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14 days ago
Current We are Borg, we are not interested in assimilating your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own, your species is irrelevant, compliance is futile
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19 days ago
watching the old spy show that I wasn't able to do before the net streaming era while also browsing the fandom web of the title, full of spoilers even at its home page; mistake was indeed made
28 days ago
Silly me, proposing to go with these RPs in the middle of paperwork deadlines, elmao
1 mo ago
How about wingless bones..
1 mo ago
boneless wings are boneless


Hi I'm Vey, love to write and do casual to advanced RP.
Mature enough for adult topics and also a bilingual of Indonesian and English.

I'll be spending my time for creative writing and immediate responses around 8-11 PM, except for weekends in which I would likely press the refresh button expecting replies in real time, lol. Time zone is UTC+7 with no DST, that would be around 10-14 hours difference with y'all folks around the US.

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Like the idea, but how's this supposed to be done?
hi, count me in maybe, with my typical character

CS in-general

Name: Kitra
Race/Gender: female human
Appearance: shoulder-length black hair, fair skin, tall and slim figure, attractive enough to fit beauty standard of some human culture
Background: a songstress and dancer (cha + dex as main stats in dnd term) traveling to look for ideas in working on her opus, to explore strange new places, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before (cue the fanfare)
Personality: contemplative, sympathetic, sometimes rather out-of-the-box --imagine Luna Lovegood
Inventory: Basic adventuring gear and rations, weapons: fanblade and throwing knive(s), clothing: loose long-sleeved shirt and long pleated skirt with pair of traveling boots, accessories: tambourine and whatever she'd like to put on her when she performs her dancing in taverns

are you still open for request?
also, could you show how your style would look like?
first IC post might come next week, been filling this week and weekend writing my phd proposal

A) I can add that Ghost's 4 years being in the wild was a result of Skye (or someone higher ups for the Raven Program) adjusting last-minute change to the retrieval procedure. Those were missions to test Ghost's potential loyalty while also giving her a chance to have field experience in unconventional warfare. The retriever agent (HAVEN) was ready to pick her up as they have no privilege to know about that sudden assignment. As for PLANT herself, we can consider her being compromised for any attempts of retrieval.

My first IC would have Ghost fulfilling a request to retrospectively reviewing those past missions with additional privilege for further intel as she is now a member of Raven, so not to clutter the CS format, Lol

B) IRL comparison/inspirations
- Multi-caliber sniper rifle: Barret MRAD

- Variable Weapon System:
--- FN SCAR, not shown below: FN HAMR, a SAW/LMG which is basically a SCAR with open-bolt receiver and larger cartridge

--- Kalashnikov pattern that resulted in products like Saiga (shotgun), Pecheneg (LMG), and the rifle itself (this is rather a stretch as the variation is more like manufacturing diversification rather than field adjustment)

- Composite Alloy Pistol: Oops, I should say that the gun is made of polymer material instead of ceramic, it's a Glock actually

- Machine Pistol: also a Glock, type 18
@Steel Legion Worry not, I rarely regard other characters in group RPs inside my narrations, especially a non-important one
@Steel Legion Yea, the concept might look silly; I was trying to find a way to make my character less human to the extreme in a rather realistic setting so I don't feel detached in writing her savagery. A GMO, born through in-vitro fertilization from a surrogate mother with dubious loyalty, with a name she keeps changing to fit whichever locale she's in.

No cultural value, no ancestry, not even any ethnicity she could associate herself to define who she is. The only thing she understands is that she's trained to bring destruction. Now imagine her having to struggle dealing with the more "human" side of the team.
had a quite busy weekend and on my way preparing a new character for the vacant Light slot
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