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AA Yooo, It's everyone's faveoourite Villain/Villainess writer! THIS IS PART TWO YEA'?

Basic CS skeleton:
Name: Candance Vert-Petal

Handsome Bug.
Age: Seventeen, and a half!

Grade: Mephisto's School for the Wickedly Inclined, Third Year, Undergrad.


Years ago with dreams of becoming a pilot Candance has set everything out, plans, funds, relationships, almost anything you can think of. They had it all!

Here's what happened next.

You see each connection came from their "auntie" Krauss and together the pair had worked with Sir Clausewitz' School for the Militarily Minded and Candance thought to themself. 'What better path than a fluggin' fighter pilot?' In the beginning things were running smoothly. Until one afternoon during a walk to fetch a midnight snack Candance met a orange-haired Second Year with an equal fiery personality. He introduced himself as ""'Haza Norast", and began to share stories about The Anicent Evil. With an quirked eyebrow Candance informed Haza: [color=#ee0033][/color]"You've got five seconds left, my interest will be gone in five, four..." Haza studied Candace's history-and ceased operations once their "auntie" caught him-so he just kept talking to them.

The two became a pair it wasn't until two years into the relationship of sibling love that Haza let Candance in on his one of two secrets, he was the firstborn of a Halfling to the Anicent Evil!

the rest is history for this transfer student.


Quill Pen: Becoming the child of two....Hm, moralist Candance had recieved a fusion of their folks powers. Its core being a summonable red and black quill pen. Which causes his Canary wings to sprout.

Feelin' Live: Candance is able to conjure a quiver, bow, and arrow each of which are all forged by their blood and charged with their emotional energy.

Beast M0de: Channeling his inner animal Candance can increase their dexterity and sex appeal. It's really a hit or miss depending on who their's talking to.

Betwix: They learned this from Haza! They can alter actuality via creative writing! (This is untrue, people have been dooped into believing they both are capable of this)

'Pleasant witching hour to you all! Due to my realization that this R.P. involves not just Yokai but Kami, I have chosen to stay away from it. I fully understand that my characters are not alternatives variants of me, fuck my charas are my offspring! Yet I degress, I'm keeping my distance because I am not religious, I'm a spiritual atheist and I 'believe' in evolution...And other worldly entites...So following this logic, I cannot join you guys as I have never ever had a chara hold a position in a belief system, and, as these villain protagonists Creator & parent I cannot, cannot misrepresent the faith of another human being's faith in which I do not find to be truth myself.

In closing, right now I make the choice to not disrespect Shinto, and all Shinto encompasses again, I do not find any religion-or tale of a afterreality-to resonate within me. Again, I am not my charas my own charas have their own consciousness and spirit...Annnnd I do not inject my insecurities into my charas i.e. I do not project my own shortcoming and failures to accomplish my desires/goalz onto my fictional sons, daughters, and genderless hellraisers. As an atheist who finds Starseeds more real than demi-goddesses, I cannot do this injustice to any other human being's lifelong faith! Just so you know I would have had Daidai been a member of this story channeling his consciousness into the paragraphs as oppossed to however the Nibiru other writers share the tales of their charas.

For the love of Nibiru, Proxima B, and our Mother Earth prehaps another story will call to Daidai, who knows? I know how to write religious charas which is why I chose not to have my charas b religious, they all live within me-like a tulpa or a servitior-I'm a little paranoid about them starting a bloody faith duel.

My paranoia's like Mister George Carlin had said to a audience of his. Which I will now paraphrase.

"Do you believe in god?"


"poosh. You die!"

"Do you believe in god?"


"Do you believe in my god?"


"Poou. You die! My god's dick is bigger than your god's dick!"

Have fun you guys I'm gonna talk to my Higher Self, or visit the Akasha Records or the Nether Libirum, or mind walk into Resident Evil 8~

Tl:dr; Read the fucking thing. I loathe too long didn't reads. This has been an open letter.'


