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I try not to hurt people, but I do enjoy protecting the innocent and defenseless by taking the last breath from those that would do them harm.
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RPGuild forum is brutal. "You have no friends" Thanks for the reminder.
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I'm 31. I've been roleplaying online since I was 14-ish. Started with chat rooms, then forums in my late teens. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in criminal justice a few years ago after going back to school online following a disastrous attempt at college (18-20) when I first graduated high school. I spent some time bouncing around crappy jobs, then enlisted in the national guard when I was 22. I deployed to Afghanistan about two and a half years later as an airborne infantryman. I met my wife when I came home and we got married and have kids. I spent a lot of time working as a security officer for the public school system and mentoring young kids that didn't have much in the way of positive adult male figures in their lives. I'm still enlisted, I now work for the marketing department of an insurance company as my family and I strive to purchase a house.

I like to think I specialize in modern, realistic settings, though I'm open to everything if it catches my interest. I have an enthusiastic interest in most forms of combat and a background in mixed martial arts and self-defense, as well as both the use and construction of firearms. I'm a big comic book enthusiast, particularly a fan of Captain America. I read a lot of Vince Flynn's American Assassin series. I play video games when my family gives me the chance, but nothing very serious. I host Dungeons & Dragons at my house every other Sunday with a handful of friends. If I think of anything else, I probably won't add it, but you can sure ask me about myself anytime you like.

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Awkward feelings rose up within Jason when the attractive nurse told him about washing him, and he accepted her admonishment that he needed to do a better job of asking for help. She had a very personable demeanor that made it much easier for him to relax and accept her genuine assistance and advice rather than feeling like a burden to everyone else. The other nurses were probably just as kind if he would allow them to be, but he had met this nurse the night before and he had already experienced her comforting bedside manner. A level of trust and acceptance had already been established with her, and the discomfort associated with entering that stage of a relationship was already past. It wasn't something he looked forward to trying to work through with someone else.

"Yeah," he replied, "I don't know how I'm going to do anything besides lie here. I'll admit, I know that I need to ask for help, I just hate feeling so dependent on other people, even though I know my feelings don't change the reality of it. It's just something I'm going to have to work through, you know?"

He looked up at her, catching her eye.

"I kind of feel okay talking to you about it, though, and asking you for help. I don't know why. I get the feeling that it's okay for me to let my guard down and let you do things for me. It's kind of weird. I hope you don't mind if I request your assistance with most things... Like washing up, or helping me eat."

Awakening the next morning from a drug-riddled sleep, Staff Sergeant Chambers was still a little fuzzy about all of the details that led him to where he was, but he remembered the nurse from the night before. Her name began with a C, but he couldn't quite remember what it was. Thinking about her visit the night before sent a warm sensation through his chest that radiated out to the rest of his body- what he could feel anyway. He hoped she was on a regular shift there.

As other nurses came in and noticed his new level of alertness, they would exchange pleasantries, but none of them seemed particularly interested in much small talk. They had to have other patients that were in more critical conditions than he was. It was embarrassing and often difficult for Jason to ask for help when he needed something. Nurses turned the television on for him, but he didn't ask them to change the channel, settling for the AAFES channel that it was already on and the programming that came with it. When lunch came he just ate whatever they gave him. His own feelings of embarrassment meshed with his own perception of being a hassle to care for, and so he asked as little of them as possible. It was a nightmare whenever he developed an itch somewhere, but he just endured as best as he could.

When the doctor came in to speak with him, Jason said that the morphine could be turned down. The pain sucked- a lot- but he would rather fight it with "Ranger Candy"- 800mg of Ibuprofen- and maybe some codeine and water than be in a fog and have a hard time remembering everything all the time. Outside of that, he spent a lot of time throughout his day sleeping. His appetite sucked, even though he knew he should eat. With no control over his lower body, he was terrified of what would happen when his digestive system went to work. Having slept many hours of the day, however, he was wide awake when his new favorite ginger came in to the room that night.

"May I come in? I have to torture you with a set of vitals."

"I don't really see that I could do much to stop you," Jason replied, sounding a little more bitter than he meant to with the joke as she crossed the threshold.

"Thanks for sitting with me the night before," he tried to initiate more conversation than he had with the other nurses, "It really, reeeeeally sucks being stuck in here all day with no one to talk to and nothing to do but watch Reba on TV. They say an occupational therapist is going to come in tomorrow and talk about ways to deal with my new condition, but the doc told me today that he expects me to be able to walk again after a few more surgeries and some intense rehab. How long do you think they'll keep me here before they send me back stateside for recovery and rehab?"

I am super new to this whole "nation" thing, so I might need some help and guidance once we get going. I'm going another TEOTWAWKI "nation" rpg, but it's set up for groups, anywhere from 2 people to a whole community, so i'm able to centralize things a lot more than I might here.
The human is also an incredibly durable organism and is capable of enduring complex abuse and negligence.
Except this simply isnt true.

