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3 days ago
Current being independent-strong in character and being edgy-toxic is never a synonym... if anyone can't see the difference, please educate yourself and avoid popular media
5 days ago
Space, the final frontier...
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10 days ago
whoa, thanks for this passionate status bar sequence about languages, folks
10 days ago
If "sushi" is an English word as it appears in English dictionaries, then what is the Japanese word for "sushi"?
10 days ago
Is "sushi" a Japanese word? If yes, why does it appear in some English dictionaries?


I do RPs for my escapism, so if there's any indication of your RP being an allusion to the currently debated real world issues, I'll be off immediately without even bother to tell you.

Also, I've dealt with toxic people in real life, so if you want to express your toxicity toward my character despite being supposed to be a partner in a group RP, I'll immediately assume that you are another toxic person IRL cowardly hiding in the mask of fictional character, even when it's supposed to be an in-character expression. Please get help, and get functional.

Also, if you godmode my character, I'll godmode your worldbuilding

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I'd like to apply with a character in similar theme with Condor Heroes' Xiaolongnu, how would you rank her at the beginning of her story, and possibly reasonable age for her in your setting?

Here's her profile if you're not familiar with the lore
Previously I lost my appetite in military RPs because of the escalating IRL political situation and propaganda from both sides. Maybe please reboot the theme with something more fictional, enemies one can "enjoy" shooting without the writer having any second thought on relating it with reality.

Yes, I do RP for my escapism.
how do I jump in?
where the IC link?
I'm curious about the fight system or GM mechanism being used here
Not any single techie can just repair a microaturized fusion reactor with materials that allow superconductivity in human-body temperature

And Gecko himself is more than enough for Suzy's personal ripperdoc should there be any lesser complex problem for her cybernetics
@Kiragan_Natsuki would you please give my characters some missions to drive their narratives? I'm kinda out of idea lol

some device you can use:
Suzy's special bio-cyberware had its battery kinda broken and Gecko was only able to jury-rig it. They need to find a replacement but the only way to have it is through some networks of black market or stealing from a secret corpo-lab with possible Conglomerate connection.
Is it possible to adjust the modifier of the classes?

I have this idea of having a Bene Gesserit-like character (from Dune franchise, though it's kinda obvious); it's likely similar with the Mystic Monk(Nun?) but instead of having +1 Acrobatic, she'd have initial buff in Charisma instead
I can edit it, if you want.

No worry, my Gecko would notice his workshop has just been invaded and its automatic defense grid would soon target the offenders..
so, RUN!

Ach vell, I guess we could go with that, darn it. I was hoping to give your characters some more interaction other than playing with yourself.

you can have or be some kind of mysterious contact and remotely give them missions or jobs, then my posts would be one or two episodes of mission-finishing narratives;

the dynamics of my IRL schedule might make me unable to match the average posting speed here, sorry
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