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Current I keep my paragraphs comfortable to read: not more than 10 sentences; I keep my sentence comfortable to read: not more than 1 subject.
10 days ago
is it possible to do any action-based or combat-enabled roleplays without dice system?
13 days ago
it depends on the figure serving as the mentor for the MC, take an old man with awesome beard condemning capitalism and the brainwa... enlightened MC would see the exploiting dude as the true enemy
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13 days ago
well at least they should start somewhere with more mundane things, like establishing "Kanto Fried Pidgey" restaurant chain and expanding it through franchise, for example
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13 days ago
why do the villainous teams in the Pokemon world look for unrealistic goals? imagine the fortune they can make through acquiring the ownership of Pokemon Centers and privatizing them...


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@Mae for some moment, I'd be still around, but probably limited to one-line actions with placeholders in IC

My minion will be:

Number: 1
Race: Succubus Battle-type
Type: Grunt
- Smash: 2d
- Scan, Threaten: 1d
Dark Impulse: Superstitious
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the witch found a BUMP on the road she traveled, and she told her author that she felt someone was coming to meet her
@Kenshi I'm planning to have my Kasumi captured. Will that disturb the dynamics of the story?
I'm personally interested in urban fantasy theme, but depends on how the things on my side go, I might participate or merely subscribe to the thread.
Hello there, this is Veyrina and I have some OCs I created from fandom based settings that I'm interested to explore in a roleplay. Before we go into the prompts, I might have some style preference or rule that we need to agree upon.

Please read these first

1. Though I'm putting the tag "18+" up there, that doesn't mean I'm letting the RP to be a smut-fest or gore-spam. The tag is there so the RP could have less restriction in its inclusion of adult themes and moralities. Even so, some kinks might be accepted except for the nasty ones, and I will have the final word to include it in the story or not. I myself might include my personal kink as a feature of my character, and please declare your age before we start the RP if you want this to go that way. Beyond all that, explicit sexual narrations are strongly discouraged.

2. Character developments and plot progressions are what I'm looking for. The "Casual" style means that I'm expecting at least one paragraph of 5-7 sentences, or as much as it is needed to tell the partner character's action, conversation, and introspection clearly for my character to respond. The partner can drive the plot, and both Freytag's Pyramid or Kishotenketsu can be used as the guidance to map where our story currently stands. Google them both if you've never learned about them. Romance can have its way in the RP, but that will not be the focus unless the romance itself makes the part of the plot driver. I'm only comfortable with traditional MxF with myself being the F.

3. I'm fine with my partners writing in 1st person (past or present tense) or 3rd person (omniscient or immediate) as long as they are consistent and clear in which character they are currently having in the IC. I will personally write in 3rd person-immediate, past tense.

4. English is not my first language so a little spelling error is tolerated, but please be sure that the sentence is complete. For my own level of literacy, you can judge me from how I write this interest check.

5. I'm offering a fandom based RP. If there's something that we don't understand, there's a wiki for it to look for. I'm also not an expert in the lore, so please excuse me if I make any inconsistency.

Great, you've reached this point, thanks for understanding. Now let's get into the prompts.

That's it for now. I'll be playing the characters I mentioned in the prompts above (yes, they are females). Both M or F are open for the partners, but with the possible romance limited to traditional MxF. If you're interested, contact me in PM to discuss more details.

Looking forward for an RP with you ;)
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@Mae Please excuse me that I'm currently losing ideas to continue this, would you please put my character on hold? I might want to continue later.

I also allow her to be controlled by anyone who might be interested, through a roll, of course.
I'll prepare my minion CS. I know they're recruited in group between 1-5 individuals. How many groups can I recruit for the turn?

I have in my idea that Baganaria would eat the gold and magically convert it in her body to spawn the minion.

Well if you are heading into the parking lot, you could help out Henry?

Wait, who's Henry?
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