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After a three year hiatus I’m back and with a new username.

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If you want to know more about me or want to chat, feel free to PM me. I'm always up to meeting new people.

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“...Sure…I know…” A robotic voice responded as Bella turned and looked at the man. Confusion was written on her face as she tried to piece the information given to her together with the childish stories of myths she read in the library. He had to be up to some sort of trick with his babbling of talking swords.

But what if there was some hint of truth. She has already experienced things that shouldn’t have existed during her short time of getting to know him. Could this man be trusted? Does he have an untapped source of knowledge beyond what is known to most Asylums?

Taking a deep breath Bella continued her conversation through her mind. ‘I’ve read children’s books when I was young but they were nothing more than fairy tales and anything worth reading mentioned that people have gone on expeditions in the past to find these treasures of power but they are similar to the normal world’s view of things like Atlantis, the holy grail or the fountain of youth. Every search has come up empty and the myths haven’t been proven.’

Angel nodded and snapped at Bella's mention of Atlantis and the fountain youth. "Oh Atlantis wasn't a relic, it was more of an alchemically advanced nation that meddled in affairs they shouldn't have." The Reaper casually corrected the little Asylum before moving on to the topic at hand. "Relics are ancient beyond measure, little one. It is of a bygone era that was eradicated so thoroughly that nothing survived, no trace, nothing except for these relics. And that too because they simply cannot be destroyed." There was a trace of defeat in his voice, indirectly suggesting that not even he had found a way. Angel had now taken a seat on a neat pile of rubble, his legs crossed as he explained archaic things to these fresh ones.

"Information and knowledge are two of the most frightening sources of currency. They have toppled empires and erected new ones. Relics are one of them, their knowledge should never be shared." There was a warning in his tone and for a brief moment the world drowned in bloodlust, such was the aura of death that radiated from the Reaper before being suppressed.

"Relics are alchemic technology that retains sentience and an alchemic drive of its own….which means it is a weapon that is alive and capable of producing alchemy, the strength of which borders Chronos. The only limiter on it being that for it's true potential, the relic must be wielded by it's chosen." Heaving a weary sigh the Lost Number leaned back against the remnants of a wall, his veiled gaze drifting across the sky.

"Most relics are very selective in their wielder, but the blades of camelot…..they just want to be used. Vexing things….."

“It seems like you are someone that is dangerously wealthy in this currency of information and knowledge.” Zane stated as he reached down and picked up a piece of rubble about the size of a baseball. The man gave the piece of concrete a light toss up in the air to test the weight before catching it and throwing it at a nearby fragment of a wall before picking up another piece. “Is this knowledge about relics known amongst your peers higher up on the totem pole or is this sword another one of your solo curiosities similar to our last adventure?”

Tossing the piece in his hand, Zane watched as he slowly chipped the wall away. “I’m all in for another adventure but after our last interaction with a powerful being and the growing rumors about you and the Chrono, my partner and the Wrecking Crew are a lot more wary. Why was a sword of this magnitude in your personal prison?”

Angel tilted his head towards Zane, a charming smile on his face as he watched the young Asylum haggle with the devil. Oh he knew he had this one enticed and his partner would soon follow. They were alchemists to their core and a true alchemist is always an explorer, a wanderer.

"The knowledge of certain relics is known by A.M.R.O, that is true. Or to be more specific by the Director and some other Chronos. However they aren't as well versed in tracking them, it takes a certain nuance to hunt for an alien alchemic drive. As for our current sword, she is part of my collection." The Reaper humored the Asylum, his next question amusing him even more so.

"Because Aerondight is noble and wishes to serve, the problem is she cannot discern between those that deserve her and those that don't. Not to mention she lusts for conquest. These traits make her dangerous and she must stay contained. As to questions related to my personal prison, I'm afraid you aren't ready for that….yet. Now go and assist the others, I have almost located the blade so be ready to leave."

Seeing his window of opportunity starting to close for more information Zane quickly tried to interject another question as he tried to ignore Bella pressuring him to stop through their link. “Before that I have one more question about…”

'Enough.' Bella said through their link as she pushed hard against the man’s back to try and get him to start moving. The difference in size and muscular build made moving the man an impossible feat without any support from tech or alchemy as the man stayed completely still and the only progress she made was digging her feet into the ground as she tried to push. But the action was enough to grab the man’s attention.

“Fine.” Zane responded with a sigh before tossing the rubble in his hand. As the man raised his arm, the muscles in his arm, shoulder and back started to grow. The object traveled quicker this time and caused a larger impact. Between the added strength and the aid of the wall being slowly chipped away, the wall tipped over and crumbled. “Show me which way they went and quickly. I have more questions about this sword.”

Bella sighed and shook her head as she quickened her pace to try and stay ahead of her partner’s run. Switching her view to thermal imaging she followed the footsteps in the snowy patches. 'You’re getting sucked into this mystery harder than most.'

“I’m surprised you aren’t Miss. Bookworm. You’re the one that’s always studying and getting sucked into research.” Zane responded. “Although unconventional in their ways, those two feel like a breath of fresh air. If our experience and the rumors are true, something exciting seems to always happen with them. And more importantly, Angel seems to have more information than what is typically accessible to us.”

'Information you are hoping can lead you to your father.' Instead of a typical verbal response that came from her partner Bella felt a wave of sadness coming from her partner before it was quickly stifled. “...I’m sorry…” Bella replied apologetically to break the silence. 'I still don’t fully trust that man and I don’t want you to get hurt. Not again.'

