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Current Huh, has it really been three years since my last post? I guess I’m back at least to lurk around.
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Dear life, I was told to get one but you are killing me. Can I get a refund on the extra hours at work and the lack of sleep for a bit of freetime. Yours dearly, The Coffeeholic
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Sleep? You mean there is a such thing called a regular sleep schedule?


After a three year hiatus I’m back and with a new username.

  • I joined the Guild in the summer of 2011
  • I enjoy gardening, hiking, cooking and listening to podcasts (if you have any podcast suggestions send them my way)
  • I have a huge interest in roleplays where I can really dive into the psychological side of my characters but not a fan of romance based roleplays

If you want to know more about me or want to chat, feel free to PM me. I'm always up to meeting new people.

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Bella gave no pause to check in with Elsa or hesitation when the boy surrendered. Bringing her hand out, the woman aimed the palm of her hand towards the rouge. Bits and pieces of the nanotechnology that was untethered to any completed unit flew out from her backpack and towards the rouge. Bella brought her hands together as her use of technology and alchemy intertwined with each other. Nearby pieces fused together and flattened into four sharp circular disks. As she returned her hand to face the rouge the speed grew from the normal unassisted speed of her bots and she propelled it faster with her alchemy. The first disk was targeting the wrist that was holding the boy with the other three following on hitting the rest of the woman’s body

“...Job done…” The mechanical voice of Bella's glasses said as she darted out from where she was hiding and stopped in front of the rouge and reached towards her backpack. She could feel the weight of her backpack being lifted off of her back as it disassembled and reformed into a glaive into her hand. The remaining parts formed into two larger bots that hovered besides her. “...Back off…”


“Hmm,” Zane hummed as he tapped his chin dramatically. “Have I seen the Oasis trial? With all the tests and trials they throw at us, it’s hard to keep track of them all.” Zane said as he gave a shrug. “I think the instructors finally got fed up with me when they gave me an ultimatum during the final run through. I wanted to stick it to the man and fail just to see what they would do but my partner has a way with words so here I am.”

“Did you pass before or after the twelve hour threshold the year you passed?” Zane asked as he looked towards the spire. While on the ground he wasn’t sure where Yin might be headed towards but with the vantage point he had now, he was pretty certain about her destination. The man gave a defeated sigh and pointed towards the landmark. “How long do you think it will take before that brat stirs something up? With something that visible it won’t take long before rouges, or even other students, cross paths with her. My nap will have to wait if she is as psychotic as she was in the cafeteria.”

“Wanna come?” Zane asked as he started to climb down. “It might be good to get closer to where the action might occur.”
Yet again you have caught my attention. My schedule has calmed down and should be more predictable compared to when I first showed interest in Abysstide so I feel more comfortable taking on another roleplay.

The link to your Discord says that it is invalid. Did the invite expire?

It was hard for Bella to unglue her eyes for what was taking place in front of her to turn to Elsa when the woman tapped her. Bella gave a hesitant nod when she motioned for the two to meet a bit further away from the commotion. She didn’t want to leave the students unmonitored with the uncertainty of how quickly the rouge could escalate things. With a flick of her hand Bella dispatched a small drone and hid it amongst the branches to keep tabs on the situation. She kept the feed running as she followed Elsa.

As they neared their location Bella adjusted the volume level of her glasses. Fine tuning the volume level based on decibels was a newer feature Bella and Cici added to her glasses during the past two months to give her more options outside of the three options of whisper, talking and yelling but correlating the decibel to the desired volume level was still something she was working on mastering. Aiming for a sound between a loud whisper and quietly speaking Bella hoped that 35 decibels would be quiet enough to hear without being drowned out by the sounds around them. “...What do?...Certainly no death…Stop if attempt...” Bella said before wincing when she saw the boy rip the nail off his thumb. “...Stop torture?...Okay to intervene?...”

