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Trying to start a Rainbow Six Siege RP, and I have a feeling no one will be interested. :( But check it out if you are!


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I’d just like to gauge how interested folks would be in an AoT RP. The setting would be mostly the same as the anime/manga, but the story and characters would be drastically different so that we are not confined to them. Basically, what I mean to say is that we would have a completely original story. More details will follow with interest. If you have any questions, just ask!
The Heist

Alright, listen up folks, because I'm only saying this once. You've all been invited here today because you have nothing to lose and nothing to your name. Some of you might even have a skill or two that works to benefit us. I'm feeling a bit hopeful with you all, so you better not screw up my reputation. Fortunately, I have a bit of security measure to make sure you don't. We're going to be pulling off a few smaller jobs before the main one. Test runs, if you will. Let's run through them, and do your best not to get lost.

The Hudson River Job

This one's simple. Hudson River. A small bank, which should mean it'll only be a four person job. Five, if it's crowded. Everyone involved will go scout it out on the first day. Nothing too drastic, we'll just sit outside and get a feel for the layout, while our resident tech hacks into the computer system and obtains the codes for the vault. Simple stuff. The program even cleans up after itself, so they won't know they're being attacked.

The second day, we're doing a trade-off with one of my associates. He's getting us an armored truck, which'll allow us to get away without the cops making us into swiss-cheese. Now, this guy's jumpy, and he's going out of his way to drop his bureau escort, so we need to do this quick.

The third is a day of rest. We need to be well-rested for the job, and I'm not the type to overwork, so count yourselves lucky.

And the fourth day, we'll actually be pulling off the job. We're going to drive out to Hudson River bank. Two or three of you will keep the bank tellers and customers in line, while the other two drill into the safety deposit boxes and take the grand prize: a box full of hooky bonds. They won't get called in when stolen, and they'll pay well. We'll also take some other things, just to make us look like simple robbers. That being said, we'll have to dump them not long after so they can't get traced back to us.

I'll fill you in on the other two once you prove yourselves competent enough to do this.

Aaron woke up in a start, at first having a deep-seeded feeling of panic as he realized his surroundings were not the usual living quarters he was used to. However, almost immediately after the first wave of fear, he calmed down as he noticed that he had merely fallen asleep during a long night at the infirmary. Unfortunately, he didn't get much time to rest as two other Toxo members barged into the infirmary, carrying a limping man between them. "His leg's acting up again, Doc." Aaron sighed, looking around the infirmary to guide them to the sleeping area. When he first saw the limited space offered to him, he worried that it wouldn't be enough, but it soon proved to be more than adequate. Directly in front of the entrance was the table that acted as Aaron's desk. To the left of the entrance was the small waiting area, occupied by several folding chairs. Of course, behind the desk was a group of cupboards lined up that housed most of his medical supplies. And everything beyond that was his treatment area, which was filled with cots and small nightstands to hold patient's few personal items, if they chose to bring them.

The two men who had so generously escorted the limping man set him down on one of the cots, before slinking away. Aaron pulled out his clipboard, searching through some of his entries, trying to find how he had solved the man's leg problem before. "Hm. So it says here we gave you a splint for four weeks and afterwards you were fine...until now." The man shrugged. "I thought it was. Maybe it just corrected it for a small amount of time?" Aaron sighed. "Who knows. I'm just a college kid, after all." He looked at the man's leg. "Ok...I'm just gonna do the same thing, but once we take the splint away, you'll need to use the crutches for another two weeks. Hopefully by then your leg will have strengthened and be accustomed to the lack of a splint. You can come back if anything happens again." He quickly grabbed the materials required and set to work.