'I’m not a child anymore.' Anger seeped through their bond as Zane moved to communicating through their link. 'Things will be different this time around. I’m not a vulnerable and reckless child like I was at Innocence.'

'I’m hoping that is true.' Bella said as she gave a slight nod. 'I really do want to believe you.'


The traces of leftover melted snow started to grow as the duo started to get closer to the others. Reaching out the other team and twins, Bella sent out a light nudge to try and avoid bothering the others in case they were preparing an attack. 'We’re almost to you. Let us know how you would like us to proceed if you have a plan you would like us to follow.'

Five Minutes before the explosion

“Five hundered is plently.” Zane said as he tried to push the Porter towards a compromise before Rikkie’s new ice cream started to melt too much.

“Five hundred dollars to move this rusty junk box? You’re wasting my time even asking me.” The Porter said as he tried to walk away from Zane but was quickly blocked by the man outstretched arm. “Careful, you’re going to get that all over me.” The Porter said as he tried to brush off the melted ice cream off his shoulder.

“$750 and a years’ worth of ice cream once Cici gets her restaurant up and running.” Zane said as he glanced back towards Rikkie who was still crouched towards the ground drawing.

“No.” The Porter said as he turned around to walk in the other direction. “I don’t have time to mess around so can you please leave me alone.” Before the man could walk off, he felt a hand grab his hand firmly. The Porter tried to push the hand away but was met with resistance and Zane gripped harder. “Ouch, oww, oww. Okay. Okay, I’ll do it.” The man squealed as he tried to push Zane’s hand off. “Let go, let go. You’re going to break my shoulder. I said I’ll do it.”

“Perfect.” Zane said as he released the man. “I’ll be expecting it after this mission. Ante Mortem will be invited to ice cream, and it would be shame if they were disappointed that the ice cream truck isn’t there for our celebration. Right?” Zane said as he gave a single pat on the man’s shoulder and walked back to Rikkie before Bella could send out the signal.

Present time

“It looks like we are in for some fun.” Zane responded to the group as he pulled the coin in his pocket and watched as it quickly transformed into his shield.

Bella nodded as three of her bots emerged from her backpack. Switching the mode of her glasses to thermal imaging Bella scanned around the group. “…Walls thick…can’t see far…” Bella said before pointing towards the north. With the thick metal walls that reinforced the white house it was hard to distinguish any temperature differences that might have been caused by a human. However, there was a subtle difference just below the surface of a possible passageway down. “…Maybe stairs?...”

"That's good enough for me." Zane said with a slight grin. "We might as well knock out every person we see without a drive in case they are the wimp that's hiding."
Bella’s sour face continued as she watched the twins as they entered the room. It didn’t seem right having the students along for the mission. They’ve already been through a lot with the recent incident and putting them through an unnecessary risk seemed careless. Was AMRO hurting enough that they were willing to dispatch child soldiers?

The woman’s sour mood shifted to one of discomfort as she noticed that one of the twins was pointing and staring at her. She glanced up to Zane as she hoped that her extrovert would intervene on her behalf but was met with a shrug that she has seen often enough to know it meant he was going to make her figure it out on her own.

But before the woman could plan how to handle the staring kid, she was met with an intrusive mental message. Startled, Bella slid closer to Zane and grabbed onto the end of her partner’s sleeve by his wrist and frowned at Rikke. After the last incident with Angel invading her mental conversation, she wasn’t keen on starting something early on and tried her best to keep quiet.

Zane gave a small chuckle as he watched the newest duo make their introduction. He was glad to see how lively the children were acting. It was a youthful optimism that has been waning in his life as well as some of the asylums that were elsewhere during the island fiasco. Although it manifested differently for his partner he could see the outcome of the event affected her as well. But maybe AMRO wouldn’t be stuck in turmoil. If the children that witnessed the incident and lived through the brunt of the aftermath could laugh and play games, maybe the future could be mended.

As Zane listened to Angel’s explanation, the man nodded along. He could feel Bella’s unease as she tightened her grip on him. Unlike him, he knew that she didn’t approve of the trajectory of the mission. It was odd that she wasn’t reaching out to him through their link but with Angel present he assumed that it brought on another layer of unease that caused her to stay quiet.

“It will be nice to take things easy and have fun. Let’s have them lead team panda and see what happens.”

A tired sigh escaped from Zane as the man leaned against the wall of the bunker and closed his eyes. The man tried to ignore the soft nervous tapping that came from his partner but in a nearly silent room it was hard to tune out.

‘You do know that your tapping is audible, right?’ Zane asked through his link with Bella as the man crossed his arms.

‘Well, of course it would make a noise.’ Bella responded as she looked towards her partner with a puzzled expression as she forced her fingers to stop moving by pressing her hands against her legs. ‘I’ve measured the decibel range in the past and if I remember correctly tapping my fingers against my legs is well within the acceptable range for a quiet room.’ Bella nervously looked towards the other pair before returning her gaze back to Zane. ‘Am I loud enough to annoy the others?’

If a quiet area has other noises to help drown it out you’re fine but in an annoyingly quiet bunker like this, habits like that…Feeling his Bella’s concern emanate through their link Zane paused and shook his head. ‘Never mind. Just forget I said anything.‘

’But if I’m being a bother I wa-‘

’No, really. It’s fine. It’s everything else that’s a problem. It’s getting really annoying that the missions-‘ Before Zane could finish his thought the duo’s conversation was interrupted by Rena and Angel.

