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Current 'Sup fellow scrubs.
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7 mos ago
Wow, I joined about a year ago. Cool. Thank you to everybody that gave me a chance in their roleplays and to the people that joined mine, and I apologize to the people that I had to leave.
11 mos ago
Hey everyone. Due to familial and school related events in my life right now, I won't be able to RP as frequently, and I may not be able to interact with certain RPs at all.
1 yr ago
Hallelujah! School's over, so I'll be able to post more.
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2 yrs ago
Ready to Roleplay.


Hey everyone, I'm Overlord24, I have no idea what else to say except, ALL HAIL THE OVERLORD!

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Woo! Substantial amount of people for a start.
OK. So basically this puts all if the 'Supernatural Orphanage' rps on their head, so instead of caring for and nurturing the children, they lock them up and punish them for using their powers. The guards ridicule and discriminate them, and the owner? or warden I guess, does nothing to stop it, if anything, he encourages it.
I'll try to get the first post up within a day or two.
This will be a Role play that takes place in a universe where all supernatural creatures and humans are sent to prisons and institutions. This is the story of one such institution.
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(Hoiya. Sorry I haven't been able to get on in six months. If you're willing, want to continue?)
This looks really cool.
I'm here. School started back up, so I've been busy with that and homework.
Seems intriguing.
Gray looked at the worksheet when it was placed in front of her. This was a subject she knew, so she just started as soon as Ms. Rancine was gone. She knew this stuff, just didn't care for it. She finished up the normal questions and looked at the bonus. Tides? Really? This was something they should have already known since Elementary. Whatever. She did and wrote down, 'The tides are highest at midnight whent the moon is at its highest and the effect is that a large majority of the beach or surrounding area is covered in water. Tides are at their lowest at noon, when the sun is at its highest, and the effect is that many marine life is left beached.' Then at the bottom of the page she put, '*Sorry about the comment before. I also quite like the idea of a hike or something like that for a class trip. P.S. I could suggest a great many great dating simulators if you are ever in the mood.'
Gray looked at Remy. "I am perfectly fine with you inviting whoever you want." She told her. "And I fully agree. I can help you get some food for the party." She fully understood what Remy was insinuating. But the she was hoping one of the guests would bring their own crackers. Minus the ers.
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