Daidaiiro "Daiiro" Bubun Syoku-Terumi




To describe oneself's in a mere one-liner or say "three words" would be a injustification to the kind of person Daidaiiro is. The neutrally-clothed young male speaks from a combination of the gut and from the writer's sword. Daidaiiro is a person who ponders the finite things in life and keeps them close...Sadness? No, no sorrowful isn't something Daidaiiro feels once the finite expires leaving him, in the place of sad moments Daidaiiro will look towards the sky and smile with a promise in his eyes; 'You will be my eternal memory.' whenever asked what this means Daidaiiro tells the inquirers exactly what his and that other person, item or animal's relation was, when asked why finite is a part of his Daidaiiro replies with a hum: 'It's simple. I can't accept the Law Of Mortality.'
In all honestly he isn't a harsh, or hot-tempered person. however; he is still a person so one should try hard to geet on his good side. Daidaiiro is someplace between logical & mystified; at this world, at the lives of morals, Yokai & Kami he describes it all as 'a bed of roses in which a myriad blooms in which autumn's leaves nest themselves.'

Born of a Shinigami mother and a Human father the mixed young boy had only learned combat skills as a means of non-lethal self-defense. He had been raised on the notion that he didn't have to follow the family tradition or have to pursue a career in a similar vein to his mother & father. Daidaiiro had smiled at the is gift of freedom so under his parents roof. He lived happily, chipper, and mystified.

Questioning the powers of unconditional love over how his father could love a Yokai whom perpetuates death-and how a Shinigami could accept a human who initiates frights-Daidaiiro had felt this emotion become a pursuit of wonder and this feeling's end result lead Daidaiiro to find serenity in all things, and understand that the phrase "nothing lasts forever" is truth, yet it contradicts "never say never" which makes Daidaiiro see the beauty in the sky.

Daidaiiro walks the path of a mercy killer.

Class Name

Trained Schools

Signature Spells & Rituals

Relationships - Optional
To Be Announced.

Has angel bite piercings, and wears a lead gray ring on his right middle finger, it has a angel aura quartz crystal inside of it.

(A/N: I kept my promise ROLFS! Just review this and let's talk about what needs to be expressed more and what needs to be altered. I haven;t thought of any powers yet and Daiiro's not a Fighter because I dislike the action genre, it's just an endless cycle of violence to me, so I go for other routes...Oh and Daiiro's not a Specialist becuase he's not my self-insert. one of the NPCs helped me make him! :-) )
I half to make a half-Shinigami! (not Deathnote tho)

Stepping away from the full body mirror Taylor had spun twice to catch a glimpse of himself. He donned an all midnight black suite with a contrasting ivory mask with three horns and a halo; he looked down at his hands and shook them. 'Fucking freezing in here.' Mentally muttered Taylor his eyes went over to a nightstand and landed on a pair of gloves. They were black, streaked in white, and looked like cartoony skeletal hands, except the 'bones' were thin and fragile in appearance. Behind the mask he tried not to smile Taylor didn't want to he made it to the door. "Hey, parents thanks for the suite, and the knife...Never know what can happen."

Arriving at the Rhean Center on a tricked out motor bike Taylor had parked near the water and stuck to the shadows while walking fast yet slow enough to keep eyes off of him, he made a attempt to contradict his loud bike. Taylor noticed two things; friends outside talking and people filling Rhea's Center with a loud, proud, and somewhat snooty female announcer. He blended in with the crowd and got inside without trouble. The first thing Taylor did was get himself a drink; something blue, sparkling and heavy in his gut. His left hand brushed the knife strapped to his lower left rib. "Let's hope anything going to shit is just my paranoia. Yet I came prepared."

Eyes went to the people, he thought of Vampyre and mentally began making two lists of notes; Defense and Offense. Even with the suite and mask (Taylor's never been in formal attire aside from School.) People started to recognize the young man, his nervous tics, the paranoid posture, and his walk. It-it had a newfound are of confidence and swagger...Like somebody gave that villain Angel Arm. It was now he smiled behind the mask, so many people who disdained him...Were forced to be civilized! [color=fff79a]"Welcome to the party! Let's celebrate Rhea and eventually the entire world's heroes and heroines-even the Non gender specific-with true appreciation." After raising his voice Taylor had made his way to the stairs and back up nine paces.