Bella’s face dropped as she saw who arrived. ’Oh no, it’s him again. Did we really get pulled from our mission to be with him?’

Zane chuckled as he looked towards the young girl. “Finally, something more entertaining than these back to back missions. The team name is a bit unconventional but I’ll roll with it.” Zane gave a shrug towards his partner while tapping his head ’You do remember what he can do, right?’

’Don’t remind me’ Bella released a small sigh as she averted her gaze from Angel.

“Why are we going after the president? It’s not everyday that AMRO is wanting to throw the world into a frenzy and with the current struggles we are facing it seems like an odd time to stir up more troubles.”

Yin had heard the strange howling that echoed across the jungle followed by various screams of her peers, but that did little to slow her down. This was probably just another part of the stupid test, she thought. Psychological warfare, trying to get them afraid and shake their resolve. Little did they know, her resolve was steel. On her path to the spire she had encountered two rogues, and both were left bleeding on the ground. It was hilarious how most viewed her as weak just because she had no access to alchemy and more so because she was a girl. "Idiots" she scoffed as she continued to dash towards her destination, she didn't just want to win she wanted to decimate the competition. But some part of her had begun to feel some caution, the closer she came to the spire the closer she came to the source of the howling. "What the fuck is going on here?"

The spire was a sight to behold and not just because of the sheer size of it but also because of the carnage that surrounded it. Countless bodies of her comrades lay eviscerated on the ground and one student had even been impaled on top of the spire. It was something out of a horror story, what could do this to Asylum candidates?

As if to answer Yin's thoughts something roared, sending shockwaves reverberating through the forest and then the silhouette of something blurred across. It's speed beyond belief.

"What the fuck……" Yin thought out loud, her body instinctively taking a battle stance. It was as if her body understood the danger before her mind could process it.

"I smell your fear child…" A foreign almost alien voice echoed in the mind of the Laofeng, her eyes slowly widening as she finally saw what was in front of her.

The creature towered at a height of almost 9 feet while standing on all fours, it had the head of a lion, wings of an eagle and a snake instead of a tail. Though what was far more frightening was the fact Yin could not sense any alchemic drive. This thing was not an alchemist…..

"I'm so fucking dead," Yin thought to herself as she helplessly watched the creature open it's mouth and unleash a torrent of flame, like a dragon.

“Shit.” Zane muttered to himself angrily when the group teleported to the spire and the bodies surrounded them knowing that there was a chance that some could still be alive if he continued his original trajectory to the spire instead of going back. Looking ahead he spotted the Lao standing still and the beast and immediately darted towards her. I trust that you all can figure out how to support. Zane said to the other three as he closed the space between him and the girl.

The scenery that greeted Elsa when the group arrived at the spire tore at her heart. It twisted her guilt and wrath into a tight, icy ball over her core. Any emotion failed to crack to the surface as she glanced at Samad. The Iranian managed to better composure than her, especially in the hooded dark eyes. Inside was another matter since his harsh fury flooded their link.

Zane’s words shattered their remorseful silence when he shot forward. The lion’s maw widened as fire erupted out and sprayed toward the unlucky student.

Elsa raised her bow and shafted a bright blue arrow, one with ice alchemy. She circled behind Samad then released it at the lion’s face side. No matter where it impacted, the substance crackled then spread to engulf the surface it landed on.

Samad’s eyes locked onto the speed of the flames and snapped out his hand, palm facing it. Tingling danced up his arm then shifted to his other one causing him to raise it at Zane. Immediately, a prinkling and the need to move filled Zane’s legs to boost his escape.

As Elsa readied another arrow, she turned to Bella. “Can you use your droids to scan that thing for weak points? The more information we know, the better our survival is.”

Bella struggled to turn her gaze away from the familiar faces that she had mentored. A few were the students that she saw before the start of the trial that she tried to drown with encouragement and positivity that mirrored Cici’s baseline. Those words were meaningless now that their life was extinguished. The woman could feel a few stray tears escape as she gave Elsa a nod. Configuring her bots for speed, stealth and agility, ten small bots that were the size of a bee zoomed out of her bag in near silence and flew above and around the chimera without stopping in any location for long.

“Where did that cocky brat I saw before go? I hope you’re not already waving a white flag.” Zane asked as he grabbed Yin and spun around so that his back faced the fire. Heat and pain spread across his back and down his sides and limbs the man tried to shield the girl from as much of the fire as he could with his body and shield before picking her up and darting back towards the others. His clothes were singed but between his hardened skin and the aid from the others he was otherwise unscathed.

"Like I need your help," Yin scoffed at Zane, her hand silently shaking before the 'Laofeng' managed to control her composure. Coming from the oldest of all Bloodlines, she was privy to information withheld from most Asylums. This abomination in front of her, this was no alchemy, she sensed no alchemic drive and that was terrifying.

When the arrow impacted, the wooden shaft shattered. All the alchemy buzzed then erupted into ice, spreading the frozen trap across the fire-breathing head. While it melted near the mouth, it circled about the back and down the spine to encase the rest.

The majestic creature sneered at the Asylums as it tore into the corpse of a student and devoured his heart. "I see your kind grew tired of watching their children slaughtered!" The creature spoke, though no words came out of its mouth. This thing was capable of telepathic communication. As soon as Elsa launched her ice-imbued arrow, it slowly began to spread and encase the Chimera's back, the creature roared in anger as frostbite spread across it's back, though the creature healed and regenerated faster than the damage could spread. It was a minor nuisance.

