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Charlie Forstwidth

When the cold in his mind hand become enough Charlie rose up from the hood of the beaten up and rusted pick up truck. And lowered himself onto the dead grass he inhaled held the breath in and walked to the left side of the old pick up truck and reached onto the seat, carefully. Exhaling Charlie entered reality again from his happy place and-now conscious once more-he slowly pulled his right arm and the papers out of the piece of shit he loved so much. After taking a few steps back and cracking his joints Charlie had read the notes. Each three pages were information on fellow students at the Wickedly Inclined. Internally Charlie sighed. [color=f49ac2]"MY school name's too fockin long for me to memorize. Now, what are my fellow Wickedly Inclined up to?"[/i] He said to all that could hear him just before he began to walk away and read the notes with every step he took back into Rhea.

"So, that's nineteen pages out of twenty-one." Charlie spoke quietly and tucked the notes inside of his jacket's inner pockets. As he was in a public place now he had to keep suspicion off of him, after all, he had been doing quite the bastard's dinner while the others here were becoming everso. Unforgettable. A few seconds passed before Charlie stopped to sit down and swing back a bottle of 'water'. (As the drink was just named 'water' Charlie had no idea what it was.) Oddly the 'water' didn't taste alcoholic yet it was rather bitter, thick, dark. It didn't feel like a drug Charlie continued to muse this was the second drink he purchased outside of home. He liked it after downing the remaining amount. It just felt...Pure yet demonic. Charlie checked his surroundings and removed the remaining two notes and look at them. The last of his 'spy-work' was illustrations of his classmates.

Now at the door where his target; Luigi Vile was he had enough data on the others to know that he'll have to talk, act, and react carefully. Yet he earnestly did want help from Mister Vile. Charlie almost laughed he bit down on his lip to stop himself, then licked the snake bites and then knocked on the door. "SUP? I'd like to speak-" all of a sudden Charlie felt the way he was speaking, and was disturbed. So, he tried again. His own voice was a fucking skeleton in his closet just now. "Hey, I'm Charlie Frostwidth. I gotta speak to Mister Vile about a wounded close pal a mine. I've got the fokin' money." At this attempt Charlie sounded clear, strong, full of self-defamation. Charlie reminded himself to be careful,cautious and to make himself come off as a young man worthy of his fellow students respect. Yet his shaky relationship with himself caused Charlie to create a new first impression. 'Luckily, or rather unluckily. None of them know me, or of my illicit hobbies. So, I gotta be in the fokin' clear. If not, haha. Then momentum anima."

@ERodeHe looked like a drowsy mess. The fact that Cormac was blushing made it worse. He actually enjoyed how much Kress was talking and what he was speaking about. "Kress dude, you're really introspective." He then laughed half-heatedly. He was becoming aware of how self-embarrassing he was being right now. Cormac put his music on and turned the volume onlow. (Something he never did before). "Yeah, that's my magic. Kress. It's a combination of hard-work and the Blessing of my Angel." Cormac felt his eyes flood with a unending passion-the same emotion he felt when on the stage-(it wasn't fiery it was something more lunar.) he felt a immortal love for his Patron and Music. He finally stopped blushing and answered Kress' second sorta question. "Yeah, it's not really the same. We learn our magic from the Angels, verbally and in their Mother Tongue." He told Kress then blinked a few times and realized slowly, slowly that he was healed. "Fuck, I hate myself." Cormac cursed quietly he only hoped that nobody else just heard him.

Putting his thoughts of the consequences that Angelic magic Brought to the side for now Cormac had kept listening to Kress. He actually liked the blabber-mouth. "Dude, never shut up.' He advised Kress before blushing again as he was talked about in a way similar to his fans spoke praises of him. This act was something Cormac had been accustomed to for two years, and each person made him blush. Kress was no different, no matter how cute he was! Cormac just noticed a new person arrive, so he shut his own music off and rested his earbuds on his left shoulder. "Yeah, Cormac Hollow at your aid~ I'm a vocalist and drummer. Could that help your dance in anyway, my dude?"

Inwardly Cormac breathed a sigh of 'Thank My Lord.' He finally had a reason to stop blushing, and as a result felt his cheeks cool down, although the bloodied face and shirt made his look like shit.
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And I explained what Cormac's eyes do. He might use them for blackmail, or not. It's up to Cormac truly.
"A tour?" Cormac pursed his lips, he just gazed blankly at the welcoming committee then he mustered up some emotion, or prehaps it was hunger. IT was a long bloody ride to the Academy and Cormac hadn't eaten enough. There was something he needed to find in his sleep, a message from his cult's Fallen Angel. Cormac had tried to remember. He sighed and began to think; he took two steps back and closed his eyes. There was only a single colour in his mind it was oceanic, dark as if never touched by the sun. warped and moving, no brilliance no vibrancy. Just a cold and wet presence. Externally he smiled he loved this as much as he imagined what hearing his future boyfriend's heartbeat would be.