He applauded! With energy and adoration few others joined in only to make themselves look good-some gave more energy to those who defeated the cultists-they repressed their bitter smiles. ...Taylor was right, They had to clap, had to show gratitude, the ball wasn't enough! As the number of wounded pride and irked dignity grew Taylor stopped applauding and turned to the royal lass with Shadow handmadiens and the like, with hands still clasped he bowed. "Sorry I couldn't lend a helping hand, I was, honestly. Hiding. Hopefully this moment and the future can turn my repertoire around, Madam Valois-Saint-Remy!" His voice was soft and hurt, steady and passionate. Taylor intended to sound sincere but there's no hiding the truth; Taylor only have enjoyed this, the other half was frightened!

Seconds passed and Taylor remained bowing to her, he silently waited for her permission to rise...And tell her his name.

A/N: There was a misunderstanding about the Tournies and Death at my part, it was cleared up over at Discord. Taylor is just loathed, simply put.
{Very long collab between myself and Cultist-Sama}

"Just perfect!" Laughed Charlie as he pocketed his phone he tipped his mask upwards and drunk from his flask. (He had ventured back to that one town outside of Rhea for the beverage he had a week ago.) Charlie had lowered the Hare Mask again and stroked his amulet; he was anxious. The information he had gathered on the students in St. Mephisto's and St. Laurel's had proven to be as exact as any Stalker worth their namesake would be when wishing to know more about a person, or two. Or thirteen. He thought back to the chat room he had just exited five minutes ago.

"So, I'm up & walkin' That you Frostwire." read the green text.

" You still sound robotic Malachite. Is everything ok?" Inquired Charlie he even added a frown Emoji. He pressed onward before Malachite could reply. "How long did it take me? You're not out of it. Just changing! o.0"

"....LMAO You're such a cute fuckboi~ I'm Fine secondly. You got to save me on time, your time? My time? The Goddess of Time & God of Space's Time? Bahaha, it was still on time I'm lucky. I'm livin' and more of that reassurin' crapola! ...D: I don't be able to jump in le tournaments anymore."

"Haha! What can I say! I'm like my adoptive father! I STALK those I care for! t ha. Shame the moves you got went to shit. :p/:*"

"....Bye~ I'll see you outside of all this EPIC bloodshed, No NO It's a orderly annual joust between two to three moral factions. Buh-bye~"

^^^Then MAlachite disconnected.^^^ (edited)

{Part two of one; end vitrual flashback}

"So. Mister Vile. I've got some friends caught up in turf wars, criminal activity, and natural accidents. Both my friends and I can pay you. Swell Not, well,my dear. I'll pay my cut and my, grateful friends will give you a handsome tip." Explained Charlie as he talked he heard himself and smiled inwardly, he scoffed onto hearing voices of Lighter Gods and Goddesses protest the moment of merriment he had felt. Something new he picked up from his new parent. 'Make 'em angry, then make them regret their next move.' Charlie came back to reality and took out an ATM's envelop it was thicc, worn, and had a sigil in the bottom left corner. Charlie played coy and flashed the envelop before Luigi Vile's face. "Oh Doc? Care for some off-tha clock clientele?!"

"You know, you don't need to wave the money in my face...and sure. I'm not fully a doctor, I must disclose, but I'm the closest you're going to get. My associate who normally takes care of the medical end of things is...out, for a while. Been trying get a bead on what's eating up all his time, but it seems he's gone off to do...something..." Luigi mutters as he watches his new acquaintance wave an envelope of what he assumes is cash in front of his face. Luigi was stressed, but this could be the break he needed. Depending on how much cash he was given, he could build something to help him track down those he needed to find, and as such couldn't afford to let this chance slip.

"So, what's ailing them? Gunshots? Severed limbs? Sicknesses? Curses? I can handle just about anything, given time. Just make sure they know if I replace something, it's because I had to...."

Charlie caught, not from shock but rather a pestering cold. He stood and listened understanding what information Vile and given him. He gave a smallish frown upon hearing the uncertainty in his new acquaintance's voice Charlie was going to offer a sympathetic shrug but brushed the thought aside. He was just finished with so many old parts of himself. At first he didn't reply. Charlie just stayed silent. And gradually lowered the envelope.

"Curses. Yes, plural. One's a bit Nightmareish and the other two are akin to possession and a" At this point the young man tried not to laugh before he told Vile the last of what was going on. "An actual dry spell, my dude has been hexed to not, fuck or be fuck." His gazed went upward as he smiled, it was boyish, sweet. It was mature. "Switches are fun!" His attention went back to Vile before he brushed his cheeks as he felt them warm up. He realized something! Charlie had never checked if he had been attacked by a person given a God or Goddess's powers. "Oi, have I been cursed Luigi?" There was a puzzeled yet, delighted look on Charlie's face which caused the blush to die down, he began to take out his cell phone.