Bella watched the girl’s reaction as she started to cry and appeared to beg to the rouge. A shiver went down the woman’s spine as she watched the defeated expression on the girl’s face. “...Girl declining game…”


“Stupid thorns” Zane muttered to himself as he picked at a thorn that was embedded in his palm that he missed when he first exited the bushes. Zane leisurely walked in the general direction that Yin was heading. He wasn’t too focused on the girl’s exact plans and gave her more space than the ever diligent mouse might give her but as long as there wasn’t any loud commotion and he periodically checked for alchemic energy in her vicinity he was content. He doubted that the girl would be able to skirt around the bounds of anti alchemy substance but in case she was another outlier like the prisoner he wanted to be certain to sense it.

During one of his sweeps he sensed another Asylum high in the trees. The man gave a slight shrug as he decided that meeting with someone else would break up the monotony of following someone. Using his alchemy to aid him in his climb Zane reached the top quickly. The man gave a small wave when he reached Samad and sat in a nearby branch.

“You got a nice view from here. It’s a great place to keep an eye on the students although the light breeze also makes it a good napping tree.” Zane said as he took in the scenery. “Would you believe me if I said I failed the first time I took the trials napping my time away in a similar tree? What about you? Did you pass on your first try or are you also fellow first attempt failure?”

Bella watched as colors ebbed and flowed from her vision as she continued to walk. Most of the colors were soft with an occasional jagged burst of color when she stepped on a decaying tree branch that snapped under her weight or kicked over a rock. As she reached the clearing a larger burst of orange came into her vision and Bella tensed up as she looked for the source of the intrusive noise. She got her answer when she saw a girl followed by the written captions of her yell appearing.

Multiple sources of running appeared as an indicator on her glasses at the last moment she noticed that one source was coming from behind her and growing stronger. Bella turned around and saw Elsa as she pulled her down. Bella gave a small nod to Elsa’s gesture along with a small smile. She was glad to find a friend amongst the jungle.

Bella turned her attention towards the students as they rushed through the clearing. They nearly made it to the edge when Bella observed a vine dart out towards the students and wrapped itself around one of the boys which caused the student to fall forward before being dragged back.

“Dan!” The other students yelled as they ran back to their ensnared peer.

“Run? Run where?” A woman said as she slowly walked towards the students as the trio frantically tried to undo the vine. “Why run? That’s no fun? Let’s dance or skip or play but don’t run away from me?” As the rouge stretched her arm out a second vine grew out and formed a whip. A large crack was heard when the whip landed which was followed by the girl screaming out in pain as the whip tore into her back.

Bella winced as she watched the student get hit. If the students weren’t there for the exam Bella knew she would have rushed out with no hesitation but with the order given to observe the woman unhappily watched with clenched hands.

“I thought we were friends.” The rouge continued before swinging again as she laughed, this time hitting the tangled boy. “I just wanna play with my friends.” Seeing the second boy charge, the woman lifted up her left hand which caused the first vine to lift Dan up about twenty feet in the air before the vine thrashed twice, causing him to be thrown into the nearby tree trunks before dangling the boy by his leg between the two. Another fit of laughter erupted from the woman as the boy stopped his charge and glared at the woman. “Let’s play Simon Says.” The woman said as she nodded frantically. “Yes! Yes! A marvelous idea but we need to keep this fun. Yes, very fun indeed. But we need more fun. Yes. A lot more fun. Let’s say if one of you lose I will kill Dan Dan.”

“Run! Leave me-.” Dan started to yell before the vine thrashed around again.

“No no no no no no! Simon didn’t say that.” The woman yelled angrily before turning her attention back to the other two. “The first one is a piece of cake. Simon says pull off your left thumb nail off and have your partner eat it.”

’You seem a lot more chipper today. I was wondering how today would be after you refused to leave your room yesterday until Cici got involved.’ Zane said through their link as he looked across the crowd towards Bella who was standing on the outskirts with two other students working on last minute first aid tips before looking at the small crowd students that have been joining him during his sparring sessions after classes. Unlike previous times where he was more harsh on the students during class or the extra sparring sessions, Zane acted more milder towards them and allowed the nervous energy to flow through the group.

’Things are better today’ Bella said as she watched the two students in front of her chat. I think I was stuck on thinking about that one trial we faced with Cici. Things are different this time with us being mentors but the worry of one of us getting seriously injured to the point of almost dying is still there.‘

’I could lie and try to make you feel better by giving you a reassuring promise about being there and making sure neither of us are killed but unfortunately it is a promise I cannot make in this life. I can promise that I will give it my all to keep us safe Bells.’