"What you see before you is nothing. I will show your kind the horror deserving of an oathbreaker. You thought to contain one such as I?" The Chimera continued to speak telepathically, her fangs dripping blood as the creature observed her prey.

"Blood for blood!" The Chimera howled, it's voice loud enough to rend trees from their roots. The shockwaves colliding into the Asylums, the battle had begun and the monster charged.

For something so massive the Chimera moved with unbelievable speed and grace and in a matter of seconds it had closed the distance between the Asylums. Her maw wide open as the Chimera glared at Zane but before the torrent of flame could escape her mouth Yin's boot connected with the creature's lower jaw disrupting it's attack and allowing the Asylums to regroup.

"What the fuck is that thing!? It can fucking talk!" Yin screamed, frustrated at dealing with an enemy she had no understanding of.

"There is no escape!" The Chimera howled once more, it's horns sparking with kinetic energy. The charge continued to build for a few seconds before it unleashed a massive bolt of lightning in the direction of the fleeing Asylums.

Bella let out a small gasp as she saw the lightning head towards them. The woman quickly diverted a few bots in front of the group and created a chain down into the ground in a quick attempt to make a lightning rod to disperse the lightning. The shock would cause those bots to short circuit but they would still provide some functionality with her alch-spec.

It’s nothing like any beast or creature I’ve seen or read about. The prisoner mentioned something about old forbidden alchemy but I don’t sense anything. Bella said in response to Yin as she included the girl in their telepathic conversation. There was concern in the woman’s voice as she tried to hold off her panic as she looked through the information she gathered. I don’t see any obvious weak points yet but there has to be something. Right Elsa? Maybe the horns or the tail? Or...

“If the horns are what controls the electricity I’m all for shattering it.” Zane said as he patted down his back to ensure the charred shirt didn’t have any lingering flames before sliding off his shield and handing it to Yin. “You’ll be useless without the use of alchemy or a weapon. This will latch onto your forearm. It might be a bit clunkier than you are used to but you should be able to slash and stab this thing with the edge by your fist. We could tag team the horns or if you prefer you could focus on the tail.”

You’re going without your shield? Worry seeped into their link as Bella spoke to her partner directly. This thing is way out of our league compared to anything we have gone against and honestly should be handled by someone with more experience. I don’t like this handicap you have put on yourself.

I would be more hindered if I had to be concerned about protecting her. Zane retorted as he grabbed his axe. She’s tenacious enough to have a fighting chance to stay alive now that she is somewhat equipped.

As the vibrations in the air rippled through the ground, Samad's feet braced and dug into place. His arms lifted to protect his face from the lashing air. It whipped by followed by the earth underneath began to upheave from the force. He absorbed the force into his alchemy though it didn't stop him from being thrown back.

Samad landed on his side when he flew a few meters from his original location. He shook the daze from his mind as he pushed himself back up. Elsa had been far luckier in preventing the damage. She rushed backward putting a few trees in her way to dampen the force directed at her.

He thanked Bella's quick action to redirect the lightning as he picked himself back up and Elsa drew closer. When Bella, Zane, and Yin finished their conversation, Elsa spoke.

Sorry to interrupt the argument, but Zane's right. I'll explain later why. Each of you should take an ice arrow with you. Stab it into the horn base and then attack, the cold might weaken the tissue enough you can break it off easier.

She held out two arrows, one for Yin and the other for Zane.

They hold an alchemy charge that on impact, explodes into ice. Just act quickly when you do or you'll become stuck too. Samad will boost your speed so he needs one of your bots Bella to transfer speed over. I’ll use my smoke and acid to keep its attention, giving you cover.

Samad looked at Bella expectedly while Elsa moved to the right, pulling away from the group to fire an acid arrow at the Chimera. She aimed for the beast’s side to gain the widest target. On impact, the alchemic chemical would sizzle then burn along the flesh. On a normal creature, it would leave a soccer ball sized scar several layers deep in a short time.

Bella gave a nod towards the other two and diverted one of her bots towards Samad and had it dart near the man at full speed. I’ll keep this one moving by you so take as much as you need.

Immediately Samad went to work. His fingers and lips silently moved, his alchemy spread across his figure to suck the bot’s momentum then transfer it into the others.

The Chimera simply observed the Asylums as they formulated their plan, like a cat amused as it's prey when it tries to fight back.

Yin held Elsa's arrow in one hand and Zane's shield in the other. Even though her alchemy had been rendered ineffective she was not going to just let this monstrosity kill her. The overall plan made sense. The objective was to find a weakness, the Laofeng had already noticed the creature's healing factor and she had to assume the other Asylums were privy to it by now. She needed to prod at this creature more and give the Asylums a better understanding.

"I'll go alone first, we need an understanding of it's healing capabilities," Yin replied as she adjusted the shield and experimented with the weight.

"Time to fuck you up, you ugly mother fucker!" Yin growled and charged at the same moment Elsa fired her acid arrow. As soon as the arrow connected with the Chimera's chest the acid began to spread across her body and yet it did no damage.

"Fuck, the damn thing is immune to acid?" Yin thought while bracing herself against the coming attack. She expected another lightning or flame based attack but instead the creature's snake like tail slither in her direction and from it's fanged mouth spewed a torrent of acid. Luckily the shield held and the student hoped the Asylums were taking notes, this creature had shown three properties so far. Fire, Lightening and Acid.