After Luigi VIle's response Charlie would sent his colleague the confirmation message.

"Yes," Vile began, his hand hovering near his side. He tilted his head as he seemed to deeply scan over Charlie, and maybe for the first time since what has been taken hold, the shadow could feel the scouring of light, as it was seen. "As for the curses on the others, to break them, I'll need to study them. I should be able to break those curses...I could even break yours, but I doubt you'd want that....maybe split you apart....It'd take a while, but I could build a vessel...." Luigi offered, partially thinking out loud, his hand still hovering over that one spot on his thigh, his fingers gently curling, like a gunslinger waiting for the noon bell chime.

Vile wasn't sure what to make of this character, but he was offering money, and further more, depending on who his friends were he could use them. With Cel's disconnection, he needed allies. He was running out of time, and things were getting desperate fast. Worst came to worst, he could use this cash to hire Diana, maybe even find that girl who saved his life and pay her....hire the mob....he had options, but he needed to either shit, or get off the pot. How this job went would decide which course of action Vile went down, and he knew much could be decided by a few right people, in some wrong places.....

A cough left Charlie. "There's Light's Hexin me, isn't there?" Questioned Charlie. His face was quivered,"Oui, mate do ya like fuckin' friendship? Because I'm usin' NiceGuy Energy on who are actually my enemies." Charlie's posture had became less professional and more cozy. He wanted to see what it could be like to actually call somebody a vulgar term of endearment.(edited)

He studied Vile; the guy struck him as "The Dangerous Type". Exactly the kinda person Charlie likes to keep coming back to him! He sighed and thought about the curse again it was like pissing on your enemy's shoes to find out later that they had worn your shoes to the knife fight He cussed under his breath, quickly discarding a memory of a event involving grey tape, a golden candle and a fake name sigil for The God Of Control. Eventually Charlie came back down and looked at Vile. "So just follow me." He suggested just before checking his messages.

It's Clark DEvito! Cut my arm off this Elder Beast like in Evil Dead~~

"Tyrone you fuckin'" Charlie stopped himself again and just showed Vile hisnew text, it had-not a picture of Clark DEvito but a picture of a blobish tree trunk, with an arm in mid-sway where the left third branch should be. Charlie continued with a text. " -'- We kill the whole Ancient Evil...That's Percy Lombert isn't that?" Instead of wating for a reply, Charlie shut the phone off, and before breaking eye contact with Vile he vented. "Fuck, you ever wish there were a force that would just kill everything? Other than itself? THe things I do for love, kill me." Laughed Charlie.

"I've met that force. His name is Lightbringer on a bad day....and your friend is a tree. I suggest we get get to him as fast as possible. This was more serious than I first expected." Luigi starts, as several thin wiry tentacles burst from his clothing, pulling out different bits of metal to weld together, engrave, and other such acts as they begin to build...something.....Looked like some sort of fancy box, covered in strange etched in symbols. He began to weld wires into the inside of it as he walked, his arms angling the box as his tentacles worked.

"If I may pry, how did you all end up with such intense curses?" Vile spoke as he waited for his employer to either catch up, or point out he was going the wrong way.
22 December 2019

Charlie Struggled. "Astral, Projection's How I've heard of LightBringer." Replied Charliewith hiseyes shut and a scowl on hisfreckled face, "Ahw fuck man. Shealwayswanted to be a blinkin' leporard. I trust, inwardly She's not takin' this tree shit well." Straightening up Charlie then opened his eyes and watched the man at work. 'Nice. Reminds me of a H-game machanic I worked on with a few, friends. He walked with Vile, the two were headed the right way.

"Again astral projection. We're Simply put. The Descendants of Trickster Godz, to be clear the imp race." With that explanation Charlie folded Vile's payment and stuck it into his Hoodie-T's fat pocket.

Luigi's head swiveled to look at Charlie, and an eyebrow was raised. "You're imps? Do you know of that attack, with the red robed men? The cultists? Did you have anything to do with that?" Vile asks, hand once again hovering over his side, fingers twitching. His tendrils continued their work, bolting tubes to the box he was working on, welding bars to the outside. From an artistic perspective, the box was becoming a cage of sorts. His pace didn't change either, as he wandered forwards.

