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@Thethomasink Welcome to the ride that is roleplaying. Thanks for joining. #noseatbelts
@Default“Its Crispin.” emotionlessly answered Crispin having the natrual inability to care who knew his name, he searched with his eyes for a bathroom, then saw a flash mob. He only noted that they were present and just like others were staring. He withdrew nine of the ten tendrils and heard The Puppeteer a few minutes later. [color-00a99d]“Yeah, now we are.”[/color] as he revealed the location Crispin stopped walking and turned left then took a a key from, his hoodie's pocket. Walking west now to a building wedged between two others he used the key on it.

Once inside Crispin removed the Amulet and thus returned his cilvilian clothes. He then turned the Forrest green florescent lights on by snapping his fingers twice. “Drinks are pretty cheap eight bucks. Twelve for a white cape. Eight for black and grey, friends and family pay five.”
Fink Nodded he had been overthinking; a problem his brother told him about. “I broke my older brother out because of this bombing.” he told The Puppeteer as he heard a White Cape creeping up on him, turning he saw no one. Fink smirked 'invisible huh.' thought Fink, he would have to rely on his ears, when he heard a fist cutting the air, tendrils just crushed the empty space until it leaked crimson onto the dirt and tendrils.


“Yeah. Just follow me.” He began walking southeast, headed towards a abandoned bar, Crispin had once found and stocked with beers, wines, ciders, and junk foods. It was a couple blocks away from the meta prison.
I'm here

Holding back a cold laugh Crispin and moved his arms overhead. “relax, I won't attack.” said Crispin just before he slithered a tendril down to cover his stomach, he exhaled final! His energy just returned, seeing the gun Crispin didn't get closer. He just stood there, and talked. “Now we're both smart fellows The Puppeteer, so let's help each other out and figure out who cause this explosion and why. This, haha. Clearly wasn't random.”

Crispin had finally calmed down he was in a dangerous situation so being calmed was perfect he could think clearly, and as Fink believed...All minds are weapons.
Im gonna be using my phone to make post from now on. The tablet just double posted.
People were starting to stare at him. He would pay them mind later, right now he had to scan the ground for his older brother who was prisoner. Fink had motioned one of his tendrils towards a group of White Capes fighting off inmates who were working as a team. Fink had chosen to help these prisoner because he recognised his older brother's power; Leadership. the tendrils had wrapped around those White Capes and tossed them in the air like a graduates' hat. Fink looked up to watch them fall back to earth and had noticed one firing three lightening bolts at him.

Managing to dodge two and block one with a tendril Fink had ran over to his older brother. He smiled at him "Let's get you the fuck outta here Sammy!." Fink said then dropped the smile, it was behind his mask after all...The two had to fight there way out and secondly to make a exit. Fink had saw the now ruined box of chocolates and other gifts had become a mess on the ground. Sammy hugged him.
"You still live at the same flat?" Asked Sammy looking dead at the guy who saved him, he began to piece together who he was, yet before he could figure it out fully Fink The Forrest Dweller had ran back to the prison there was The Puppeteer, a man he found interesting.

"Happy birthday Sammy!" Shouted Fink as he was closing in on The Puppeteer. He slowed his run to both catch his breath and misguide onlookers into thinking he was walking with swagger. When Fink began to regulate his breathes down to two per second he sprouted two tendrils from his arms. "THE PUPPETEER... I'm, guessing. Let's have a talk if you wouldn't be bothered." As he finished speaking Fink was closing in on The Puppeteer.
It was part of his daily ritual; buy a packet of cigarettes and dark chocolate, pick out a Get Well Soon card and visit the meta-prison. Crispin had seen the explosion and swore under his breath, tossing the gifts skyward in anger and irritation he ducked inside a nearby supermarket and hurriedly took his amulet out of his back left jeans pocket, after transforming into Fink he opened the window and jolted down the ladder, he swore again louder.

Now Fink was at the front of the prison eight tendrils came from his back as he sprinted into the fray.
Name: Crispin Monika
Super Name: Fink The Forrest Dweller
Gender: Male
Powers: Tendrils - tendrils can sprout from his body and be used you boost him and be used as weapons or shields.
Super Suit: a pale coconut Hoodie and teal swim trunks with a Ox Oni mask coloured slate blue.
Civilian Clothes: A Aversions Crown tee and brown, cut skinny jeans.
How You Obtained Your Powers: While listening to Aversions Crown - The Soulless Acoylte Fink had fallen asleep and had a strange dream of himself in the Forrest and was in hand to hand combat with witches and crazed creepypasta fans. He awoke to tendrils surrounding himself coming from his arms, legs and back.
Alliance: Black Capes
Other: Wears a witchcraft amulet of a leech in robes.
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