"Got any more surprises you shit eater?" Yin screamed as she pivoted before the snake trap her, her body spinning and using the momentum to slam Zane's shield against the creature's horn and right after stabbing it with Elsa's ice arrow. In that instant two things happened, the ice exploded enveloping the creature's horn and the enraged Chimera slammed it's head into Yin's exposed torso, hurling her a good fifty feet into a tree.

The Laofeng had heard her ribs break, possible spine damage from hitting the tree since she could not feel her legs. It's a good thing the fish tanks could heal this, so all in all her stupidity wouldn't cause permanent damage.

The Chimera seemed to be laughing, one of it's horns had completely shattered along with some portion of its skull. It was a gruesome sight and yet in mere moments the flesh began to restitch and the horn grew right back.

"It has complete regeneration, I don't think we can exhaust it… has to have a weak point." Yin groaned before passing out.


Bella gave a concerned glance towards Elsa as she raised her hand towards the shield and with a deep breath worked the shield off the girl with her alchemy before bringing it back to Zane. Do you have any ideas on what the weak points might be? Bella asked as she released the rest of her bots including the ones that made up her backpack. She didn’t like how the Chimera was watching and laughing at the group. Was the power balance uneven enough that the creature was toying with them? How bad would things get if it started to attack them seriously?

I say we shoot it down with your bots, fists and ice and any other attack and see what sticks Frustration was starting to build in the man as he put the shield back on his arm. He knew that there was value in collaborating and coming up with a plan together but he didn’t enjoy waiting and toying with hypotheticals especially if there was a chance to save any injured students still grasping at life. Keep him busy and I can try for the tail, eyes or anything else we haven’t hit. With his axe in one hand and the ice arrow in the other, the man charged at the creature.

Bella stretched her arm in front of her and moved a third of her bots in front of Zane and led the charge. If the Chimera released electricity she could quickly divert it and as well as create a rudimentary shield if the creature charged forward. With a flick of her wrist she released a handful of projectiles which half was laced with anti-alchemy substance along with five tracking beacons to test out what injuries might stick. She wasn’t sure if the adhesive would stick but if it did it would be a good backup if the Chimera decided to leave or have the ability to teleport. Or worse, if they died and whomever arrived to clean up the mess could see where the creature was headed.

Elsa doubled back to Yin’s downed form. She took a quick knee and checked the woman’s pulse briefly. Still alive, much to the blond’s relief. As Zane charged, Elsa voiced her thoughts.

I’m thinking we might need to edge into dangerous levels of alchemy because of how strong this thing is, but we need a clear weakness to target. I can create sigils as a trap on the ground or in the air. However, it leaves me vulnerable and takes time to complete so Zane and you need to cover us. Elsa knew what she was proposing was dangerous, not to mention forbidden.

She had notched another arrow, a smoke one this time.

Let’s target the other head and figure out which is the easiest to hurt. Providing you some smoke cover for the tail! Her alchemy flowed through the arrow when she released it before Zane came into the creature’s range.

The air around the arrowhead crackled and a line of smoke trailed from it, the point aimed at the snake head. If it impacted, the creature’s vision would find it difficult to note which direction Zane’s or Bella’s attack came from. The element of surprise might be enough to prevent them from becoming hurt if they altered course.

Meanwhile, Samad’s Alchemy rippled out to the pair’s bodies. New energy and adrenaline boosted their speed adding their reflex ability.

The Chimera roared in anticipation as she observed the Asylums try to charge it, such futile endeavour it thought as it's horns once again began to crackle, a charge slowly building and then fired at the closest Asylum, the one named Zane. The lightning sundered all in it's path but before it could strike the charging alchemist some mechanical orb appeared to divert it away.

The Chimera roared once more, the Asylums becoming a greater threat with every passing moment, they were trying to find her weakness. Before the monstrous thing could charge another arrow struck it, the snake head hissing as a cloud of smoke burst around it blurring vision. Amidst the disorientation she was pelted once more by several projectiles by Bella. The Chimera ignored them. Ordinary weaponry could not harm her nor could any form of poison.

The creature spat out a torrent of flames but the Asylums avoided it with a sudden surge of momentum and speed.

Elsa moved away while Zane and Bella distracted the creature. The ice queen’s bow gave her the advantage of distance when it came to attack, her aim adjusted higher to accommodate gravity. She immediately connected to AMRO through her link and requested permission to advance her alchemy level. Time appeared to draw out to impossible lengths while she waited for an answer. Her blue eyes locked on the fight between the creature and her allies, her fear solidified in her core.

"Enough!" The Chimera finally screamed, it's wings flapping causing winds to lash out, rending trees from their roots and hurling them. "I have had enough of this, time to die little mice." The creature spoke telepathically before an almost alien alchemic drive suddenly ignited. Only an alchemist could feel this form of presence, the presence of an alchemic drive being activated and it was frightening. The creature size which was already massive began to grow, it's claws sharpening, it's horns extending, it's teeth growing. In a matter of seconds the creature stood twice as tall, it's snake head tail hovering over it's lion head. Both heads glaring at the Asylums ahead before their mouths opening unnaturally wide and hell unleashed.

The creature bathed the forest in fire and clouds of acid, destroying all in it's path. However to anyone watching it close enough, something glowed inside both its mouth. A strange gem-like organ that glowed in each mouth.

When AMRO unlocked the second level, Elsa’s eyes widened in shock. She had finished etching the last of her sigil in her palm then slammed it down. A curse muttered from her lips as ice cracked and shot across the ground. A thick wall immediately raised up in front of the three asylums only to evaporate from the impact. The rest snaked along the terrain to the chimera’s planted legs, crawling up the fur to fasten it in place.