As usual Charlie heard the last question asked first, so in answered Vile in that order, with a shake of his head Charlie then spoke. "Fuck, was I involved with Cultist-sama when I took a short vacation?!" After asking this to Vile, Charlie gave him and tried and trusting look he continued. "Cultists? As in more than Cultist-sama? Man, I fuckin' astrally check out Crow in between laughin' at those guys." Charlie's expression changed in which he disregarded what he had just informed Vile on. "Yeah. We're Imps. Imps with like Sparrow's wings." The emotion of confusion crossed Charlie's mind for another moment. His gaze on Vile was less Serious and more starved to out a bullshitter. No, This was much deeper than that! Those spirits were Soft Bastards! "What's a Sparrow?" Inquired Charlie with a quizzical pout he quickly turned to show Vile his back, so he could just see the secret body parts then waited a literal minute and eleven seconds before turning to open the door.

"We're here!" Cheered Clark DeVito. He was inches from cutting Percy Lambert's Tree-limbs off with a Bill Hook in the left hand and a DrawKnife in the other, the Bill Hook's aura was so visible, the alkchemical form of Percine Lamberk Berkyll had flinched, then grabbed Charlie by the Greysexual's Belt Loops.

"Hey! I brought, PUT ME THE FUCK DOWN YA BLOODY IRON, WOOD and. OKAY HOWIS YOUR BRA STILL ON?!" Charlie, was given an action as a response. He involuntarily glomped Clark. Who begrudgingly whimpered and dropped the Drawknife, then tossed the Bill Hook in the air.

THe Two Collided like an spiritual ripple just as a breakdown's callout began at some Concert.

"So your, uh. YOU ARE Luigui Vile-san yes? THe tree can only talk in ppictures." Explained Clark as Charlie groped hisown chest. Then got off. Just to watch the Tree version of Percy Lambert use a limb to face-palm. He _did not suppress a laugh. Looking at his own chest Clark then lookedat the preppy bra their Now A Tree comrade wore. "I think I know which, uh. Local Cartoons Lightbringer has seen."

Charlie went off the shits with laughter.

Luigi could only twitch a bit, and felt like he understood not a damned word of what was said. "W-what? Yes, I'm Vile, what about cartoons? I.....Ok, your speaking in gibberish, and I've little time for such things. Who wants their curses broken first? The device I'm working on will allow me to seperate out the curses, but once they're separate, they'll take on a form of their own...and then we kill it the old fashion way. I didn't have the supplies or the time to build a normal curse breaking device, so, this'll have to do." Luigi explains as he sets the box his tendrils was working on down. "Just toss some of your hair, blood, or other part of yourself into the machine, and I'll activate warned, this might be....unpleasant."

"THe tree!" Clark blurted out he had finally calmed down, and gave Mr. Luigi Vile a nod, then had to pointed himself out. "Actually, I'm not cursed. I'm just damage control. And yeah. None of what we said made sense." Admitted Clark as he preceeded to sit down and just watch.

Walking over to Percy's temporary new look Charlie had searched for a article other than the bra when he came up sort he squited his eyes and let the evil energy just flow out of him. "..." As he said nothin' Charlie unhooked the bra and walked back over to Vile. THen, out of sheer respect for himself and the Blood Goddess, cut himself with the Draw Knife. He gleemed back at Percy, and exhaled like a Air Dragon just done with this shit "Do. Not. FUCKIN' speak, in images!" He commanded.

The physical and mental pain Charlie felt meant nothing in comparison to the pain he felt emotionally plus spiritually at the sheer and limitless thoughts as to why Percy had only one article of clothing on. And How it could manifest on the tree curse "The pain you're about to heal me with will be better than the pain, I've endured as an enemy of St. Laurel's."

Luigi watched as a tree had its bra removed, and Charlie cut himself, and could almost feel the nosebleed start. "Part of YOURSELF. Not your clothing, unless you're intending to go first, Charles." Vile grumbled out as he stomped towards the Tree, intending to rip off a small portion of bark. He had little time, and the tomfoolery was starting to wear on his already raw nerves. Part of him contemplated how easy it'd be to leave these fools charred and broken. He still had the grenades he had built to deal with the kidnappers, he could He needed the supplies, and killing clientele was bad for business. He could wait to torment them later, yes, maybe utilizing social media....Yessss.....That would be more than fitting.

