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Current At the age of 30, I got rid of my smart phone and switched back to my flip phone. I've used the same one for the last two years. Battery lasts for a week.
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I was told Avengers was mind-blowing, the best Marvel movie to date. I hear some stuff happens that fans are upset about though. That may change things for some people.
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Meh. I like to bounce around.
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Just because I have a Captain America tattoo on my shoulder, that does not mean I'm a manchild. It's my love for juvenile humor and poor decision-making skills that define my manchildness,,,
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If you don't like Pinkie Pie as a grown-ass man, then you shut your normie mouth and sit the fuck down.


I'm 32. Married, 3 kids. I've been roleplaying online since I was 14-ish. Started with chat rooms, then forums in my late teens. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in criminal justice a few years ago after going back to school online following a disastrous attempt at college (18-20) when I first graduated high school. I spent some time bouncing around crappy jobs, then enlisted in the national guard when I was 22. I deployed to Afghanistan about two and a half years later as an airborne infantryman. I came home in 2011 and bounced around a few jobs. I spent a lot of time working as a security officer for the public school system and mentoring young kids that didn't have much in the way of positive adult male figures in their lives. I'm still enlisted, I now work for the marketing department of an insurance company as I strive to purchase a house.

I like to think I specialize in modern, realistic settings, though I'm open to everything if it catches my interest. I have an enthusiastic interest in most forms of combat and a background in mixed martial arts and self-defense, as well as both the use and construction of firearms. I'm a big comic book enthusiast, particularly a fan of Captain America. I read a lot of Vince Flynn's American Assassin series. I play video games when my family gives me the chance, but nothing very serious. I host Dungeons & Dragons at my house every other Sunday with a handful of friends. If I think of anything else, I probably won't add it, but you can sure ask me about myself anytime you like.

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I can try to write a follow up post, but it looks like my first GM'ing attempt already imploded.
Okay, there's something. Sorry it's not much yet. I'll add more later.
Panic was staved off for the first few days after the creatures had been discovered. It was obvious that they were hostile and carnivorous, but they were just animals, after all. They had to be, right?

No one understood exactly what had happened. It started in Russia. The Kremlin sought to cover up the affair at first, but before long, the death toll and the mysterious communications blackout was too big to keep contained. Surveillance satellites discovered large groups of creatures that could only be compared to something out of a movie or a child’s nightmare. These monstrous beasts were about the same height as a human, but were covered in thick scales, with long, rigid tails, and sharp claws. They looked very similar to what scientists had believed velociraptors looked like.

And then it wasn’t just Russia. Australia started to report similar sightings, and then they appeared in the deserts of the United States. They were aggressive- beyond territorial. It was as if they sought out prey just for the sake of seeking it out. These creatures were intelligent as well, and some combination of their senses made them perfect night-stalking predators. They appeared and moved in packs with a kind of coordination and precision that had scientists suggesting they had a hive-mind, responding to commands from one leader almost instantaneously in perfect synchrony.

Weeks went by, and most of civilization watched on with fascination, but then they reached the cities, and it was no longer a new species to observe on Animal Planet. These things were vicious, fast, and intelligent, and they seemed to believe that it was their purpose to wipe out all of humanity. Some kind of strange design of their clawed hands allowed them to operate doorknobs and manipulate objects like a person would- it wasn’t exactly an opposable thumb, but a weird cartilaginous joint-system. They watched and learned before attacking. Las Vegas never had a chance.

The military was mobilized once it became apparent that there was no sign of their progress receding. But even they were too slow and ill-prepared. Their anatomy and dense bone structure had a strange design that made it difficult to take them down with bullets alone. But it was almost too late by the time we learned this.

Something will be here Two Day
Beast. Let me get a post up (hopefully today? Don't hold your breath though- work just dumped two new projects in my lap. Monday at the latest.), my own CS put out, and we can hit the ground running.

@roamer@Scarlet Loup You comin' or what!? Let's get rolling!
Zero post updated
@Andrew Blade
@ Me when we can make our first posts.

Shortly after I make some adjustments, which might be less appealing to you, actually, Default.

Instead of zombies, I have decided to transition the antagonists into velociraptor-like monsters created after nuclear weapons testing mutates and awakens creatures long thought extinct that pop up and begin to rival humanity for alpha supremacy on the planet.

So basically the same plot.
Still love you
Yes, but you shouldn't eat them
Jesus, @Faithykins I'm gonna have to hold your hand and draw it crayon for you- like usual- aren't I?

There are three tabs at the top of this thread. One is for the IC- or "In Character" section, one is for the OOC or "Out of Character" section, and the other is specifically made for character sheets. I can see how you might have missed it, it's labeled, "Characters"

That's where you should put Lucy.
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