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1 yr ago
Current To those I rp, my wifi went out recently so I haven't been able to get on at all since today.
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1 yr ago
I know that this is late, but I started working, so I won't be able to reply a lot, less than normal. So apologies to those I rp with, I will try to reply whenever I can.
2 yrs ago
With the holidays coming up soon, I will not be able to reply as much as I normally do, so apologies to those I roleplay with, I will try and come on as much as possible.
2 yrs ago
Hell hath come on Earth, and by that I mean school has officially started back up, so sorry to those I roleplay with, my schedule is going to be a bit weird.
2 yrs ago
The weather's warm and torment is comin' in two weeks. I don't remember booking a flight to Hell.


Hey everyone, I'm Overlord24, I have no idea what else to say except, ALL HAIL THE OVERLORD!

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On Webtoon there is a comic by the name of the Cursed Princess Club, very good. I highly recommend reading it. The premise is of princesses and princes who never had their curses lifted and joined a club to basically join together in solidarity. I had an idea for basically a modified version as a rp. Anyone be interested?
Who would be interested in an Epithet Erased/Anime Campaign type RP?
This seems quite interesting. I wasn't fully sure if we could do other creatures beyond vampires and humans, so if you want me to do something else just tell me.

Species: Changeling
Name: Trace Youngrock
Age: 26
Other: Their first expectation of people is to not be trusted, as most that meet them do not trust them without getting to know them.
Accepted, but add something in that he did good. They whole reason these characters became demons was because they weren't completely black or white.
Being in Hell. Some will make the best of it, others will try an escape. Make it your own.
Name: Aaron Davis
Age at Death: 22
Human Appearance:
Demonic Appearance: Basically the same as his human form, but crimson skinned, his ears become pointed and stick out about half a foot. He has two inch horns growing from his forehead. He has a pointed tail growing from his tailbone.
Good or Bad in Life: Average
How You Died: He saw a woman getting attacked by a man so he tried to stop him. In the process he killed him and was killed.
Personality: He's a joker, he enjoys making people smile, even if other people frown because of it.
Other: He finds it funny how he looks like a stereotypical demon.
Welcome to Hell. You may be wondering why you're here. You were a bad person who did something good. Or you were a good person who did something bad. Whatever it was, you're down here. You were too bad to go to heaven, and Purgatory didn't seem right, so now you're down here. Don't worry, you aren't like the other regular bad damned souls, you get to be a demon. What does that mean? I hear you say, that means you work for me. Some get to torture the bad people, others will oversee certain areas of Hell. But not you, you're among the best of the best, will get to work directly for me, my personal servants. You'll torture the really bad people, you're the supervisors of the supervisors. So, have fun with your new life, you won't be leaving.

None of you can die, so you can try to kill each other (don't go overboard), but it won't work.
My word and any co-GMs I get, is law.
Respect each other and me to an extent, yes you are damned souls, but don't be a dick.
Post your CS in the OOC tab and if I approve it, post it in the CHAR tab.

Age at Death:
Human Appearance:
Demonic Appearance:
Good or Bad in Life:
How You Died:
@Melting Point
Fight at a super prison.
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