Outside of Luigi's mind, those gathered saw his hand gently try to grasp one of the tree's thinnest branches, before wanting to twist and snap it off of the tree. There was also a gentle clicking noise coming from Luigi's skull, echoed gently. To those who were tech savvy, it almost sounded like camera clicks.

There was a moment of sadism as Charlie let out a cold laugh for all of two reasons. THat were right in the room with him. "Yeah, I'll go first. Lol, that's actually my first time bein' picked first, thanks. Not Mario, but Luigi." Charlie said the last part with a faint blush and flicker of his eye lashes. He turned to catch the final actions of Luigi and smirked, it wasn't impish it was in the style of a teifling. He recognized the camera clicks, and could Smell Luigi's emotions It was kinda attractive.

Clark said nothing but kept watching. His Inner Dudebro had been derailed by the Alternative Scence non-hetros he hung out with. He just flashed Charlie A hand sign; Clark brushed his left hand under his chin then flicked it. He saw his fellow Bastard be taken again.


Then before the two could 'Continue to mentally flirt with each other' Percy broke off the piece of herself that Luigi was aiming for. She sent an image of herself as a human in a infuriated and DONE facepalm into all of their minds. The next was vulgar become what the Gods/Goddesses of the Gods and Goddesses could be bestowed. The final image was of a locked copper case with money on top of it and drinks. Her payment to Mistah Luigi Vile That final image was clearly a different location. She, truly, and hopefully understood that she and her Personal Goddess knew that she hated everybody out and everybody in this room!(edited)

Luigi couldn't help but smile as the tree raged into his mind, he found it deeply amusing and at the same time, a little disturbing that his mind could be so easily sent messages. As he heard Charlie talk, and make some joke about a Mario, he turned to see exactly what would happen as Charlie's blood went to the machine. He waited, wanting something to brutalize in an attempt to salvage some sense of sanity in this situation, for it reeked of insanity, without sophistication.

It was moments like this where he wished Cel was there, to slap these people into shame. If Luigi tried it, there'd be bit of grey matter between the gears in his hands.....

After reading the expressions on Luigi's face, Charlie defiantly decided they liked him. (Not in a you make me hot and horny way, just). `He began to rub his cutlass on the cut given for the removal of this curse Lightbringer had inflicted on them. Charlie watched the machine and his blood. 'I request to see more.' Charlie made a note in his mind to hang out with Luigi if not the young villain could just stalk Mistah Vile. New people were so, Unususal!

A uninterrupted chuckle that showed that Charlie had no humanity left within left him feeling happiness as he looked amused at the personification of the curse. "I expected you to look, like The Goddesses Saint, Of Avain Storks. This'll do, gov'nor." They said feel a rush from within he felt emotions that this curse had dammed up, fucked up, and sealed up. He gave Luigi a friendly and grateful gaze. "I owe you, Luigi." They confessed.

The Curse looked like a royal silver statue of a cockroach with the horns of a buffalo and teeth of a Tiger Shark. There was symbolism here Charlie was just too emotional to notice. He was admiring the Tree version of Clark. And by that; Clark had merely become stuck in the branches. Charlie was uncertain of Clark was conscious or knocked out.

"How the fuck did this go down!?" Clark not being much of his Father's Father, student was crying, it was sickly, it was self-pity, it was victorious, it was a repeated scene. "Lords of Our Gods against the Evil Ancients. I love the entire Earth Element. Btw, fill me in. What's a Drow?" He said the prayer out loud before slippin' into unconsciousness. For Clark, this afternoon would be another moment he would look back on and pat himself on the back.(edited)
28 January 2020

Luigi wasted no time, his left hand in a flash passing over the spot it had been hovering, as his clothing ripped and he drew his pistol. From his right hand wrist, a blade emerged as he rushed the curse manifestation. In his charging, he unleashed several shots, intending to try to blow off this bug's legs to immobilize it and cause intense pain to debilitate. As he got within arm's reach, his intent was to drive his wrist blade into the creature's torso under its head, and pull down before ripping its exoskeleton open, and exposing its internals to the fresh air.

