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Current Huh, has it really been three years since my last post? I guess I’m back at least to lurk around.
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Dear life, I was told to get one but you are killing me. Can I get a refund on the extra hours at work and the lack of sleep for a bit of freetime. Yours dearly, The Coffeeholic
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Sleep? You mean there is a such thing called a regular sleep schedule?


After a three year hiatus I’m back and with a new username.

  • I joined the Guild in the summer of 2011
  • I enjoy gardening, hiking, cooking and listening to podcasts (if you have any podcast suggestions send them my way)
  • I have a huge interest in roleplays where I can really dive into the psychological side of my characters but not a fan of romance based roleplays

If you want to know more about me or want to chat, feel free to PM me. I'm always up to meeting new people.

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“With their willingness to test and prod anything they can get their grasp on, do you honestly think all the testing they do at Innocence is tucked away in the labs?” Zane muttered in response to Elsa before starting to walk towards their destination without waiting for Elsa to respond. He was certain that this investigation would be more time consuming than any students that still might be lingering around for a fight but he was willing to stick it out for Bella’s sake.

Bella nodded in response to Elsa’s question as second of the two dice sized bots altered its course towards Bella’s backpack. Another bot the size of a softball emerged from Bella’s backpack and flew besides Elsa. “ and listen…” a voice similar to Bella’s glasses said from the bot. Bella’s eyes darted back and forth as she navigated through her controls for her bot from yer glasses. Happy with the changes that she made, Bella gave a small smile before refocusing on Elsa. “...emergency override...sign stop...noise muted...” Bella said as she demonstrated the sign for stop by making a chopping motion with her right hand into her left palm. “... sign armed...” Bella continued as she demonstrated the sign for enemy. She wasn’t sure what would happen once they reached their destination but to ensure that the other team was protected she was happy to make the temporary authorization changes.


Bella’s alchemy powered bot whizzed ahead of the group as they headed towards their destination as the duo watched the bot carefully for any sign of its flight being disrupted. Up until this point the bot flew smoothly as it stayed at the exact height from the ground.

Bella could feel herself losing grip the bot before the bot reacted to the Alchemic Energy starting to diminish by bobbing down a few inches before returning to its previous height. Bella stopped walking and halted the bot in mid air. She watched the bot as it wobbled up and down a few inches even when she was putting effort into stabilizing the bot.

“That’s the first time it has wobbled. Bella, I’m guessing you used the least amount of alchemy to move it so it’s probably very sensitive to any shift in Alchemic Energy.” Zane said which Bella confirmed with a nod. “We’re barely brushing against the edge of this anomaly but the source should be close. I’m guessing our target is down the next hallway or two.”

“Don’t try to be a hero if you are pushed to the edge again.” Zane said to the guard as the man sat down. “It’s better to get another person in here than letting things get out of hand.” Seeing Elsa motion for the two to follow Zane followed behind the other duo.

As the trio left Bella quickly signed to the prisoner in response to his comment. She wasn’t sure what brought him to the cell but as long as he was alive there would always be a chance for him to turn towards good. ‘Hopefully tomorrow will be the start to a new path leading towards being a free man.’ The woman gave a slight wave to the guard and prisoner before following her partner out.

Bella watched the text appear in her vision as Elsa shared her observation and plan. “...Together go...” Bella’s glasses said before Zane could respond. She could feel her partner getting ready to decline but Bella knew that it would be important to investigate. If something dangerous was present it would be important to handle the situation quickly or inform the correct personnel of the situation.

“Is it really wise to stick our noses into something we have no part of?” Zane questioned as his shield that he kept up since the fight with the students shrunk down back to the size of a coin and pocketed the weapon. “There’s more than enough people here to keep everything in order. Do you really think we would be the first to notice the anomaly with Tabion and some of the other veterans here?”

“... not matter... we help…” Bella said in response. She could feel that there was something else bothering Zane. Although his physical appearance didn’t give off any sign she could feel a slight wave of worry through their link. ‘What’s wrong?’

‘You know exactly what wrong Little Mouse. Do you really want to push yourself after yesterday?’ Zane questioned as he raised an eyebrow.

‘I’m fine.’ Bella responded with a slight sharpness that could be felt over their link. ‘You promised not to bring it up or let it affect your decisions.’

“Fine. Whatever.” Zane replied with a sigh. “We’ll join you on this field trip.”

Bella gave a small smile in response to Zane’s response before moving one of her bots towards the palm of her hand. She twirled her finger three times at the direction of the bot and with her alchemy had the bot rest a few inches above her hand before turning the bot off “...power off...” Bella said motioning towards the bot. “ alch will fall...”.

“Sheesh.” Zane muttered in disappointment as he turned to the closest student that was limping away from him. “I put all that energy in to get warmed up and you all can’t even hold on long enough to make the effort worth it.” The man sighed and kicked the student in the back which caused the teen to topple forward. Crouching down towards the teen Zane pointed the blade of his shield at the student’s face and spoke in a harsh tone towards the student. “Even if you are in a losing fight, never show your back to your enemies. Rogues love to pick at any signs of weakness and as an Asylum you must not let your resolve waver in combat.”

Zane felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up to see his partner who carried a concerned look on her face. With a sigh the man stood up and the two Asylums headed towards the others.