The duo’s focus turned towards Terra as she gave her final instructions before they were teleported


“You have to be kidding me.” Zane muttered with gritted teeth as he looked at his surroundings. “Of all the places you can teleport me to, of course Terra has me dumped in the midst of thorn bushes.” Working his arm free, Zane reached for his axe and worked on cutting a path free. The man grumbled and cursed as he pulled off the rest of the vines that clung to him. “Is this your way of payback for the cafeteria?” Zane said as he returned his axe onto his back and picked a random direction and started to walk forward. As he walked he focused on picking and any remaining thorns on his hands and arms before stopping when he heard a familiar voice nearby.

“Sheesh, hopefully that brat finishes before the first twelve hours are up or she will be a handful.” Zane grumbled as though whether or not he should follow the girl. Following her would mean extra effort that he didn’t want but he knew she would be one that bulldoze her way through any peer that got in her way which could lead to a fatal blow. Zane let out a sigh as he trailed behind the girl as he made sure to give her extra space compared to if he was following another student. It would have been much easier to let the girl be if he didn’t witness her chaotic nature in the cafeteria.


Bella took a few seconds to look around her surroundings and gather what information she could around her before turning on the thermal imaging on her glasses and took note that there were three other humans near her along with a few other animals before turning it off. There was a faint blue haze on the outer rim of her right lense and she turned in that direction. Her glasses were picking up the sounds of moving water possibly nearby. The glasses registered the sound as quiet but her glasses struggled with detail so it could be a small stream nearby or a larger source of water that was further away. Although where and what the source of water might be, she was certain she should head towards it. Water would be essential for the students who knew they would be here for the long haul or keen on survival. If this was a potential point of convergence for the students and possibly the rouges, it would be a good place to head towards in case something were to occur. Bella took a deep breath to calm her nerves before heading towards the sound.

Collab with @Xodus

A day after the cafeteria incident:

...’How leg?’… Bella questioned, her distorted voice coming from a mangled bot sprawled out on her desk. Sitting on the ground the woman looked up from her makeshift work area at Zane as he walked in and headed towards his partner's bed. “ off…”

“I can walk so that’s an improvement.” Zane said as he slipped his shoes off and laid back on his partner’s bed. “Apparently I ripped my calf completely in half when I didn’t give enough focus on reinforcing the growth.” The man pulled out his sunglasses and placed them over his eyes before continuing.

“...That’s good…” Bella said as she refocused on her bot.

“Is there a reason you sound like crap?” Zane asked as he lazily waved in the direction of the bot.

“...Still off?...calibrate good though…” Bella said as she transferred her voice back to her glasses.

“The pitch might be in tune but you sound like some sort of robot from a horror movie. Maybe Miss. Tutu can help you out later.” Zane said as he gave a yawn.

“...Speak of visit… who visit?...” Bella asked as she switched her tools.

“Before I came up here? I heard rumors that the prisoner never left the cell so I had to see for myself. He seemed to enjoy the cookies I dropped off” The two sat in silence as Bella worked and Zane thought over the recent incidents. “I’m going to see him again. “

“...What?” Bella asked as she put her bot down. Even with them talking through their link it was evident that she wasn’t happy with his response.

“He’s crazy strong and is treated too differently by the others to be a nobody.” Zane said as he fluffed his pillow. “He knows more than he shared with us and I want to find what it is.”

“... Kanon’s enemy?...”

“I’m guessing not. I’m guessing he came here apart from the dead zone and later found it rather than coming here for it but I’ll probably ask him which came first in a future visit to confirm. If the man wanted to do something with the dead zone what is stopping him? He’s powerful enough that could waltz right up and take what he wanted if he was hired by someone and not waste his time by telling us or pestering the guards.”

“ to Kanon?” Bella asked as she resumed her work.

“I’ll probably head over there after classes. Want to join me?” Zane asked as he gave a final stretch.

Sure. Sleep well. Bella said through their link before letting her partner rest.


