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In his dreams Vernon had been setting traps for the Deity that gave him his power and others who have only heard of their Gods. From the God of Life to the Goddess of Music. He had awoken by some supernatural voice whih prevented him from finishing and also; leaving notes for the members of his Secret Society. He had opened his eyes with a grunt and a curse word. To vulgar for the Goddess of Innocence's beloveds. He let go of Ascot with a blush clearly not having enough sleep.

And not technically sleeping, but meditating to get the attention of the Gods and Goddesses was the only way he could hear the others talking, which is also why he's grades were admirably high. He had sighed and leaned over looking like a flamingo with his headed downturned he wasn't going to speak just yet, the information was still processing in his brain. Vernon had looked around took mental notes, then had drugged his feet over to the enterence.

"I just need dollars to summon Her and the others. They haven't thought how out of had slash deceptive other humans can be, the fact that greed exsist here is obviously foretelling. William I've said all this to reassure you and your pain be, careful. My own beloved. Do not trust everything you are told unless truth is inside the certainty you give them." Vernon then, lowered himself to the floor.

"I honestly haven't slept. Thanks for everything Micheal, we can't bring Alto and Carla together as it's obvious. We can take a different route with what we have gathered. William...Allexy. I can't make it home. I need to sleep, excruciatingly bad." He explained as he closed his eyes, his Final conscious words were. "I need to drink something, my throat's aches." Vernon closed his mouth and didn't move, movements would just inspire him to talk, to move, to ignore his own pains. He had William Ascot to thank for easing his pain.
With the slightest amount of snoring Vernon's head bopped as he slept and he he was sleeping in a seated posture with his fist balled and body freezing itself; all of this was just a defense mechanism. Vernon had no room for plans or calculations in his dreams, all he had was freedom, powerless and time. In Vernon's dreams he had searched for the God or Goddess that had given him his power, he realized during this dream he couldn't find him or her alone. And decided to wake himself up. The search was only informative of what was needed to find the god or goddess; Help.

"I am going to need your help in summoning the God or Goddess which bestowed me the core and its branches. I have questions and am sure others, whom have never met, these Gods and Goddesses. Do. Too." Vernon had stared at the food and looked to Micheal. "Apperently Saint, MEphisto`s Been arressted. And Carla was the one to do him in, My father`s worker told me this. And that must be part of a `bigger picture`plan. Hail the Deities of Crime." Vernon told them, as he hailed these Criminal Lords he, decided to stop talking for a while.

@Overlord Thraka @Metadude YOu guuuyyys. I have a discord server since I fail at adding discordian friends.

Lets lite it up in the digi and many other verses!

Let's both get high my man. Here, in the Guild I am Fredrick J.T. And its fuuuuuuuuucking Digimon, lets do this LETS DO THIS LETS FUCKING DO THIS, GO DIGIMON!
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why thank u for such a warm wet, welcomin!
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