Stubborn and resigned, Dean's parents had told him over the phone that they weren't going to bother traveling with him. The Westins had lived in their old five-bedroom farmhouse for as long as their eldest son had been alive. There were too many unknowns for them to be comfortable abandoning the comfort of their home for the uncertainty of the road, and they had genuine worries that they might actually hinder the progress of their boy and his family. They decided it would be better to live through whatever may come in their home, but they offered whatever supplies they could spare to their son, which wasn't much, but the heavy foot locker full of old rocket motors from the days back when Dean and his father would build model rockets (some as large as 28' tall) might provide some needed firepower should they ever need the material for bomb-making.

The elder Westins had invited Guinevere's mother to stay with them as well, but Julia Tyler told them she felt obligated to stay with her daughter and former son-in-law out of a sense of responsibility to their kids. While she recognized the hardships, she owed it to her grandchildren to persevere in order to help see them into a future that gave them every chance to survive and succeed possible. Dean was secretly relieved- while the old nag was a constant thorn in his side, it was really nice to have another adult to help care for the children and provide an extra set of eyes and ears. It was also a surprise because the woman had never displayed any hint of resilience and fortitude in the past that led him to believe she would be willing to go along with them.

So a few hours later, several shotguns, a handful of boxes of ammunition for them, and a mix of power, pneumatic, and hand tools, along with an extra air compressor were loaded up in the bed of one of the dump trucks. They had a generator as well, but it wasn't very mobile, and the two grandparents would need it in case they lost power. A few hugs and kisses and a tearful good bye from Dean's mother as well as the children, and the family was on the road once again- Dean and Genevieve each driving the massive military dumps with the bumper numbers that had been spray-painted onto them obscured while Julia drove between them in the Tacoma with the kids.

Once on the road, Dean wasn't sure where to head, but he knew he wanted to get further away from Yellowstone. His fears were only confirmed when he heard Three Dawg's voice over the radio warning that martial law had been declared in the states surrounding it.

Several other dedicated groups were out there already on the airwaves offering advice and shelter as well as trade opportunities- like the world had already ended. Dean thought it wouldn't be a terrible idea to put himself out there again.

"Ginga Ninja here," he said as he brought the mic to his mouth and tried to think of the best way to put his ideas into words, "The family and I are headed south, probably toward Arkansas. The Ozarks might provide a good amount of resources and shelter while still being out of the immediately fatal range of everything going on out West. I figure it's not a good idea to be closer to the ocean, especially in that region, but the weather shouldn't be deadly every winter. I don't know what to expect, really, in the coming weeks and months, but I figure I should probably be planning for the long haul. I don't know what I'm going to find, or if I'm going to find anything at all, but I figure Northern Arkansas has gotta be as good a place as any. If anyone out there wants to join me, I could probably use the manpower and knowledge. If anyone listening is already there, I'd appreciate any advice or hospitality you could offer. I don't want to be a burden, though, and it's gonna be hard to trust just about anybody in the coming days, so don't be offended if we turn you down."
Of course I'm not referring to your use of profanity, but rather the personal attacks you direct at people that don't agree with you.

Think what you want, I've no desire to change your mind, just wanted to try to make my position understood.
<Snipped quote by POOHEAD189>

Thats a nice idea. But actually I can. Just because you guys like it here, doesnt mean it cant be treated like any other thread. If a mod told me and mdk to 'knock it off' and then he continues to tag me after I directly asked him not to, (twice). he's on the fast track to the Ace Of Hearts special. This has gone beyond political disagreements, hes just trying to troll me and no amount of ron burgandy memes makes that less of an issue.

But I know youre dying to call me a hypocrite, find somewhere in this thread where ive continued to tag someone after they asked me not to, I'll wait.

And you might have missed the part where andrew was cursing at Xandrya because she made a fairly mild statement about gun control, but I didnt. Dont let your personal bias cloud your judgement fam.

There was salt on both sides


I see how my passion for the topic and my choice of profanity may have been construed as "butthurt" but that's just how I express myself when I relate my own feelings towards the mass media response to congress of "Do something!" without actually offering any realistic or productive solutions. It had nothing to do with Xandrya personally, and we engaged in a discourse that I felt was very mature and productive shortly after that. I have no problems with anyone having an opinion different from mine or disagreeing with me. I don't get offended when someone tells me that something I believe in is invalid because they believe something else. My life goes on just the same as theirs. If they are open to having a dialogue about it, I will gladly share my views while equally allowing them to share theirs and the reasoning behind it. And then we can learn something about each other and move on all the same.

But then there are some people who can't deal with the fact that someone out there thinks that their ideas are stupid, so they throw out aggressive language over the keyboard to other people and puff out their cyber chests and try to make everyone think they're scary. Guess what? Literally billions of people probably disagree with you, and some of them might feel just as salty about it as you do. What are you going to do, start a fight on the internet with anyone who thinks you're wrong?

At the end of the day, opinions are opinions, and it doesn't change how the world spins. Get the fuck over yourself.
... Tell me more about this Tau Centi fiasco
Your definition of butthurt is clearly different from mine. That or your perception is flawed. I'm beginning to see now what mdk is referring to if you thought that the exchange I've participated in this thread involved my feelings being affected. I am sad for you and anyone that you attempt to engage in an intelligent discourse with if this is an example of how you conduct yourself in those instances.
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