Three days after the cafeteria incident:

’Do you really need to go back to the cell today?’ Bella asked as the duo exited the cafeteria and walked down the hall with each carrying their lunches in a takeout container. ’Why don’t we go eat outside and enjoy the sun.’

’I made a promise.’ Zane said as he gave a slight wave to a group of students greeting them.

’Yes, I know. But are you sure that is a good idea?’ Bella said as her concern trickled through their link.

’How come?’ Zane asked as he nodded towards an alcove. The two took a seat on the bench as he waited for Bella to formulate an answer. He knew that this has been something that has been lingering on her mind but opted to wait until his partner was ready to talk.

Bella stared out of the window in front of her as she shared. ’I'm trying to see the good in the prisoner but it’s hard to do so after everything that happened because of his doing. The cafeteria, the students and...’

And because of Elsa? Zane asked and after seeing a slight nod reached his arm out and gave Bella a quick side hug. ’I’m sorry that I made that promise without making sure we are both in agreement. At the end of the day your safety and well-being is what is most important to me. I was able to keep you safe because of the prisoner’s involvement but in return I’ve also hindered your well-being. I’ve only promised the prisoner a week so I’ll do my best to be careful around him and avoid a similar incident. After the week I doubt we will see him after that.’

“...Stay safe…” Bella said using the voice command on her glasses.


“I hope that you weren’t waiting for me too long.” Zane said as he gave the guard and the prisoner a wave before he took a seat on the bench. “There might be a little mouse following me here but we will leave them be, right?” Zane said as he gave a nod towards Angel. If today was like the day before, it wouldn’t be long before Bella came down to the basement and lingered just out earshot at the bottom of the stairs in case an incident happened.

Opening up his lunch, Zane handed the guard the boxed dessert that came with his food. “As per the policy, check for any poisons, machetes, nuclear launch codes that I might try and smuggle to the prisoner.” Zane said as he took a bite of his food and in between chews continued. “If you can, try not to drop it this time.”

The guard scoffed at Zane, his attitude always seemed to worsen when the sass joined the condescending. He just shook his head, checked the lunch and passed it back to the Asylum before ushering him in the prisoner's cell. "I half hoped it was a nuke, be rid of you both and half this Island." He replied before shutting the metal, rune inscribed cage.

"Ah if it isn't the little fox" the prisoner jeered while tilting his head to meet Zane as the Asylum came in. "This saves me the trouble of leaving this place to get some decent food, though with all the chaos you all created at the cafeteria, more woe to me." The tall man mused, his metal coffin standing near a while beside him. "Where is the little mouse?"

“I promised a week so enjoy it while it lasts.” Zane said as he handed over the box. While doing so he reached out through his link towards his partner before responding to the prisoner’s question by pointing upwards with his fork. “Currently working through some mental gymnastics to determine if she should head downstairs. She won't be keen about coming out of her hole after our last incident.” Taking a bite of his food Zane continued the second part of his comment internally. ’But I’m guessing with your skills you already knew that’

“However I’m not here about the foxes, the mice, goats or the cows. I came to chat with you about the chickens.” Zane said as he tapped his chin as if he was thinking. “What really came first? The chicken or the egg? Your transgressions that brought you here or your fascination with the dead zone?”

Angel slowly ate his dessert as Zane chirped, the man was straightforward and that was quite refreshing especially seeing as how almost everyone was cautious to borderline paranoia.

"Neither, both were a product of evolution. So their precursor came first." The prisoner replied before setting his fork down and crossing his legs. Even sitting in a prison cell Angel managed to appear regal in his demeanor.

"It wasn't a transgression, it was a misunderstanding and political agenda I suppose." The prisoner continued while staring at Zane through his silver tinted spectacles. "And I am fascinated with the deadzone because I am not an utter imbecile. A deadzone is a theory, it is an impossibility. Alchemy is a foreign source of power, alien. It can never be completely negated." A smile slowly spread across the prisoner's face as he discussed alchemic knowledge with a child.

"The only time alchemic energy truly manifests itself is through an alchemist's drive. Now here is a question for you. We are both standing next to each other and we both activate our alchemic drives. I am far superior to you and so naturally I draw more. Will this affect you while you are in my vicinity?"