Luigi was tired, in emotional pain, angry at the stupidity around him, and feeling truly lost for the first time in a long time, until he remembered some advice. "Either keep it cool, or berserk. Don't get soft on me Vile."
Hearing a paraphrased version of what Cel had told him, Vile decided it was time to blow off steam. His mechanical mind began to suppress his strain, his pain, and with a cocktail of adrenalin and rage inducing pheromones, drove Luigi into a violent frenzy as he crashed down upon this bug like a madman, losing himself in the idea of fight.
"I'm going to use your guts for a jump rope, and your chitin for dinner plates! C'mere, you grubby little bug, come to the boot!" Luigi roars as he began his attack. It seemed he wasn't kidding about breaking the curse, in fact, he seemed to have meant it very literally.

After mentally counting Charlie felt five different energies electrifying him, he speedily threw his sword into his left hand and cut himself just under the wound Vile had needed to exorcise him of the curse that was put on him by Lightbringer. He began to heal, and healed enough to walk over to the Tree, and take her bra and just walked over to Vile only to step back enough for himself to be in throwing distance, Luigi had gone apeshit and Charlie had taken note of that! He felt apathetic.

Only for a moment

A memory had came back into Charlie's head, he staggered, sent his right hand to his palm and grimaced, "Fuck" was his only reply, the memory of his former self has been in his mind standing before him, as Vile had wailed on the curse Charlie's eyes become violable and wet. He wasn't about to cry, the pain induced by his mental connection to the curse had just, broke him. Charlie fixed his glare on his former self. "Don't you fuckin' understand what change is?! YOU. WILL. DIE." Ordered Charlie at the mental ghast that stuck around due to some idiots he dropped still rejecting who he had re-invented himself into.

Charlie's frustration and agitation had penetrated the bug-curse. He grinned in a way that translated as thanks for dinner He shot Clark a look and in reponse Clark frowned falsely and made his exit off-screen. Charlie only understood that Clark told him (through body language) He'd meet Charlie's adoptive father! Charlie looked at the now twitching Curse made by Lightbringer...And partially himself. "Our past is full of Parasites.....No it's much deeper than that! What haunts us is viruses." He said to Vile, not sure if the other would understand any thing but the darkened pain and seriousness pulsating off of him. "I owe you, don't say 'I'm good.'! Let me, clear this up." Charlie kept watching, while thinking of what would be completed next. He felt his aura darken, Lightbringer was a fuckin' blessing on his life and Charlie laughed now!

"You know, Lightbringer's curses are normally much more malevolent than this simple tomfoolery. I think you're mistaken on your suspects, Charles." Luigi says, unsure of what Charlie had done to the creature, but it seems to have ended it rightly, the curse dropping to the floor with a satisfying thud. He shrugs, and turns over to the delirious acid trip generating group. This entire place felt like its perspective was off...was this the work of one of their powers? Either way, he wanted out of here quickly.
"....How many more curses?"

Turning to face Luigi, Charlie had scowled. "We're done. I'll report back if it turns out I'm wrong." Then Charlie gave him a shrug, "Which usually happens when I mix up the paperwork I have."


Inside his bedroom Charlie had watched his memories of hiring Luigi come to and end. Charlie figured he would be better off, taking today as a day to get away from it all. His eyes shut again and Charlie was soon taken by sleep.
[hider=My Hider]… {Commmissioned by Jack-phy at tumblr.}
Name: Rodríguez Kamigire-Terumi

"Water", "Rolo".

Age: 18


Saint Laurel's Academic Excellence, third {3rd} year.

Biography: Some dare say Rodriguez had a bad start, for somebody upper-class he only laughed at those who looked down on him, he only hired people to cast curses on them, he only got vengeance! It was all fair after all, the did to Rodriguez the worst sin imaginable. They turnt his virtuous nature around on him, manipulating him as their tool. After he grew awareness of this the Treasure Hunter had thought about his actions. He sneered, he scowled. Rodriguez forgave himself and made an oath in that same moment. ''I'll never forget the new relationships I make. People, animals....Pre-fucking-pare to meet the darkest hero, you'll also be sorry you met.''

