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29 days ago
Current Hell hath come on Earth, and by that I mean school has officially started back up, so sorry to those I roleplay with, my schedule is going to be a bit weird.
1 mo ago
The weather's warm and torment is comin' in two weeks. I don't remember booking a flight to Hell.
1 yr ago
'Sup fellow scrubs.
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2 yrs ago
Wow, I joined about a year ago. Cool. Thank you to everybody that gave me a chance in their roleplays and to the people that joined mine, and I apologize to the people that I had to leave.
2 yrs ago
Hey everyone. Due to familial and school related events in my life right now, I won't be able to RP as frequently, and I may not be able to interact with certain RPs at all.


Hey everyone, I'm Overlord24, I have no idea what else to say except, ALL HAIL THE OVERLORD!

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Eli shook his head at her. He continued fighting the hoard of Black Capes when he noticed someone fighting, but trying to keep out sight. "Look who's here." He threw the Cape he was fighting and rushed over to the person he noticed. "Hey Shift, I thought you didn't deal with these problems? Not high enough pay grade I think you said."

Sam snarled at Eli, which was made sense because he was fighting an inmate as a mountain lion. He shifted back to talk to Eli. "For your information Acoustic, I actually do give a shit about the city, and having a bunch of recently freed Black Capes running around killing people might make my customer base shrink."
"Haven't actually gotten that far yet." Eli said as punched a black cape that was trying to sneak up on him. "Just punch them until the stop punching you."
"Hmm, well, I was thinking incapacitate them." He said and screamed at an inmate, sending him flying.
"Well well well. Look who decided to join the party." He sonic blasted a black cape trying to rush him. "Yeah, I could use a hand."

Sam turned back human, fully outfitted in his costume. "Damn, firework girl too? God, every goody goody is here." He jumped off the roof to land on an inmate.
Eli ran up to assess the damage. "Well that's not good." He caused his vocal cords to vibrate extremely quickly. "Attention escaped prisoners, kindly go back to your cells before I am forced to send you there." This caused some black capes to start running at him. He sighed and started fighting.

Same landed on top of the building watching the fight. Some interesting faces were showing up. The Pupeteer, that annoying Acoustic, some, thing with tentacles.
@King Tai
Not really, no. Post when you have something to post, just try not to overpost.
Newcrest, a city of super powers.

A technologically advanced city built for constant attack under villains. Some of the most powerful capes live here, trying to either protect the population, or destroy it.

A supermax prison lays outside the borders of the city, seemingly impenetrable. Every cell built with power dampening energies to keep even the most powerful and dangerous people in check.

But, is that a person approaching the prison? And what are they holding? Oh my god, they're blowing up the prison!
Eli was on his long trek to work when his phone started blaring. He pulled it out and saw the alert about the breakout. "Shit." He raced down a nearby alley and pushed a button on the underside of his watch. The metallic material of the suit spread across their body and then up their face. Once the suit was on he crawled up the nearby fire escape and went on the slightly shorter trek across rooftops to the prison.

Sam was sitting in his class when he saw the explosion from a window. He used the distraction it caused to slip out of the room and transform into something that could fly, a brown feathered hawk. He rose up into the air and flew towards the prison, trying to stop any black or dark gray capes.
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