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Current Huh, has it really been three years since my last post? I guess I’m back at least to lurk around.
5 yrs ago
Dear life, I was told to get one but you are killing me. Can I get a refund on the extra hours at work and the lack of sleep for a bit of freetime. Yours dearly, The Coffeeholic
5 yrs ago
Sleep? You mean there is a such thing called a regular sleep schedule?


After a three year hiatus I’m back!

  • I joined the Guild in the summer of 2011
  • I enjoy gardening, hiking, cooking and listening to podcasts (if you have any podcast suggestions send them my way)
  • I have a huge interest in roleplays where I can really dive into the psychological side of my characters but not a fan of romance based roleplays

If you want to know more about me or want to chat, feel free to PM me. I'm always up to meeting new people.

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This was her moment to shine.

It had been a rocky start since becoming an Asylum two years ago. Between their high failure rate with missions combined with her partner’s lack of interest in finding more work to better their performance it has been hard finding a way to stand out other than the unappealing nickname given to her team that has been circulating within the auditing department she joined two months ago. However, she had a feeling within herself that things were changing for the better. They were able to complete their last two missions flawlessly and waiting for them upon their arrival home was an invitation to Innocence.

She was certain that this was the push her team needed to finally make an impact.

‘Isn’t this great Zane!’

Even though Bella conveyed her thoughts telepathically to her partner, her excitement could easily be seen around her as she gave a slight nod throughout Tabion’s speech. Her thigh length beige cardigan was just short enough that her fingertips could be seen rapidly tapping against her legs as she gave off a slight smile on her face.

‘Zane? Can you hear me?’

Her smile vanished after not hearing a response from her partner. She glanced to her right towards Zane who was wearing a dark grey flannel shirt along with black tinted sunglasses-- glasses that he wasn’t wearing when they first arrived.

‘Seriously? You better not be doing this at a time like this....’

The response Bella received was a single light snore from her partner who through intentional training throughout Innocence has mastered the skill of dozing while giving off the appearance of being alert.

‘Why now? This is so embarrassing.’ With Bella’s pale complexion it was easy to see her cheeks becoming red. As Tabion finished his speech and walked away Bella gave a swift kick to the side of her partner’s leg with her ankle length boot which was made for fashion rather than a pair of AMRO issued boots.

Interlacing his fingers and stretching his arms above his head Zane gave a loud yawn before slowly scanning the area. His gaze stopped at his partner who was now turned towards him and visibly frustrated. “What?” Zane said nonchalantly as he gave another yawn. “It’s not like I missed anything.”

“ sleep… so why sleep?” A feminine voice said from Bella’s glasses. Being deaf, Bella’s main form of verbal communication came from her glasses which has been the bridge for her to the hearing world.

“I said that I would consider behaving but I never promised you anything. Besides, the question shouldn’t be why sleep?” Zane said as he took his sunglasses off and stored it in his pocket. “The question should be why waste my time when there are better things to do. Tabion’s speech was probably the same old motivational speech that has been copied, jumbled around and then pasted with a pinch of creativity if we are lucky so what’s the big fuss about tuning out bits and pieces of it?”

‘Zane, please don’t. Let’s not cause a ruckus.’ Bella shook her head no as she moved their conversation telepathically as she glanced towards the Tabion and a prisoner that just got off the plane. She wasn’t sure who the man was but he seemed vaguely familiar from the paperwork she had processed in the past. Even with her slight curiosity she was certain that she didn’t want to be near him seeing that he was in chains.

“Fine.” Zane said with a shrug before walking towards Geko. “Are you here to give us an encore to the spectacular speech we heard or are we free to go?” Zane said to the lost number with Bella in tow who purposely stayed two paces further away from Geko compared Zane with the hope that the distance would be enough to avoid any antics he might come up with.

“... Sorry for Zane… rude behavior.” Bella communicated apologetically.
After returning from my three year hiatus I feel that my username doesn’t fit me anymore. Could you change my username to Rina?
Yes! You should definitely join. It will be fun getting everyone back together again.
The B Team

Thanks you two!

Life has changed a lot since I was last here. I got a lifelong career rather than just a job and am in love with it, got married and bought a house.Somehow during my adventures, three years went by and I’ve nearly forgotten about this hobby. I was reminded of the Guild yesterday by a friend and now here I am.

Even after a three year hiatus, roleplaying is a hard addiction to completely get off of...

I originally joined the Guild in 2011 and was somewhat active both in the old and new guild. During that time I spent my time in Casual and Advance and with a few 1x1 during that time.

Since my departure I haven’t been in a roleplay so I’m fairly rusty and all the lingo used here is now foreign to me so I’ll be working on relearning everything again.
It will be fun! I've made a slight personality change to Keith and raised AJ's age so the two of them will be paired up for a longer time as well as a few other fun surprised down the road
I'm currently working on my CSes. I don't think I will be able to finish before I need to go but I have tonight and tomorrow off so I'll try and finish them up.

“Did you really think you could run away from up kid?” The man asked, giving Tia a slight shake which caused the girl to let our a scream. “I've been told by Aiden that you are supposed to be a smart one but what you did was a stupid move. Did you think we would really let a gem like you escape when you've only completed part of the weapon? You are a fool to...YOU BITCH!” The man yelled as Tia took the opportunity to squirm far enough away so she could bite the man hard on his hand.

Tia held on for as long as she could before the man took a swing at her and started to punch her face. She could taste the metallic taste of blood in her mouth and also felt blood seeping out of her nose. The girl hoped that biting the man would startle him enough to loosen his grip but instead of that it angered the man and made him grip harder. Before Tia could think of another course of action, a loud bang was heard which made the girl flinch before she fell to the ground.

Not wasting time to look for the source of the noise, Tia reached for her baton and scampered onto her feet. She wasn't sure who the shooter was and if they were aiming for her or the man but at least she wasn't dead. As the man tried to pick himself back up as he screamed in agony, Tia made a dash away from the men and as one charged in her direction with a knife in hand, Tia cranked the voltage of her baton up. It would drain her battery quicker but she need the extra edge. Taking a swing at the man as the man aimed for her, there was an audible crackle as the man was electrocuted and crumbled towards the ground. She could feel a sharp pain and glancing at her right shoulder, she saw blood. She could feel her eyes starting to tear up but Tia knew she couldn't stop.

She could hear shots ringing behind her but Tia didn't know if it was from the shooter or from one of the men sided with Aiden, if not both. She didn't want to find out who the victor would be and what her fate might be if either side found her. Tia just wanted to escape. With her face bloodied and shoulder throbbing, Tia knew she couldn't run for too much longer. She would easily be found out in the open. After running for a few blocks, Tia ran into a building with its storefront window shattered and supplies looted years before she was born. Find a small supply closet, Tia closed the door behind her and hunkered down into a corner. She looked at her baton's power level and saw that it was nearly depleted. She could give someone a shock and startle them but nothing more than that until she recharged her batteries. Wrapping her arms around her knees, the girl buried her face into her knees as she let out a soft sob. This whole day was a mistake. She was finally free but nothing went according to her plans after spending two weeks to prepare for her escape.
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