Meanwhile, Samad had stopped his alchemy long enough to spot the twinkling within both the lion’s and snake’s mouth. As the force whipped about Zane, Bella, Elsa, and himself, he knew their time grew shorter the longer they fought it. At this point, they had nothing to lose.

There, see those two crystallized objects in the mouths? I think we need to hit them. Elsa will keep hindering it with her ice. Zane and I will work on getting its mouths to open. When you see a shot, Bella, you need to fire on it.

Without wasting much time, Samad rushed forward. His katar extended into a crossbow as he took aim and fired.

Got it. Bella said as she readied her bots around the beast.

Zane rushed towards the lion’s head as the ice grew around the base as she started to mutter an incantation. He could feel the skin on his body start to tingle and his left arm start to burn the longer he chanted. The man lept towards the head and jammed the arrow given to him towards the eye and immediately covered it with his shield with a slight upward angle as it detonated. Ice grew around the shield and forearm as most of the impact moved upward from the eye towards the horns. This left him stuck on the chimera unless he released the shield off his arm and broke the ice off of him but this left him in a state that he could continue to focus on offense even through any attack that might be thrown at him.

“…and stitch by stitch form my body into a machine for war.” Zane said as he finished his incantation. The surface on his body grew in thickness with visible thickness as what appeared as scales emerged. Underneath the ice Zane’s arm also changed to withstand the dangers of ice and frostbite.

With everything set in place the man relentlessly swung his axe at any part of the chimera he could reach, starting with the other eye and nose.

“I agree this is quite enough. I’m done with your shit, bitch.”

As she continued to twist around, Elsa's eyes tracked the conflict. Her breath stuck in her chest when she watched both Samad and Zane desperately charge at the chimera. Ice held firm at the beast's legs as it roared, trying to struggle free. Everything rode on this single moment. Adrenaline flowed from Samad's side of the link, confirming this to be their last chance to survive.

Quietly she prayed for their success.

Time slowed down when Zane leaped up to the chimera's face. The lion's head snarled at the Asylum challenging it and her head reared back. Surrounding air swirled into her maw and a faint red glow gathered at the back of her throat. Heat sizzled off her form in waves, the ice's temperature raising to create a faint fog around them.

Before the chimera released a fresh torrent of fire, Zane's blade made a heavy, fleshy thump. The glow flickered out instantly. Her lower jaw, the muzzle cleaved in half, slacked. Blood splattered across the frosted ground, first in a drip then into a pouring stream.

The fissures in the gem branched out from the main crack then spread and crumbled in on themselves. Her tail's head whipped about, its beady eyes fixed on Zane. It lashed out, fangs soaked in venom.

Only the swoosh of Samad's arrow gave warning before it hit its mark. It pinned the snake against the goat's hindquarters, muffling a frustrated hiss. Gem fragments fell from its bleeding maw as its last breath escaped its body.

With the final gem destroyed, the chimera’s body crumbled to the ground. The flora shook then stilled, dying into silence. The only thing left standing was the Asylums and the eerily jungle around them.

Elsa was the first to move. The very act weighed heavily on her already exhausted mind and body, her vision blurred by frostbite nerves. Her temperature had dropped dangerously low, but she pushed herself forward and took it slow. She was sure Samad suffered the similar side effects since he had found a tree and discreetly used it to keep himself upright. Thankfully their training prepared them for the worst possible outcome and hid their weakness in a situation. It did not make it very easy, especially to the trained eye.

Her head couldn't stop staring at where she recalled the beast was when they defeated it. She half suspected it might leap back up to finish them off, her worry causing her to speak in a harsh, breathless croak.

"I think we need to take her," she pointed behind her to the unconscious Yin, "to the evacuation point. From what we do know, I don't think that was the only thing locked up. Also, I don't think Samad and I should use more alchemy without some rest."

"You foolish vapid imbecile!" Angel growled as he wrestled with the Chrono. Both of them grappling each other one moment and then teleporting to another part of the jungle.

"You herald misfortune, you are responsible for this!" Tabion screamed as he continued his onslaught, managing to push the prisoner even overpowering him at times.

"This is your own doing, you thought to control something that is beyond your power and now you in your vanity can't see past the consequences of your actions!" Angel scoffed while continuing to evade the Chrono, in constant retreat. "Even now you are a hindrance!"


"Running is your only hope!" Angel suddenly teleported in front of the group of Asylums, his hair disheveled while the prisoner gasped for breath, sweat dripping down his brow. Clearly keeping up with the Chronos had exhausted this prisoner.

"What is this…" The man slowly whispered, almost speaking to himself as he observed the creature in front of them slowly disintegrating, it's body turning to ash and dissipating in the wind.

"You killed it?" The man replied, his tone surprised and equally mournful. "Very few untrained alchemists have managed this feat…….even though she was just a child." As the prisoner spoke he couldn't help but clench his fist, anger trying to pool it's way to the surface before finally being suppressed. "I suppose it doesn't matter now, there are matters of greater importance." Before Angel could explain matters further, the Chrono Tabion appeared in front of them.

"This little chase is over, you will be apprehended and will answer for your crimes! This is your doing isn't it!" The Chrono screamed, his rigid and calm demeanour had all but vanished. This was a man out for blood.

"I am tired of this and I have wasted enough time on a jester like yourself. Reri." The last word was but a whisper and yet it called down a tempest. Someone crashed down from the sky like a meteor, the debris showing only the silhouette of a child.