"Names? Demons names? Are these even correct?" Asked Cormac his fellow cultists told him that he'd be gifted with an omen, he only had one question left, this question was war-related and was going to be taken to his grave-site. Cormac opened his eyes once the turquoise stopped making sense and his inner vision became a myriad once again. Cormac rejoined reality by tailing a crowd of new students. He spotted another boy, one with blue hair, then he felt himself become colder, turning his head Cormac noticed a girl with golden eyes. He smiled a half-toothy smile and had anticipation in his eyes. He thought about what to do next. Cormac liked golden-eyed people but this blue haired guy had a...Addictive aura. Cormac walked over to the Blue-haired dude...He stood beside the blue-haired dude and whistled at the golden-eyed girl.

"I'm Cormac Hollow. How would you like to befriend a person pact'ed with an Angel?" Cormac had left out the part about SHE WHO FELL being; historically a Fallen Angel for the sole reason being; the darkness musn't be sicked on people you just met. That was against how he was raised. Cormac placed his hands (excluding his thumbs) in his pants pockets and arched his elbows. "I'm not royalty or from a out of this world family. But I'm told, there's beauty in my glamor." He told them and seconds after that gave the blue-haired boy and golden eyed girl a looked that said: '...About the blood earlier, allergies are a bitch. IT shouldn't happen again, if I'm lucky. ha...ha!" overall Cormac looked worried for his own safety so he could use some new friends right now. All of a sudden an idea struck him! Cormac took out Headbang from his right pocket, "You guys up for hearin' my passion?" politely asked Cormac.

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@DrowsyPangolin Bro! There's a No More Heros 3 comin' Twenty-Twenty, ain't that shit awesome?!
"Zzzzrpt...Zzzrt...Zzzept." The sound of snoring came loudly from a student sitting on a bench; his arms were folded and feet on their tips. The sounds of announcements and mechanical alarms had failed to shake him. The Levizan young male had only awoke when...He fell down onto his ass. "Ark! Shi-ra!" He swore as loudly as his body made a thud once he contacted the ground. Steadily he got up then rubbed his ass-cheeks so his pain would be softened through ground his teeth he swore again and flickered his off-white hair with his right hand. "Shit! Come on Cormac, It's your first day here and you're makin' yourself look like a jester!" He chastised himself for uncurtly injuring himself he looked around and dropped his hand, then began walking. 'Although those were some pretty gnarly dreams.' He had thought and blushed as he reflected on them, he had kissed two guys at the same time, he sighed shame he couldn't remember their features. Just the taste of them.

"Wait...What was going on? Shit! The airship had landed!" Cormac replied to himself next he grabbed his luggage and sprinted to the main exit/enterance. Cormac made it to the outside rather quickly he wasn't out of breath just slightly sweaty. He heard less than half of what some member of the Welcoming Committee had said he has missed all of their names. Cormac shut his eyes and focused, then stepped closer to the Welcoming Committee but not to close just several feet away. He stood to the west awayfrom the other new arrivals. Cormac unhinged his jaw and bowed his head; not out of respect or homage to his homeland, something was wrong. Something was painful. He made a noise between a yell and a shriek, and shot his hands to his temples to keep his head from exploding or bleeding, or himself from vomitting, which-ever was going to happen.

"OI MATE, WHAT THE WHAT!?" It was a scream; one of his Healercore screams at this point in his life screaming while he (and others) were in pain had become instinctual since he was thirteen. He used the self-control he could muster to stop himself from using the Emperor of Cuss Words and slowly stood up straight. Cormac stared at the three; two redheads and one who stood out. 'It's Her! The one in the middle.' Cormac didn't look away from her he looked at her [i]stunning[i] eyes and retracted the emotion on his face and on his tongue, he spoke something different to the vulgar things he was thinking. "Oi, Some people get hurt by telepathy, and it clearly shows." The Levizan told her while gesturing towards his own pain by drumming his fingers onto his skull. All of a sudden, Cormac sneezed. It wasn't snot but a small amount of blood, he hadn't the time to cover his nose with his sleeves (not that he had them.)

He stepped a few inches closer to the trio/Welcoming Committee. His once human eyes look and them, as he was in pain his gift couldn't work. "I need you to help and and pleasedon't use mind-communications." Asked Cormac Hollow stressing the 'please' and letting go of his head he really needed a cigar right now, or some concern. Anything to soften his pain, oh and. Napkins ofcourse.

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