and power lines leading through the city, everyone connected to the same grid. She had full access to the city, able to get from one side to the other in minutes. Sure enough, she dropped right in front of the officer smoking outside within a couple minutes. Her travel through the power lines given her more than enough time to swap her street clothes for the outfit for Sparks.

She stood up and smiled easily, just a touch cocky. Always make an entrance. Superheroes are supposed to be larger than life. She heard Sakura's voice ringing in her head. The sarcastic tones ringing true.

Well sarcasm or no, she was right.

"Looks like you guys need a hand." The crackling electricity in her voice disguising it easily, she even let some buzzing electricity linger and jump off her shoulders.

This was ridiculous but it helped make people feel safe. So it was worth it in the end.
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