Aaron held the door open for the man as he hobbled out of the infirmary on his crutches. "Good luck!" Aaron called as the man slowly disappeared from his view. Aaron went back inside, his lack of sleep finally catching up with him as he collapsed into one of the waiting room chairs. He almost gave into the temptation, but fought off the urge in favor of going to breakfast. Aaron made his way across the ranch to one of the three kitchens, the delicious aroma of the cooking food drifting towards him. His stomach growled fiercely, and he sped up a little bit. As he entered the house, the noises hit him all at once. The head chefs were bellowing orders, as others served the plates of food. Aaron snuck a peek at the plates of food, grinning as he saw pancakes and eggs. It wasn't often they got pancakes, but when they did...It was quite popular with Aaron.


Reid looked around warily, before falling into step behind the many-armed man. "I suppose since you know my name, I should know yours." He paused for a second. "Then again, maybe you don't want to. Either one is fine." He holstered his pistol, feeling safe enough to do so. Reid pondered taking control of the man, but ultimately decided against it. His electric baton began to feel like a burden as they walked, so he asked what every bored child asked on a particularly lengthy road trip. "Are we there yet?" He didn't like the looks some ordinary people gave them. Reid couldn't blame the citizens. Watching a man with several arms and another in combat armor walk by may be slightly more familiar, but it was still relatively strange.
Is it alright if I change The Puppeteer's supersuit? As a relatively unenhanced human, I think he could use a slight boost.
The Puppeteer

"Of course it's not random." Reid said, a slightly condescending edge creeping into his voice. "However, there's always the possibility that you're overthinking it. It could simply be a relative of an inmate, or even a former inmate, who wanted to get someone out of the jail." Reid holstered his gun. "Now, we should get out of here. It looks like we're starting to draw attention." Reid pointed to a White Cape creeping towards him. Reid reached out to the hero's mind, taking control easily. "Ah. How weak minded this one is." He walked over to his original body, taking the handgun out of the holster. He grabbed the gun, aiming at his head and pulling the trigger just as he went back to his original body. "Now," Reid said, back in his body. "Do you have a hideout in mind?"
The Puppeteer

Reid turned to face the strange man, startled. He kept his pistol trained on his stomach. "What do you want?" He silently reached out to the man's mind, making sure he could get a grip on it. "Remember, you try anything funny and I make you shoot yourself." Reid gazed at the emotionless mask, trying to get an analysis on his intentions. He wasn't known to associate himself with anyone, really, but maybe the man could serve him well. "Well? Go ahead. Speak your mind. I don't bite." Reid said, loading another magazine into his pistol simultaneously. Of course, there were some problems with allying himself with this man. For one, he looked like a Black Cape. As a Grey Cape, this could affect Reid's reputation, and not to mention break his personal code. But on the other hand, the man looked powerful and perhaps Reid could make some money with this guy. And if Reid refused whatever offer the man had on his mind, he could quite possibly die. That is assuming the man wasn't just trying to kill him. The realization made Reid tense up and make sure his first shot would not miss.
The Puppeteer

Reid looked around, letting out a sharp breath at the chaos that surrounded him. He saw some shadow thing running around, a guy with some weird black arm things coming out of him, and many, many more. Reid examined the various magazines that adorned the inside of his jacket. Not enough to make lasting damage, but maybe enough to make a name for himself. He took cover behind a chunk of rubble, before reaching out to all the minds before him. Reid found one that seemed to be a white cape with flying abilities. How unique. He took the mind over, assessing his surroundings as quickly as possible. He quickly found an inmate, looking around to make sure at least some other White capes were paying attention to his actions.

He quickly swooped down, scooping the inmate up. The weight threw him off at first, but he quickly got used to it. The other White Capes were definitely paying attention now, especially when he dropped the inmate, watching them drop to the ground. As the inmate hit the ground, he left the puppet, the horrified screams fading from his hearing. He was welcomed by an inmate with a shiv and some not-so-good intentions. Reid drew his handgun and quickly fired two shots into the man's chest. The inmate looked down in shock before collapsing. Unfortunately, this minor battle drew some unwanted attention from all sides. "Damn it." Reid cursed before lifting his handgun. "This is where the fun begins."
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