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"Hey there," The gentle voice reached Angel's ear but she didn't budge. "It's okay. I won't hurt you. I saw you fall. Are you okay, Miss?" There were some footsteps and then it stopped. Sure, he seemed sweet as pie but she had learned the hard way to be wary of friendly men. She clutched the gun, ready to either shoot and launch a roundhouse kick.

The boy continued to speak, "If you want to come out, you can. If you feel safer behind the wall, then that's okay too. You can let me know what you would like, but if you are injured, I do have a first aid kit. This gravel isn't kind to those who fall on it." She glanced down at her scraped knees through the rips in her jeans. It wasn't bad enough for her to care yet. Angel took a moment to juggle her options. He was alone and she could possibly kick his ass if need be. Just in case, she'd keep a distance. She would not hide like a coward.

Angel moved out from behind the wall, walking forward a bit to look him up and down whilst keeping a grip on her gun. Tall, dark and handsome seemed to manifest in this guy. He had dark, curly hair and blue eyes that complemented his hair color quite nicely. He clearly had a good amount of muscle on his body so she knew she had to be careful. Her gaze traveled across his tattoos for a moment, trying to distract herself from her racing heart.

Why am I nervous? Am I really afraid?

She normally felt pretty certain of her ability to defend herself. Why would she be scared? She had felt a similar nervousness when she had seen Jet's face. The realization finally dawned on her after connecting the dots. It seemed all these years alone and lack of parenting had made her forget simple things like this. Angel decided to go with a simple introduction and see how things moved from there. She was sure he could probably see that she wasn't in dire straits.

"My name is Angel."

I have a weakness for pretty boys. They will be the death of me.


Torture was something Roman had witnessed often now. It did not bring the same shock anymore. Seeing someone's nail ripped off would have disgusted him a few years ago but now it felt like seeing someone do something as mundane as planting flowers. The Rue girl spoke of a pretty terrible past where her parents died and she nearly starved to death herself. He felt maybe a tinge of sympathy in his heart but he brushed it off. This was the normal backstory to anyone they spoke to. Nothing for him to care about.

She ended up pausing too long before answering and Alaia yanked her pinky off. This time, he flinched, imagining the pain would be excruciating. Her yell surely suggested so.

Roman found himself sighing in relief when she finally started detailing how she had found a hole in their barrier and began using it for stealing. He'd have to notify someone to close that up. She explained how she would go in the dawn or night to steal supplies. He figured it would have been at those times. How this young girl managed to pull this off for so long was definitely strange. She was definitely skilled. He was sure Alaia also saw that and was bringing her to get trained to be a spy or fighter. He watched Alaia take her out and rubbed his neck. For some reason, he was kind of glad she didn't have to be hurt too bad. He glanced down and brought his hands upward. They were shaking. Furrowing his brows, he stormed out, angry at his own reaction.
Gus wiggled his flabs when Blob came over. A man fatter than him was really existing! The guy started speaking Yiddish or something whilst shaking his mayo. Gus applauded. He loved mayo and foreign languages. What a gentleman! Maybe this guy also wanted to protest drugs. "Yes! Good!" He cheered as the man started putting mayo on the rubber tire and biting into it. Clearly, this man had some mental problems or was raised by some strange animals. That was okay though. As long as he hated drug selling ice cream truck men.

Gus decided to show his support by commencing a wild licking of the mayo with his new fat pal. That's when some skinny boy came through cursing like a sailor. Gus whirled around theatrically, swinging his arms. "I'll serve you on a flip flop you drug-dealing meth head!"
However, when he shot the ice cream man, Gus hollered with fear. "OOOOOOOIIIIII!" He threw himself into the truck and began doing rambunctious CPR on the obviously dead man.
Gus was perched on the branch of a tree by Baldhouse Park. He was about five feet off the ground, the branch swaying back and forth with each movement of his heavy feet. He snarled at the sight of the passing ice cream truck. It was so dirty and was probably filled to the brim with drugs. Gus hated this ridiculous drug town! This town had been so clean and wholesome back in the day when he was a kid. Now people were drug-dealing on smelly, probably poo-stained ice cream trucks. There were barely any kids to even buy ice cream.

Enough was enough. Gus threw himself into a cannonball into the grass, groaning audibly. He rolled on to his feet after taking a moment or two to recover, faceplanted in the grass. Once on his feet, he started hammering himself toward the ice cream truck, which had halted. His arms were out on his sides as if he was going to give someone a vicious hug and his legs very spread apart as he moved. His teeth were bared as he came to the truck window. Spit spilled down his chin as he grabbed the ledge. "I bet you don't have flaming ice cream. "

"What?"The ice cream truck driver was flabbergasted at this. "What is flaming ice cream?"

"I want some funkalicious ice cream! Holy moly stromboli! I knew you didn't sell ice cream !" Gus was yelling and furious now. "I feel all love, peace, and taco grease for you, man but you gotta give me that funkalicious ice cream or I'm about to take you to flavortown!"


