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Current I'm really sorry friends, but i I have the flu really bad. Out of commission till I feel better!
1 yr ago
I've been medical diagnosed with the big gay. Ruh roh.
1 yr ago
Good morning roleplayers! I have a request for roleplay, but it's not really suited for an interest check! Looking for something pretty casual/free. Quick but yet literate! Nothing specific!
1 yr ago
I feel inexplicably frustrated right now. wat do
1 yr ago
I like my exams, but maybe that's because they're all accounting related and I kind of get a hard on for math.


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I smell RP. Hello friends.

Not quite sure what else to say but hello. Interested? I dunno.
Consider me interested

@Andrew Blade
Checked out the post, but which one did you mean exactly?

The rebuilt "glacial" posts, or the zombie apocalypse? I'll be quite honest, I like the sound of the latter more.

@Andrew Blade
Sitting in my Father's old study was more exhausting than expected. He had spent much of his later years in this very room, though the state of it made me question how he got anything done. Papers and books were scattered about the dark room with little to no purpose, at least not one that I could discern. The room had little to no light save from the lamp on the desk, making it difficult to properly study the room. Not that there was much to study in it's old wooden walls. The architecture and lack of decoration little though. I was here to learn about my Father, and what made him such a competent ruler. What was I missing, and how would I be able to carry on as the Monarch? What could his study teach me?

Nothing. Whatever Father had been doing in here, it certainly was of no use to me. My hopes had been in vain, the thought more frustrating that it should have been. I didn't know what I expected out of coming into this formerly off limits room, but I expected more than the guilt of violating my dead Father's privacy. I needed something tangible, something to guide me in my new position. Being his only known heir, and an adopted for that matter, made me the new ruler of Arianis. A land where the ruling family was revered as Gods, with their every beck and whim being law. Naturally this would apply to the heir or any kin to the Monarch, but with me being adopted it made the claim to the throne less legitimate. If at all.

It was no matter. I had come here searching for something to stake my claim to the Throne on, but I had come up empty handed. While sitting and wallowing was certainly an option, it was not the wisest. If I couldn't use an old heirloom or ancient text from Father (particularly a will), I'd have to prove myself in other ways. What ways that would be, I wasn't quite sure of yet...

Good morning lovelies, and welcome to my interest check! The above thing was a minor excerpt I was thinking of for a new story, which is usually how my plots start. I think of a really cool scene, and I try to make a setting out of it. It also serves as a show of my average post length, so it wasn't meant to be the lengthiest of reads.

Long story short, the Monarch of the country of Arianis has died. Be it old age, assassination, nobody knows. What is known is their Heir, and how they had been adopted into the royal family. The heir being my character. I only want a few people to show up for this particular roleplay, but all of them will be 1x1's. I wanted to try multiple pairings with this plot, which are as follows:

*Male heir & whatever you female you want to be.
*Female Heir & whatever male you want to be.
*A mixture of the two, both being the same gender
*Female Heir & female whatever you want to be

That being said, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the roleplay! If you'd be so kind as to post any support or willingness to roleplay on this thread (as opposed to PMs) that'd be much appreciated! I don't want 1000 people applying for the same role you know?

MINOR EDIT: Now that I think about it, I'm sure I could do a roleplay with a GM type person. I'm sure there are a couple of people with those capabilities, so I supposed that works too!
The title is pretty pointless. I just thought it'd be a good hook, and since you're here I suppose it worked. Welcome to my welcome, oh honored guest! You may find tea and cookies in the back corner, but some of them might be kind of stale. Eat at your own risk, and watch out for the pool with sharks with laser beams on their heads!

On a more serious note, it is morning here and my creative juices are flowing. I figured I'd try doing roleplays that were more detailed and more story driven, as opposed to action and shorter "posts" that I am accustomed to. I really don't know what to put here, but I mean, if you are interested in trying something with me just say hello. I promise I don't bite. Hard.
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