Before Zane could answer for just a few seconds Angel activated his alchemic drive and completely engulfed the cell. His power resonated with such viciousness that it disrupted the flow of alchemic energy all around him.

Feeling the foreign alchemic drive being activated, Zane reciprocated by activating his own but with far less success. Zane chuckled as he started to piece together what was shared. “You’ve made this imbecile very curious. Do you have a theory on what might be hidden there? Have you gone on a field trip to test if you can overpower it? Your concern has me curious on how strong whom or what might be there.” With his interest more focused on his food, the man closed up his lunch and sat it down besides him.

As Zane placed his food down, the man paused for a moment to think over what he wanted to share before giving a slight shrug. From what he has seen from the prisoner, Zane assumed that he would already know the details of what he would share and if not it would be something he would figure out anyways. “If you do visit I’d be cautious about startling the guard in charge. After last night’s chat he shouldn’t be after your head but if his paranoia is big enough to threaten shooting me again, it wouldn’t be hard for you to set him off.”

Angel nodded towards Zane, accepting the useful bit of information. "I have not ventured to that area, I try to avoid grunt work. But I do want you to understand something. I used a burst of my alchemic drive and that disrupted your capability to use alchemy for a few seconds. That takes exceptional skill. The deadzone is constant negation of any form of alchemy. Whatever is in there…." For a few seconds the prisoner was quiet, almost contemplative.

"Whatever is in there is drawing so much alchemic energy that it has rendered an entire field…..barren. A.M.R.O has something contained whose potential is beyond Chrono."

“The world would be in a precarious situation if anything were ever to happen.” Zane said solemnly before turning his head to the side as the sound of footsteps approached the cell.

“Your five minutes are up.” The guard said as he opened the cage.

Zane gave a dramatic sigh as he grabbed his lunch and walked out of the cell. As the guard locked the door Zane asked the prisoner one last question. “What is your name? I haven’t heard you be called anything other than Rouge and Prisoner since we’ve met but If I have another four days of visits I might as well call you by your name.”

“I go by many names.” The prisoner said before laying down on his bed and facing his back Zane.

“Very well then.” Zane said giving a shrug. “I’ll see you two tomorrow.” Zane said as he gave the guard a small wave as he walked out. As he walked up the stairs he met Bella who was waiting for him.

“...You okay?...” Bella asked with a worried expression written on her face. “...felt drive…”

“I’m good. Things are good.” Zane said as he rested a hand on Bella’s shoulder. “He was just giving a little demonstration but it’s fine. I’ve learned some important things though. Let’s go find the others.”
I'm currently making my way through a couple of books right now!

Stephen King - On Writing
Claire Saffitz - Dessert Person (yeah yeah it's a cookbook but there's a lot of technical information in there that is very interesting :) )

What are you reading?

Anther cookbook reader? I've been eyeing Dessert Person but since they were out of stock in my area I had Ken Forkish's Flour Water Salt Yeast on my Christmas list. It's been a fun read so far and I'm planning on baking my first attempt later this week.
I was able to break out of my three year hiatus after some prodding from a few friends on the guild. It has been fun rebooting the roleplay these past six months but it has taken forever to work out all the rust. I feel like I’m finally starting to get a hang of things again.

I’m still feeling a bit clunky and writing doesn’t flow as easily as it did in the past so I hope that I can fully get back into the same state I was in, if not better, during 2021. This summer will be 10 years since I’ve joined the guild so although I haven’t been here the full ten years, I’m glad that I will be around for that milestone.
This year has been challenging for many but with the year wrapping up I am curious what your 2020 highlight has been. Whether it is personal, professional or something roleplaying related I’m curious what sort of growth or a good thing that has happened to you this year.

For me it would be the growth I’ve had with my husband during the stay at home mandate. I’ve heard that this extended time has sped up relationships either in a positive or negative way and I’ve definitely have seen a huge positive growth. We’ve explored new hobbies to do together, learned our quirks at work with both of us transitioning to working at home this year and with the commute and any evening obligations being cut out of our week we’ve been able to slow down our fast paced life and focus more on each other.
Thank you for all the candy canes I’ve received. I hope that you all have a great holiday season.
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