Baldhorse City Hall- This is where Mayor Gilbert and the small amount of government is chilling. Many people have taken jobs elsewhere, completely giving up on the city.
The Big Alley- This is a very big alley between the Baldhorse Supermarket and a KFC. People do drugs here a lot. Homeless people sleep here and in many other alleys. There are many alleys but this is a crowd-favorite.
Baldhorse Supermarket- They only sell canned food, ramen noodles, pasta boxes, and knives. To get better quality food, you gotta go to Joe's.
Joe's- Joe's supermarket is WAY better. It has a fantastic selection however the prices are up there because it is in so much demand when the town supermarket is a shithole. It has militant guards. It is impossible to steal food because it is booby-trapped. There are many cameras.
The Field- This is where the gang fights happen. It is near the elementary school. Sometimes people do yoga here in the day.
Billy's Bar- This is the most HOPPING bar where people go to drink and try their luck at getting laid. Billy Bobbington owns it.
Club Chunk- This is the night club where bitches be dancing and it's called club chunk since everyone is so drunk they blow chunks.
The Baldhouse- This is a brothel. Good discounts are on Groupon. 5/5 on yelp.
Blangs- This is a jewelry store.
Greg's Gun Shop- Greg be sellin' them guns
Sam's Smoke Shop- Cigarettes are for sale and miscellaneous things to smoke.
Radical Riley's- This is a drug den many are aware of. It's in a random house.
Charlie's Crackshack- This is a crack shack that's in the slummiest area.
Baldhouse Park- This is a park in the middle of town. It is a very big wooded area with rusty, dangerous playground equipment and shady ice cream trucks. There are various food trucks.

Restaurants available: KFC, Wendy's and Mcdonalds. There are no Starbucks but there is a cafe called marhucks.
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Welcome to the city of Baldhorse. It is a vivacious city filled with wonders and extravaganzas. Events are plentiful on the weekends and clubs are bustling. However, the problem is that people live in unorthodox living spaces. Baldhorse is essentially a slum. Gangs thrive here and crime is rampant. The once vibrant and safe city Baldhorse has crumbled under government corruption and economic collapse. The silly mayor still tries really hard to run events and make the place fun but it is a shithole and many wild folk have migrated into the shitty city, looking to enjoy the lack of enforcement against laws and to enjoy chaos!


- Put effort into posts. It must be at least 5 sentences and make some sort of sense logically.
- Good grammar and spelling are appreciated unless you are using slang.
- Do not burst into erotic sexting because it is against the rules of this site. You can get inappropriate but if it becomes a full-out sex-scene, take it somewhere else.
- No racism or hate speech.
- Please join if you are going to commit only. If you are going to not post for weeks, then don't join. Stay active, please.
- If you are not going to be around for an extended amount of time, please tell us and we'll work it out.

Current Gangs
- Gucci Gang
They are an elite drug-dealing gang that controls a big portion of town. They have a secret underground headquarters.
- The Zooks
They're not a very big gang. No one cares about them
- Yeqe Wi Yucubo
This is a gang of people who are so gone on crack and other drugs that they only speak in a strange gibberish language that seems to almost sound like a real one, but is clearly just jumbled gibberish.
- Gooby Gang
This is a heroic gang trying to undermine the corruption of the city.
-Stackn' Rulerz- Radical Riley's gang of drug shenanigans


The sound of muffled talking made Angel glance toward the window. It was not in the immediate range but it was definitely close. She curiously hopped off the counter, taking her gun out. She made her way out of the house and toward the sound. She leaned herself up against a wall, pulling her hair into a tight ponytail.

There was a boy pointing a gun at some people who seemed to have stolen something important to him. That's what Angel was getting from the conversation, that is. For some reason, the whole situation tug at her heart strings. People really were shit.

She watched the two run away with a smirk and moved forward a bit, aware of her heart thudding in her ear as she watched the dark-haired boy move back into a building. Did he live there? She leaned forward, moving her head over the corner of the wall, and suddenly fell flat on her face. Angel groaned and scrambled to her feet with wide eyes. She retreated back to the wall and clutched her gun, moving away. He had definitely seen her. She was such a spazz.


Roman found himself looming in the dark of the room. He hadn't even told Alaia he'd be here and she had yet to notice him. Apparently, her name was Rue and she had been stealing for three months on her own. The girl's health did not seem to be in tip-top shape but it was clear she was definitely profiting off them well. For some reason, he wanted to talk to her. There was something about her that drew him in and made him not think clearly that he could not quite put his finger on. He'd never admit that though. He had created his reputation and knew he needed to uphold it. Roman folded his arms, watching the situation with a neutral demeanor in case they had noticed him.

Hello! I apologize but I must drop out. Have fun !
Circumstances irl changed and I'm going to be very busy the next few weeks and I've kinda found myself losing interest and muse for this for the moment. I wouldn't want to be a weight.
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