"You dare lay a hand on him!" The little figure in front spoke, her tone so apathetic it was almost surreal coming from such a petite little figure. What followed was but a single strike and Tabion was smashed through the forest, his body going through countless trees and disappearing from sight.

"Thank you little one." Angel replied, his hand brushing his partner's hair in an almost paternal manner.

"I have evacuated most of the children spread across this jungle, they are all at the Porter's circle. We don't have much time. It's time to leave." He ushered the group of Asylums to a single spot before teleporting them all back to the main campus.

The moment the Asylums reappeared at the Porter's circle, chaos and madness greeted them. The entire landscape had been ruined, buildings destroyed, the very terrain had been reshaped. Asylums lay dead by the dozen while countless screamed from fatal wounds and yet still many others still fought. And at the center of it all were four people who held their ground against Asylums, Lost Numbers and Chronos.

"We have initiated project Hell-storm, everyone is to evacuate immediately" A telepathic message issued to all as all personnel began to abandon the Island, even Chronos had begun to retreat.

"Project Hell-storm?" Angel repeated as the Porter's began to chant, their teleportation circle igniting and the countdown starting.


Asylums who couldn't retreat were abandoned. Some stayed to help but Lost Numbers and Chronos had already abandoned the battle


The four prisoners seemed to be preparing a strange spell of their own, aimed at the Porter's circle. They didn't plan for anyone to escape.


A Chrono charged the four prisoners, interrupting their kill spell and dying in the process


Someone new teleported in front of the prisoners, a young man from his appearance. Intense heat coming off him, everything melting, the prisoners began to run.


Everything went white.

Bella gave no pause to check in with Elsa or hesitation when the boy surrendered. Bringing her hand out, the woman aimed the palm of her hand towards the rouge. Bits and pieces of the nanotechnology that was untethered to any completed unit flew out from her backpack and towards the rouge. Bella brought her hands together as her use of technology and alchemy intertwined with each other. Nearby pieces fused together and flattened into four sharp circular disks. As she returned her hand to face the rouge the speed grew from the normal unassisted speed of her bots and she propelled it faster with her alchemy. The first disk was targeting the wrist that was holding the boy with the other three following on hitting the rest of the woman’s body

“...Job done…” The mechanical voice of Bella's glasses said as she darted out from where she was hiding and stopped in front of the rouge and reached towards her backpack. She could feel the weight of her backpack being lifted off of her back as it disassembled and reformed into a glaive into her hand. The remaining parts formed into two larger bots that hovered besides her. “...Back off…”


“Hmm,” Zane hummed as he tapped his chin dramatically. “Have I seen the Oasis trial? With all the tests and trials they throw at us, it’s hard to keep track of them all.” Zane said as he gave a shrug. “I think the instructors finally got fed up with me when they gave me an ultimatum during the final run through. I wanted to stick it to the man and fail just to see what they would do but my partner has a way with words so here I am.”

“Did you pass before or after the twelve hour threshold the year you passed?” Zane asked as he looked towards the spire. While on the ground he wasn’t sure where Yin might be headed towards but with the vantage point he had now, he was pretty certain about her destination. The man gave a defeated sigh and pointed towards the landmark. “How long do you think it will take before that brat stirs something up? With something that visible it won’t take long before rouges, or even other students, cross paths with her. My nap will have to wait if she is as psychotic as she was in the cafeteria.”

“Wanna come?” Zane asked as he started to climb down. “It might be good to get closer to where the action might occur.”
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It was hard for Bella to unglue her eyes for what was taking place in front of her to turn to Elsa when the woman tapped her. Bella gave a hesitant nod when she motioned for the two to meet a bit further away from the commotion. She didn’t want to leave the students unmonitored with the uncertainty of how quickly the rouge could escalate things. With a flick of her hand Bella dispatched a small drone and hid it amongst the branches to keep tabs on the situation. She kept the feed running as she followed Elsa.

As they neared their location Bella adjusted the volume level of her glasses. Fine tuning the volume level based on decibels was a newer feature Bella and Cici added to her glasses during the past two months to give her more options outside of the three options of whisper, talking and yelling but correlating the decibel to the desired volume level was still something she was working on mastering. Aiming for a sound between a loud whisper and quietly speaking Bella hoped that 35 decibels would be quiet enough to hear without being drowned out by the sounds around them. “...What do?...Certainly no death…Stop if attempt...” Bella said before wincing when she saw the boy rip the nail off his thumb. “...Stop torture?...Okay to intervene?...”

Bella watched the girl’s reaction as she started to cry and appeared to beg to the rouge. A shiver went down the woman’s spine as she watched the defeated expression on the girl’s face. “...Girl declining game…”


“Stupid thorns” Zane muttered to himself as he picked at a thorn that was embedded in his palm that he missed when he first exited the bushes. Zane leisurely walked in the general direction that Yin was heading. He wasn’t too focused on the girl’s exact plans and gave her more space than the ever diligent mouse might give her but as long as there wasn’t any loud commotion and he periodically checked for alchemic energy in her vicinity he was content. He doubted that the girl would be able to skirt around the bounds of anti alchemy substance but in case she was another outlier like the prisoner he wanted to be certain to sense it.

During one of his sweeps he sensed another Asylum high in the trees. The man gave a slight shrug as he decided that meeting with someone else would break up the monotony of following someone. Using his alchemy to aid him in his climb Zane reached the top quickly. The man gave a small wave when he reached Samad and sat in a nearby branch.