Some months had went on since the night everything changed for Rodriguez. Since he let time and distance erase those people no, no. they weren't human anymore! THOSE ANIMALS! THOSE animals who made him their tool, were now incapable of hurting any other person as gullible as Rodriguez once was. And in this time Rodriguez studied the ways that would reprimand him for his once venomous virtues. He needed to start highschool. So Rodriguez adopted the mentality of St. Laurel's student body.

So, Rodriguez become a well known member of Saint Laurel's lil' family.

Blessed by The God of Discoveries!

The Will of a Treasure Hunter: Whatever is deemed a treasure, Rodriguez will discover it. He has a intuitive tracking, a ability to find the lost, the occult, the abandoned, the secret. Whatever is a treasure Rodriguez can and might find it. The Will Of A Treasure Hunter's fatal flaw is a void of interest in the Treasure Rodriguez's told about. It won't be found, it won't be remembered...If Rodriguez doesn't care.

Here We Go: Rodriguez had created a jeep sized war vessel in case he ever established a Pirate's Crew. It's arterially is developed from Fancy Jasper, and Howlight, gemstones. From it's gem canons, to it's crew compacity here we go is able to act as a RV and a Tank. It's strong, it's weaponized, it's comfortable. Here We Go's Fatal Flaw is the lack of a crew. Currently it only has a Captian, so it's not able to be physical yet, yet there will be a day where [Here We Go[/b] pops out of Rodriguez's mindspace.

Hoshi-Swashbuckler: This is a weapon. A Weapon fused from a cutlass and a British Broadsword. It's only power and Fatal Flaw is inflecting a murky discovery in all that knows this Pirate's Sword exist. Hoshi-Swashbuckler is truly a double-edged sword.

Relationships: [color=00a651]"After the last shitstorm, I keep my OTPs, BroTPs, OT3s and other relationships to myself.''.


Villainous RPer Royal Silver
MY bad, ignore this
Charlie Forstwidth

When the cold in his mind hand become enough Charlie rose up from the hood of the beaten up and rusted pick up truck. And lowered himself onto the dead grass he inhaled held the breath in and walked to the left side of the old pick up truck and reached onto the seat, carefully. Exhaling Charlie entered reality again from his happy place and-now conscious once more-he slowly pulled his right arm and the papers out of the piece of shit he loved so much. After taking a few steps back and cracking his joints Charlie had read the notes. Each three pages were information on fellow students at the Wickedly Inclined. Internally Charlie sighed. [color=f49ac2]"MY school name's too fockin long for me to memorize. Now, what are my fellow Wickedly Inclined up to?"[/i] He said to all that could hear him just before he began to walk away and read the notes with every step he took back into Rhea.

"So, that's nineteen pages out of twenty-one." Charlie spoke quietly and tucked the notes inside of his jacket's inner pockets. As he was in a public place now he had to keep suspicion off of him, after all, he had been doing quite the bastard's dinner while the others here were becoming everso. Unforgettable. A few seconds passed before Charlie stopped to sit down and swing back a bottle of 'water'. (As the drink was just named 'water' Charlie had no idea what it was.) Oddly the 'water' didn't taste alcoholic yet it was rather bitter, thick, dark. It didn't feel like a drug Charlie continued to muse this was the second drink he purchased outside of home. He liked it after downing the remaining amount. It just felt...Pure yet demonic. Charlie checked his surroundings and removed the remaining two notes and look at them. The last of his 'spy-work' was illustrations of his classmates.

Now at the door where his target; Luigi Vile was he had enough data on the others to know that he'll have to talk, act, and react carefully. Yet he earnestly did want help from Mister Vile. Charlie almost laughed he bit down on his lip to stop himself, then licked the snake bites and then knocked on the door. "SUP? I'd like to speak-" all of a sudden Charlie felt the way he was speaking, and was disturbed. So, he tried again. His own voice was a fucking skeleton in his closet just now. "Hey, I'm Charlie Frostwidth. I gotta speak to Mister Vile about a wounded close pal a mine. I've got the fokin' money." At this attempt Charlie sounded clear, strong, full of self-defamation. Charlie reminded himself to be careful,cautious and to make himself come off as a young man worthy of his fellow students respect. Yet his shaky relationship with himself caused Charlie to create a new first impression. 'Luckily, or rather unluckily. None of them know me, or of my illicit hobbies. So, I gotta be in the fokin' clear. If not, haha. Then momentum anima."

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