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I'll rp with you but only through pm and I don't write much
could I join please I just started the manga
same but I think this is dead so bye
It but only after the universe is destroyed

I wish I had a yacht called #YachtyMcYachtFace
granted but now you are just cruel

I wish I was a gold fish
I would like squid stars to de an rp about splatoon, if you don't know about splatoon please research it and the weapons from it. I bon't mind how much you post but I am making this in the free section. Post the cs here

Weapon: (these must be

sorry I will finsh this post tomorrow
granted but due to the power needed to get them all you explode

I wish I didn't every single post since the start of this thread
In Trip 9 mos ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Rick was surprised that he got funniest student award because the only two words he could remember saying were "bug off" after that an "accident" in which he broke somebody's nose he thought to himself as he walked out were maybe I should have gotten most psychotic student award. he put on his head phones and walked to his red mustang sitting next to a black hatch back and a girl crouching over a pile of books and school stuff switched his music on and started head banging and flailing his arms while accidently hitting a guy by the black hatch back
One sentence I have already said I was in America so didn't get rain, thanks though

I wish my brother didn't have a murderous past

I'm english and hasn't actually rained that much ( probably because I just got back from america )

I wish my brother would wake up and visit me
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