“You got a nice view from here. It’s a great place to keep an eye on the students although the light breeze also makes it a good napping tree.” Zane said as he took in the scenery. “Would you believe me if I said I failed the first time I took the trials napping my time away in a similar tree? What about you? Did you pass on your first try or are you also fellow first attempt failure?”

Bella watched as colors ebbed and flowed from her vision as she continued to walk. Most of the colors were soft with an occasional jagged burst of color when she stepped on a decaying tree branch that snapped under her weight or kicked over a rock. As she reached the clearing a larger burst of orange came into her vision and Bella tensed up as she looked for the source of the intrusive noise. She got her answer when she saw a girl followed by the written captions of her yell appearing.

Multiple sources of running appeared as an indicator on her glasses at the last moment she noticed that one source was coming from behind her and growing stronger. Bella turned around and saw Elsa as she pulled her down. Bella gave a small nod to Elsa’s gesture along with a small smile. She was glad to find a friend amongst the jungle.

Bella turned her attention towards the students as they rushed through the clearing. They nearly made it to the edge when Bella observed a vine dart out towards the students and wrapped itself around one of the boys which caused the student to fall forward before being dragged back.

“Dan!” The other students yelled as they ran back to their ensnared peer.

“Run? Run where?” A woman said as she slowly walked towards the students as the trio frantically tried to undo the vine. “Why run? That’s no fun? Let’s dance or skip or play but don’t run away from me?” As the rouge stretched her arm out a second vine grew out and formed a whip. A large crack was heard when the whip landed which was followed by the girl screaming out in pain as the whip tore into her back.

Bella winced as she watched the student get hit. If the students weren’t there for the exam Bella knew she would have rushed out with no hesitation but with the order given to observe the woman unhappily watched with clenched hands.

“I thought we were friends.” The rouge continued before swinging again as she laughed, this time hitting the tangled boy. “I just wanna play with my friends.” Seeing the second boy charge, the woman lifted up her left hand which caused the first vine to lift Dan up about twenty feet in the air before the vine thrashed twice, causing him to be thrown into the nearby tree trunks before dangling the boy by his leg between the two. Another fit of laughter erupted from the woman as the boy stopped his charge and glared at the woman. “Let’s play Simon Says.” The woman said as she nodded frantically. “Yes! Yes! A marvelous idea but we need to keep this fun. Yes, very fun indeed. But we need more fun. Yes. A lot more fun. Let’s say if one of you lose I will kill Dan Dan.”

“Run! Leave me-.” Dan started to yell before the vine thrashed around again.

“No no no no no no! Simon didn’t say that.” The woman yelled angrily before turning her attention back to the other two. “The first one is a piece of cake. Simon says pull off your left thumb nail off and have your partner eat it.”

’You seem a lot more chipper today. I was wondering how today would be after you refused to leave your room yesterday until Cici got involved.’ Zane said through their link as he looked across the crowd towards Bella who was standing on the outskirts with two other students working on last minute first aid tips before looking at the small crowd students that have been joining him during his sparring sessions after classes. Unlike previous times where he was more harsh on the students during class or the extra sparring sessions, Zane acted more milder towards them and allowed the nervous energy to flow through the group.

’Things are better today’ Bella said as she watched the two students in front of her chat. I think I was stuck on thinking about that one trial we faced with Cici. Things are different this time with us being mentors but the worry of one of us getting seriously injured to the point of almost dying is still there.‘

’I could lie and try to make you feel better by giving you a reassuring promise about being there and making sure neither of us are killed but unfortunately it is a promise I cannot make in this life. I can promise that I will give it my all to keep us safe Bells.’

The duo’s focus turned towards Terra as she gave her final instructions before they were teleported


“You have to be kidding me.” Zane muttered with gritted teeth as he looked at his surroundings. “Of all the places you can teleport me to, of course Terra has me dumped in the midst of thorn bushes.” Working his arm free, Zane reached for his axe and worked on cutting a path free. The man grumbled and cursed as he pulled off the rest of the vines that clung to him. “Is this your way of payback for the cafeteria?” Zane said as he returned his axe onto his back and picked a random direction and started to walk forward. As he walked he focused on picking and any remaining thorns on his hands and arms before stopping when he heard a familiar voice nearby.

“Sheesh, hopefully that brat finishes before the first twelve hours are up or she will be a handful.” Zane grumbled as though whether or not he should follow the girl. Following her would mean extra effort that he didn’t want but he knew she would be one that bulldoze her way through any peer that got in her way which could lead to a fatal blow. Zane let out a sigh as he trailed behind the girl as he made sure to give her extra space compared to if he was following another student. It would have been much easier to let the girl be if he didn’t witness her chaotic nature in the cafeteria.


Bella took a few seconds to look around her surroundings and gather what information she could around her before turning on the thermal imaging on her glasses and took note that there were three other humans near her along with a few other animals before turning it off. There was a faint blue haze on the outer rim of her right lense and she turned in that direction. Her glasses were picking up the sounds of moving water possibly nearby. The glasses registered the sound as quiet but her glasses struggled with detail so it could be a small stream nearby or a larger source of water that was further away. Although where and what the source of water might be, she was certain she should head towards it. Water would be essential for the students who knew they would be here for the long haul or keen on survival. If this was a potential point of convergence for the students and possibly the rouges, it would be a good place to head towards in case something were to occur. Bella took a deep breath to calm her nerves before heading towards the sound.
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