’Did you have to be that harsh? He was just a kid.

‘He lost that title the day that he was brought here.’ Zane said as his body started to revert back to its original size. ’There will be plenty of people including you to mentor and encourage them towards graduation but my intention is to give them a taste of the harshness they will come across once they leave.’ The two Asylums stopped as they reached the others. Zane continued as Geko chastised the students. ‘Who knows, this route might lower the casualty rate of the first year Asylums wi—‘

Feeling a sudden shift in the room Zane halted his conversation and instinctively reached towards his back and rested his hand on the hilt of his axe as he watched the interaction between Geko and the girl.

’Do you know who she is?’ Bella said, opening the duo’s telepathic link to Cici as she studied the girl with curiosity. Suddenly the peripheral of Bella’s vision pulsed a light brown and the ground began to shake.

Before the pulse completely disappeared another flash of color, this time a few shades darker than the first color, appeared at the bottom of her vision. Instinct kicked in and with a flick of her wrist two bots the size of a dice buzzed out of her backpack and hovered three feet over the women’s head. A live feed from both cameras appeared in her vision as she quickly searched for any danger surrounding her that might have caused the sound that triggered the flash.

“Distant explosion below. No immediate danger.” Zane said, quickly informing his partner of the source of the noise.

Bella gave a slight nod to her partner and her posture relaxed as she listened to Geko’s request. ...shall we?... The voice from Bella’s glasses said to those around her before the duo started to run towards the source of the explosion.


”...Argument...bleeding guard… plane prisoner…” Bella informed those that were running with her. Sending her bots ahead of the duo, the woman was able to get a few extra seconds of information before they approached the scene.

”I understand your frustration however why don’t we take a moment to chill before you shoot his face off.” Zane said approaching the guard. ”Think of all the paperwork and the mess you would have to clean if you escalated things.”
Hey Maglar! Here is the OOC if you were interested in learning more. We've gotten a few rounds in the IC but plenty of time to jump in. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. There's a link to our discord group if you would like to get connected. Most of our conversation occurs there.

This was her moment to shine.

It had been a rocky start since becoming an Asylum two years ago. Between their high failure rate with missions combined with her partner’s lack of interest in finding more work to better their performance it has been hard finding a way to stand out other than the unappealing nickname given to her team that has been circulating within the auditing department she joined two months ago. However, she had a feeling within herself that things were changing for the better. They were able to complete their last two missions flawlessly and waiting for them upon their arrival home was an invitation to Innocence.

She was certain that this was the push her team needed to finally make an impact.

‘Isn’t this great Zane!’

Even though Bella conveyed her thoughts telepathically to her partner, her excitement could easily be seen around her as she gave a slight nod throughout Tabion’s speech. Her thigh length beige cardigan was just short enough that her fingertips could be seen rapidly tapping against her legs as she gave off a slight smile on her face.

‘Zane? Can you hear me?’

Her smile vanished after not hearing a response from her partner. She glanced to her right towards Zane who was wearing a dark grey flannel shirt along with black tinted sunglasses-- glasses that he wasn’t wearing when they first arrived.

‘Seriously? You better not be doing this at a time like this....’

The response Bella received was a single light snore from her partner who through intentional training throughout Innocence has mastered the skill of dozing while giving off the appearance of being alert.

‘Why now? This is so embarrassing.’ With Bella’s pale complexion it was easy to see her cheeks becoming red. As Tabion finished his speech and walked away Bella gave a swift kick to the side of her partner’s leg with her ankle length boot which was made for fashion rather than a pair of AMRO issued boots.

Interlacing his fingers and stretching his arms above his head Zane gave a loud yawn before slowly scanning the area. His gaze stopped at his partner who was now turned towards him and visibly frustrated. “What?” Zane said nonchalantly as he gave another yawn. “It’s not like I missed anything.”

“ sleep… so why sleep?” A feminine voice said from Bella’s glasses. Being deaf, Bella’s main form of verbal communication came from her glasses which has been the bridge for her to the hearing world.

“I said that I would consider behaving but I never promised you anything. Besides, the question shouldn’t be why sleep?” Zane said as he took his sunglasses off and stored it in his pocket. “The question should be why waste my time when there are better things to do. Tabion’s speech was probably the same old motivational speech that has been copied, jumbled around and then pasted with a pinch of creativity if we are lucky so what’s the big fuss about tuning out bits and pieces of it?”

‘Zane, please don’t. Let’s not cause a ruckus.’ Bella shook her head no as she moved their conversation telepathically as she glanced towards the Tabion and a prisoner that just got off the plane. She wasn’t sure who the man was but he seemed vaguely familiar from the paperwork she had processed in the past. Even with her slight curiosity she was certain that she didn’t want to be near him seeing that he was in chains.

“Fine.” Zane said with a shrug before walking towards Geko. “Are you here to give us an encore to the spectacular speech we heard or are we free to go?” Zane said to the lost number with Bella in tow who purposely stayed two paces further away from Geko compared Zane with the hope that the distance would be enough to avoid any antics he might come up with.

“... Sorry for Zane… rude behavior.” Bella communicated apologetically.
After returning from my three year hiatus I feel that my username doesn’t fit me anymore. Could you change my username to Rina?
Yes! You should definitely join. It will be fun getting everyone back together again.
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