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Cru Zaoloni


A Pale as selenite 6 foot six inches skinny twenty year old man with type 1b ash coloured hairand lime skin coloured eyes. Cru has his entire left arm tattooed with Chinese Zodiac symbols and the right with Westeren Zodiac symbols. His legs are hairless and tattooed; which is completely covered in rubix cubes and fish hooks. Cru has a long, tendril-like tongue which he paid for through body modification and has reading glasses with purple tinted lenses for a astehtic effect. Cru Zaoloni also has a Swan winged Katana from this belly to his torso; surrounding it is his one Nine of Cups reversed tarot card.

A few paragraphs or bullet points on your characters personality traits, what drives him or her, and what gets on their nerves.
Cru has been a Dreamer in terms of music every since he was taken to a Concert after middel school graduation. He had began to daydream of himself as the vocalist of a story-metal band and put his dreams into reality by practicing, visulizing and creating lyrics. Throughout his life Cru had Eight notebooks from page one to the back cover filled with lyrics now as a improved artist MR. Zaoloni had become a member of the well known-yet underground-band 'Grey Parish Lures Deres.' A dream come true. Hard.

Aside from his realized dream, talents, presistence, and hard work Cru had shit that gets under his skin. You, see his drive is music and what truly gets him as mad as a rageaholic is writer's block and slowness. For example a slow day is very upsetting to him and so is suffering from writer`s block. When Mr. Zaoloni's creative juices have evaporated He has to retreat until he can create art; characters and forces.

Another note from Cru is that he is a power-seeker Mr. Zaoloni wants to seek out power, and the powerful in this world and test it. Even if the power is non-physical-if its a form of energy (like mana)-he wants to know its limits and possibilities. Mr. Zaoloni has a urge to understand the power in things and people to create his music and his next tattoos.

A Creative thinker for a lyricist and vocalist is what has made `Grey Parish Lures Deres` so successful! Cru is the butter to his band's bread the eye to their apple. He uses the education from power =-either through winning, losing of gaining knowledge-to create albums, tatoos, and to roleplay. All of his searches result in original, villains and stories for the whole world to experience. Cru Zaolini's motto is: "Creativity is the lockpick".
Your character's life and experience with the game, possibly the history of their talents or occupation. You are free to organize this however you want; whether that is with bullet points or elaborate paragraphs is up to you.
Haven. Haven! Haven!
A true artist takes a fun oppertunity like the one he had when the band bought a system to play Haven on and use it to send their talents out to the whole world. (They are unsigned). Cru, Xphnx, Larry, and Springer have used Haven to live lives as G.P.L.D. for the music, for the fans, and in hopes of finding a Recording Label Company. Each member created a O.C. by using their experience as muscians and their faveorite class subject to mold and hatch the perfect self-inserts! Haven has truly been the whole band's passtime and a addition to their namesake of capturing the loveable, and warm\fuzzy and making them into a product of their story metal.

*His Own Fighting Style (Skill)
*Music (talent)
*Cooking (Skill)
Villain Creation (Talent)

Cru Zaoloni

STATS: On a scale of 1-6; 1 being a fresh newbie, and 6 being endgame level stats.
STR: ▰▱▱▱▱▱
STA: ▰▱▱▱▱▱
DEX: ▰▱▱▱▱▱
INT: ▰▱▱▱▱▱
WIS: ▰▱▱▱▱▱
LUC: ▰▱▱▱▱▱

Ability: Painbow.
Description: A. That functions as a bow with eighth notes as the arrows the arrows do not function as regular arrows they-once airborn-transsform into fist-fighters that are controlled by Cru's singing and screaming voice they become explosive via touch when he screams and finally transfrom into a white vortex that spits out his Inventory Items. Which are used for battel and busniess..

* SongBook.
* Plastic Bottel of Fruit Blends.
* Colored Pencils.

NOTABLE FEATURES: To all future teammates; Band Preformences happen in game as well as out game so he will certainly be offline and unavailable when the band has a gig to attend.
[hider=Olive ] (Incomplete)

Character Summary

Relationship Status:Single


Hair:type 1b, sand coloured.
Tattoos/Scars/Piercings:Has a tattoo of a Angel with a Fruit Bat on it`s left shoulder on his in the center of his chest, And a leech wrapped in tentacles on his left palm.

Oddly his skindidn't turn pale and during the transformation Olive's hair had become longer, silky and had changed in color. In additionto growing fangs his voice had changed, becoming cooler-as in celicus-like a creek. Olive had become a vampire withthe perks and cons. A personal win-win to him is keeping his original skin color. Hair is something he`s getting used to.


Trait * CalmTrait * Inqusitive Trait *Polite

Personality:Olive isn't a heroic person, he is more of a helpful...Moralist. Believing in equality and Trust he can go great lengths to ensure others are being treated with respect and the truth is upheld by all. He fights for the facts. A self-proclaimed master of verbal tatics and calculations he can make someone turn their nose at him and others if he senses the truth is at risk of being thrown out.He is also a jokester Olive finds himself to be funny and shares this with others.

    Tracing shapes on his skin while concentrating.
  • Staring when thinking of a question.
  • Getting tattoos

  • Intelligence
  • Telling stories.

    Falling to sleep early
  • Creams
  • Dogs

  • Anime
  • Fairytales

  • red liquids
  • Using the bathroom


[i][color=f26522]Well this one is self explanitory.[/i] Olive was a normal, funny, uninteresting, and bland guy. He listened to metal music, make friends and tell stories. He had grown up in A simple city with a functional family and group of friends. Nothing out of the norm. That all changed during the evening of a tour he went to see with his friends. Olive has gotten his first tattoo the day of this unforgettable date and oddly, it hadn't healed.....As he along with his friends had listened to Motionless In White preform there had been a crazy fan incident where the show had to be delayed until after everything was under control. Someone spotted them and told them Set It Off was playing just a state up from here and would be starting at seven.

So as making new friends and destinations goes the group of metalheads had enjoyed the show And left to see Set It Off. During the crowd singing along to Duality Olive was attacked; bitten by some bloke that he grabbed onto and fought them untill he was injected with a drug that left him unconscious And gave him a trippy & lucid dream. He had awoken inside the kitchen of some castle and met with 'people' that told him of his new life.


Advice To The World: It's not over,
until you decide when to give in.

Anything Else:

@Guy0fV4lor Oh shit I have it in the wrong thread.
@Guy0fV4lor Oh shit I have it in the wrong thread.
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